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  • Carolina Color Corporation

    Quality Color Solutions For Over 40 Years
    The Future of Color - G3: Carolina Color’s G3, introduced in 2015, can run just about any resin system. G3 achieves 20% or more increased pigment loading levels in polyethylene and polypropylene – and without any penalties in terms of processing rate or pigment dispersion. Some G3 customers have formulations with up to...
  • O'Neil Color & Compounding Corp.

    Color & Additive Concentrates & Technical Compounds for Plastics
    Dry Dispersions: These pigment blends are designed for fast dispersion and homogeneity in large products such as storage tanks, boats and playground equipment. O’Neil dry dispersions are sold in bulk pounds or pre-weighed units for a specific batch size.
  • Color Master Inc.

    The Leader in quality colorants for plastics.
    Color Concentrates & Colorants: Plastic Color Concentrate Color Master can formulate color concentrates for your special applications. Our plastic color concentrates are used for a variety of items including FDA, NSF, UL Approved, Special effects, heavy metal free, phosphorescent, and fluorescent and others. Resin...
  • Vision Color, LLC

    Color & additive concentrates for thermoplastics resins.
    Custom Color Concentrates: Highly loaded products allowing lower usage and more cost effective total coloring cost. IR pigment systems providing lower heat absorption in outdoor applications enabling wider color selections for outdoor products. Anti-microbial additives formulated into the color.
  • Breen / Hudson Color Concentrates

    An ISO 9001-2008 Registered Company
    Value-added Custom Colors: Ultralour EF ULTRALOUR EF products are a range of strong, highly heat resistant color concentrates developed for use with flexible grades of PPE zero halogen compounds used in wire and cable applications. These... PE 3500 Series Breen’s PE 3500 Series are specifically designed for use with...
  • Sprinter Marking, Inc.

    Ink Code-Marking Machines
    Sprinter Marking Machine Ink: Sprinter Marking offers a wide range of industrial marking ink types to suit a range of customer requirements. Some of the more common types and colors are described on our website. Quick drying pigmented inks are available in a range of colors.
  • TradePro Inc.

    Global Plastics Recycling
    Tradepro Inc. was established in 1989 as an importer, exporter, and domestic supplier of plastic raw materials. With over twenty-five years of experience the company specializes in the recycling, sale, and shipping of plastic scrap materials. Our annual turnover exceeds over 75,000 metric tons...
  • Penn Color

    Founded in 1964, Penn Color develops and manufactures the most diverse product line of color concentrates, masterbatches, and pigment dispersions of any colorant company in the world. For nearly 50 years, Penn Color has maintained a commitment to meet or exceed the expectations of our...
  • I. Stern & Co. Inc.

    I. Stern & Co. Inc. is a distributor/re-seller/broker of commodity plastic resins, including polystyrene, polypropylene, PET, polyethylene,and ABS; with sales offices and warehouses throughout the United States. Please contact us for availability and pricing for all of your commodity plastic...
  • Colortech Inc.

    A leading manufacturer of color concentrates.