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  • DFS Standard Manifold Hot Runner Technologies

    INCOE®'s DFS 2 and 4 drop manifolds offer standardized, pre-manufactured and ready to finish nozzle drop locations exactly where you require. This design feature allows you to choose a location within set ranges without the lead-time of a custom manifold. Complete DFS systems with choice of... Read More
  • Direct-Flo™ Gold Systems

    DF Gold systems are designed from years of in field processing experience offering increased hot runner performance and robustness while maximizing molder up-time. Applications include Automotive, Aerospace, Closures, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Appliance, Technical and Electronics parts. Read More
  • DMT Multi Tip Nozzle Hot Runner Technologies

    INCOE®'s Multi tip nozzles offer 6 tips located on each nozzle. The design is ideal for micro to small part molding of multiple parts per nozzle, or for multiple gates onto a single complex part. Multi tip nozzles provide an economical design for high cavitation molds when using commodity... Read More
  • Edge Gate Hot Runner System Technology

    INCOE® Corporation has developed a new Edge Gate nozzle design that simplifies integration and maintenance. The new design has been added to the proven Direct-Flo™ Gold series of hot runners and provides exceptional thermal control and sustainable part geometry in applications requiring a side... Read More
  • Hot Runner Request For Quotation Online Programs

    Request For Quotation (RFQ) online programs are specifically designed to help expedite system quotations. Originally introduced as one form in 2009, the site now includes the updated Direct-Flo™ Gold and SPM/XRN Nozzles RFQ’s, and the new Temperature Controller and Single Nozzle Systems... Read More
  • Hot Runner Systems for Multi-Component / Materials / Color Molding

    Molding of multi component, materials and color of injection molded parts demand advanced hot runner technology and design. In a variety of applications ranging from automotive to technical, multi component molds for the production of these products are complex and fully customized. INCOE®‘s... Read More
  • Hot Runner Valve Gate Tip Designed for Fast Color Change Applications

    A new Valve Gate Tip featuring the VIX End Cap specifically designed for enhanced and fast color change performance is now available. The tip geometry has been optimized for improved flow of material required in color change applications. This design is included in the recently expanded range of... Read More
  • Micro Series Hot Runner Technologies

    INCOE®’s DF3 series systems are specifically designed for the micro / small part applications (0.1g to 20g) including high cavitation common in the pharmaceutical, medical, and technical markets. With its compact design, DF3 is also suited for close center applications featuring a minimum pitch... Read More
  • OPTI-FLO® Balanced Hot Runner Manifold Systems

    Superior material flow and processing require engineered solutions. The negative effects of flow imbalance caused by material shear can significantly reduce your ability to compete. Opti-Flo® systems, exclusive to INCOE®, are engineered on a custom basis to resolve these issues before production... Read More
  • SoftGate® Valve Pin Velocity Control

    SoftGate® valve pin velocity control technology resolves process challenges related to conventional hydraulic sequential molding. Poor flow characteristics leading to part inconsistency, flow hesitation lines, or blemish marks are reduced with SoftGate®. The gradual pin actuation, precisely... Read More
  • Unitized Leak-Proof Hot Runner System Technology

    Unitized hot runner systems are an alternative to injection halve designs. Unitized systems take advantage of INCOE®’s DFQ nozzles that thread directly into the manifold, offering a leak proof connection. The systems are supplied fully assembled, pre-wired and tested. Wiring is encased in... Read More
  • Valve Gate Hot Runner Technologies

    Valve Gate systems, designed with robust and compact cylinders, offer superior performance and gate quality with both hydraulic and pneumatic actuation available on DF GOLD systems. Pneumatic valve gates are available on QF5 and QF8 systems. Direct Mount Units Actuation cylinders mount directly... Read More

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