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4445 Allen Road
Stow, OH 44224-1093
(330) 920-9200
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FERRY INDUSTRIES is shaping the future with precision industrial machines all around the world. FERRY manufactures:- ROTOSPEEDTM rotational molding machines- QUINTAX 3- and 5-Axis CNC Routers - FEMCO Composites Cutting Machines- FEMCO Foam Fabricating EquipmentFERRY represents:- LEONARDO by PERSICO SpA- GRAVIMOLD Powder dispensing systems- PLASMEC SpA high intensity mixers


Solutions for Molding and Tooling Applications.
Coupling Tubing, Pipe and Bends: Morris Coupling offers and extensive inventory of straight tube and pipe in a variety of materials and wall thickness. A complete line of tubing, fittings and bends for industrial commercial and institutional vacuum systems. Typical applications include wet/dry material clean-up, high...
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Auxiliary Equipment For The Plastics Processing Industry
PF Series Powder Feeder: The PF Series Powder Feeder from Process Control offers operators unprecedented metering accuracy from ultra low rates up to 3000 pounds per hour. Incorporated into the brushed stainless steel design is a unique round-to-trough feeding area which provides more consistent mass flow for...
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Centrifugal dryers and pelletizing systems worldwide.
Recycling and Scrap Conversion Equipment: Gala provides underwater pelletizing systems (such as the LWCP System) for post industrial recycling as well as centrifugal dryers used in large post-consumer scrap conversion, downstream of size reduction equipment, and the wash and dry process.
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available from FERRY INDUSTRIES, INC.
FERRY's RotoSpeedTM rotational molding product range provides the largest selection of model sizes, types and floor plans offered to the rotational molding industry. The RotoCure System Manager©... Read more ›
available from FERRY INDUSTRIES, INC.
FERRY INDUSTRIES' RotoCure 2000 System Manager© is based on the Windows® format to provide unprecedented control features for RotoSpeed™ rotational molding machines. This easy-to-use system... Read more ›
available from FERRY INDUSTRIES, INC.
FERRY INDUSTRIES, INC., now markets GraviMold Powder Dispensing SystemsTM to help rotomolders increase production and save money. These systems are designed to convey material from storage and... Read more ›