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News About Plastics Processors, Plastics Equipment and Materials

Stay informed with the latest news releases and real-time Business Chatter from stellar companies serving the plastics industry.

Recent News

from BMI Machines LLC  |  posted 10/24/2014
Bestar developed a new head, 8 cavities, 2 layers + peephole for a container of 100ml of 20g for pesticides of Syngenta. The cycle of this machine is 24s for a production of 2,400 containers per hour. The inner layer is 80% recovered HDPE and the outer is 20% Virgin HDPE + MB.
from Westlake Chemical Corporation  |  posted 10/23/2014
from Altair Engineering, Inc.  |  posted 10/23/2014
TROY, Mich.
from Inplex Custom Extruders LLC  |  posted 10/22/2014
March 26, 2013
from KPMG  |  posted 10/22/2014
from EMS-GRIVORY America  |  posted 10/21/2014
Light-weight design in automotive construction is gaining in importance. EMS-GRIVORY is a renowned specialist company in the field of metal replacement, but two other business units of the EMS Group – EMS-GRILTECH and EMS-EFTEC – also provide innovative and high-quality products for... Read more ›
from R&D/Leverage  |  posted 10/21/2014
from Boston Scientific Corporation  |  posted 10/16/2014
from Clariant Corporation  |  posted 10/16/2014
from BASF Corporation  |  posted 10/15/2014

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