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  • DuPont ™ Crastin ® PBT polyester resin

    DuPont ™ Crastin ® is based on polybutylene terephthalate, or PBT polyester. Suited to a variety of industrial applications, the Crastin ® family is currently available in over 100 different grades, approximately half of which are flame retardant. They feature mechanical and physical properties... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Delrin ® acetal resin

    Delrin ® acetal resin should be considered for metal replacement and bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics. It offers a unique combination of creep resistance, strength, stiffness, hardness, dimensional stability, toughness, fatigue resistance, solvent and fuel resistance,... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Elvamide ® nylon multipolymer resins

    DuPont™ Elvamide® nylon multipolymer resins are a unique family of polymers that have outstanding abrasion resistance, high tensile elongation and strength, and excellent adhesion to nylon yarns. Read More
  • DuPont ™ ETPV thermoplastic vulcanizate

    DuPont ™ ETPV thermoplastic vulcanizate combines high-speed plastics processing with high-end elastomer performance. By creating a new class of material called engineering thermoplastic vulcanizates (ETPV), it eliminates the manufacturing boundary between rubber and plastics. ETPV is a... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Hytrel ® thermoplastic polyester elastomer

    Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomers provide the processability of thermoplastics, the flexibility of rubbers, and the strength of plastics. The product line is available in a full range of Shore D hardnesses (30D to 82D). Special grades of Hytrel® include heat stabilized, flame retardant,... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Minlon ® reinforced nylon resin

    The DuPont™ Minlon® family of reinforced nylon resins, including mineral and mineral/glass-reinforced nylon, offers a unique balance of properties that allows designers to maintain balance of strength and rigidity, while minimizing the effects of warpage. DuPont's experience in the area of... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Rynite ® PET Resin

    DuPont ™ Rynite ® polyethylene terephthalate, or PET thermoplastic polyester resin, unites the best properties with easy processibility to produce high performance parts. Rynite® PET is the most cost-effective answer when you're looking for the ultimate combination of stiffness, temperature... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Sorona ® EP Thermoplastic Polymer

    DuPont ™ Sorona ® contains renewably sourced™ (RS) propanediol as a key intermediate, with performance and molding capabilities that are similar to PBT resins. In addition to good strength and stiffness, tests indicate improved surface appearance, lower warpage, and good dimensional stability... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Vespel ® parts & shapes

    DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes have proven to be a cost-effective solution in a wide array of applications including aerospace, energy and material handling, semiconductor, and transportation. Vespel® parts and shapes satisfy the most stringent requirements for weight reduction, long service... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Zytel ® nylon resins

    DuPont™ Zytel® offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of nylon resins. The Zytel® family includes nylons 1010, 610, 6, 66, and 612 that are available reinforced, toughened, unreinforced, and flame retardant. Processing capabilities include blow molding, encapsulation, and extrusion. Zytel®... Read More
  • DuPont™ Zytel® HTN high performance polyamide

    DuPont™ Zytel® HTN is a high temperature nylon that cost effectively bridges the performance gap between traditional engineering resins and high-end specialty polymers. It balances chemical, moisture and temperature resistance, and offers outstanding processability. Consider Zytel® HTN for... Read More

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