Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

190 S. Kyrene Road, Unit 1
Chandler, AZ 85226

About Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

We distribute and recycle thermoplastic resin. We serve injection, blow, extrusion, and rotational molders on the North American continent as well as Asian export markets.

We recycle post-industrial scrap from molders and industrial users of plastic products. We pride ourselves on producing clean, dust and metal free regrind that runs easily and consistently for our customers.

Plastic We Buy:
- Excess Resins - Regrind or Virgin
- Commodity Resins
- Engineering Grades
- Scrap Parts and Runners
- Purgings
- Sheet Scrap
- Worn out Industrial Plastic Parts (Barrels, Trays, Pallets)

Plastic We Sell:
- Virgin - Prime, Certs, Wide-spec
- Regrind and Reprocessed Material
- Commodity Resins
- Engineering Grades
- Small Special Orders
- Large Volume Orders
- Color Concentrates
- Toll Recycling Services

Plastic We Recycle:
- Parts and Runners
- Large Bulky Items
- Purgings
- Sheet Trimmings
- Pipe and Conduit
- Drums and Barrels
- Pallets
- Filled Materials (Glass, Carbon Fiber, Mineral)

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Products by Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

By Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

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By Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

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By Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

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