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G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

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789 Golf Lane
Bensenville, IL 60106-1312

About G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

  • G.A.I.M. obtains recycled polymers primarily from a group of Chicago-area scrap brokers and sellers. The Illinois Recycling Association recognized the firm with an award last year.

    Some applications that incorporate recycled plastics include the proprietary TotASak handles for retail grocery bags, which are made from heavily filled automotive nylon scrap and, for export, the Hand-lr handles, made from high density polyethylene pickle buckets. Grocery stores stock the impulse item, which is useful as a garage hanger, firewood or salt-block hauler and, for ranchers, a wire puller.

    G.A.I.M. also makes and warehouses dozens of baby product lines for Standard Container Co.'s Badger Basket Co. unit in Edgar, Wis., and created and produces a popular pest-control device made from polycarbonate automotive headlamp covers for Bird-X Inc. of Chicago.

    The company also helped PVC extruder Regenex Corp. of West Middlesex, Pa., with an innovative bit of design.
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Products by G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

  • Injection Molding Tool - chizzler

    Chizzler, P-105-C is just less than 2.5”at its beveled face & 9” over all length is molded of modified nylon withstands the abuse of scrapping flat surfaces on tooling, whether it is blow molds, or soft roto molds to hardened tool steel or machine faces, Chizzlr is durable without scaring... Read more
  • Injection Molding Tool - Scrapper

    Scrapper, P-105-B This narrow 1” wide x 12” long beveled tip Tool takes the pain out of holding emery paper to dress flat surfaces, or srape residue from die faces without damaging fine finishes due to it is softer than brass modified Nylon platform. Grind the face to a profile and work in... Read more
  • Injection Molding Tools - Pokr-GAIM

    Pokr-GAIM, P-105-A the original Hand tool for the shop floor prevents production workers from pushing a rigid brass tool down a restricted hopper and getting it’s tip chewed off by the injection unit on a plastic molder. It will melt, and the equipment will not need to be reworked to remove the... Read more