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39 West 32nd St, Suite 603
New York, NY 10001

About Canon & Shea Associates, Inc.

Canon & Shea is a full service communications firm with extensive experience and capabilities to handle all of your advertising, marketing and public relations needs. Since 1979, C&S has specialized in business-to-business marketing communications for many major industrial companies. We possess the personal touch and the cost effectiveness that is needed to grow small start up companies and the experience and knowledge to power all of the marketing activities of Fortune 500 industry leaders. For over two decades, Canon & Shea has proven to be a reliable, value adding, and cost effective agency and will continue to focus on our clients individual needs to take the necessary steps to build success.

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Products by Canon & Shea Associates, Inc.

By Canon & Shea Associates, Inc.

Creation and development of fully functional, technical and sales oriented web sites that will get your message across in the most direct and effective manner E-Commerce - development of system to communicate, buy and sell-with security over the web. Read more »

By Canon & Shea Associates, Inc.

In some ways, communicating with your marketplace is easier than it has ever been. The sheer number of outlets for your message has multiplied many times in recent years: in print, broadcast and cable, interactive media (CD-ROM and the World Wide Web), direct mail, trade shows and a lot more. At... Read more »

By Canon & Shea Associates, Inc.

Development of effective identification logos, signage, stationary, packaging, as well as a Corporate ID manual with guidelines on how to employ the corporate identification in all applications. The purpose of the Corporate ID is to wrap around all facets of the marketing. The program must take... Read more »