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Products by Rotomachinery Group
  • Machines

    From the carousel machines the world over (independent-arm and fixed-arm ) to the modern shuttle (in-line and 3-sided), ranging from machines for laboratory use to special machines, including machines designed for PVC plastisol. Explore the biggest range of rotational moulding machines... Read More
  • Rotomolding Accessories

    Special equipment for machines, plants for the preparation, movement and dosage of raw materials. Everything needed in order to realise the maximum potential of rotomoulding: versatility, quality control and rapid adjustments to the requirements of the market. Analyse all the possibilities and... Read More
  • Moulds

    The possibility of immediately obtaining hollow bodied articles without the need for subsequent welding or assembly has guaranteed an ever-increasing success for rotational moulding. The traditional applications in classic form (square and cylindrical tanks, balls, dust bins and banks) have now... Read More