TEKLYNX Launches TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7.0, Enhanced Enterprise Label Management System

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All-in-one enterprise labeling solution increases operational efficiency and streamlines label printing processes

MILWAUKEE, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- TEKLYNX International, known globally for their barcode labeling software solutions and industry-leading customer support, today announced the launch of their enhanced enterprise label management system, TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7.0. Built to optimize and standardize labeling, this solution allows companies to manage label design, approval, print automation, and reporting across their business and suppliers from a single location.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL is an off-the-shelf software solution designed to meet complex labeling requirements and integrate with on-premise or cloud-hosted ERP systems to maximize simplicity for print users. Its browser-based print interface, with access via secure user logins, eliminates the need for individual workstation installations and enables on-demand label printing from anywhere in the world.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7.0 offers exciting new features to help companies increase operational efficiency and streamline label printing processes. These new features include:

  • Enhanced print capabilities: Print to PDF and print multi-page labels through the cloud to local print workstations.
  • Server auto scaling: Automatically scales server capacities based on usage to maintain optimal software performance and stability.
  • Search improvements: Refine your label file search results to quickly find the correct labels you need to print.
  • AutoSave: Automatically saves label drafts locally if the server connection is disrupted, so no work is lost.
  • Reprint comments: Administrative option to require a comment when a label reprint is selected for a more detailed label audit trail.
  • Easily adjust margins: Modify horizontal and vertical label margins directly from the print interface for accurate printing.

"We're excited to launch the enhancements offered in TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7.0 and pride ourselves on continuously improving our software solutions based on customer needs, industry standards, and advancing technology," says Thierry Mauger, TEKLYNX International President. "TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7.0 helps companies simplify label printing across their supply chain and more easily adapt to change."

Request a demo of TEKLYNX CENTRAL 7.0 to see how enterprise label management can benefit your business.


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