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New success for ST in Mexico

Press Release from S.T. Soffiaggio Tecnica S.r.l.

Located in a strategic position between North and Central America, Mexico is among the worlds’ major emerging economies. The Mexican market has shown a strong dynamism in the recent years and is very open to foreign business and investments. In particular, the automotive field, the automotive market and associated activities are among the most important and competitive in the world.

Always aware of market developments and trends, ST has noticed the great growth potential of the country for a long time and has undertaken a targeted commercial action that has led to the sale of several plants, not least that of the recently tested blow moulding machine model ASPI 150.2 with 3d suction technology.

Although the suction technology is already present in Mexico, a group of great global importance for the automotive sector has decided to invest in the quality of ST’s blow moulding machine.

The machine in question, with a 70 mm extruder and a 2 lt head, presents the main features of ASPI blow moulding machines: accessibility, flexibility, simplicity and precision as well as a technological level that ensures high performance.                   

These characteristics generate immediate advantages such as: reduced scrap, the possibility of processing materials up to 350°C, the possibility to produce parts with three-dimensional shapes, even very complex and pronounced, with a considerable energy saving.

Among the remarkable implementations, besides the new 4WDS radial thickness control, it is possible to count the SPC system, the latest generation software that controls the main production parameters determining the stability and the quality of the piece.

The recent sale in Mexico consolidates the company’s position in the international market and confirms the undisputed quality of its machines, which are appreciated worldwide.     

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