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Press Release from S.T. Soffiaggio Tecnica S.r.l.


ST SOFFIAGGIO TECNICA has recently delivered two E-MOVE blow moulding machines to two important companies in the plastics industry: CEBI ITALY SPA based in Osimo station in the province of Ancona and   S.E.P. D.O.O., located at Mokronog, Slovenia. Officially launched during the K 2010 fair, the E-MOVE blow moulding machine is the smallest in the ST range and is unique in being all-electric. Intended for the production of small and medium diameter high complexity parts, the machine is particularly suitable for the production of high-precision products. The machine has the ability to mould both 3D and 2D conventional applications, offering a wide range of usages, not only in the automotive "under the hood" market, but also for washer hoses and in the white goods sector. The E-MOVE name indicates that this model is a fully electrically driven machine, which confers certain benefits, as follows:

- Reduced energy consumption;

- Great precision of machine movements and repeatability of all cycle functions;

- Reduced environmental impact thanks to the absence of oil and noise within the workplace.

The two sales mark an important milestone for ST, from two perspectives. On the one hand, the company CEBI ITALY SPA, one of ST’s existing customers, has expanded its machine range, demonstrating that the Italian market is showing signs of renewed vitality.

On the other hand, the sale to the Slovenian company S.E.P., already an existing customer for 2D conventional   blow moulding, represents the first instance of ST’s suction technology in the Slovenian market.  

The first half of 2016 has proved to be very positive for ST, which has consolidated existing relationships and penetrated new markets, through high quality and attention to the customer, that has always distinguished ST.



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