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It’s K time again for ST Soffiaggio Tecnica!

Press Release from S.T. Soffiaggio Tecnica S.r.l.

On 19 th October 2016 the doors of the Düsseldorf trade fair will open to the public for the latest edition of the K show, probably the oldest show in the plastics sector. The countdown for the beginning of this event has already started. This is, as always, long awaited by organizers, exhibitors and visitors alike. The result of months of dedication and organization which creates this unique event.  Everyone wants to be an important player, to have their products favourably received and benefit from this 8 day “technological marathon”. The ST team are again preparing to surprise the K audience with something new. ST will be exhibiting, as always, in Hall 14 Stand B04, and in this occasion will show for the first time the new ASPI 150.3 MONO. This isan upgrade of the well-known, top selling model, ASPI 150.2 MONO. A lots of innovations are to be discovered during the K-show, and we are sure, they will amaze once a time K visitors. The machine has a 70 mm extruder, a 2 lt accumulator head and will be equipped with a robot for the extraction and the handling of the blown piece. Thanks to its great versatility it can adapt to the needs of customers in the most diverse production conditions. That’s why we are sure that the new ASPI 150.3 MONO will   be appreciated all over the world as the ASPI 150.2MONO. The new ASPI 150.3 MONO is the result of a continuous effort to develop and improve the already high quality of ST machines. ST’s enthusiasm and passion for innovation are seen mainly in the care the company takes over the smallest details, because details make the difference and make the performance of ST machines without equal. Thanks to this constant research, ST will be surely able to catch the attention of visitors to the K 2016 show by presenting the important innovations, that distinguish the new ASPI 150.3 MONO, which further enhance the already well known and unique features of the ST ASPI range.  Adding to the machine characteristics, we would like to focus on the manual rotation of the extruder for ease of maintenance and screw extraction without displacement of the accumulator head and the possibility to completely retract the platform, to allow mould change from the top. As well as the attention paid to the technological aspect of their machines, ST considers customer satisfaction equally important. That is why ST is the best partner for customers facing new challenges and new projects. ST is a brand of durable quality, with a guarantee of efficiency, competence and reliability. These are features that you will see and appreciate during the K show, observing the machine running and meeting our team of experts, on hand to answer all your questions. If the performance of our ASPI E-MOVE amazed you at the K2010 show, with the production of the “walking stick” and our ASPI 150.2 MONO astonished you at the K2013 with the “shoehorn”, you will be amazed by what the ST team has designed to leave its mark on the K show 2016 with the new ASPI 150.3 MONO .


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