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About ST BlowMoulding SA

ST BlowMoulding designs and delivers extrusion-blow moulding machines dedicated to industrial applications.

Since 1980 – in the past alongside with ST Soffiaggio Tecnica, Meico and Zaga brands – it has been developing its products around the needs of its customers.
Technological knowledge, attitude to innovation and care to detail are ST BlowMoulding’s strengths.

An open and flexible relationship with customers has led the company to be the partner of excellence to the main global players in the Industrial Packaging, Automotive and Specialties sectors.

"Moving Forward, by Your Side" is ST trademark. The stages of the process are tuned to those of customers: listen, understand and offer solutions.

ST BlowMoulding strive to create a solid relationship, ensuring there is always an open exchange of information.
It continuously develop new machines and technologies: what was a challenge yesterday is taking shape today.

Products by ST BlowMoulding SA

By ST BlowMoulding SA

Modern day buzzwords in this industrial sector are functionality and standardization. Industrial packaging items are designed to contain and carry high quality or hazardous substances all over the world. Chemicals, liquids for the electronic industry and ingredients for the food industry must... Read more »

By ST BlowMoulding SA

The automotive sector faces severe challenges: the market is ever so demanding, but production costs must decrease and components must be lighter to minimise fuel consumption and reduce environmental impact. ST BlowMoulding’s technologies guarantee constant conformity to quality standards using... Read more »

By ST BlowMoulding SA

Toys, coolers, garden tables, road barriers, floating piers, household appliance components and many others: the specialties sector encompasses a wide range of goods manufactured by extrusion-blow moulding that go from light to heavy items, from just a few centimetres to metres long. In such a... Read more »

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Expo Plast 2019

Posted 12/4/2019

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