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Products by ST Soffiaggio Tecnica SRL
  • TA & ISIT Series, Blow Moulding Machines

    TA AND ISIT SERIES with accumulator head up to 80 kg and clamping force up to 200 tons. This series was developed for the production of technical items in different fields of application, like i.e. automotive parts, toys and furnishings, but also packaging of big dimensions, like i.e. jerry... Read More
  • ASPI Series, Blow Moulding Machines

    ASPI SERIES with suction blow technology, offering solutions able to produce both, ducts of small dimensions for the white goods field and of medium and big dimensions for the automotive field (i.e. motor ducts , fuel ducts, oil ducts etc.), often featuring very complex shapes. Read More
  • EC Series, Continuous Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines

    EC SERIES with continuous extrusion is suitable to produce items of medium and large dimension, both in mono layer but more frequently even in multilayer execution. They are used in the packaging field as well as in the technical field, i.e. for fuel ducts. This range is completed by equipment... Read More
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