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  • B100 Tabletop Semi-Automatic Pad Printer By Inkcups

    The ICN-B100 is a dynamic single-color sealed cup tabletop pad printer that offers a multitude of unique features and capabilities. This compact tabletop pad printer incorporates the patented VersaCup ink cup assembly with two-sided ceramic ring and tool-less setup to support rapid job... Read More
  • B150 Benchtop Tagless Garment Printer for Large Images By Inkcups

    The B150 pad printer (big brother of the B100 tabletop) is a compact industrial grade single-color pad printer for large images. The 150mm patented VersaCup ink cup assembly prints images of up to 140mm in diameter. The powerful compression capability of 779lbs allows for easy handling of large,... Read More
  • Backflush Continuous Screen Changer By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    Backflush Continuous Screen Changers (CSC-BF) filter contaminated polymer melt streams typical of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap. As contaminants build up on the screen pack, a pressure setpoint or timer initiates backflush operation. The fully automated process efficiently... Read More
  • Badgemaster® Dissolvable Embroidery Films By MonoSol LLC

    Your reputation is stitched into every order. We’ll help you keep it secure. Eliminate puckering, gapping, poor registration and fabric management issues with Badgemaster embroidery film. The preferred stabilizer of industrial embroiderers, Badgemaster replaces non-woven and heat-affixed... Read More
  • Bag and Pouch Films By Multifilm Packaging Corporation

    Multifilm Packaging offers a wide variety of bag and pouch films, from single web films to metallized triplex laminations. Materials suitable for both horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) are readily available for applications including confection, snacks, dry food... Read More
  • Bag Dump Station By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    NBE bag dump stations facilitate the integration of manually dumped dry bulk materials into all types of bulk material processing equipment, including: material mixers, agitator hoppers and bulk storage bins, size reduction equipment, and dry bulk material conveyors. Bag dump stations allow for... Read More
  • Bag Machine- inline servo By Moreland International Corp

    High Speed inline servo, for HDPE and trash can liners. Up to 450 FPM and up to 250 CPM. Read More
  • Bagging Equipment By Pyramid Packaging Inc

    We carry a comprehensive line of baggers and bagging equipment from Automated Packaging Systems for hand load, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic bag packaging. We feature the original Autobag® bagging systems and pre-opened bags-on-a-roll. Read More
  • Bags on a Roll By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    Whether you need a standard, conventional bag that you tear off the roll to use, or whether you require a pre-opened bag on a roll to use in automated packaging, we can help. Many sizes and thicknesses to choose from. Read More
  • Band and Nozzle Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's line of band/barrel heaters are available for fast delivery and can be easily installed into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and end user applications. This variety of heaters allows the user to specify the construction needed to result in the best heat solution. Read More
  • Band and Strip Heaters By Rama Corporation

    RAMA®BAND and RAMA®STRIP heaters are computer-designed and verified to Rama standards and customer specifications. Highest quality materials are used in their manufacture to assure long useful service life. Read More
  • Band Heaters By Hotset America Corporation

    Band heaters are the ideal solution for the heating of tubes and other cylindrical surfaces. They are used on all current types of machines in the injection molding, blown film dies and extrusion industry. But also in the chemical industry, special machinery and laboratories band heaters are... Read More
  • Band Heaters By Thermal Corporation

    Thermal Corporation designs and manufactures Mica band heaters Ceramic heater bands and Nozzle band heaters. Each band heater is manufactured to your specifications and can be shipped as quickly as many off the shelf heaters when needed. Band heaters are used to heat cylinders such as the... Read More
  • BAND HEATERS By Acim Jouanin

    Mica band heaters Clean atmosphere Maximum watt density : 4,5W/cm² Sealed mica band heaters Up to 450°C Maximum watt density : 6,5 W/cm² Ceramic band heaters Up to 900°C Maximum watt density : 10 W/cm² Read More
  • BAPOLENE By Bamberger Polymers

    Low Density Polyethylene , Linear Low Density Polyethylene , High Density Polyethylene , EVA, Polypropylene, PET , and Polystyrene Visit our website and use our Product Finder to search for the resin you need. Our Product Finder filters will help reduce your search time. Review material data... Read More
  • Barium Sulfate - Titanium Dioxide (ExBAR W1) By Excalibar Minerals LLC

    Explore the possibility of replacing up to 15% of your TiO2 in paints, plastics, rubber & coatings compounds. TiO2 continues to increase in price and supply becomes tighter. The ExBar W1 is a low cost dependable mineral extender that can alleviate the pricing pressure of the escalating cost of... Read More
  • Barium Sulfate - XBAR (4.20) & EXWATE (4.10) By Excalibar Minerals LLC

    Manufactured using only the highest quality white, natural barium sulfate ore. Strict quality control during manufacture results in consistent products that are used in marine coatings, paint, powder coatings, plastics, rubber compounds, sealants, brake pads and many other applications where... Read More
  • BARRELS By Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

  • Barytes - Barium Sulfate (EXBAR 200, 325 and 400) By Excalibar Minerals LLC

    Excalibar Minerals' Barytes products are manufactured from a high quality natural barium sulfate ore. Strict quality control during manufacture results in consistent products that are used in paints, plastics, rubber, adhesives, sealants and many other applications. Read More
  • Barytes - Barium Sulfate (EXBAR W 325, W 400, W 4, W 3, W 2 AND W1) By Excalibar Minerals LLC

    ExBAR W High Purity White Barytes are manufactured using only the highest quality white, natural barium sulfate ore. Strict quality control during manufacture results in consistent products that are used in paints, plastics, rubber, adhesives, sealants, and many other applications where color... Read More
  • BAY PLASTIC MACHINERY By P P E Associates, Inc.

    Strand & Self Threading Pelletizing Systems, Spare Parts & Rebuilding of All Makes Read More
  • BD Blender By AEC

    The BD Series batch weigh blenders are setting new industry standards for accuracy and homogeneous blend quality with quick-acting diamond slide gates, unique mix chambers, and an easy to use touch-screen interface. With 3 different ways to enter blend recipes, the BD Series blender is perfect... Read More
  • Belling Machines By Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC

    Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC (PEM) is the industry leader in Automatic Pipe Belling Machines and has been manufacturing belling machines since 1980. Versatility, durability, and function along with state-of-the-art technology are why there are so many PEM pipe belling machines in operation... Read More
  • Bellows suction cups made from Varioflex® By FIPA Inc.

    Long life time and an outstanding holding capacity – FIPA bellows vacuum cups made of oil- and ozone-resistant Varioflex® composite material consist of a dimensionally stable body (60° Shore) and soft, low-marking sealing lip (30° Shore). The body prevents lateral buckling over a broad range of... Read More
  • Belotti Cutting Systems By Stiles Machinery Inc.

    Creating complex, three-dimensional components from wood, metal, plastics and non-wood composites - and doing it with speed and precision – requires innovative technology. It means thinking beyond the traditional ways of machining and pushing out to develop entirely new ways of... Read More
  • Below Ground Fiberglass Conduit Systems By FRE Composites

    FRE Composites manufactures a complete line of Below Ground Fiberglass Conduit products designed for either Direct Burial (DB) or Encased Burial (EB) applications as described in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC). UL Listed and CSA Certified, FRE® Below... Read More
  • Belt Conveyor Pelletizing By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    The EBG belt conveyor pelletizing system has been specially designed for processing highly filled (> 60 %) and/or friable compounds. The system is fully adjustable, allowing it to be precisely tailored to each individual application. Instead of being conventionally extruded into a water bath,... Read More
  • Belt Conveyors By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    NBE belt conveyor systems provide an efficient and reliable method for introducing process materials into downstream operations. NBE belt conveyor systems are designed to integrate into virtually any operating environment; from applications requiring highly-sanitary, stainless steel... Read More
  • Belt Conveyors By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA provides horizontal, angled, belt, roller conveyors, along with other custom automation products like box/tote-fill systems, robot-guarding, work-stations, separators, cleanroom enclosures, weigh-scales, part cooling and conditioning, resin-bins, and under-mold part-containment chutes. HFA... Read More
  • Bench Color Measurement Systems By HunterLab

    HunterLab bench-top color measurement systems offer the ultimate in sample measurement precision and versatility. Whether your product is large or small, liquid or solid, powder or flake, smooth or textured, one of our bench-top systems will provide the best solution to your sample measurement... Read More
  • BenchMike: Bench-top Product Dimension Measurement System By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    BenchMike from Beta LaserMike provides fast and accurate dimensional measurement of cut product samples. Used in either a Quality Control (QC) laboratory or on the plant floor, BenchMike give operators a simple and repeatable system for measuring product samples and immediately knowing whether... Read More
  • Benchtop Materials Testing Machine By Tinius Olsen

    Benchtop materials testing equipment for tensile, flexural, compressive, shear, tear and peel strength testing. Frame capacities at 5kN, 10kN, 25kN, 50kN and 75kN. Read More
  • Benchtop Point-of-Use Temperature Control Consoles By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Tempco TPC Portable Temperature Control Consoles are quality built self-contained systems for monitoring and controlling process temperatures in a wide range of fixed or portable applications. These 1 to 4 zone units use our reliable next generation TEC-9100 1/16 DIN auto-tuning fuzzy logic PID... Read More
  • Benzyl Butyl Phthalate, (BBP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Butyl Benzyl Phthalate (BBP) is a high solvating, fast fusing plasticizer with high efficiency which can be used with a variety of resins. BBP is used for many PVC calendaring and extrusion operations and is an industry standard for vinyl flooring. BBP also finds use in many coatings, inks,... Read More
  • Bespoke Masterbatch By Colloids Limited

    For non standard applications Colloids can offer a rapid colour matching and formulation development service creating masterbatches specific to our customers needs. Bespoke colours, blacks and whites can be engineered to encompass a whole range of effects and finishes for some of today's most... Read More
  • Beta Analytic Inc. By Beta Analytic Inc.

    Beta Analytic Inc. provides ASTM D6866 biobased content testing to the bioplastics/biorefinery industries. Read More
  • Beverage Container Recycling By Shred-Tech Corp

    Every beverage bottling facility requires a cost efficient, clean method for the disposition of out of date or out of spec products. Shred-Tech® has been providing solutions to suit this need for many years. All shapes and sizes of cans, plastic bottles and aseptic packaging have been... Read More
  • Beverage Packaging Market By Future Market Insights

    The beverage packaging market is anticipated to register a CAGR 4.1% in terms of value during the forecast period of 2022-2027 Beverage packaging manufacturers have witnessed an increasing demand for smaller pack sizes, which has led to a rise in demand for beverage cans, as they are convenient... Read More
  • BF200 Blown Film Gauge By SolveTech Inc.

    The BF200 is designed to measure blown film on line. It measures the material after the lay-flat with high precision and stability. This unit holds calibration and also creates a polar plot of the blown film bubble. Read More
  • BHP powered bolt shut off nozzles By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    With the BHP shut-off nozzle type, Herzog® has realized a straight through, single channel design which reduces pressure drop substantially. Shearing of the material is also reduced due to direct melt flow and with the traditional, secure shut-off provided by Herzog® nozzles you can reduce cycle... Read More
  • Bi-Cutter By FBE Corp.

    The uniquely designed two-stage Bi-Cutter screenless granulator produces excellent quality granules without the use of a sizing screen. A small, compact footprint allows the Bi-Cutter to be used press-side. Low RPM and horsepower allow the Bi-Cutter to be a low maintenance and low energy... Read More
  • Bin Vibrators By Eriez

    We offer twelve models, for small to large hoppers and silos with economical AC operation to help keep materials flowing. Read More
  • BINATROL® Model G Series Diaphragm Style Bin Level Switch By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies' BINATROL® Model G Series diaphragm bin monitors consists of economical, reliable, and durable point level controls for point level detection of dry bulk materials. The units can be used to eliminate bin overflow, maintain a predetermined material level, indicate plugging of... Read More
  • BinTrac High Capacity Pancake Load Cells By HerdStar LLC

    High Capacity Pancake Load Cells The pancake cells are an ideal option for industrial bin applications that require high capacity weight limits for each bin leg. - Low profile - High accuracy - No field calibration required - Welding plate for mounting to any leg style. - High capacity... Read More
  • BinTrac Vision Remote Monitoring By HerdStar LLC

    BinTrac VISION Remote Monitoring BinTrac VISION remote web-based monitoring system, is ideal for a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution and allows users to access inventory from virtually anywhere from any device (Smartphone, tablet or PC). It effectively provides up-to-date status and... Read More
  • BinTrac Weighing System - Module By HerdStar LLC

    BinTrac® Bin Weighing Module The bin weighing module consists of our BinTrac Indicator, Smart Summing Box, Power Supply and our patented Load Cell bracket assembly. - Proprietary design protects the system from lightning - Easy installation on New or Existing bins - Available leg... Read More
  • BioCeed 100 CAS# 71302‐79‐9 By ChemCeed LLC

    BioCeed 100 Plasticizer is a naturally-based, non-phthalate plasticizer intended for use in PVC applications. BioCeed 100 Plasticizer’s vegetable oil feedstock makes it a more sustainable choice when replacing traditional phthalate plasticziers. Read More
  • Biodegradable, Environmentally Friendly Acetate Film & Sheet By Grafix Plastics

    Biodegradable Acetate film and sheet from Grafix® is a cast cellulose acetate polymer film. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly plastic material, Grafix Acetate is the right material for you! Cellulose Acetate based film has been an industry standard in graphic arts, packaging,... Read More
  • BioFlow™ By Ecospan LLC

    BioFlow™, Ecospan’s brand of proprietary biopolymers, is used in the majority of our formulations producing bio-based plastic end products to our clients’ specifications. BioFlow™ materials are 100% petroleum free and can be blended with ingredients that also contain no petroleum for end... Read More
  • Bio-Plastic Cutlery By Amdek

    Amdek offers bio-plastic cutlery that uniquely degrade in an outdoor environment. This is an ideal sustainable substitute for conventional plastic cutlery. Looking for a greener option? Contact us today ordering information. Read More
  • Biopolymer Additives By Vertellus LLC

    For PLA, PHA and other bio-polymers, Vertellus offers plasticizer products, which are bio-based, bio-degradable and compostable, under the following trade names: Citroflex® citric esters, FLEXRICIN® ricinoleates plasticizers based on castor oil, PARACIN® plasticizers based on hydroxystearic acid. Read More
  • Biosensor Materials for Biomedical Devices By DuPont Microcircuit Materials

    DuPont biosensor materials are trusted in critical patient care tests over five billion times per year. DuPont produces a range of screen printable inks utilizing various metallurgies and organic systems for use in biosensors. These materials are specifically designed for use in medical... Read More
  • BIOSTAT® B By Sartorius Corporation

    BIOSTAT® B is a fermenter | bioreactor that has been developed specifically for the variety of requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical research and development. BIOSTAT® B enables you to control your stirred-tank glass or single-use vessels and rocking-motion vessels. BIOSTAT® B... Read More
  • BI-Power Injection Molding Machine By NEGRI BOSSI S.p.A.

    The Negri Bossi Bi-Power series of machinery is a line of large two platen hydro-mechanical equipment, with clamping sizes from 1050 to 6000 metric tons ( 1150 to 6600 US tons) and shot capacities from 104 oz. to over 2000 oz. It is a very different design; the clamp is a two-platen clamping... Read More
  • BizCosts.com By BizCosts.com

    Independently compares all major geographically-variable operating costs scaled to a representative plastics products manufacturing plant in alternate locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Costs for labor, benefits, taxes, power, land, construction, shipping and others are germane to... Read More
  • Black color concentrate By ATC Plastics

    35-59% loaded Black color concentrates for use in PP LDPE LLDPE and HDPE Read More
  • BLACK COMMODITY By Rotopolymers LLC

    BLACK COMMODITY is a linear copolymer medium density polyethylene. It is a highly consistent, eco-friendly resin with great mechanical properties, heat resistance, zero internal bubble, and a homogeneous molecular structure. It is typically used to produce parts that require lower cost and... Read More
  • Black Masterbatch By Plastics Color Corporation

    Plastics Color Corporation is a major supplier of black concentrate (or black masterbatch as it is also know) which range from standard grades to those that are highly customized to fit your application. Completely flexible, we offer variety of carbon blacks in order to meet your process and... Read More
  • Black Masterbatch By Colloids Limited

    Colloids manufacture a comprehensive range of Black Masterbatch products that are used extensively throughout the plastics industry. Our product ranges are particularly suitable where special attributes are required. UV stability, resistance to high temperatures and friction reduction qualities... Read More
  • Black Masterbatches By Burgess Colours

    Our black masterbatch is characterised with excellent dispersion of carbon black in the base carrier, normal addition rates are 1-3%. For one universal black masterbatch we can supply which is engineered with a highly loaded jet black which is suitable for most polymers and applications. PE... Read More
  • Blenders By Brampton Engineering Inc

    Continuous loss-in-weight blenders are fully integrated with the ITALYCS® control system. The main resin and each additive is weighed and fed into the extruder feed throat. The additives are fed by augers that are interchangeable for different throughputs. All blender controls, recipes and data... Read More
  • Blenders By Wittmann Battenfeld

    Volumetric Dosing Systems Continuous output from 70 g/h to 180 kg/h. Gravimetric Dosing Systems Dosing power up to 10000lbs/hr. For Injection Molding and Extrusion Single- and Multi-Component Dosing Most Simple Operation and Cleaning Read More
  • Blending By Allgrind Plastics, Inc.

    Blending - Mixing: Dry materials and additives can be blended in batches up to 5000 lbs. either before or after grinding or sifting. Blending is also offered as a standalone service for materials that do not require size reduction. Read More
  • Blister packaging By Dordan Manufacturing, Inc.

    Blister Packaging Die-Cut Registration All Dordan Mfg. blisters are die-cut maintaining the industries tightest die-cut tolerances. This ensures problem free blister packaging that may be used on any / all heat-seal equipment available. Blister Packaging Denestability /... Read More
  • Blister Sealers By Pyramid Packaging Inc

    Pyramid Packaging features a variety of Starview’s Blister Heat Sealers and Skin Packaging to suit your packaging needs. We carry card feeders, thermoformers, double-blister packaging, roller die cutters and more. Read More
  • Block Oven By Benz

    These safe, accurate ovens perform long-term high-temperature air or oil aging tests to ASTM, ISO and government standards. Read More
  • Blow Film & Converting By CyFrame

    To speed up the process of implementing and maintaining such enterprise systems, Cyframe built its business solution specifically for the Plastic industry to be able to install it quickly and then reduce internal overheads to run your business. The key is in defining products according to... Read More
  • Blow Molded Parts for Toys, Games and Sporting Goods By Custom-Pak, Inc.

    Custom-Pak designs and builds energy efficient blow molding machines; sophisticated blow molds and holds numerous product, process and technology patents related to the production of Sporting Goods, Play Structures, Games, Toys and Juvenile Products. The proven durability of blow molded parts is... Read More
  • Blow Molding By Davis-Standard, LLC

    Davis-Standard offers custom designed industrial blow molding machinery for a wide-range of applications in the automotive and consumer product industries. Our flexible, custom designed accumulator head blow molding systems feature closed loop hydraulic and electronic controls and... Read More
  • Blow Molding By Western Case

    Western Case is a leading custom blow molding manufacturer of industrial parts and blow molded products. Our experienced management staff, supervisors and production employees are much of the reason for our continued success. We operate 5-6 days per week, three shifts and 24 hours per day. We... Read More
  • Blow Molding By Creative Blow Mold Tooling

    Containers formed in molds built by Creative Blow Mold Tooling are part of our everyday lives. We make molds for popular consumer and industrial products including medical and healthcare products, personal hygiene, household and cleaning products, food and beverages, industrial and agricultural... Read More
  • Blow Molding By Custom-Pak, Inc.

    Custom-Pak designs and builds the machines and the molds that produce your blow-molded products giving you faster results, better quality and lower costs. At Custom-Pak, we have the capabilities to meet your needs on time and with consistently great quality. Read More
  • Blow Molding & Injection By CyFrame

    Cyframe built its business solution specifically for Plastic Molding Processors to be able to install it quickly and then reduce internal overheads to run your business. The key is in defining products according to plastic specific relevant processes that are truly structured efficiently to... Read More
  • Blow Molding Granulators By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA BM Series granulators are designed for blow-molded products and their associated waste. The large feed area of BM granulators means they’re perfectly designed for high volume size reduction of large scrap products by reducing product “bounce.” Features include: Granulators dedicated... Read More
  • Blow Molding Machinery By Meadoworks

    Looking for used blow molding machinery? We buy and sell a wide selection of PET lines, including Milacron, Sidel, and Sipa. Learn more at the link above, or give us a call at 1-800-323-0307. Read More
  • Blow Molding Machines for Plastics Processing By JSW America Inc.

    We deal with medium- & large-sized blow molding machines for PFT (plastic fuel tank for automobile and motorcycle), spoiler for automobile, containers, and more. We have a variety of delivery results and get a high evaluation in response to the demand of the customers. Read More
  • Blow Molding Products By Currier Plastics Inc.

    Currier Plastics produces a wide range of injection blow mold bottles, containers and specialty parts in sizes ranging from .5 oz. to 1.5 Gal. capacities. Its equipment features fully programmable controls and innovative material handling techniques to ensure repeatable processing and high... Read More
  • Blow Molding with the Breeze IIc Machine Control System By Eurotherm

    The MACO Breeze IIc parison only control provides high performance wall thickness control. This standalone unit is based on the MACO Compact control system, and includes a Compact parison board and Compact touch screen display in a chassis only slightly deeper than an Optima PC, eliminating the... Read More
  • Blow Molds By BMI Machines LLC

    Our blow molds are designed by engineers with many years of experience in the manufacture of blow molds. The materials and the design of the system of cooling in the mold are selected always thinking about the reduction of cycle time and durability of the mold. We work with mold manufacturers in... Read More
  • BLOW MOULDING MACHINES By K&G Machinery Works Ltd

    K&G Machinery Works carries the industry’s best and most reliable products. We work with quality brands that we can stand behind to meet our clients’ high standards. We believe that we succeed when you succeed, and so our meticulously trained product specialists can recommend the blow moulding... Read More
  • Blow Off Gun - Static Control By ElectroStatics Inc

    ElectroStatics, Inc offers a wide range of static control blow off guns for many applications in the plastics industry. Using static control, also know as ionization blow off guns, helps to save compressed air in many applications. Read More
  • Blower - Static control By ElectroStatics Inc

    ElectroStatics, inc offers the largest range of static control, also know as ionization blowers, for static control in the plastics industry. Read More
  • Blowing additives for thermoplastics By REPI

    REMAP BA additives have been specifically designed to give enhanced characteristics during the blow moulding process. The different formulations allow the PET preform to be homogeneously reheated, due to better infrared absorption. These additives provide lower blowing energy costs and reduced... Read More
  • Blowing Machines By BMI Machines LLC

    7 reasons for choosing a BESTAR machine: 1. efficient 2. short cycle 3. production without interruption 4. easy to operate 5. economic 6. safe 7. European quality Read More
  • Blown & Cast Film By Flex-Pack Engineering, Inc.

    Blown and Cast Films! Smooth Bore and Grove Feed! Lab, Pilot, and Commercial Scales! Mono-Layer and Multi-Layer Coextrusion Films! Flex-Pack Engineering (FPE) offers a complete line of specialty blown and cast films to meet your needs. Let us help you save money by designing a stronger... Read More
  • Blown Film By Davis-Standard, LLC

    Davis-Standard supplies blown film extruders, extrusion lines and associated winders, dies and feedscrews for blown film processors around the globe. Our mono and multi-layer blown film technology is used for applications ranging from agriculture and greenhouse films, to packaging and shrink... Read More
  • Blown Film Cooling By Addex Inc.

    Leading blown film extrusion equipment supplier of patented, highest-output cooling air rings, automatic & manual gauge controls, and the Quick-Change Digital IBC control system. “Intensive Cooling” is Addex’s patented revolutionary approach to cooling the bubble. Addex’s totally new aerodynamic... Read More
  • Blown Film Dies Blow Molding Heads & Sheet Die Services By Hard Chrome Solutions

    The wide variety of equipment and experienced staff makes Hard Chrome Solutions a shop capable of handling an array of machining aspects from Extruder Screws, Sheet Dies, Blown Film. We also manufacture brand new dies. Rolls Blow Film Die. All of our plating and repair from Hard Chrome Solutions... Read More
  • Blown Film Extrusion Machinery By Luigi Bandera

    Bandera's blown film extrusion machinery is equipped with automatic quality control systems, such as loss-in-weight gravimetric dosing system, in-line film thickness measurement, automatic winding, supervisory system and user-friendly computerised line control. Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi... Read More
  • Blown Film Lines By HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft

    Hosokawa Alpine co-extrusion blown film lines are used today for the majority of film applications. Since different materials and raw material types can be combined these co-extrusion lines are both extremely flexible and highly economical. Our HXS extruder series is of modular design enabling... Read More
  • Blown Film Machinery & Equipment By Moreland International Corp

    Blown Film Line Dual Lip Air ring Single Lip Air Ring Extruder Blown Film die Screen changer Blender Primary haul off Single turret winder Dual turret winder Surface winder Read More
  • Blown Film Systems By Hosokawa Alpine American

    - Mono-Layer to 11-Layer Co-Extrusion Systems - Dual Die Systems - "Purpose-Built" Lines - Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) - Both In-Line and Out-of-Line - Film Widths up to 140" Read More
  • BONDABLE TEFLON ® AND PTFE By Fluoro-Plastics Inc

    PTFE can be etched with a sodium ammonia or sodium naphthalene etch so that its surface is chemically modified for adhesion to various substrates using ordinary commercial grade epoxies. When etched for bonding, PTFE can be used as chute liners, vessel linings, and glued to processing surfaces... Read More
  • Bondaflex™ Recycled Rubber & Plastic By Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

    Manufacturers across the globe trust our Bondaflex™ recycled rubber from Monmouth Rubber as an integral component of their products for: Economy, Reliability, Product Innovation and for Planet Earth. As other manufacturers are just entering the recycled rubber field, Monmouth Rubber stands proud... Read More
  • Bonded Manifold By Connecticut Plastics Inc.

    Connecticut Plastics, Inc now offers multilayer bonded fluidic manifolds, made to our customers' specifications. Manifolds can be produced in Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Polysulfone and Ultem. If needed, they can be polished to an optical finish. Manifolds can be of an unlimited number of layers and... Read More
  • BOPP Film By Inteplast Group

    AmTopp is one of the leading domestic BOPP film suppliers in the U.S. We pride ourselves in offering the market innovative quality products at the highest efficiency and lowest cost. Committed to the success of our customers, we produce and sell films for generic applications as well as... Read More
  • BOPP Multicolor Woven Bags By Lincon Polymers Pvt. Ltd -USA

    With growing prominence of trade in modern times, excellent brand visibility on shelf is a key for any product. BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) laminated bags, with their smart looks and durable quality, give that extra edge to your product in terms of visible value creation in the... Read More
  • Bottle Leak Testers By ProfileSolutions

    Profile Solutions manufactures the world's fastest single head leak tester. We supply leading leak testers or leak detectors for testing plastic and steel containers from 10 ml to 1000L IBC's. Profile Solutions ofer testing solutions at rates of up to > 30,000 bottles per hour. Read More
  • Bottle Sorting Plant By STF Group

    Our sorting plants have been developed specially for sorting PET bottles. The use of different modern sorting technologies makes it possible to eliminate foreign materials e.g. plastic sheets, PVC, & wrong colors. Read More
  • Bottle Unscrambler By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Automated systems for feeding all types of contianers, bottles, and components. 7 types of unscramblers to suit all types of containers. Centrifugal and Vibratory Bowl feeders suitable for all types of hardware, medical devices, and components. Read More
  • Bottle Washing Plant By STF Group

    The hot screw washer as well as the hot washer work with a medium of a 4-5% caustic soda solution. Both are heated by electrical heating plates in order to achieve an ideal cleaning effect. PET moves into the screw washer via a cyclone with rotary valve. Ideal cleaning is achieved by increased... Read More
  • BottleDyne™ Corona Treatment System By 3DT LLC

    The BottleDyne™ Corona Surface Treatment Systems Utilizing corona discharge, 3DT's self-contained BottleDyne surface treatment system sets new standards for the treatment of bottles and thermoformed containers. It's now possible to corona treat, inline, virtually any extrusion or injection blow... Read More
  • Box Type Bags By Lincon Polymers Pvt. Ltd -USA

    These type of bags are used in wholesale packs for packaged tea, detergent etc. Read More
  • BP By Ultra Purge - Moulds Plus International USA, Inc.

    Concentrated formula specifically designed to clean machines producing thin-wall parts with stack molds during color changes. Highly moldable purging compound. Read More
  • BR-1200 Round Handrail By Pawling Corporation

    For a good power grip, choose the BR-1200 with a 1" diameter rail. Function, durability and affordability highlight this traditional handrail design. Available in 60 standard colors. Ask about Pawling's Rapid Response program regarding quantities and colors available to ship within three... Read More
  • BR-500 Handrail By Pawling Corporation

    A universal handrail for all applications, the BR-500 combines affordability with design flexibility. Available in sixty standard colors or with a combination of two with the addition of a seamlessly co-extruded accent stripe (model BR-502). Also available with a continuous security bracket... Read More
  • Brands By Imerys Graphite & Carbon

    C-NERGY™ Graphite and Carbon Black cover a diverse range of carbons, from high-purity synthetic graphite with different particle sizes and morphologies, to high purity and high structure carbon blacks especially developed for the Li-ion battery industry. TIMREX® Graphite, Coke and Dispersions... Read More
  • Branson Converters By BEK Ultrasonics

    We service all models and frequencies of Branson Converters including but not limited to: All Frequencies: 15kHz, 20kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz Branson 102 Converter For 182/184 V or P 20 kHz plastic welding power supply Branson 103 Converter For 187P 20 kHz plastic welding power... Read More
  • BreathSaver® Fiberglass Conduit System for Low Smoke/High Temperature applications By FRE Composites

    FRE Composites' BreathSaver® Fiberglass Conduit system consists of conduits, elbows, fittings and adaptors. Using a phenolic resin based matrix, it is designed to provide transit, utilities, and industry with a nonmetallic corrosion resistant, flame resistant, low-smoke, non-toxic conduit... Read More
  • Britec Liquid Systems™ By Britec Solutions Inc.

    Britec Liquid Systems™ are advanced liquid colorant and additive systems for the plastics industry utilizing proprietary carriers and manufacturing processes. Formulated for use in many major thermoplastic resins, Britec Liquid Systems™ deliver many benefits to the injection molding, extrusion... Read More
  • BritePurge™ By Britec Solutions Inc.

    BritePurge™ are High Performing Purging Compounds designed to reduce the costs associated with purging plastic processing equipment. Created and supported by the experts that developed some of the industries leading products and technologies in purging compounds, Britec Solutions Inc. offers... Read More
  • BS Series - Servo Injection Molding Machine By Borche North America

    Features: -Keba controller -Swivel injection unit for easy access to the barrel and screw -Energy efficient Japanese piston pump combined with low, power consumption holding and cooling settings can decrease power consumption up to 80% over conventional machines -Linear guiderails, built-in... Read More
  • BSI Color Concentrates By Britec Solutions Inc.

    BSI Color Concentrates create shelf appeal and processing efficiencies. Color Concentrates designed for specific applications and requirements that include: Custom Color Matching ♦ High Pigment Loadings ♦ Batch-to-Batch Consistency Quality products with unmatched speed to market. Products... Read More
  • BSI Foaming Agents By Britec Solutions Inc.

    BSI Foaming Agents (CFA’s) provide many solutions that support the primary objectives of every plastics processor- Speed, Quality and Savings. With a diverse range of products BSI Foaming Agents include Endothermic, Exothermic, Endo/Exo Blends, as well as custom formulated Multi-functional... Read More
  • BT Series - Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine By Borche North America

    Features: -Keba controller -Swivel injection unit for easy access to the barrel and screw -Energy efficient Japanese piston pump combined with low, power consumption holding and cooling settings can decrease power consumption up to 30% over conventional machines -Linear guiderails, built-in... Read More
  • BTec™ Performance and Process Additives for Plastics By Britec Solutions Inc.

    BTec™ Performance and Processing Additives enhance the performance, improve efficiency, reduce manufacturing downtime and create cost savings. Our additive products are available in a variety of forms- pellet, liquid, dust-free powder- and include the following technologies: Antistatic ♦... Read More
  • Bubble Cage By D. R. Joseph, Inc.

    Radial cages have the distinct advantage of providing completely centered and linear support for their complete range of layflat widths. Traditionally this benefit came at the expense of added cost, complexity and a larger footprint, troublesome for tight installations. The Roll Radial Cage... Read More
  • Bubble Stabilizers By Brampton Engineering Inc

    Infinitely adjustable through layflat range. Motorized diameter adjustment, controlled from floor level. Five levels of guide arms with eight arms per level ensure excellent bubble stability. Read More
  • Bucket Elevators By Federal Equipment Company

    A bucket elevator is used to haul bulk materials vertically, often using a vertical and then horizontal “z” formation for gradual ascension. Buckets can be made out of several materials, but most commonly plastic and metal. A bucket elevator typically consists of: 1. Buckets to contain the... Read More
  • Building & Construction Compounds By Sylvin Technologies Inc

    Sylvin Technologies, Inc. offers a diverse line of vinyl compounds for the Building and Construction markets. Compounds have been developed for a variety of applications including: weatherable co-extrusion grades for window lineals, general purpose grades for weather-strips and screen spline,... Read More
  • Building Products By Crane Composites

    Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall and ceiling panels are widely used throughout the construction and building materials industries. FRP offers a number of significant features including resistance to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, high impact strength, high moisture resistance,... Read More
  • Bulk Bag Filler By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    Bulk bag fillers are also commonly known as big bag filling stations, bulk bag loaders, and big bag fillers. NBE offers dry bulk material processing operations a bulk bag filler product line designed to fully integrate with upstream and downstream material processing systems. NBE big bag fillers... Read More
  • Bulk Bag Unloader By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    Bulk bag dischargers are also commonly known as bulk bag unloaders, big bag dumpers, bag frames, FIBC dischargers, and FIBC unloaders. Over the past few decades, NBE earned the reputation for supplying the best bulk bag unloader and related equipment that money can buy. NBE's intensive focus is... Read More
  • Bulk Bag Unloader for High Capacity Applications By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    National Bulk Equipment, Inc., 5-station, bulk bag unloader system combines high-capacity structural construction with a centralized controls and automation architecture to safely and accurately supply to downstream process operations a total of 12 million pounds/year of five, combustible input... Read More
  • Bulk Bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) By CorrPak Bulk Packaging Systems , LLC

    Bulk Bulk bags, also known as FIBC's, semi-bulk bags, totes, or jumbo bags can be manufactured from flat woven or circular woven fabrics and can be uncoated or coated depending on the application. CorrPak Bulk Packaging Systems, LLC offers many styles of bulk bags that will hold non-hazardous... Read More
  • Bulk Bottle & Can Products By Rehrig Pacific Co.

    Rehrig has significantly improved the working parameters for bulk pallets used by container manufacturers for the canning and filling industry. Enhancements in the pallet manufacturing process, pallet materials, and pallet design have created a higher set of standards for performance and... Read More
  • Bulk Container Tilt Table By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    NBE tilt tables automatically tilt containers up to 2,500 pounds. Floor-level tilters, originated by NBE, can accommodate pallet jack, hand truck, and forklift loading of bulk containers. Containers are loaded into the unit at floor level and begin to automatically tilt when the gaylord reaches... Read More
  • Bulk Material Handling Solutions By Coperion Corporation

    Plants, components and services for safe and economical bulk materials plants. Coperion bulk materials plants and components are used everywhere where bulk materials in powder or granular form are prepared and transported. Only high-quality and long-lasting components are used, in... Read More
  • Bulk Packaging System By Rennco LLC

    This bulk packaging system is an automatic vertical bagging packager that provides consistent and continuous production for many items that require bulk packaging including bottle caps, lottery pogs, puzzle pieces. Read More
  • Bulk Storage Silo By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    NBE bulk storage silos are in use throughout the U.S. and North America in applications where high-volume processing operations demand uninterrupted material supply to one, or multiple points of material need. NBE is a single-source provider of bulk storage silos. NBE design and applications... Read More
  • BULLET SERIES PELLETIZERS By Reduction Engineering Scheer Inc.

    "The Bullet Series pelletizers are easier and faster to clean and service. Designed for 24/7 operation, this unit is ideally suited for both laboratory and production users." Read More
  • Bunting Magnetics By P P E Associates, Inc.

    Magnets, metal detectors and metal separation Read More
  • Bus Exhaust Shields By Koolmat Insulation

    exhaust shields good to 2500° that stop heat in its tracks a small piece can be made for an area putting to much heat out to a part w/grommets and stainless straps for easy installation.....very cost effective...straps on in minutes where header wrap takes hours. Read More
  • Buy and Sell Used Plastics Machinery By Arlington Plastics Machinery

    Arlington Plastics Machinery specializes in the purchase and sale of used plastic machinery. We have a vast inventory of used plastic machinery to better your current process, increasing efficiency while reducing raw materials waste and cost. We carry a wide variety of machinery from many... Read More
  • Buy or Sell Plastic Resins By Monster Polymers

    We buy and sell a full range of Prime Polymers as well as Offgrade, Reprocessed and Regrind Polymer Grades. Monster Polymers is your global purchasing department, with the ability to source and procure your polymer needs from around the world. Through our strong partnerships with some of the... Read More
  • BX3WQ662(X) By Nylene

    BX3WQ662(X) is a advanced wire coating grade used for TH THHN Electrical Wire over PVC or as a standalone coating for copper or aluminium. - High Speed Grade - Used in circuit sizes where high speed production is used (up to 2500mpm) - Higher extractable levels (more flexibility) Read More