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  • COMPUPLAST® Consulting Services By Compuplast International Inc (USA)

    We offer full CAE analysis and design services for any extrusion processing application. From extrusion screw and die design to co-extrusion analysis, we can provide you with the engineering services you need to get the job done right the first time. Contact us, at your convenience, to discuss... Read More
  • Coolant By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial antifreeze & coolants fight deposits and scale in industrial cooling systems while providing long service intervals for reduced maintenance. Read More
  • Custom PVC Compounds By Color Master Inc.

    Color Master Inc. Specialty Compounding offers both flexible and rigid PVC compounds in either pellet or powder form. Our staff has over 125 years of collective knowledge in the production, development and sales of high quality flexible and rigid PVC compounds. State-of-the-art computer... Read More
  • CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer By Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

    The CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer is used for high-resolution, two-dimensional measurements of the luminance distribution and chromaticity distribution of various displays; LCDs, projectors, backlights, etc. Processes from measurements to data analysis and evaluation can be performed efficiently in... Read More
  • Cable By Interpower

    Cable completes the electrical circuit from the power source to the equipment. The end destination of the product will determine the type of cable that will need to be used. When designing an electrical/electronic product that will be for sale in any part of the world, deciding on the type of... Read More
  • Cable Management Kits By Lincoln Plastics

    Easily conceal unsightly loose cords. 10' Pre-Split (1" or 2" diameter) Plastic Tubing Easily cut to desired length Color coded labels and plastic ties included (bulk package does not include labels/ties) Read More
  • Cables By P1 Technologies

    We are a manufacturer that specializes in custom built, high quality, durable cables and connectors in small to large quantities. Read More
  • CAD Services By GenesisTEK, LLC

    GenesisTEK, LLC uses the most current release of Solidworks for CAD services. Whether you have detail work that needs completing, or you are looking for turnkey designing we can help. With over 50 years of combined CAD experience we can deliver high quality service at a reasonable price. Read More
  • CAD Services By Met-L-Tec Inc

    Met-L-Tec has years of experience as a full service fabricator with knowledge and experience in all aspects of fabrication. We provide a comprehensive range of exceptional quality fabrication services along with design and project management capabilities. Our fabrication services include... Read More
  • CAD/CAM Parts and Tool Development By General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

    General Plastics Manufacturing Company is ideally qualified and equipped to manage all aspects of a molded-foam part program. As your production partner, our seasoned estimators, CAD/CAM designers, procurement specialists, chemist and production staff will custom-develop your build-to-print... Read More
  • CAD-Data By Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc.

    Configure your own individual hot-runner system 3-D CAD data incl. the negative volumes and the drawings are available for downloading for each hot-runner system. This service is rounded off by the provision of the relevant price information (as a PDF file). Once you have configured your... Read More
  • CADON By ELIX Polymers, S.L.

    General compounding grade designed for self-colouring ABS materials. Read More
  • CAE Mold Filling Simulation Services By Beaumont Technologies, Inc.

    Beaumont Technologies literally wrote the book regarding the practical use and understanding of flow analysis as related to the injection molding process. Our analysts have extensive experience in combining flow analysis simulation with real world molding practices. As such, our CAE services... Read More
  • Calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth By HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH

    SILFIT: Calcined products based on SILLITIN. A downstream thermal process gives the product additional application advantages as a functional filler, especially in color sensitive applications. Read More
  • Calcium Carbonate (ExCAL CW - EXCAL 100, 200, 325 and 400) By Excalibar Minerals LLC

    These products are processed from a high purity white calcium carbonate ore, to exacting specifications at our Houston, Texas plant. These grades are processed for use in completion fluids, plastics, adhesives, sealants, mastics, and other specialty applications where color, solubility, binder... Read More
  • Calcium Stearate PTS-II By R. E. Carroll, Inc.

    NSF Certified Application Information: Acid Scavenger, Internal Lubricant,and Slip Agent for Plastics. Rigid PVC, accelerates fusion, improves flow and reduces die swell. Personal Care and Pharmaceutical applications include tablet mold release, anti-tack agent and gelling... Read More
  • Calendered Film By Acton Technologies Inc.

    Calendered Fluoropolymer Films are a new alternative for engineers and designers seeking lightweight high-performance solutions to problems often associated with skived film. At less than half the weight and more than twice the dielectric strength of skived film, calendered fluoropolymer film is... Read More
  • Calenders By Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions Inc

    Calenders are conventionally used for the continuous production of semi-finished thermoplastic films or for the continuous improvement of different films and surfaces. An extremely variable modular system allows the adaptation of calender units to suit a wide range of requirements. Read More
  • Calibration Table By extrunet America

    The calibration table contains the central element of the ECO concept. In the standard design, it contains the Energy Saving Vacuum Concept "EC ENERGY S" in all versions. Available: - as a single or double strand design, or - as a wide line (up to a profile width of 1.000 mm), and - in table... Read More
  • Calypso By Shepherd Color

    Useful for cementitious applications, such as concrete, grout, stucco and putz, the CALYPSO line of Shepherd pigments provides permanent colors. Our color are bright and tough! They are weather resistant, heat resistant, alkali resistant and acid resistant. Our CALYPSO colors are also very easy... Read More
  • Cameras By Wintriss Engineering Corporation

    The incorporation of smart cameras with embedded processing resources enables the system to provide 100% inspection of the material and rapid, accurate detection of defects. This allows the system to be easily optimized to inspect metallized plastic film, synthetic paper, fiberglass, woven... Read More
  • Can Liners By Inteplast Group

    We produce one of the most complete ranges of can liners in the industry. High Density and Linear Low Density liners are offered with the Inteplast commitment to quality and value for both institutional and consumer use. Both drawstring and non-drawstring trash can liners are produced at our... Read More
  • CANNON CAV®4.2 Dual Bath Automated Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    CANNON's CAV® 4.2 is a fully automated, dual-bath, benchtop viscometer with two 14-position sample handlers for unattended D445 processing. Each of the two Ubbelohde-style tubes (one per bath) covers a 100-fold viscosity range between 0.5 mm²/s (cSt) and 10,000 mm²/s (cSt) from 15 °C to 150 °C... Read More
  • Canopies By Palram Americas

    Palram offers full lines of pre-made products using Palram Sheet materials. Our canopies and other products are easy to use and premium quality. Read More
  • Cap & Closures By Wuxi Glory Plastics

    Since the mid-1990s, PET bottled drinks produced by the Coca-Cola company started applying plastic tamper evident caps to replace that of made aluminum, thus the plastic tamper evident cap was appeared on the stage of beverage packaging. Shortly after that, the Chinese packaging giants and... Read More
  • Cap Ex By Advanced Extrusion Inc.

    Cap Ex - Is a co-extruded multilayered sheet manufactured for benefits of sheet appearance and cost reduction. AEI offers mono, A/B and A/B/A layer structures. A/B layer applications allows custom sheet for two side colors used in bowls, cups and plates. A/B/A layer structures provides prime FDA... Read More
  • Cap Lining (Wadding) Machine By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

    MMC Cap lining machines are designed and manufactured to stamp out lining material disks from rolls of material and install the disks in caps at rates up to 1200 caps/minute (depending upon cap size and design.) Types of closures: food and beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, personal... Read More
  • cap mold By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    - Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo systemetc)... Read More
  • Cap Slitting & Band folding Machine By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

    MMC designs and manufacturers cap slitting and band inverting machines that score the side wall of plastic closures either with an arched slitting blade or a cut-to-post technology. The slitting & band folding machinery can reach rates up to 1600 caps/minute. Types of Tamper-Evident closures:... Read More
  • Capabilities By New Berlin Plastics

    New Berlin Plastics offers a wide range of capabilities to assist with your project. Alongside our injection molding services we offer resin selection assistance, multi-shot molding, an array of value added services, and employ advanced scientific injection molding practices. Some of our value... Read More
  • Caps By Alliance Plastics

    Our assortment of protective plastic caps may be used for protection when moving, storing or fabricating. Whenever you have an end to protect, use one of our plastic caps to cover it. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you need a plastic cap that just pushes on or threads on,... Read More
  • Carbon Products By Kureha America Inc.

    Demand for Kureha's highly regarded carbon products continues to grow. Among the many products the company produces in this area are carbon fibers, which are widely known for their use of petroleum pitch as a raw material. Displaying a variety of characteristics, these products are provided in a... Read More
  • Cardboard Recycling By Shred-Tech Corp

    The need for size reduction of cardboard is as diverse as the product. There is cardstock, fine flute and single and multi-wall corrugated of all shapes and sizes. Shred-Tech® has provided cardboard size reduction systems for destruction of out of spec packaging, increasing of bulk density... Read More
  • Carrying Cases By Western Case

    Choose from one of the largest in-stock plastic carrying case inventories in the industry. With over 50 case sizes to choose from, we can ship in-stock cases for immediate delivery. If you prefer, send us your parts, and we will turnkey your case packaging project with custom foam inserts, cut... Read More
  • Carrying Cases & Packaging By Custom-Pak, Inc.

    Blow-molded packaging provides the absolute best value of any plastic process. Custom-Pak offers a breadth of blow molded packaging that is hard to beat. Custom-Pak is the world's largest producer of blow molded carrying cases. We offer, single-, double- and quad-wall case constructions. A... Read More
  • Cartridge Heaters By Rama Corporation

    Rama’s cartridge heaters are the highest quality available. The Rama®Rod heaters are the result of many years experience perfecting high watt-density elements which are capable of long life at elevated temperatures. Rama®Rod heaters are manufactured with an Incoloy sheath and Incoloy end disc in... Read More

    High density cartridge heaters Watt density up to 50W/cm² Low and medium density cartridge heaters Watt density up to 7W/cm² Split cartridge heaters Cartridge in 2 semi-circular halves Read More
  • Cartridge Heaters By Durex Industries

    High density swaged cartridge heaters are manufactured with stainless steel and incoloy sheaths. All standard and metric diameters. Designs with flexible leadwire terminations can include stainless steel armor or braid. Read More
  • Cartridge Heaters By Thermal Corporation

    Thermal Corporation's cartridge heaters are high temperature swaged units manufactured with magnesium oxide insulation. Every cartridge heater by Thermal Corporation is a premium quality unit with your choice of standard stainless steel sheathing or if your process requires, an incoloy sheath... Read More
  • Cartridge Heaters By Hotset America Corporation

    The hotrod(type HHP and LHT) are core products of hotset's tradition. Excellent knowledge, high-quality materials as well as the outstanding manufacturing guarantee long life and excellent product features. By intensive cooperation - also with special applications - hotset gives again and... Read More
  • Cartridge Heaters By EZ Heat Corporation

    We Manufacture a full line of high watt density Cartridge Heaters, custom manufactured to your specifications. Read More
  • Cartridge Heaters, Custom Cartridge Heaters, Metric Insertion Heaters By National Plastic Heater, Sensor & Control Inc.

    National Plastic Heater, designs, engineers, exports and distributes custom electric cartridge heaters or otherwise known as insertion heaters and metric style cartridge heaters for industry. Also included are square cartridge heaters, bolt heaters, split sheath cartridge heaters and miniature... Read More
  • Cartridge/Insertion Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow designed and manufactured the first swaged cartridge heater and revolutionized the heating element industry. With premium materials and tight manufacturing controls, Watlow's cartridge/insertion heaters provide superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and... Read More
  • Cascade Sifters / Zig-Zag Sifter By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    The Neue Herbold series cascade (zig-zag) sifter is utilized for the separation of various types of materials for example; materials that must be separated for environmental reasons, separation for better quality or separation for further processing. Necessary requirements for effective... Read More
  • Case Erectors By Combi Packaging Systems LLC

    Case erectors are the core product in the Combi line. We are experienced building case erectors for extra small to extra tall cases with a wide range of speed capabilities. The Combi carton erector can also be integrated with Combi case loaders, providing ultra-compact systems for loading... Read More
  • Case Sealers By PTIPackaging.com

    We have a wide range of case sealing and box taping equipment that ranges from basic uniform box sealers all the way to fully automatic box folders and sealers. Read More
  • Case Sealers By Combi Packaging Systems LLC

    Combi manufactures quality case sealers for the widest range of packing equipment industries and applications. From standard RSC case sealers in every size, to a carton sealer with overlapping or sequentially folded flaps, to random size cases, to tuck-folded flaps to L-clips and special display... Read More
  • Case Sealers / Case Formers / Cartoners By Pyramid Packaging Inc

    Loveshaw, the leader in Case Sealers, features models ranging from semi-automatic to fully automatic, and are designed to work with uniform or random box sizes. Econocorp designed it's Econoseal Spartan Cartoner to handle rugged, mechanical, and horizontal cartoning. Read More
  • Cash Security Bags By PolyPak Packaging

    PolyPak offers a variety of Armorite tamper-evident plastic deposit bags and plastic security bags. Armorite security bags are used by armored carriers, financial institutions, and retailers for cash transfers, night deposits, checks, payroll, patient valuables, police evidence or other valuable... Read More
  • Cast Film Line By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Featuring in-line air bubble extrusion and multi-layered lamination Cast film extrusion lines are recognized in the industry for their high production speed and film quality featuring superb optical characteristics. Alpha Marathon’s cast film lines complement these benefits with exception... Read More
  • CAST HEATERS By Acim Jouanin

    Excellent thermal conductivity Flat or circular shape, made of aluminium, bronze or bronze-alu or other Up to 650°C Read More
  • Cast In Heaters By Durex Industries

    Durex Industries is a leading manufacturer of cast in electric heaters for the plastics processing industry. Durex controls all manufacturing processes from element manufacturing through our in-house foundry and CNC machining to deliver cast in heater products that exceed your expectations.... Read More
  • Cast In Platen Heaters By Durex Industries

    Typical uses for platen heaters are heat transfer presses, foodservice equipment, die heaters, packaging equipment, and commercial pre-heaters. Manufactured from aluminum or bronze alloys, the platen heater consists of a tubular heating element that is designed and formed to provide maximum... Read More

    No item unit Standrad MCNYLON OILON ENYLON GLASSF MOS2F Density GB1033 1.15 1.15 1.15 1.35 1.15 Moisture adsorption % IN AIR 1.8~2.0 1.8~2.0 2.0~2.2 1.65~1.83 1.9~2.0 IN WATER GB1034 6.3~6.5 6.3~6.5 6.6~6.8 3.5~4.1 6.1~6.3 Tensile strength Mpa GB/T1040 89.0 75.30 69.5 130~150 74.1... Read More
  • Cast-In Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Tempco is widely recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In heater/coolers for the plastics industry. Our capabilities and the application possibilities for utilizing Cast-In Heater Technology extend far beyond the scope of plastics machinery. Tempco has set industry standards... Read More
  • Cast-In Ring Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Tempco is widely recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In heater/coolers for the plastics industry. Our capabilities and the application possibilities for utilizing Cast-In Heater Technology extend far beyond the scope of plastics machinery. Tempco has set industry standards... Read More
  • Catalloy Process Resins By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    The proprietary Catalloy technology from LyondellBasell creates reactor thermoplastic polyolefins that combine the advantages of polyolefins with those of elastomers. The wide range of properties makes these materials unique. Catalloy processed resins can be used across a variety of markets... Read More
  • Caterpillar Haul-off By extrunet America

    The extrunet caterpillar haul-off scores highly in the area of perfectly implemented ergonomics and convincing design. The innovative functionality sends out a clear signal based on robust and convincing technology. Available: - as a single or double strand caterpillar haul-off/saw combination... Read More
  • Caterpillar Take-Ups By Boston Matthews

    Boston Matthews are the inventors of the Caterpillar Take-Up (Puller), (Caterpillar Take-off) and with over 10,000 units in daily operation throughout the world the Boston or Farris Puller is classed as the Industry Standard Caterpillar Puller. The importance of the Puller should never be... Read More
  • Cavity Temperature Sensors By Priamus System Technologies, LLC

    Besides cavity pressure the cavity temperature is the „controlling“ parameter if it is the question to determine and to influence the quality of a molded part. Among other things the reason for this is that the shrinkage of a molded part happens not only due to pressure changes but also due... Read More
  • CB2 Planning Workshop By Iowa State University

    To facilitate the development of this center, we are welcoming possible partners to visit Iowa State for a planning workshop that will be funded by NSF. This three-day workshop will bring together researchers from Iowa State and UMass Lowell and industry members to finalize the center’s... Read More
  • CB2 Webinar By Iowa State University

    During this webinar, we will review the strategic goals of a recently established Industry & University Cooperative Research Center supported by the National Science Foundation. The webinar will provide details on the offerings at the upcoming onsite planning meeting and how your attendance will... Read More
  • CE-E By Ultra Purge - Moulds Plus International USA, Inc.

    Specifically designed to clean blow molding machines. Cleans out barrels, nozzles, hot runners, and heads of extruders. Concentrate grade. Read More
  • Celanex® thermoplastic polyester (PBT) By Celanese Corporation

    A fast-cycling resin with high strength, rigidity and toughness. Celanex PBT exhibits low creep, even at high temperatures, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils and greases. When you add to this list excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and powerful... Read More
  • Celcon® acetal copolymer (POM) By Celanese Corporation

    Celcon offers high strength and rigidity over a broad temperature range, low wear, toughness and resistance to repeated impact. It is notable for its superior dimensional stability, long-term creep resistance, long-term fatigue resistance and excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and... Read More
  • CELDUC By Hotset America Corporation

    Celduc Relais controls the complete chain: design, development, productions, testing and marketing. celduc relais manufactures the most comprehensive range of Solid State Relays but has also developed its own production equipment to ensure the most efficient manufacturing methods. Thanks to... Read More
  • CELL-PET By Advanced Extrusion Inc.

    Cell-PET is a reduced density PET roll stock. This is achieved by adding an inert gas into the material to reduce weight. MSI weight reductions range from 20% to 50%. This means higher yield per pound for your polyester packaging needs. Cell-PET is another value added solution to sustainable... Read More
  • Cellulose Film: The Original Sustainable Packaging By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    Sustainability plays an important role in the overall appeal of cellulose packaging films, which are produced from renewable resources and in some cases compostable. The latest study from Envicura establishes the potential for cellulose films as a sustainable packaging resource, in terms of... Read More
  • Celstran® continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFR-TP) By Celanese Corporation

    Unidirectional tapes, rods and profiles provide high levels of stiffness and toughness, high-performance dimensional, mechanical and thermal properties, and superior chemical and corrosion resistance. Read More
  • Celstran® long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) By Celanese Corporation

    Celstran LFRT are produced by pultrusion technology in which the long fibers are fully impregnated thus delivering optimal reinforcement to the plastic matrix. Unlike conventional short-fiber reinforced materials, the longer fibers present in molded parts of Celstran LFRT mechanically interact... Read More
  • Center for Renewable Chemistry By PMC Biogenix

    The Center for Renewable Chemistry (CRC) is our 3.5 acre technical campus dedicated to the development of new products from renewable resources and technical and application support for our existing product lines. Located on our 50 acre integrated oleochemicals and derivatives manufacturing site... Read More
  • Central Drying Systems By Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

    Central Drying Systems are modular systems made up of individual drying hoppers on stands that connect together. Booster heaters, controls and manifolds are integrated into the stand, for fast, easy installation, a single dryer will supply dry air to the hoppers. Systems are available with... Read More
  • Central Line Insertion Bundle By Centurion Medical Products

    Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSIs) are preventable. Recent studies have concluded proper techniques, protocol and bundling can successfully prevent CLABSIs. Bundling is the key. According to every major agency - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The... Read More
  • Centrifugal Dryer By Gala Industries

    In the early sixties, Gala launched its own centrifugal dryer for the plastics industry. Since then, over 8,000 Gala dryers have been installed worldwide. These dryers are suitable for throughputs from 2 to 70,000 kg/h. Gala currently offers two dryer series, standard "EASY ACCESS" series and... Read More
  • Centrifugal Feeding By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

    Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation has been providing our customers with small rotary feeders, large parts unscramblers, bottle orienting feeders, and other centrifugal feed system solutions for over 50 years. Large parts or medium parts or small parts - if they are fragile, heavy, flat, plastic,... Read More
  • CENTRIFUGE By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    CENTRIFUGE In order to densify or extrude the previously selected, ground and washed plastic materials, it is important to eliminate any residual humidity. This machine, with a high level of performance, works with pre-cut materials starting with the thinnest (15 microns). Residual humidity in... Read More
  • Centrifuges By Federal Equipment Company

    A centrifuge is a piece of equipment generally driven by an electric motor and works on a sedimentation principle where the centripetal acceleration causes dense substances to separate out and lighter objects to move to the top. Industrial centrifuges can be classified based on the high density... Read More
  • Centurion Contract Services By Centurion Medical Products

    Make it simple. Centurion can offer you a fully integrated, single source solution for all your packaging and sterilization needs. Our sterilization features include: - 100% Ethylene Oxide sterilization to accommodate the vast majority of products - In-house services include product... Read More
  • Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements By WECO International

    Ceramic infrared heating elements are efficient, robust heaters which provide long wave infrared radiation. They are used in a diverse range of industrial processes such as thermoforming, paint curing, printing, drying and many more. Read More
  • Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Tempco Electric Heater Corporation, Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters conserve energy by using a 1/4" thick ceramic fiber insulating blanket reducing power consumption by 25 to 30 percent. Because of the low thermal conductivity of the ceramic fiber insulation the external surface temperature of... Read More
  • Ceramic Packages for RF Transistors By Materion Corporation

    Materion (formerly Zentrix) is a leading manufacturer of ceramic packages for RF power transistors and MMICs. We offer BeO packages for VMOS and bipolar transistors. Our brazed ceramic air cavities are suitable for high power Si and GaN transistors. We are the exclusive vendor of our CuPack... Read More
  • Ceramic Rings By Inkcups

    CN ceramic rings made of an extremely hard and chip-resistant zirconia-based ceramic. They exhibit superior wear resistance, extra long life and unmatched performance. The rings are designed for our patented VersaCup universal ink cup. They are also 100% compatible with ink cups sold with pad... Read More
  • CFR Robot By DB-Automation Ltd

    This high speed de-mould robot is ideally suited for de-molding products with depth. The 'swing' arm design provides exceptional take out speed with a 'de-mold' time as low as 300 milliseconds. The extended servo controlled de-mold axis allows for deep products to be easily de-molded. With... Read More
  • CG-12 1.5" Corner Guard By Pawling Corporation

    Pawling Corporation's rigid vinyl corner guards come with the options of double-faced adhesive (Model CGT-12) or predrilled holes (Model CGD-12) for installation, or to be installed with liquid adhesive. Other wing sizes are available; note that wing sizes smaller than 1.5" do not have the... Read More
  • CGB Gravimetric Blender By Comet Plastic Equipment, LLC

    Comet’s CGB gravimetric blender for direct mounting on injection molding, blow molding and extrusion machines provides even mixing, accurate weighing, and can process up to eight kinds of materials simultaneously. The advanced microprocessor controller with digital display is simple to operate... Read More
  • Chain Clamp By Lenzkes Clamping Tools, Inc.

    Great for repetitive work, because chain does not have to be dismounted (stays on fixing elements). Can be easily fit to different sized machine tables, T-Slots or Tapped Holes. Uniform clamping force distribution reduces workpiece distortion. Read More
  • Chamfering Units By Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC

    Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC (PEM) knows that “one-size-fits-all” is impossible to achieve in the PVC pipe manufacturing industry. That’s why we offer multiple configurations of chamfering machines. Whether you need a stand-alone or an integrated unit, we have a solution to suit your needs. Read More
  • ChemBlok Fume Hood Liner By Polyply Composites LLC

    Polyply ChemBlok CR-900 laminates are U.L. Listed, glass reinforced, UV inhibited composite sheets that offer excellent chemical and flame resistance wherever a cost effective general-purpose corrosion material is required. Example uses of this material, are Fume Hood Liners and Hockey... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis and Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Companies seek chemical analysis for a wide variety of reasons. Many require routine chemical tests for quality control or quality assurance purposes. Unlike other labs, Chemir’s chemical testing services are customized according to each individual project’s needs. We analyze chemical products... Read More
  • Chemical Catalysis By Potters Industries LLC

    PQ silica based supports and catalysts are widely used in the manufacture of process intermediates & fine chemicals, elastomers & polymers, syngas products and for environmental controls. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes give the flexibility to tailor the physical and chemical... Read More
  • Chemical Delivery Equipment By BBF Technologies

    For years, BBF Technologies has been a leader in the valve double containment box design and manufacturing business. Whether you are isolating and containing a single fitting or feeding a manifold with multiple outlets, we are confident we can deliver the system you need. Our chemical valve... Read More
  • Chemical Dispense By Wafer Process Systems, Inc.

    Wafer Process Systems Inc. manufactures world class wet process equipment using precision fluid controls and components for all wet process applications. Applications include bulk chemical, delivery, point of use chemical recirculation and filtration, point of use chemical metering, and chemical... Read More
  • Chemical Engineering Services By Process Engineering Associates, LLC

    Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) is concentrated ONLY on chemical engineering services. We are experts at process design and optimization for chemical processing operations of all types. Our specific expertise includes process design, process simulation, optimization studies,... Read More
  • Chemical Fiber Blades By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    We provide both industry standard chemical fiber blades and specialty fiber blades to meet specific needs. Advantages to our Chemical Fiber Blades •Longer machine up-time thanks to fewer blade changes •Higher productivity due to higher up-time •Adaptation of the blades to match specific... Read More
  • Chemical Foaming Agents By iD Additives

    iDAdditives specializes in providing Chemical Foaming Agents for a wide variety of applications including: Injection Molding Structural Foam Molding Sheet Extrusion Pipe Custom Profile Extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Processing If your goal is to produce lighter weight, more energy efficient... Read More
  • Chemical Forming Agents By Phoenix Plastics L.P.

    Offerings include: Cel-Span® 200 Cel-Span® 815 Cel-Span® 840 Cel-Span® 844 Cel-Span® 897 Cel-Span® 899 Cel-Span® 899M Cel-Span® 899PS Cel-Span® 963K Read More
  • Chemical Industrial Pump By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    PSI Chemical Industrial Gear Pumps (CIP) are engineered for the exacting process demands of low viscosity fluids including prepolymers, polymers, hot melt adhesives, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and more. Designed for applications with differential pressures up to 1000 psi and... Read More
  • Chemical Intelligence By ICIS

    Chemical Intelligence is a directory of chemicals providing information on the chemicals covered by ICIS. Bulk Industrial Chemicals Inorganic Chemicals Organic Chemicals Petrochemicals-Aromatics Petrochemicals-Olefins Petrochemicals-Other Polymers, Rubbers, & Resins Read More
  • Chemistry Lab Services By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    The NSL Analytical chemical testing laboratory provides a broad range of chemical analysis services including elemental analysis and classical wet chemistry. Our testing labs provide analytical testing throughout a variety of sample substrates to levels ranging from: • Trace analysis (10 ppb to... Read More
  • Chem-Vac Model 100 By Chem-Vac by Christianson Systems, Inc.

    Portable, Flexible, Versatile Chem-Vac conveyors are available in a variety of portable configurations. Highway legal towable versions complete with brakes, lights, tandem leaf-spring axles, expanded metal deck and ball or pintle hitch offer superior transportability. Heavy-duty 4-wheel towable... Read More
  • Chem-Vac Model 150 By Chem-Vac by Christianson Systems, Inc.

    Reliable, Dependable Although the new high performance Chem-Vac offers many advanced features, we didn’t forget that maintaining simplicity of design and attention to quality means better reliability. The new Chem-Vac gives you both – advanced features and simple design — in one system, backed... Read More
  • Chem-Vac Model 200 By Chem-Vac by Christianson Systems, Inc.

    Tailored To Fit Your Requirements Chem-Vacs are available with a variety of power sources. Machine controls can be configured to meet your exacting requirements. All contact components are available in heavy-duty stainless steel for the most demanding applications. The air filtration system of... Read More
  • Chem-Vac Model 40 By Chem-Vac by Christianson Systems, Inc.

    High Transfer Rates Fast conveying gives you the advantage of meeting your deadlines, saving time and money. With capacities ranging from 15,000 to 135,000 pounds per hour conveying plastic pellets, you can select a system that best meets your requirements. Low Temperature Conveying Dual... Read More
  • Chesaw 50 By Irwin Research & Development Inc.

    For underpress operation w/Industry Standard 44 and 50 inch Horizontal Trim Presses •Incorporates patented Irwin R&D design concepts •Powered and controlled from installed circuitry in end user’s TP cabinet •15, 20, 25, and 30-HP drive packages available, depending upon resins and output... Read More
  • Chevron/Phillips (CP Chem) Polyethylene By Bolcof Plastic Materials

    Bolcof Plastic Materials is a nationwide distributor of polyethylene for Chevron/Phillips Petrochemical Co (CP Chem). Products available include HDPE, MDPE, LDPE,and LLDPE. These materials are available in railcars, bulk trucks, gaylords and bags. Read More
  • Chill / Heat Transfer Rollers By American Roller Company

    American Roller provides many options for your chill and heat transfer roll needs. Choose a DuraShell, EquaTherm or Thermalon, depending on your application. We also service these rolls for repairs and reconditioning. Read More
  • Chill Rolls & Heat Transfer Rolls from Menges Roller By Menges Roller Company

    Menges Roller is a leader in designing and fabricating all types of industrial rollers for the paper making, plastic converting and light metal industries. Our flagship products are double-shelled, liquid-filled Chill Rolls (Chill Rollers), which are also called Heat Transfer Rolls (Rollers).... Read More
  • Chillers for the Plastics Industry By EcoChillers

    In the plastics industry, an Ecochillers may be installed to cool plastic that is injected, extruded or blown. The equipment used to create a plastic mould may also require cooling by a chiller. This will assist the machine in operating more efficiently and aid in the extension of the life of... Read More
  • Chroma Color Corporation Formulations For Wire & Cable Applications By Chroma Color Corporation

    Chroma Color Corporation wire and cable formulations serve the building, automotive, electronics and telecommunications markets with standard, custom and value-added colorants that meet industry standards and specialty requirements. Wire and Cable Products Include - Standard and custom-color... Read More
  • Chroma Color for Building and Construction By Chroma Color Corporation

    Chroma Color helps building and construction molders add color that delivers the aesthetics desired by the brand or consumer, helps to identifies them for specific usage (color-coding), and in many cases defines applications. If you are molding products any product listed below, the Chroma... Read More
  • Chroma Color New CHROMARK Laser Marking Additives and Concentrates By Chroma Color Corporation

    The team at Chroma Color Corporation can help you select the right CHROMARK® colorant and additive package to ensure you obtain the ideal laser mark for your product at an economical cost-to-color. With the in-house NIR Laser, the team can optimize the marking behavior and laser settings for a... Read More
  • Chroma Color’s Lab By Chroma Color Corporation

    Chroma Color’s Lab Talent Can Solve Your Tough Color Challenges. The Chroma Color Corporation lab staff has over 300 years of cumulative knowledge of coloring polymers. We offer completely equipped laboratories to formulate thermoplastics colors and compounds and run on pre-run production... Read More
  • Ci7600 Benchtop Spectrophotometer By X-Rite

    The X-Rite Ci7600 benchtop spectrophotometer is ideal for color quality control, improving the measurement, management, communication and reporting of color. The Ci7600 is designed with standards compliance in mind, including ASTM E3098 and CIE guidelines. Its internal temperature and humidity... Read More
  • Circuit Breakers By Interpower

    As the premier supplier of power system components, Interpower has what you need to complete your projects, including circuit breakers. Interpower has no minimum order requirements, plus same day shipping is available on in-stock Interpower products. Electronic equipment is often designed with... Read More
  • Circulation Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Circulation Heaters consist of Screw Plug or Flanged Immersion Heaters, depending on kilowatt rating and size, mated to a pressure vessel. All welded joints on the vessel and heater are hydrostatic pressure tested. Mounting brackets provide easy and quick installation. Typical Applications: ·... Read More
  • Circulation Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's circulation heaters are compact heating systems for fluids and gases. These heaters are ideal for applications such as purified and inert gases, supercritical fluids and liquids like de-ionized water for use in semiconductor and electronics industries as well as for general liquid and... Read More
  • CITROFOL® Systems Plasticizers Additives By Jungbunzlauer, Inc.

    The trend to voluntarily replace synthetic plasticizers using products based on renewable raw materials prompted Jungbunzlauer to develop additional citrate ester solutions. CITROFOL® Systems are tailor made solutions to meet the particular performance of synthetic standard plasticizers; but... Read More
  • Civic Series C-Type High Speed Precision Press By ING YU Precision Industries

    Frame of Cast Iron and Excellent Design of Structure 1 set of massive frame resist deflection and reduce vibration. Reciprocating accuracy of bottom-dead center is kept within 0.002mm. Dynamically Balanced Device Dynamically balancer reserves weight of upper die to eliminate the inertia produced... Read More
  • CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter By Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

    The CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter is an entry-level solution for the measurement and evaluation of the illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI) of various illumination sources such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps. It is most commonly used in restaurants, museums, studios, and... Read More
  • Clamp Frames-Standard and Adjustable By Modern Machinery of Beaverton Inc.

    MODERN Machinery’s 5800 Series (Standard) surpasses its competitors with over two times the clamp force. The frame is constructed of heavy extruded aluminum with two inch bore cylinders, three-quarter inch diameter rods, and Viton seals. Attached to each cylinder is a braided hose for extended... Read More
  • Clamshell packaging By Dordan Manufacturing, Inc.

    Clamshell packaging is the obvious first choice when you need to showcase, protect and display your product(s) in an inexpensive packaging medium. Clamshell packaging is an extremely versatile packaging medium. Clamshells can easily hang from a peg hook, fit into partitions/ display trays or... Read More
  • Classic By Shepherd Color

    Complex Inorganic Color Pigments with unbeatable weather ability, heat and chemical resistance, are non-warping and easy to disperse. Read More
  • Classic 3D Laser Scanners By ShapeGrabber

    ShapeGrabber's classic automated 3D laser scanners allow you to digitize any shape accurately and at a reasonable cost. With a ShapeGrabber laser scanner, there is no need to write special code to scan each object. And, it is fast and simple to scan the object without complicated, time... Read More
  • Clean Plast® CP-H Purge Compound By Clean Plast / RGL Sales & Marketing

    Clean Plast® CP-H and H-EC are a Ready To Use purge in a precise blend of Clean Plast® Highly Concentrated Active and a neutral carrier resin. Clean Plast® will not leave any Purge contamination and since the particle size is 0.1 mm it is safe to mold through the smallest valve gates. There are... Read More
  • Clean Plast® Purge Compound By Clean Plast / RGL Sales & Marketing

    Clean Plast purging compounds are specifically designed for all plastic resins and all plastic processes. Clean Plast purge products perform so well that Clean Plast purge compounds will be the only purging compounds you will ever need. What do you get when you purchase Clean Plast purging... Read More
  • Clean Room Enclosures By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA provides custom fit "Clean-Room" enclosures designed to either go over a machine or beside it. They are built to meet classification 100,000 all the way up to as clean as classification 1000. HFA clean-rooms come with your choice of clear anti-static walls and/or clear lexan/ABS wall... Read More
  • Clean Room Facilities By Falcon Plastics

    Our ISO Class 8 Certified Cleanroom provides an environment that reduces the concentration of airborne particulate and contaminants to meet the stringent requirements set-forth by our customers. Our entire state-of-the-art Class 8 Cleanroom facility is climate controlled to 72°F (22.2°C) 365... Read More
  • Cleaning Systems By Savillex Corporation

    The safest and most efficient method for cleaning PFA vials and labware. Molded from high purity PFA, the vial cleaning system is designed specifically for heated soaking, and is a superior, unbreakable alternative to glass beakers traditionally used for bulk cleaning PFA labware. Read More
  • Cleanroom By PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

    Adhering to strict protocols and methods, PTI meets the demands of industries requiring ISO 14644 cleanroom specifications, including bioburden and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Our cleanroom operations total 4000+ square feet, are certified to ISO Class 8, and include the following... Read More
  • CleanRoom Medical Products By Infinity Molding and Assembly, Inc.

    Infinity CleanRoom Solutions is an ISO class 7 (10,000) custom manufacturing plant. This 11,500 sq ft facility focuses exclusively on clean room medical device and medical instrument opportunities. With strong quality systems (ISO 13485) and experience in launching molding and assembly programs... Read More
  • Clear Plastic Bags By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    Flat, clear plastic bags are great for storing a multitude of items in a clean and dry environment. Flat plastic bags can be heat sealed or twisted and sealed with tape or a twist tie closure. We make custom bag to your size and gauge specifications. Low minimum order quantities, fast turn... Read More
  • ClearLay(TM) Rigid PVC Film By Grafix Plastics

    Grafix stocks a large selection of ClearLay™ rigid vinyl sheets and film in clear gloss and five transparent colors. Through our extensive vendor network, we also have access to a large variety of different types of vinyl in thicker gauges, in gloss, matte, translucent color, opaque color, hand,... Read More
  • ClearTint® Colorants By Milliken & Company

    Are you looking for the brightest, cleanest and most transparent colors in polypropylene? Look no further than ClearTint® colorants, designed to enhance our Millad® clarifying products. ClearTint® colors deliver: Enjoy deep, rich shades unavailable with traditional pigment colors, as well... Read More
  • ClearVision Ticket Molding By kostklip®

    ClearVision® is a non-adhesive shelf edge labeling system that features a clear, flexible window that holds, displays and protects plain paper price tickets. It's is an integrated system that includes a variety of ticket moldings, printed plastic ShelfTalkers™ and sign holder accessories to... Read More
  • Cling PVC By Grafix Plastics

    Static Cling Vinyl Film by Grafix Plastics is a PVC Film, that sticks / clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal surfaces. It sticks to these surfaces without any adhesive and can be removed without leaving behind any residue. Grafix Cling Film is ideal for a... Read More
  • Closed Loop Manufacturing By Greenpath Enterprises, Inc.

    Greenpath has the unique ability to completely convert your manufacturing waste back into finished products. We can provide recycling services, processing, and contract manufacturing to provide your organization with a closed loop program that will offer a valuable marketing and PR opportunity. Read More
  • Closed Loop Plastics Upcycled 3D Printer Filament By Closed Loop Plastics

    Closed Loop Plastics' upcycled 3D printer filament is made from 100% plastic waste. Our U-HIPS product line is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic material. Each spool is produced in Long Beach, CA, where plastic waste from the community is given new life as 3D printer filament for... Read More
  • Closing Machine By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

    MMC designs and manufactures closing machines for a variety of closures with various hinge styles and latching features that can reach rates up to 350 caps/minute. Our closing machines use repeatable and highly efficient techniques to perform intricate closing functions. Types of closures:... Read More
  • Closure Assembly Machine By MMC Packaging Equipment Ltd.

    MMC designs and manufactures assembly machines that can assemble 2-piece and 3-piece closures at rates up to 1200 caps/minute. Types of closures: 2-piece child resistant closures; 2-piece & 3-piece sports caps; 2-piece non-dairy creamer caps; 2-piece hinged dispensing closures for condiments;... Read More
  • closure mold By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    - Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo systemetc)... Read More
  • Closure Torque Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Closure Torque Testing is a measure of the torque force required to either apply or remove a cap or lid on a container. This is frequently a two stage measurement. If the cap is tamper- evident: slip torque and bridge torque is measured. If the closure is child-resistant, a concurrent measure of... Read More
  • Cluster Nozzles By Orycon Control Technology, Inc.

    • Low Profile reduces mold stack height • Uses durable tubular heater • Design improves temperature uniformity • Economical solution for multi-drop applications Read More
  • CMB-3052 Color Matching Booth By GTI Graphic Technology, Inc.

    CMB-3052 Color Matching Booth from GTI provides the critical lighting environment required for demanding color matching applications. Using the primary light source of D65, a light source developed by GTI with very high color rendering propertires, for visual color match assessment, the... Read More
  • CMD - Precision Manufacturing Group By Custom Mold & Design

    CMD - Precision Manufacturing Group (PMG) is a division within Custom Mold & Design that specializes in the manufacture of machined components, assemblies and fixturing. Reduce your lead times and get machined parts from the experts in ultra-high precision. We can support all your needs... Read More
  • CNC aluminum prototyping By Wayken Rapid Manufacturing Limited

    WayKen CNC aluminum machining services provide you with a team that will analyze your project carefully and process it on the most efficient machined aluminum for the job to optimize your time and cost. We can help you create Aluminum prototype with our experienced staff of project engineers and... Read More
  • CNC Digital Finishing By Multicam, Inc.

    Power Your Creativity With a Digital Finishing System Register, Route and Knife Cut Digital Express - High-Speed Digital Finishing at 7000 Inches per Minute The fastest production machine on the market, the affordable Digital Express represents a major breakthrough in productivity. Use this... Read More
  • CNC Machined Parts By MSI

    We have a state of the art CAD/CAM systems to get you the parts you need and made to your specifications. •4 axis CNC mill-turning •3 axis CNC milling Read More
  • CNC Machines By Fortune International Inc.

    Victor Taichung's manual lathes were the most popular lathes in the US market during the past three decades. The factory's production line used to produce up to 800 lathes a month. The first CNC lathe (model C-16, D-24) with Fanuc 2000 control was established in 1980. It was the first flat bed... Read More
  • CNC Machining By Schmit Prototypes

    Schmit Prototypes' CNC machining capabilities enable us to produce the finest, highly accurate visual design models, full-functioning engineering prototypes or master patterns. Fast turnaround and high accuracy on visual models can be achieved with a wide variety of materials including various... Read More
  • CNC Machining By ICOMold

    ICOMold’s multi-axis CNC milling machines can produce highly complex CNC parts & CNC prototype parts quickly. The CNC prototype parts can be at your doorstep within just a couple of days. Whether your machined CNC prototype parts are for testing or a finished CNC plastic product to be sold to... Read More
  • CNC Routers By Industrial CNC

  • CNC TRIMMING MACHINES By Geiss Thermoforming USA

    Geiss designs and manufactures CNC trimming machines. All of the machines are worldwide market leaders with regard to technology, quality and performance. They are designed in accordance with the parametric principle: all machines can be exactly adapted to your special requirements. All... Read More
  • Coating line - lamiTEC By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    The lamiTEC series represents a new version of the high-level coating and laminating line for endless tubular or flat fabric woven of PP or HDPE with additional substrates. Ideal for coated bags and fabric, technical fabric, and fabric laminated with printed PP film for packaging consumer... Read More
  • Coating Services By Plaskolite

    Plaskolite is the leader in UV & Thermal cure coatings for a variety of flat and formed Plastics. The diverse line of high quality, highly functional coatings include abrasion resistant, anti-fog, formable, reduced glare, solar reflective and hard coatings. Read More
  • Coating Services By PARADYNE COATINGS

    APPLICATIONS WE APPLY PARADYNE COATING TO: Pulp & Paper circular rewinders, sheeting knives, Plastic Resins Pelletizer Rotor Knives, Strand Cutters, Steel Tubing Rolling : forming, straightening rolls, sizing/Turk head rolls, Metal Stampings : draw rings, draw punches, form die sections,... Read More
  • Coatings Analysis By IMR Test Labs

    IMR Test Labs knows Thermal Spray Coatings. Whether performing a failure analysis, certifying TS operators for the CTSO program, checking your starting powder or providing thermal spray metallography training courses, IMR is your first choice lab for everything Thermal Spray. We provide... Read More
  • COBALT 1000 Laser Etching Machine - Fiber YAG Laser Engrave By Inkcups

    The revolutionary COBALT 1000 laser etching machine is a computer to plate printing system designed to produce high resolution pad printing plates. This highly productive, compact YAG laser is a breakthrough product for the pad printing industry. The COBALT 1000 YAG laser engraver eliminates... Read More
  • Cobalt 300 - High Speed Platemaking, Cutting & Engraving Laser By Inkcups

    The Cobalt 300 is an advanced plate-making, cutting and engraving laser system, equipped with the highest-speed servo-driven motor and the most user-friendly software on the market. The Cobalt 300 is a CO2 laser machine geared for making high resolution Pad Printing Plates directly from the... Read More
  • CODESOFT Label design and integration software By TEKLYNX International

    CODESOFT is advanced label design and integration software that offers unmatched flexibility, power, and support – making it the best barcode software choice for label printing in enterprise environments. With CODESOFT, you can easily integrate label printing and RFID technology into your... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    IDM’s Coefficient of Friction Testers have proven to be a fast, reliable and accurate method of determining coefficient of friction. Our range of COF Testers are used to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper and other sheeted material coatings. Their... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester - Incline Plane By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This instrument is used to determine the coefficient of static friction of most packaging materials by measuring the angle at which one test surface begins to slide against another inclined surface as the incline is increased at a constant and prescribed rate. As the plane rises at a rate of... Read More
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This instrument is used for determining the linear change of a refractory caused by a change in temperature and to ascertain the reversibility of these characteristics. It may also be used to determine the expansion and contraction characteristics of raw materials and refractories that do not... Read More
  • Co-Extruders By extrunet America

    extrunet co-extruders guarantee problem-free processing of a great variety of plastics and are characterized by extraordinarily high operating comfort. Features include: - PLC Control with 6 inch Touchscreen - Operating languages in German, English, Russia, Italian, Spanish, French -... Read More
  • Coil Heaters By Hotset America Corporation

    Hotspring Coil Heaters Application examples •Mass channel Technology - Heating of manifolds •Packaging Industry - Heating of welding bars •Mass channel Technology - Heating of mass channel nozzles •Packaging Industry - Heating of sealed heads hotset presents a wide product spectrum of... Read More
  • Coil Heaters By Durex Industries

    Coil heaters feature continuous operating temperatures up to 1200F (843C). Rapid heating and cooling occur, due to the low mass construction. All heating elements are sealed from contamination and the stainless steel sheath provides maximum corrosion resistance. Optional internal thermocouples... Read More
  • Coiled Nozzle Heaters By Rama Corporation

    RAMA’s heaters are the ultimate design in coiled type heaters. their design and technical development gives them a longer lifespan than the competition. RAMA’s manufacturing methods surpass all other round or square designs. Many features are proprietary and were developed to give you the most... Read More
  • Coiler Guiding Systems By Adescor

    ADESCOR offers a machine for the guiding of corrugated coilable pipe onto a large diameter coiler. The pipe guiding system can be retrofitted to existing maxi coilers used by our customers, and takes over the task of guiding and positioning the pipe onto the coil. The machine is also available... Read More
  • Coils Handling and Stacking Station By FB Balzanelli

    Coils Handling and Stacking Station - Essential for the automatic coils handling at the end of the line. Allow automatic coils stacking onto pallets at one coil every 10” rate, consequently it can handle more than one production line at a time. Read More
  • Co-Injection By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Show Conditions that are evident during a first shot plastic material and second shot internal plastic material process - Reduce total part Cost using a less cost second shot material. - Fiber Filled Core to Improve Strength - Foamed Core to Reduce Weight - Reduce Stress and Warp - Eliminate... Read More
  • Cold Work Steels By Swiss Steel Canada Inc.

    Deutsche Edelstahlwerke ranks among the world's leading producers of cold work steels. The company owes this outstanding position not only to more than 150 years of experience in steel production, but also particularly to its lead in continuous casting technology and its extremely broad product... Read More
  • Cold Work Tool Steel By Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation

    Cold work steel is exposed to high stresses and requires great resistance against wear, impact and bending. The development of new steel grades is mainly guided by analyzing damage suffered by tools in various processes. In each area of use, properties are sought which will extend the working... Read More
  • Collection Tables By Custom Downstream Systems Inc. (CDS)

    COLLECT CDS offers pneumatically-activated collection tables, motorized conveyor units, and coil winders that securely collect a broad range of plastic extrusion applications. Our rugged and reliable pneumatic tilt tables can quickly move material into a collection rank or bin for easy pick-up.... Read More
  • Color & Additive Masterbatches By RTP Company

    RTP Company's color expertise dates back nearly 50 years. Our unmatched understanding of plastics coloring comes from working with every polymer from polyolefins to PEEK. This history and experience allow us to produce masterbatches using the best technologies available in pigments,... Read More
  • Color and Addtive Concentrates By Frontier Polymers, LLC

    color and additive concentrate distribution and brokerage Let us supply your specialty additive needs Read More
  • Color Concentrate By Mosaic Color & Additives, LLC

    Mosaic produces high quality color concentrates for use in commodity and engineering resins. Fast matches, fast response, and fast manufacturing is our hallmark. Read More
  • Color Concentrate & Masterbatch By Plastics Color Corporation

    Our group of experienced professionals at Plastics Color Corporation have been hard at work providing customers with exceptional color concentrates and masterbatches for over five decades. With the experience at hand, and a constant pursuit of perfection, you get the peace of mind that comes... Read More
  • Color Concentrates By Penn Color, Inc.

    Founded in 1964, Penn Color was one of the pioneering producers of Masterbatches and Color Concentrates for plastics. We currently operate 4 global Masterbatch and Color Concentrate operations in the US and Europe, and produce high quality, custom formulated color and additive products in... Read More
  • Color concentrates By Colorant Chromatics Europe

    Colorant Chromatics extensive product range comprises color concentrates and compounds with inherent high heat resistance, flame retardancy, chemical resistance and/or electrical properties - serving all industry needs. Major polymers processed are FEP, ETFE, ECTFE, PFA, MFA, PVdF, PEEK, THV... Read More
  • Color Concentrates By Royce Global

    Royce Colors and Compounds specializes in Color Concentrate and Functional Masterbatches for food, drug, and cosmetic packaging, medical devices, children products, toys, disposables, housewares, and pet items. Our team of color specialists design optimized solutions that not only conform our... Read More
  • Color Concentrates By Precision Color Compounds LLC

    Standard and custom color concentrates and compounds in plastic pellet form. Read More
  • Color Concentrates & Colorants By Color Master Inc.

    Plastic Color Concentrate Color Master can formulate color concentrates for your special applications. Our plastic color concentrates are used for a variety of items including FDA, NSF, UL Approved, Special effects, heavy metal free, phosphorescent, and fluorescent and others. Resin... Read More
  • Color Floor Mats By Slip N Grip

    Full Color Personalized Disposable Paper Floor Mats deliver photo quality at very competitive prices. Read More
  • Color iMatch By X-Rite

    X-Rite Color iMatch formulation software accelerates color development for the plastics, textiles and coatings industries through better initial matches and fewer corrections. It features a new multi-flux matching engine that identifies the best candidate formulas, provides specific formulation... Read More
  • Color Matching By Riverdale Global

    Riverdale approaches the color matching process with an eye for excellence. Using the widest selection of raw materials and strictest quality control procedures we match your request to the specified tollerance, part thickness, thermal stability, industrial application, and regulatory... Read More
  • ColorFast By LTL Color Compounders, LLC

    LTL’s ColorFast® product line is comprised of proprietary, specially engineered resin systems that are available in a wide range of transparent and opaque colors structured to produce reliable product performance for both OEMs and processors. ColorFast resins provide our customers with shorter... Read More
  • ColorRx By LTL Color Compounders, LLC

    LTL Color Compounders, Inc. has developed the ColorRx® line of compounded thermoplastics specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the medical device and healthcare industries. LTL has substantial experience in supplying custom thermoplastic compounds to these industries and understands... Read More
  • Colour Check Cabinets By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Colour Check Cabinet was produced to answer visual colour matching needs. Used for assessing colour changes under different light sources, to determine suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain colour consistency and quality. Fluorescent... Read More
  • Colour Masterbatch By Colloids Limited

    Colloids manufacture a comprehensive range of Colour Masterbatch products that are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry. We have a wide selection of standard colours available from stock, including a range of colours suitable for outdoor applications with excellent weathering... Read More
  • Combination Fittings By Lincoln Plastics

    Combination fittings can be used as a 'junction box' to provide changes in direction for floor duct sections. Fits all sizes of Geist Plastics Flexiduct Read More
  • Combo Shredder-Granulators By Industrial Equipment Supplier

    Ashredder-granulator combo unit combines a shredder with a granulator in a single, space-saving, size reduction system of great efficiency and small footprint. These features allow the combo unit to integrate easily into existing factory workshops. Read More
  • Commercial Printable Plastics By Transcendia Inc.

    Manufactured to meet the highest standards of today’s commercial printing industry, we offer the industry's broadest line of printable plastics for your litho, screen, digital and flexography needs. Our films are perfect for a broad range of applications, from indoor and outdoor banners, to... Read More
  • Commercial Products By Palram Americas

    Some of our produts are more suitable to large scale projects and are only available commercialy, here is a list of our commercial products. Read More
  • Commercial-Use Food Packaging Materials By Kureha America Inc.

    It would be no exaggeration to say that the Japanese food packaging industry started with the introduction of Krehalon (polyvinylidene chloride resin), a product that preserves food flavor by blocking oxygen. This was first introduced by Kureha in the mid 1950's, and was used for fish products.... Read More
  • Commodity and Engineering Resins By Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

    We stock PPS, Valox, Lexan, Celcon, Delrin, and more. Read More
  • COMPAC system By Gamma Meccanica

    System designed for ultimate flexibility Designed for material with high residual moisture (up to 6-7%) and heavy print. Dosing and color hoppers can be used to add properties and value to the material during processing. Can accept loose material fed via conveyor and material fed via nip roll. Read More
  • Compact Pin Mill By Munson Machinery Co,

    Munson’s 18-inch (457 mm) diameter Centrifugal Impact Mill model CIM-18-SS provides coarse to fine (400 mesh) grinding of friable materials into controlled particle sizes, as well as de-agglomerating and conditioning of dry solids. A direct drive system reduces the unit's footprint to about... Read More
  • Compact Screen Changers By Hosokawa Alpine American

    - New Compact / Slim Design - Same Basic Parts as Hydraulic & Manual - Hydraulic Available in All Sizes - Manual Available up to 90mm Read More
  • Company Intelligence By ICIS

    The company intelligence section of ICIS provides you with an overview of the key companies within the chemical industry worldwide. Browse through the categories below or use the A-Z page to find the company you are looking for. The pages also give you links to recent stories relating to the... Read More
  • Compel® long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) By Celanese Corporation

    To extend your range of processing possibilities and to allow you to reap the benefits of very high modulus and extra high impact strength, Compel is an excellent material for extrusion compression molding. Compel LFRT products are made using a process that thoroughly wets out the glass... Read More
  • Complet® Long Fiber Reinforced Pellets By PlastiComp, Inc.

    Complet® long fiber reinforced pellets are manufactured to exceed customer expectations for quality and performance. Complet® composite pellets are complimentary to Pushtrusion®, providing convenience of use and fast response for special requirements and short production requirements. Complet®... Read More
  • Complete Systems By Process Control Corporation

    PCC’s Continuous Powder System is our most complex continuous blending systems to date. With a total of ten ingredients, the blending system features PCC’s latest non-proprietary, touchscreen control system and Brushless DC auger gear motors and drives. The six element, XU universal blender... Read More
  • Components for die and mold making By Meusburger US, Inc.

    From guiding elements to temperature regulation components to active elements or springs - all this and much more can be found in the Meusburger range of components especially for mould and die making. New innovations are frequently launched alongside the regular product updates, some of which... Read More
  • Composite Twist Caps By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Different materials and teeth designs can be combined together flexibly in order to achieve the optimum false twist for each roving as well as a long durability of the twist cap under maximum machine speed. Read More
  • Compound Materials By Pier One Polymers Inc.

    Pier One Polymers is competitive in quality, cost, and delivery. Our customers can expect standard and predictable manufacturing systems, continuous improvement in cost and quality, and 100% on time delivery! Contact us to learn more about our compound materials! Read More

    PEEK resin specialists with a full line of PEEK compounds in stock and ready to ship. TDL Plastics stocks injection and extrusion grade materials that are unfilled, glass filled, or carbon fiber filled. We also have the ability to compound in any filler you need, and with the technical support... Read More
  • Compounding By CROWN Machine uwp, Inc.

    Compounding Systems CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. complete pelletizing lines compound and homogenize materials, and assure high-quality product production. CROWN Machine pelletizers are available in: Underwater, Water Ring, Strand or Dry Face and Cryogenic equipment models CROWN Machine complete... Read More
  • Compounding Systems By Coperion Corporation

    Twin screw extruders and compounding systems of Coperion. Coperion's twin screw extruders are economical solutions for the plastics, chemicals and food industries. The compounding systems with the co-rotating twin screw mainly in use for the continuous processing of polyolefins,... Read More
  • Compounds By Penn Color, Inc.

    While our primary focus is color concentrates, we also have the capability to produce fully formulated compounds in most thermoplastic polymers. We have single screw and twin screw extrusion lines, each with high sheer and low sheer processing to handle a wide range of formulation combinations.... Read More
  • Compressed Air Dryers By Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

    Dri-Air offers several Compressed air dryers, in the beside the press, hopper mount or with two or more hoppers. Dri-Air Compressed air dryers feature: Dri-Pak membrane for -40f dewpoints No moving parts Hoppers sizes down to a few grams No cooling water required Ideal for micro and... Read More
  • Compressed Air Loaders By Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

    DAC compressed air loaders are ideal for loading Injection Molding Machines / Extruders or drying hoppers. Powered by ordinary shop air, DAC loaders eliminate noisy maintenance prone brush type motors. Read More
  • Compression Molding By Comoldco Corporation

    Custom Compression Molding of Reinforced Thermoset Plastics Using (SMC) Sheet Molding Compound and (BMC) Bulk Molding Compound. The variety of products we manufacture ranges widely from speaker housings to institutional furniture. Tooling and Molds: Our strength is product design and... Read More
  • Compression Molding By Composite Technologies Company LLC

    With compression molding it is possible to produce simple flat panels or highly complex 3-dimensional (3D) parts quickly and accurately using inexpensive tooling at lower pressures. Furthermore, these parts have less molded-in stress (which can otherwise lead to post-mold warpage) and do not... Read More
  • Compression Molding Process By Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Compression molding consists of a top and bottom plate mold that is machined to a custom configuration. An elastomer preform is added between the plates and the plates are compressed under heat and pressure for a specific amount of time. The Da/Pro Rubber Difference in Compression... Read More
  • Compression Molding Services By PlastiComp, Inc.

    Compression Molding Services In-line "Sheet-less" Compression Molding Manufacturing Service For Customers (Pushtrusion® D-GMT®; "No Sheet", Direct-Glass Mat Technology) PlastiComp, Inc. has expanded the versatility of the Pushtrusion® Direct In-line Compounding technology beyond injection... Read More
  • Compression presses By Hull Industries

    Hull Industries can build hydraulic compression presses from 10 tons up to 4,000 tons. Our compression molding presses are used to mold a wide variety of both thermoplastic and thermoset composite and plastic materials. Based on the needs of your application Hull can design a relatively simple... Read More
  • Compressor Oil By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL offers a complete line of lubricants for rotary and reciprocating compressors used in a variety of industries and operating environments. They provide the protection and performance you need to maximize compressor efficiency and life. Read More
  • Comprex By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    Recycling equipment from Costarelli USA, Inc. includes the company's Comprex machinery. The Comprex machine has the function of pressing the material to remove the water accumulated during washing. The machine consists of a welded steel frame covered with sheet stainless steel. The machine can... Read More
  • Computer & Electronic Hardware Recycling By Shred-Tech Corp

    Governments and manufacturers of electronic hardware are increasingly coming under pressure regarding the safe disposal of electronic products once their useful life has been completed. End-of-life (EOL) legislation for electronics is in place in many countries and pending throughout Europe and... Read More
  • Conductive & Anti-Static Plastic Compounds By RTP Company

    Conductive thermoplastic compounds offer reliability and value for applications that require dissipation of static charges, protection from electrostatic discharge (ESD), or thermal management. Specialty compounds can be tailored to offer electrical properties spanning the surface... Read More
  • Connector Jacks By P1 Technologies

    Sometimes known as safety connectors, DIN or protected pin jacks, our line of single and multi-pole TouchProof jacks are designed to be used with our Touchproof line of plugs. Our plugs incorporate the use of machined, gold-plated contacts to ensure efficient function, long-life and maximum... Read More
  • Consultancy By Gamma Meccanica

    Innovative is an equipment solutions provider for plastics recycling. We offer solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste streams. We are partners with Gamma Meccanica for providing flexible and innovative extrusion solutions. We provide solutions for pre-sizing, washing... Read More
  • Consulting By EAG Laboratories

    Whether it is at your facility, here in our laboratories, part of a conference call, or by written report, Chemir's staff is available for consultation on a variety of projects. Our independent consultants bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problem-solving and product... Read More
  • Consulting By PCI LLC

    PCI is experience in all aspects of heavy-gauge/cut-sheet thermoforming across the board in a multitude of industries. Given this breadth of experience, we bring tried-and-true, as well as new and innovative, ideas for process improvements, tooling, machinery, and material. Read More
  • Consulting By zenClaire design

    Project Management Manufacturing Process Vendor sourcing Plastic Part Design Read More
  • Consulting By Seraphim Plastics LLC

    Seraphim Plastics is also in the business of consulting. Our services help customers and potential customers identify, organize and market waste from their manufacturing processes. We design programs that enhance the recoverability in revenues for companies with costly waste issues. Once we... Read More
  • Consulting By Plasticsmolding.com

    We are experts on plastics- give one of industry consultants a try. We also offer recruiting services for our clients. Read More
  • Consulting Services By Optimax Plastic LLC

    OPTIMAX PLASTIC LLC has worked with the ROTOMOLDING community for over 35 years.Our experience and expertise cover a wide range of manufacturing issues. Our industrial consulting service can provide solutions to problems regarding regulatory testing, product improvement, re-engineering, design... Read More
  • Consulting Services By Solarsoft Business Systems

    The Solarsoft professional consulting team provides a full range of professional services to all of our customers. Our team is familiar with your industry, and can help ensure that you get the most out of your business system. Our consulting team can help significantly improve the performance... Read More
  • Consumer Packaging By T.O. Plastics Inc.

    From blister packs, clamshells and tri-fold clamshells, to POP housings and displays, to plastic ceiling panels and plastic dishware, we offer an endless variety of durable plastic products and packaging options for consumer goods. •Custom product design and in-house tooling... Read More
  • Consumer Packaging Injection Molding By Rexam Mold Manufacturing

    RMM knows and understands the intricacies and complexities of your most demanding projects. We can integrate the simplest with the most complex strategies and provide the greatest value for your company. We supply industries with a variety of tools including, single face, stack, unscrewing,... Read More
  • Contact Cleaning Rolls New and Recover By Polymag Tek Inc.

    The Polymag® Blue Contact Cleaning Rolls (CCR’s) contact the product as it feeds through your machine. The surface of the CCR has been designed to attract loose particulate contamination on contact. The CCR’s can be custom designed and fabricated to almost any roll size or configuration.... Read More
  • Contact Manufacturers By Shamrock Technologies Inc

    Shamrock offers great flexibility for all of your manufacturing needs, including finished products and quality toll services. With over 60 years of experience as a manufacturer/supplier of micronized waxes and speciaslty additives, we understand the importance of controlling particle size to... Read More
  • Container Dri® II By Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

    Clariant's Container Dri® portfolio offers a broad line of container desiccants that offer versatile protection against damaging humidity and moisture during intermodal transport. Available in bags, poles and strips, these industry-leading products absorb up to three times their weight in... Read More
  • Container Liners By Gelpac Distribution

    Say so long to bags, cargo loss, and container cleaning. Gelpac liners are the smart, time-saving solution. Large-size liners can be used inside shipping containers to hold and transport free-flowing bulk materials. Advantages • Facilitates loading and off-loading • Optimizes the amounts... Read More
  • Contaminant Identification & Testing By EAG Laboratories

    When an unknown material is found in a product, manufacturers need to know the source of contamination. Contaminant testing projects involve the determination of components at low concentrations (e.g. ppm levels). A strategic technical approach is required to identify the unknown contaminant... Read More
  • Continuous Gravimetric Blender By Process Control Corporation

    Process Control’s Continuous Gravimetric Blender offers unsurpassed blend accuracy and blend homogeneity in a wide range of configurations to meet the needs of any application. For extruder throat-mounted applications, the X Series Blender comes equipped with an integral down-comer to preserve... Read More
  • Continuous Screen Changer By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    Two (2) pocket models Continuous Screen Changers (CSC) provide uninterrupted filtration of thermoplastic materials. No downtime or related scrap for screen changes, high reliability, lower average head pressures and higher daily output make this screen changer a perfect choice for continuous... Read More
  • Continuous, Fully Automatic Screen Changers for Polymer Melt Filtration By High-Technology Corporation

    High-Technology Corp. offers fully automatic, continuous screen changers for polymer melt filtration that are used in every segment of plastics processing including: blown film, blow molding, sheet and film extrusion, filaments & fibers, pipe and profile, pelletizing, BIAX (BOPP and BOPS).... Read More
  • Continuous/Roll-Fed Thermoformer By Modern Machinery of Beaverton Inc.

    MODERN Machinery custom designs and manufactures roll- fed continuous inline thermoforming systems which are ideal for short or long production runs. MODERN Machinery’s Continuous Inline Thermoforming Machines are available in various sizes, have servo or pneumatic driven platens, and are... Read More
  • Contour Die By Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC

    Assure a uniform dynamic die body deflection across the die width and reduce the time required to adjust the die to within target parameters with the Contour cast film die. Unlike conventional constant deflection dies, the uniquely sculpted Contour die has a coathanger manifold that provides... Read More
  • Contract Manufacturing By Technical Process & Engineering, Inc.

    While our specialty is in servicing the plastics and rubber industries, Technical Process & Engineering takes pride in our ability to reverse-engineer and replicate many other types of high-tech production machinery and components. Our capabilities include full AutoCAD design and engineering... Read More
  • Contract Manufacturing Services By Teamvantage

    Whatever you are looking for in an outsourcing partner, you will find it at Teamvantage. Whether it is a state-of-the-art facility with commensurate equipment, a reliable record of performance, capabilities that match your needs, an experienced and highly talented work force, or a single-source... Read More
  • Contract Packaging By Chem-Pak Inc.

    With over thirty-seven years of experience, Chem-Pak has built an extensive and broad line of aerosol packaging formulations suitable for many industries. Our experienced team of chemists, lab technicians, and production team are ready to provide your firm with the contract aerosol products you... Read More
  • Control Systems By Gala Industries

    The control systems are designed to provide total control of Gala's polymer processing systems. Components used are of high quality to achieve superior control and operating safety, and can be customized to meet additional customer requirements. Gala can supply electrical drawing packages up... Read More
  • Control Systems By Moldpro Machinery & Systems Inc.

    Moldpro specializes in automation and has been upgrading blow molding machines controls for many years. In the 70's our first rebuild was a mechanical Metal Box blowing machine which had been Manufactured in England. Since then we have put new controls systems on almost all machines that have... Read More
  • Controlled Pyrolysis® Models By Pollution Control Products Co.

    For parts with up to 15% combustibles. Maximum 800ºF, 427ºC Controlled Pyrolysis® models can remove the same combustible materials as Dry Cleaner models but in greater quantities, 2 to 15% by weight. These models have a much more sensitive control system, (covered by U.S. Patent 4,270,898)... Read More
  • Controllers By Brampton Engineering Inc

    ITALYCS® (Integrated Temperature and Line Yield Control System) allows operation of the entire line from one location, minimizing operator involvement, simplifying operation and reducing scrap. Read More
  • Controls Upgrades By 2R Automation, LLC

    We utilize Allen-Bradley controllers, graphic terminals, and Bosch Rexroth HACD controllers for injection molding controls and clamp control. The specific series of product depends on your project scope but rest assured our engineers will select the best hardware at the lowest cost for your... Read More
  • Convection Ovens and Cooling Tunnels By Blasdel Enterprises Inc.

    Our high-tech convection ovens and cooling tunnels are equipped to meet your needs from air drying to plastic curing and finishing. At Blasdel, we offer an array of custom heating solutions to accommodate our diverse customer base ranging from the aerospace and automotive industries to... Read More
  • Converting and Finishing Services By Grafix Plastics

    Grafix offers a full range of plastic film converting services including plastic sheeting, slitting, rewinding, laminating, square cutting, trimming, corner rounding, and plastic film hole punching and die cutting. With our extensive plastic film converting facilities we are able to provide film... Read More
  • Converting Industry Blades By TGW International

    TGW International manufactures standard and precision circular and rectangular replacement industrial machine knives for all levels of the Paper & Corrugated, Non-Wovens, Plastics, Flexible Packaging, Laminates, Foil & Thin Metals, Rubber & Tire converting industries. Read More
  • Conveying Equipment By eFactor3, LLC

    Westeria Føerdertechnik GmbH is a German Manufacture of conveying and wind sifting technology for the Waste to Energy and Recycling Industry. They manufacture a large range of conveying equipment, sorting and screening equipment as well as bunker systems with moving floors for the storage of... Read More
  • Conveyor Belts By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    Costarelli USA, Inc. produces a wide range of recycling equipment, including conveyor belts capable of meeting diverse requirements. Their versatility and flexibility makes them suitable for easy handling and transfer of material, as well as the selection and storage of treated material. Read More
  • Conveyorized Wet Bench By Wafer Process Systems, Inc.

    Wafer Process Systems Inc. manufactures Conveyorized Web Etch Systems use in the manufacturing of RFID Soft Tags used for Source Tagging Inventory Control and Loss and Theft Prevention. The Aluminum / Polyethylene / Aluminum Web is Etched using our state of the art Vertical Spray Etch Technology... Read More
  • Conveyors By Rotogran International Inc.

    Rotogran Conveyors (product listings coming soon) - For more than 30 years Rotogran has been designing and manufacturing high-end belt conveyors for factories, contractors and warehouses across the world. Our conveyors come in a variety of builds, including: wire mesh, inclined, tabletop, heavy... Read More
  • Conveyors By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    Extruded Aluminum Conveyors and powder coated steel conveyors Exclusive Series Features: Frame: Extruded aluminum frame, 6061 aluminum with T5 temper, clear anodized Cross Members: Steel cross members for exceptional torsional rigidity Casting: Supports bearings and pulleys featuring a Unique... Read More
  • Conveyors By Federal Equipment Company

    A conveyor system is a piece of material handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another. Conveyors are useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulky materials. Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials,... Read More
  • Convoluted PTFE Tubing By Tef Cap Industries Inc.

    Convoluted PTFE Tubing is engineered to be an equivalent to that of Corrugated FEP Tubing where sharp turns and small band diameters are needed. It can be used as an electrical or fluid conduit in the semi conductor industry. PTFE Convoluted Tubing will operate in applications where high... Read More
  • Cool TO-THE Touch Extruder Heat/Cool System By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Tempco's Cool TO-THE Touch extruder heat/cool systems are custom engineered to provide optimal heating and cooling while providing personnel safety with a Cool Touch perforated outer layer. These systems are designed with finned cast-in heaters that optimize overall system efficiency. The... Read More
  • Coolers By Rodman Plastics Company

    Rodman Plastics designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of premium PU foamed coolers for leading OEM brands in our dedicated cooler facility. In addition to our own range of IceMaster® coolers and OEM models, we own the exclusive license to manufacture and supply Australia's leading... Read More
  • Cooling Analysis By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Conditions that are produced during complete cycle based on channel design, flow conditions, water temperature and mold steel conductivity. - Reduce Cycle Time - Eliminate Hot Spots in Tool - Balance & Reduce Flow Rate - Balance Temperature Rise - Maximize Channel Efficiency - Identify... Read More
  • Cooling Tanks By Custom Downstream Systems Inc. (CDS)

    CDS’s extrusion cooling tanks are offered in a variety of sizes, and are made of non-ferrous materials to minimize rusting and water contamination. Capable of cooling pipes, profiles, tubes and wood plastic composites. The tanks can be sectioned to allow for separate spraying and flooding... Read More
  • Cooling Tanks By Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC

    Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC offers Stainless Steel Cooling tanks in multiple sizes and configurations. Our team of engineers will work with you to ensure your customized cooling tank meets your specific requirements. Solid steel construction and versatile options will ensure that your PEM... Read More
  • Cooling Technology By SINGLE Temperature Controls, Inc

    SKA 1-60 and SKA 150-1000 Series Cooling systems and chillers with integrated cooling circuit Whenever liquid cooling is required, cooling systems and chillers from the SKA series are the ideal solution. Equipped with an integrated cooling circuit and a vast cooling capacity range, they are... Read More
  • Coperion Ktron By P P E Associates, Inc.

    Pneumatic conveying, feeders, blenders and storage of plastic resin Read More
  • Cord Covers & Bulk Floor Duct By Lincoln Plastics

    A cord and cable routing necessity! Arrange desks, furniture and equipment to maximize workplace productivity while eliminating cord hazards. Individually packaged in 6' pre-split lengths. Read More
  • Coroflex By Martignoni Corona Treaters

    Coroflex is the ideal treater for most blown film extrusion applications. Available in both single and double sided styles, Martignoni offers a full range of segmented electrode to meet the requirements of our customers. Special consideration is given to the ease of operator access for set up... Read More
  • Corona Surface Treatment Equipment By Pillar Technologies

    Pillar Technologies leads the market in new surface treater technology. Known for originating "Universal" Corona Treating, Pillar has also been the first to introduce a number of surface treatment innovations to the industry. Pillar was the first to introduce epoxy covered treater rolls, ozone... Read More
  • Corona Surface Treatment Process By Pillar Technologies

    Corona treatment is the most common method of increasing surface energy on substrates to promote adhesion when printing, coating or laminating. Corona treatment systems are made of several components designed to apply a high voltage, high frequency electrical discharge to your film. Read More
  • Corporate Identification By Canon & Shea Associates, Inc.

    Development of effective identification logos, signage, stationary, packaging, as well as a Corporate ID manual with guidelines on how to employ the corporate identification in all applications. The purpose of the Corporate ID is to wrap around all facets of the marketing. The program must take... Read More
  • Corrosion Testing By IMR Test Labs

    Corrosion, in its myriad forms, costs industry and manufacturing in the neighborhood of $3.5 billion annually. The experts at IMR Test Labs can offer testing and consultation services to provide failure and root cause analysis to identify and mitigate costly field and plant failures. Our... Read More
  • Corrugated FEP Tubing By Tef Cap Industries Inc.

    Corrugated FEP Tubing is engineered to be a flexible Fluoropolymer tube that can turn sharp corners and be shaped with very small bend diameters without reducing the inside diameter. It can be used as an electrical or fluid conduit for robots equipped with flexible arms that contain electrical... Read More
  • COSA 707 Emissions Analyzer By COSA Xentaur - a Process Insights Brand

    The COSA 707 is an easy to hold, hand-held emissions analyzers capable of measuring up to seven different gases. The emissions analyzer can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 IR-bench for simultaneous measurements. Cells can be installed for making measurements of... Read More
  • Cosmetic "Squeeze" Tube Extrusion Lines By Boston Matthews

    Boston Matthews has over 50 years extrusion line design and manufacturing experience. This combined with the very latest design technologies has enabled Boston Matthews to design and manufacture complete extrusion lines for the production of Cosmetic (Squeeze) Tube providing the customer with... Read More
  • Cosmetic Hot Stamp Films and Foils By CFC International

    CFC produces a wide variety of hot stamp plastics decorating films and foils for the cosmetic industry. These hot stamp foils meet specific decorating and functionality requirements for plastic packaging on cosmetic containers such as compacts, lipstick tubes, mascara tubes, etc. CFC's heat... Read More
  • CostMate® By UL IDES

    Plastic injection molding part cost calculator. Read More
  • Counters and Weigh Filling Machines By Pyramid Packaging Inc

    http://pyramidpackaging.com/weigh-filling-machine.htm Read More
  • Countertop Flashing LED Write-On Boards By DISPLAYS2GO.COM

    This flashing LED board is manufactured with over 100 different lighting settings which when combined with liquid chalk or wet-erase markers alters the inscription to match the illumination phase. This illuminated writing panel has raised the bar in interior advertising. What are the color... Read More
  • Coupon Floor Mats By Slip N Grip

    Turn an expense item into a revenue-generating tool by combining money-saving coupons with professional quality full color paper floor mats. Helps drive service revenue and upselling. Only a 1,500 quantity minimum allows you to match CA$HMAT's with current promotions. Read More
  • Courier & Parcel Delivery Services- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Schooley Mitchell

    We can help reduce your annual COURIER & PARCEL DELIVERY SERVICES spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE to hold your vendors... Read More
  • CP Series II™ Compact Processor By FARREL POMINI

    The CP Series II™ Compact Processor is a highly productive compounder designed specifically for top quality dispersion of highly filled, highly pigmented materials. It contains an independently controlled continuous mixer and an extruder system. The Compact Processor is able to process highly... Read More
  • CP1 Dosing Unit By REPI

    The liquid is metered from the drum directly into the mixing head, thus avoiding mass colouration of the polyol and considerably reducing colour change and tank cleaning times. In case of mixing heads which do not include a dosing system, REPI can adapt the head accordingly. Read More
  • CP9000 Co-Extrusion Supervisory System By TSM Control Systems

    The CP9000 provides a central overview and control of the co-extrusion processes for up to 12 layers and can monitor blender data and extruder data on an individual extruder on each multilayer process simultaneously. The system can download / retrieve information from the individual blenders... Read More
  • CPET Plastic Extrusion By Advanced Extrusion Inc.

    We specialize in manufacturing CPET, a thermoformable material that can withstand oven temperatures up to 350 degrees, in sheetstock roll form for manufacturing packaging products such as cups, clamshells, blisters, as well as trays. Advanced Extrusion, Inc. can produce CPET films up to 0.060"... Read More
  • CPT-TP plastic belt conveyor By MB Conveyors Srl

    Z-shaped conveyor equipped with special MB-patented modular plastic belt, whose containment side edge does not open even during the rotation of the slat belt on the drive sprockets. Contact surface slightly high grip,operating temperatures +1°C to about 130°C. Possibility of applying special... Read More
  • CPV By Comet Plastic Equipment, LLC

    CPV two-component proportioning valves enable two materials (e.g. virgin and regrind) to be conveyed in a preselected percentage through an individual hopper loader or a central vacuum receiver. Read More
  • Creamer Cups By Winpak Portion Packaging, Inc.

    Winpak's creamer cups are round thermoformed containers with flat lips. Creamer cups are used primarily for cream, half-and-half, and milk applications, and are designed to be run on high-speed fill/seal packaging equipment. Read More
  • Credit & Sales Essentials (CASE) By Tarnell Company, LLC

    The Tarnell CASE reports a resin buyer's operational & management contact information and summarizes its current business standing and financial stability. Read More
  • CROSS WEB SERIES By Preco, Inc.

    Certain applications for the flexible packaging industry require the laser beam to move across the web for scoring and shape processing. Preco designs Cross Web Systems that offer a unique advantage over others in the industry with the use of our patented AcuPower™ power control. AcuPower... Read More
  • CROWN Development Laboratory (CDL) By CROWN Machine uwp, Inc.

    CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. established the CROWN Development Laboratory (CDL) to provide a facility for plastics compounding industry participants to perform Research & Development, Prototype Product Production and Product Start-up Production. Because CDL is one of the few development laboratories... Read More
  • Cryogenic grinding By Allgrind Plastics, Inc.

    Cryogenic Pulverizing - Fine Grinding: Fine size reduction with liquid nitrogen cooling is offered for any raw material in any form. Cryogenic grinding is necessary for materials with a low melting point or those that are very tough and difficult to grind fine without extra cooling to prevent... Read More
  • CrystalClear By Anchor Packaging

    DeliView, FreshView, Crystal Classics in black and clear recyclable #1PET. Read More
  • CS Series Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Machine By Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.

    The CS Series extrusion blow molding systems from Rocheleau, including the CS-1 & CS-2, are designed with a modular format to accommodate a multitude of container sizes, shapes and packaging needs. These systems are designed to meet customer demands with consideration of productivity, space and... Read More
  • CS-200 Chroma Meter By Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

    The CS-200 Chroma Meter can measure both aspects of the display; luminance and chromaticity. It uses 40 sensors for sensitivity covering the entire visible region and multiplies each sensor output by appropriate coefficients. This adjusts the spectral response of the instrument to the CIE 1931... Read More
  • C-Series Cups By Winpak Portion Packaging, Inc.

    Winpak's C-Series cups are round thermoformed containers with flat lips. C-Series cups can be used for a wide range of applications and products, and are designed to be run on high-speed fill/seal packaging machines Read More
  • C-Series Thermal Press By Thermal Press International

    The C-Series are our most popular Thermal Press series. The C Series Thermal Press has an open “C-Frame” format engineered to accommodate all sizes of parts and assemblies. The C-Series lends itself well to many tooling and part handling options. Like all of our Thermal Press systems, it is... Read More
  • CT-1000 Extended Range Constant Temperature Bath By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Kinematic Viscosity from 20 °C to 150 °C ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104/3105 Common Applications Formulated oil analysis Hydraulic oil analysis Additive analysis Marine fuel testing Base stock analysis Light and heavy fuel testing Waxes/paraffin Crude oil testing Glycols CT-1000 series constant... Read More
  • Cumberland Compatible Granulator Knives By American Cutting Edge, a Division of CB Manufacturing

    With thousands of granulator knives and hundreds of models compatible with the common North American brands, American Cutting Edge is your go-to source for granulator knives. Many of our customers have specialized needs that require custom-made blades engineered to their exact measurements.... Read More
  • Cup Counter / Loader By Rennco LLC

    The Rennco Model CCL (cup counter/loader) will accept paper, thermoformed, and selected injection molded and foam cups. The Cup Counter/Loader accepts a single line of nested cups from a continuous source. Cups are counted utilizing fiber optic sensors and are then transferred to a Rennco... Read More
  • CUROX® By United Initiators, Inc.

    Initiators Ketone peroxides Organic Peroxides Read More
  • Cushion Coating & Primers By Exxene Corporation

    Many types of products can require the application of an adhesion-promoting primer layer to obtain proper coating performance. Primers can also improve the coating hardness, moisture, chemical and impact resistance. Transparent primers for use on plastic, glass, and metal... Read More
  • Custom Acrylic Components By Connecticut Plastics Inc.

    Lighter than glass, Acrylic is heavyweight in performance. An inherently lightweight yet rigid material, ACRYLIC provides a cost-effective and versatile alternative to glass and other heavier plastics. It easily withstands the heat from sunlight, cold weather, and dramatic temperature... Read More
  • Custom Assembly Equipment By Extol, Inc.

    Extol is an innovative supplier of creative, efficient, plastics-joining equipment. With strong design and engineering capabilities, we continue to develop better methods of assembling plastic components. Our dedicated team of plastics-joining experts understands existing technologies – the... Read More
  • Custom Blow Molding By Falcon Plastics

    With decades of blow molding experience, we are able to often provide the most cost-effective manufacturing process. We currently house seven blow molding machines within two of our facilities. With the capabilities to use PET, HDPE, PVC, and other alternative materials, we provide the... Read More
  • Custom Blow Molding Machine By R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

    R&B Plastics Machinery will design, engineer and build custom blow molders to meet your specific processing requirements. We develop solutions to provide you with competitive advantages over commercially available "me-too" technology. Proprietary rights and/or exclusive agreements are available.... Read More
  • Custom Built Plastics Extruders By R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

    MAX single-screw extruders, can be custom designed by R&B Plastics Machinery engineers to provide the extruder that best matches for your exact process application. Our custom plastics extruders can be designed for vertical and or angled positions, multiple axis of movements, cantilevered bases,... Read More
  • Custom Cases By Plastic Forming Co. Inc.

    From a single customization to a fully engineered case, our design team will work with you to create an affordable, attractive case. The result? An excellent combination of product protection, modern design, and perfect functionality. Take a look at each custom case description below, along... Read More
  • Custom Cast Film By Multifilm Packaging Corporation

    Innovation drives growth at Multifilm. We are constantly looking for new solutions for our customers. That’s why we purchased a small lab extruder that perfectly replicates our extrusion lines which allows us to experiment with new resins and technologies. The lab extruder is capable of... Read More
  • Custom Color Concentrates By Tosaf, Inc.

    Highly loaded products allowing lower usage and more cost effective total coloring cost. IR pigment systems providing lower heat absorption in outdoor applications enabling wider color selections for outdoor products. Anti-microbial additives formulated into the color. Read More
  • Custom Colors By Chroma Color Corporation

    Chroma Color’s extensive knowledge and database of pigment, resin and additive packages are utilized to rapidly develop custom color concentrates to meet any special requirement. Our equipment in all of our facilities are state-of-the-art and capable of compounding multiple resins. This ensures... Read More
  • Custom Compounding By Peacock Colors Inc.

    Peacock Compounding will compound, toll blend, reprocess, modify and experiment with existing formulations. We supply products for injection molding, rotational, extrusion, film, fiber, and thermoset industries. In-house blending of resin, color and additives is only cost efficient when you... Read More
  • Custom Compounds and New Product Development By Oxford Polymers

    Oxford Polymers® wants to be your partner in custom material development for your application. We can enhance most engineering grade base resins with a wide range of additives and reinforcements. Our goal is to present you with a unique material that meets your design criteria for performance,... Read More
  • Custom Conveyors By Blasdel Enterprises Inc.

    Blasdel Enterprises, Inc. manufactures a variety of conveyors for use with our ovens or as stand alone units. By purchasing the conveyor with the oven, you are guaranteed that proper consideration has been given to the temperature requirements of the conveyor. Other manufacturers may try to cut... Read More
  • Custom Design Tooling-Spreader End of Arm Tool By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    2 SETTINGS, 4 POSITIONS AND 2 POSITIONS WITH A QUICK CHANGE OVER FEATURE. KEY FEATURES • Weight 4kg • Has 2 settings, 4 positions and 2 positions • Quick change over feature between the 2 settings • smooth rolling action with no hard stops • quick connect for suction cup & ejector replacement Read More
  • Custom Development By Solarsoft Business Systems

    At Solarsoft, we make it our business to know your business. Our team of industry experts is available to help you with your individual needs, and knows how to configure our software to best meet your individual needs. We offer business, product and industry expertise to help with all of... Read More
  • Custom Dimensional Gauging and Dimensional Inspection By Morgan Precision Instruments

    We manufacture custom dimensional gauging either to your drawings or can work right the drawing of your part. We are Certified to ISO 9001 and are ISO 17025 Accredited in the fields of Calibration and Testing. We also do 3 dimensional inspection via our 2 DCC CMM's Our largest machine... Read More
  • Custom End-of-Arm Tooling By SAS Automation LLC

    In relation to an entire automation project, the End-of-Arm Tool (EOAT) is one of the most critical and dynamic aspects. When it comes to building a correctly functioning robotic EOAT gripper, >SAS< offers can supply the information to enable you to make the most of your time, money, and... Read More
  • Custom Engineering Solutions By kostklip®

    When you can’t find an off-the-shelf solution, kostklip® can help! Our team can create almost any custom sign holder, fastener or merchandiser by using our in-house Engineering and Manufacturing resources. Since we have it all in-house, you can expect greater flexibility and faster turn-around... Read More
  • custom EVA injection molded part made in North America By Foam Creations (2008) Inc.

    Foam Creations will support you to developp and produce your custom product made in Foam Injection Molding. Our unique XL EXTRALIGHT foam material will bring you lightness, durability, softness. We have more than 20 years experience in this unique process and have developped more than 300... Read More
  • Custom Extruded Plastic Profiles By Inplex Custom Extruders LLC

    Inplex manufactures custom extruded plastic profiles to customer specifications. Profile Materials: Flexible Profiles Polyurethane, santoprene, and flexible vinyl (FPVC) Rigid Profiles ABS, rigid vinyl (RPVC), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), polycarbonate, butyrate, propionate, and... Read More
  • Custom Extruded Profiles By Barbour Plastics Inc.

    Barbour Plastics, Inc. manufactures custom profiles in many diverse thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PVC, PC, PE, TPE and custom compounds. We have many common products such as corner guards, T-molding, U-channels and trim moldings. Value added services such as in line decorating,... Read More
  • Custom Extrusion with Color By Crafted Plastics Inc.

    Crafted Plastics Inc. can manufacture practically any extruded plastic in an almost limitless range of custom and standard colors (with the exception of fluorescent colors). In other words, Crafted Plastics Inc. color capabilities are unlimited, the only limitation being the color spectrum. As... Read More
  • Custom Extrusions By Crafted Plastics Inc.

    Creating and producing custom plastic extrusions requires unique skills and talents. Crafted Plastics Inc. inquisitive and searching minds bring new approaches to the process of making the specialized extruded plastic product to meet the high standards required by today's customers. Our basic... Read More
  • Custom Filters By Dorstener Wire Tech, Inc.

    We can design and manufacture custom filters to meet your specific application requirements, whether they are for original equipment designs or replacement parts for existing process machinery. We offer a wide range of weaves, materials and finishes to provide you with a part that meets your needs. Read More
  • Custom Formulated CFAs By Bergen International

    Bergen International prides itself on our ability to work with you to develop the exact blend that offers the best set of performance/cost benefits for your specific process and polymer. Read More
  • Custom Infrared Heaters By Blasdel Enterprises Inc.

    Custom Designed and Manufactured Infrared Heaters Ceramic Generators Ideal substrates: Wood Plastic Other low temperature substrates Coil-O-Rod or COR (Incoloy) Generators Ideally suited for: Powder Coating Baked Enamels Moisture Dry Off Vacuum Forming Degreasing Softening Plastics For... Read More
  • Custom Infrared Ovens By Blasdel Enterprises Inc.

    We design, fabricate, assemble, test, as well as install custom heating and cooling systems for diverse industrial applications. Blasdel specializes in industrial electric infrared ovens and high-velocity air convection ovens. Prior to the production phase, product applications are tested at our... Read More
  • Custom Injection Molding By Trademark Plastics, Inc.

    Trademark Plastics, Inc. Provides: - High-Quality plastic injection mold design - Stream-Lined Validation Process - Precision Mold Making - Close-Tolerance Injection Molding - Dedicated Project Engineers - Certified Process Engineers We also offer comprehensive... Read More
  • Custom Injection Molding By LTM Plastics

    There's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to molding. Every project needs careful consideration and that may mean rolling out new technology and processes to meet the goal. At LTM Plastics, we believe in First Principles thinking and consider all options before choosing a path.... Read More
  • Custom Injection Molding By Falcon Plastics

    Falcon Plastics has been a leader in the custom injection molding industry for over 40 years. Falcon operates more than 95 injection molding machines ranging from 35 to 1,000 tons across all of our facilities. Additionally, our strategically planned work cells allow us to run injection cycles in... Read More
  • Custom Injection Molding Services By Bentonville Plastics, Inc.

    At Bentonville Plastics, we provide in-house mold design and construction utilizing Pro E CAD/CAM software. From concept stage to finished product, we have the facilities to handle any size project. Centrally located in Northwest Arkansas, Bentonville Plastics, Inc. has served customers of... Read More
  • Custom Injection Molds By Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc.

    We are a custom mold specialist, providing industry leading mold manufacturing techniques for the plastics industry. Our project management service to our customers is second to none. We are focused on handling every aspect of your product needs, featuring aluminum, hybrids and steel custom mold... Read More
  • Custom Machinery By Adescor

    ADESCOR can provide custom machines that do not fit into any of our standard product offering categories. We use our years of experience in the custom machinery business, to develop a solution to the customers needs. ADESCOR also offers machinery rebuilds for used equipment. We can rebuild... Read More
  • Custom Mold bases By Mold Base Industries Inc.

    Custom Mold Bases manufactured complete in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA completely machined to customer specifications ready for cavity & core and axulliary parts, saving the Mold Maker hours of labor and $$ Read More
  • Custom Mold Design & Fabrication By Micro Mold Co

    Each mold is custom designed and built in-house at Micro Mold. Our mold designers and engineers can create an initial blueprint and quickly react to any changes that may occur with respect to the part design, material selection or cavitation by utilizing multiple seats of computer aided design... Read More
  • Custom molded polyurethane By Renosol Corporation

    Custom polyurethane molding with a variety of material options: Flexible foam Provides cushion and comfort. Try it for automotive and theatre seating, pillows and furniture. Visco-elastic foam Paired with flexible foam or alone, quick-recovery foam is often used for medical... Read More
  • Custom Molding By Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co.

    Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co. utilizes its years of experience in the custom-molding of industrial plastics by helping its customers achieve their production goals. Since 1957, the Company has custom molded parts for the electrical distribution, automotive, major appliance, commercial lighting,... Read More
  • Custom Molding By RotoMold USA

    Custom Rotational Molding specializing from the smallest to the largest possible rotationally molded products. Experienced with pharmaceutical, food, material handling, automotive, recreational, agricultural, marine, industrial components, heavy equipment components, military, government, and... Read More
  • Custom Molding By BentleyCO

    Custom Injection Molding for Electric, Gas Meter industries. Medical,Tier2 Automotive and other Manufactures. From design to new tooling to parts and assembly. Read More
  • Custom Molding Services By Savillex Corporation

    With the widest range of PFA labware of any manufacturer, thousands of labs around the world depend on Savillex in their daily operations. The chemical compatibility, wide working temperature range and cleanliness of PFA makes it the perfect choice for almost every application. Read More
  • Custom Optical Mold Design & Production By ABCO Tool & Die, Inc.

    Blueprint to finished mold, ABCO designs and manufactures world-class optical molds for many demanding clients. Many of the optical parts our molds produce help to keep people safe from injury and harm. Our work processes, equipment, personnel and training combine cohesively to meet our... Read More
  • Custom Packaging and Thermoforming By TriEnda

    Custom designs built to customer specifications. Innovative protection using custom materials to overcome design challenges. Custom blend plastics to meet weight requirements. -More secure part holds -Scratch resistance -Shavings elimination Read More
  • Custom Performance Colors By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    Color plays a pivotal role in our lives. It has an important impact on our perception, influences us emotionally, and differentiates and creates uniqueness. As a powerful form of communication, color is therefore invaluable. LyondellBasell makes its customers’ vision a reality by giving objects... Read More
  • Custom Pipe & Round Extrusion By Lincoln Plastics

    We specialize in custom pipe and other ‘round’ extrusion products that have unique requirements, odd size specifications or require post extrusion secondary operations. For years we have been a trusted partner for the Center Pivot Irrigation Industry, producing a variety of drop pipe with... Read More
  • Custom Plastic Bottles By Parker Plastics, Inc.

    Celebrating 25 years of molding unique plastic bottles and 3D engineering combine to deliver attractive, functional, and cost effective bottle designs. Speed to Market… Since Parker Plastics specializes in custom plastic containers, we expedite the process… Drawings in less than a week Rapid... Read More
  • Custom Plastic Extrusion Packaging Solutions By Advanced Extrusion Inc.

    Combining over 3 decades of experience in plastic extrusion/thermoforming, we manufacture Cap Ex sheet in 3" and 6" core sizes for food packaging, automotive, as well as medical markets. Manufacturing food-grade plastic sheet for packaging, laminating, and thermoforming applications is also our... Read More
  • custom plastic injection molding By Specialty Plastics Inc.

    Specialty Plastics Inc. is an ISO certified custom plastic injection molder located in the St. Louis, MO area. We have 21 state of the art injection molding presses and due to low overhead, are able to offer low cost plastic moldings, along with tight tolerances and excellent customer service.... Read More
  • Custom Plastic Injection Molding By Robinson Industries Inc

    Injection molding offers virtually unlimited possibilities in precision reproduction of plastic components. During the injection molding process, granular thermoplastic is melted — and often blended to specific formulations for the product — and forced into a two-part metal mold. Once the part... Read More
  • Custom Plastic Injection Molding By The Rodon Group

    The Rodon Group has all you need for any plastic injection molding application. We are world renowned for production of injection molded plastic components of the very highest quality and precision at highly competitive prices. Whether you require some of our one thousand-plus standard on the... Read More
  • Custom Plastic Injection Molds & Parts By ICOMold

    ICOMold provides high-quality, low-cost custom plastic injection molds and parts for a variety of industries. Our online mold quote system allows you to get your quote faster, then you can use the online system to track your project from launch to completion. From prototype or low-volume custom... Read More
  • Custom Plastic Molding By Matrix Plastics Company

    Injection & compression molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, profile extrusion, blow molding, structural foam, thermoset molding, foam molding, fabrication (including corrugated plastics & acrylics), plastic lumber. Read More
  • Custom Polymer Compounding By Flex-Pack Engineering, Inc.

    Contract Manufacturing! Toll Compounding Services! Custom Polymer Compounding! Lab, Pilot, and Commercial Scales! At Flex-Pack Engineering (FPE) our job is to design, produce, and supply custom blended and compounded resins, masterbatches, concentrates and engineered alloys that... Read More
  • Custom Process Tubular Forced Air Duct Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Process air duct heaters are used for tempering forced air in many industrial processes. Heater wattage is dependent on air outlet temperature (up to 1200°F [650°C]) and air velocity. Smaller duct heaters can be tandem mounted in place of one large unit to meet space limitations and simplify... Read More
  • Custom Profile Extrusion By Lincoln Plastics

    With over 40 years’ experience in custom profile extrusion, we are capable of producing a variety of shapes and profiles for medical devices, electrical components, shelving, sporting goods or industrial applications. Our staff will work with you every step of the way from product design,... Read More
  • Custom Profile Extrusions By Extrudex

    Extrudex quotes custom profile extrusion drawings and prints in a wide variety of materials and an almost infinite number of colors. Its engineering staff will offer suggestions to produce the most cost effective extrusion profile for the customer's application. Using innovative extrusion... Read More
  • Custom PTFE Compound Formulations By Flontech USA, LLC

    With over 600 distinct compounds, Flontech USA offers several advanced capabilities that contribute to the creation of superior customized products. Flontech USA can custom formulate our compounds to your specifications. Our compounds can be designed with a variety of fillers to optimize... Read More
  • Custom Resins Inc. - Resource Recovery By Nylene

    CRI provides an extensive selection of polyamides for molding and extrusion and is well positioned to meet the specific requirements of customers of all sizes. The nylon production processes at Henderson incorporate “closed loop” advantages that allow by-products to be re-introduced and re-used. Read More
  • Custom Resins Product Listing By Nylene

    Custom Resins Inc (CRI). makes a wide range of molecular weights and additive packages for nylon homopolymers and copolymers. CRI has a solid reputation for quality and specialty products and gained more capabilities for higher molecular weights. CRI has polymerization and compounding... Read More
  • Custom Size Reduction and Processing Services By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    With our ISO 9001 registered facilities strategically located across the world, LyondellBasell is advancing what’s possible in custom powder processing. With a variety of toll processing services like size reduction, blending, and classification coupled with our technical expertise in powder... Read More
  • Custom Synthesis Services By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services offers custom synthesis services to support contract research and development for many different industries. Our team provides organic synthesis of compounds at the milligram to kilogram scale. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects that require fast... Read More
  • Custom Systems By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    With state of the art software MAC Automation can customize and built plantwide system. Please consult factory for more information. Read More
  • Custom Tags & Labels By Advanced Labels NW

    Advanced Labels produces high-quality tag and custom labels for a wide variety of industries. Whether you need embossed labels, static cling labels, mailing labels, cosmetic labels, wine bottle labels, food labels or four color process labels, we have the expertise to meet your needs. At... Read More
  • Custom Thermal Press Systems By Thermal Press International

    Custom applications and processes are a specialty of Thermal Press. Below are some specific examples using our existing Thermal Press format solutions for many different and very specialized applications. We develop custom systems and equipment for Heat Staking, Heat Sealing, Plastic Assembly,... Read More
  • Custom Thermoforming By Robinson Industries Inc

    Because of its versatility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, custom thermoforming is the preferred process for manufacturing reusable plastic packaging and many small- to large-scale plastic parts. In thermoforming, we heat a plastic sheet extrusion to its forming temperature and place it... Read More
  • Custom Training By Akron Polymer Technology Services

    The Akron Polymer Training Center specializes in customized training developed specifically for your employees. Depending on your company's particular needs, our courses can be taught on site at your location, or at our state-of-the-art facility on the campus of The University of Akron. Many... Read More
  • Customized Formula By Willow Ridge Plastics Inc

    Recommendation for the most suitable additive and loading rates will be based on the following information provided by the converter/end user: • Type of master batch resin • Thickness of finished product (the thicker it is, the longer it takes to oxo-biodegrade) • Shelf life requirements (time... Read More
  • Cutting By Airmate Company

    Airmate specializes in precision CNC milling and sawing of plastics. Utilizing a wide variety of sources, Airmate can supply virtually any type of plastic. We work with materials from .010″ thick styrene up to 4” thick UHMW, and anything in between. Our machines can accommodate material blanks... Read More
  • Cutting Equipment Repair By United Gear Works

    United Gear Works offering the widest range of cutting equipment available in the USA, our priority is to fully support it by continually investing in personnel of the highest caliber, state of the art equipment and a comprehensive inventory of spare parts. But, beyond this, United Gear Works... Read More
  • Cutting Head CH35 By Rinco Ultrasonics

    The cutting head CH 35 is suitable for cutting and sealing operations of textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content. . Designed for integration into cutting rails as well as on weaving machines . Air cooling optionally retrofit . Ideal for continuous cutting .... Read More
  • Cutting Station CS35 By Rinco Ultrasonics

    The ultrasonic cutting station with integrated special actuator SV35-40 ist suitable for cutting and sealing operations of textiles and fabrics with a minimum of 50% synthetic fibre content. . Ideal for the edge trimming of retro-injected fabrics . Available as table or floor unit . Also... Read More
  • CX Heavy Duty Cutter By Munson Machinery Co,

    The CX Heavy Duty Cutter is a single-rotor high torque cutter/hog with a positive, high profile raking action (unlike a shredder) for primary size reduction of large, bulky materials which require greater torque than other cutters provide. The CX Heavy Duty Cutter delivers high horsepower at low... Read More
  • Cylinder Engraving By Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech)

    Cylinder Engraving: JacoTech can engrave standard to very unusual optical grade patterns into cylinders/rollers/drums/mandrels. Custom patterns are our specialty. Machining geometries include plano, spherical, parabolic, general aspheric, toroidal, Fresnel, axicon/waxicon, hyperbolic,... Read More
  • Cylinder Engraving Moulds For Printable 3D Lenticular Lens By Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech)

    Lenticular Cylinder Engraving Moulds Used For 3D Print and 3D Display. JacoTech can engrave lenticular patterns into cylinders/drums/rolls/mandrels having from 1 line per inch (lpi) to over 1,000 lpi. Cylinder sizes to 42" diameter x 177" between centers weighing 2 tons is possible. Read More
  • Cylinder Engraving Moulds For Retroreflective Polymer Films For Road Signs By Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech)

    3-Sided Cubic Corner Pyramid RetroReflective Cylinder Mold: Produces optical grade retroreflective extruded polymer/plastic films used to build reflective traffic and road signs. Read More
  • Cylindrical Extruder Screens By Dorstener Wire Tech, Inc.

    Dorstener Wire Tech specializes in all types of cylindrical elements for the extrusion process. We have many mesh options that can offer a more even and lower pressure drop. Read More
  • CYROLITE® molding compounds By Evonik Cyro

    Evonik has been dedicated to the medical device and diagnostic industries for over 40 years and has never discontinued a CYROLITE® grade in use by the medical industry. High performance CYROLITE® compounds offer the very best balance of properties for medical device applications. All grades... Read More