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  • Discontinuous Screen Changers, ESD By ECON North America

    ESD With discontinuous screen changers, the screens are changed when the machine is stopped. The piston carrying the screen is moved out and the screen pack is switched. For melts with very low viscosity (e.g. PET or PA), the ESD has been further developed to the "ECON thermo sealer"... Read More
  • D155 Density/Specific Gravity Meter By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Measuring Density, Specific Gravity and API Degrees ASTM D1250, ASTM D1298, ASTM D4052, ASTM D7777 The automated CANNON D155 offers a low-cost, affordable alternative to manual hydrometer methods for measuring density and specific gravity with easy, one button operation. Built-in thermal... Read More
  • DAC Mold Sprays and Process Aids By RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

    For over thirty years, DAC Industries has developed and manufactured a line of Injection Molding Maintenance Aerosol Products, and Industrial Water Treatment Programs. DAC Industries serves the Plastic Injection Molding, Die Casting and Textile Industries, as well as related manufacturing.... Read More
  • DAC-101 Moisture Guard By DAC Industries

    DAC-101 Mois­ture Guard is a dis­tinc­tive for­mu­la­tion that was devel­oped to max­i­mize per­for­mance in short and long term mois­ture dis­place­ment and rust pre­ven­tion sit­u­a­tions. We are all well aware of the cost involved by rejected parts due to mark­ing. This is typ­i­cally caused... Read More
  • DAC-102 On Line Mold Cleaner and Resin Remover By DAC Industries

    DAC-102 is the most advanced, care­fully blended CFC free sol­vent aerosol cre­ated for the use of resin removal and mold clean­ing, and allows for the fast and effi­cient removal of poly­car­bon­ates and poly­styrenes. The special formula will soften hard plas­tics such as nylon and del­rin... Read More
  • DAC-103 Universal All Purpose Degreaser By DAC Industries

    DAC-103 is much more than just a degreaser. Uni­ver­sal All Pur­pose Degreaser pro­vides pro­fes­sional users with excel­lent grease and oil removal, plas­tic build-up removal, and rust inhibitor removal. The adjustable spray nozzle allows users to select flow levels that fit their application.... Read More
  • DAC-104 All Purpose Foam By DAC Industries

    DAC Industries All Purpose Foam is an NSF registered citrus-scented foam cleaner that sticks to surfaces to extend contact time to break down oils, buildups, rust, and stains. Read More
  • DAC-15151 All Purpose Mold Release By DAC Industries

    This non-silicone, fully paintable release con­tains lecithins, unlike some food-grade sil­i­cone. The DAC All Pur­pose Mold Release prin­ci­ple is approved as a direct food addi­tive. This uni­ver­sal mold release may safely be used on all ther­mo­plas­tics, includ­ing poly­car­bon­ates,... Read More
  • DAC-206 Wear Guard 2000 By DAC Industries

    Wear Guard 2000 is an anti-wear and lubri­ca­tion pack­age for medium tem­per­a­ture mold­ing require­ments. Wear Guard 2000 elim­i­nates the high cost of expen­sive plat­ing agents. Wear Guard 2000 Should be used on all mov­ing parts, slides, cams, and pins where galling may occur. Read More
  • Dart Drop Impact Tester By Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.

    Thwing-Albert the dart drop tester is an easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument used to measure the impact resistance of plastic film, coated paper and other materials utilizing the free falling dart method. ASTM D1709 - Method A Dart 38.1 mm diameter Drop height .66 m (26... Read More
  • DataPro: Process Control & Data Management Systems By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    Beta LaserMike’s DataPro controller series, when coupled with dimensional measurement instrumentation and a versatile set of I/O capabilities, enable you to produce superior quality products by providing all the information and control capability you need to keep your production process running... Read More
  • DD-3000 By BinMaster

    BinMaster brings a sense of simplicity to customers seeking basic operation and single-point particulate monitoring. The Dust Alert with integrated electronics and sensing probe utilizes inductive electrification technology to detect and alert—via an alarm relay or 4-20 mA output—when dust... Read More
  • Decking By Plastibec Inc.

    Plastibec Deck Cover is a brand new exterior line. Imagine a new life for your deck! Plastibec’s resurfacing deck cover offers a cost effective solution: Extend the life of your deck with our patented deck cover system and enjoy years of low maintenance while extending the life of your deck... Read More
  • Deco Tech custom printing & decorating services By Deco Technology Group Inc.

    At Deco Tech we provide custom decorating and printing services for companies that don't want to bring pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, hot stamping and heat transfer decal printing in-house. We do all the work for you in a timely manner (1 to 2 weeks typical turn-around) with... Read More
  • deCON By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    Decontamination dryer for production of food grade flakes or skeleton waste directly in front of a production extruder. Read More
  • deCON 20 By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    The smart decontamination module designed to process different types of material even at the same time. The deCON 20 is designed to process different types of material at the same time, e.g. PCR pellets, PCR bottle flakes, or in-house skeleton waste. The material is predryed, dedusted, and... Read More
  • Decorated Pieces By Airmate Company

    Our decorating capabilities include hot stamping, heat transfer, silk screening and pad printing. Our in house art department gives you the support you need when producing copy for your products. Read More
  • Decorating By Falcon Plastics

    From Heat Transfer and In-Mold Labeling to Hot Stamping, Falcon will meet your requirements for specific colors and formulations to fulfill your decorating needs. Falcon has the decorating capabilities to help our customers differentiate their products while creating a more economical... Read More
  • Decorating, painting, plating, printing services By American Plastic Molding

    Decoration services include pad printing, hot stamping, painting, plating, silk screening, RFI shielding, and hydro-graphics. Read More
  • Decorative coatings By Special Coatings USA

    In order to enhance the visual appeal of your products, we carry numerous coating materials to meet all your aesthetic needs. They include clear and matte varnishes, metallic effect lacquers based on dual-component polyurethane coating materials and customer-specific coatings to create special... Read More
  • DECOUPLED Molding By Routsis Training

    Intended for anyone involved in part design, tool design, or engineering, this four course series teaches the concepts and theories covered within the RJG, Inc. 6-8 hours of Professional Multimedia Training Read More
  • Dedusting Solutions By Pelletron Corporation

    Cleaning bulk solids is important for a number of reasons. Food and pharmaceutical bulk solids are cleaned for hygienic reasons and to improve the quality of the finished, packaged product. Minerals are cleaned primarily to avoid environmental and health problems. The plastics industry cleans... Read More
  • Dedusting System By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    Whether you are using virgin pellets or granulated regrind, dust, fines and contamination can adversely affect your processing and cause rejections. Maybe you need to remove fibers, paper, or other materials from your product. In either case our customized dedusting systems ensure a clean and... Read More
  • Deflashing Systems By Hull Industries

    Fully Automated Deflashing and Blast Cleaning Systems For Plastics, Metals and Composites. DEFLASHERS Low Pro Inline Deflasher Ideal for integrated cell manufacturing, Low-Pro Deflashers function with high efficiency in integrated manufacturing cells, where similar parts or families of parts... Read More
  • Deformulation (Reverse Engineering) By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services is the industry leader in the deformulation of products and materials. Also known as reverse engineering, deformulation is the separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a formulation. Our experienced chemists have performed deformulations on... Read More
  • DEGRADABLE FILMS By NOW Plastics, Inc.

    NOW Plastics is pleased to announce the introduction of a new degradable polypropylene film. This film is one hundred percent degradable and offer the same strength, clarity, sealablitity and printability as standard BOPP films. Our degradable film has excellent puncture and tear resistance and... Read More
  • DENSIFIER By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    DENSIFIER Costarelli presents its leading machine the Densifier, an important innovations designed to enhance performance and reduce risks in the work environment New geometry structure - lower and more compact, innovative systems for belt tensioning and water/air entry in the densifying... Read More
  • Dental Equipment Housing By Formed Plastics Inc.

    Housing thermoformed from 1/4" thick Kydex-T sheet. Read More
  • Desiccant Bags By Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

    Clariant manufactures a full line of moisture adsorbent bags which consist of strong, yet porous, nonwoven materials such as Dupont Tyvek®, filled with a variety of desiccant types: Desi-Pak® - bentonite clay Sorb-It® - silica gel Tri-Sorb® - molecular sieve Used to protect a variety... Read More
  • Desiccant Canisters and Capsules By Clariant Healthcare Packaging

    Desiccant canisters are small cylindrical containers filled with active agents that can be inserted at high rates of speed into pharmaceutical bottles and have become the gold standard of pharmaceutical desiccants. Their special design allows them to be used in standard insertion equipment and... Read More
  • Desiccant Feed & Inserting By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Cannister and loose Pouch or sachet desiccant feeding and inserting machines. Built in bulk hoppers, verification and reject systems. simple low speed units and high speed units for 700+ per minute. Read More
  • Design By Hoffer Plastics Corporation

    Hoffer Plastics offers customers engineering design assistance, a dedicated project management team and access to our on-site sampling room. Read More
  • Design By Nelipak

    The design process begins with a full engineering review that combines all aspects of the package: - Protection Requirements - Packaging Process - Point-of-Sale Display Criteria Our design team has a combined 100+ years of thermoforming tool design experience. Using their hands-on knowledge of... Read More
  • Design By Hi-Tech Mold & Tool Inc.

    At Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, Inc., we prefer to work in partnership with our customers and their suppliers, uniting the design engineer and the resin supplier with the mold-maker and the processor at the concept stage of the part development cycle. Hi-Tech's ability to anticipate important issues at... Read More
  • Design & Engineering By Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc.

    A quality product comes from a good design. Our experienced team of engineers work with the latest engineering tools and software to help you construct a quality plastic part that also allows our tooling engineers to create the best possible and cost effective mold for your project... Read More
  • Design & Prototyping By Anomatic Corporation

    CP Technologies will work interactively with your in-house and/or outsourced design staff to help insure your project has the best possible appearance, maximum functionality, and optimized manufacturing costs. Our staff can review design information and part geometry during the design process to... Read More
  • Design & Prototyping - Injection Molds By International Mold and Production LLC

    Reverse Engineering is done for many customers. We Design Using the NextEngine 3D Scanner.We 3D Print with many machines including our Formlabs Form2 and other FDM 3d printers in house and outsource our metal 3D printing until we can afford a machine. The NextEngine 3D Scanner captures objects... Read More
  • Design Aid Seminar By American Plastic Molding

    Design Seminar Decades of working with our customers and prospects to improve and enhance their designs, revealed a need to provide a comprehensive design clinic to help companies achieve more robust designs, eliminate costly design errors, and avoid delays in production launches. We like to... Read More
  • Design and Engineering By Custom Mold & Design

    Design for Manufacturability (DFM) – Custom Mold & Design’s team of engineers are readily available to work with your team to provide best-in-class component design support. We begin this process by understanding your product requirements and how this information translates into appropriate... Read More
  • Design and Engineering Services By ResTech Plastic Molding

    At ResTech Plastic Molding, we know that early involvement is the key to success - from product development, to program management and design, to validation through manufacturing. You can count on our ResTech Plastic Molding team to draw upon more than three decades of experience and successful... Read More
  • Design and Manufacturing By VEM Inc.

    VEM takes you through the process from very beginning, with transparency and suited to your business’ individual needs. We have creative and experienced designers who always find the most appropriate solution. Our team of mold flow engineers provides deeper insights with a flow analysis. Read More
  • Design Capabilities By Selmax Corporation

    Selmax offers technical consultation at the earliest stages of product design. We work closely with our customers on to define the requirements of the finished product - physical dimensions, structural supports, custom engraving, texture and finishing With our Computer Aided Design (CAD) to we... Read More
  • Design Engineer Package By Routsis Training

    This package combines twenty courses from the Part Design Series and the Mold Design and Moldmaking Series as well as our injection molding library to create this popular technical training package. 23-37 hours of Professional Multimedia Training with Study Guides Read More
  • Design for Manufacturability By Plastic Molded Concepts, Inc.

    Many projects have come to us without the ability to manufacture the product the way the customer had intended. Largely due to the customers lack of knowledge in the manufacturing processes when it come the plastic injection molded. Several projects have been renewed when it was discovered by... Read More
  • Design for Manufacturability By IVP Plastics

    Once we’ve identified the right solution for your product or process challenge, our in-house design team goes to work to ensure the end result can be manufactured as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. By applying “design for manufacturability” principles, the end result is a custom... Read More
  • Design Service By PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

    PTI Design is an independent, full-service design and development studio delivering progressive and innovative design with state-of-the-art technology. Whether injecting creativity into a current project or spearheading an entirely new production, PTI Design can seamlessly provide the path from... Read More
  • Design, Engineering and Tooling By Accent Plastics Inc.

    We encompass all the capabilities needed to design and build tooling for parts in a wide variety of sizes and materials. Add Accent’s tool maintenance to the formula, and the package becomes complete. Read More
  • Design, Prototyping, R&D Services for Blow Molding By Custom-Pak, Inc.

    Custom-Pak is one of the world’s largest blow-molded parts manufacturers and a leader in advanced blow-molding technology. Our Integrated design facilities allow us to design, test and manufacture your product faster and less expensively than many companies can develop a prototype. We offer... Read More
  • Designer By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Moldex3D Designer software develops a complete series of powerful pre-processing tools, including the automatic mesh generator and intelligent modeling wizards, to help users create True 3D mesh models efficiently and setup a variety of simulation conditions easily, such as gates, runners,... Read More
  • Dessert Cups By Winpak Portion Packaging, Inc.

    Winpak's Dessert cups are round thermoformed containers with flat lips. Dessert cups are used for various dessert products such as applesauce, pudding, and ice cream. They are designed to be run on high-speed fill/seal packaging machines. Read More
  • Detergent Spout Molds By Rexam Mold Manufacturing

    32 cavity, hot/cold runner injection mold with hydraulically actuated double unscrewing mechanism mounted on both "A" side and "B" sides of the mold. Stripper ring ejection. Read More
  • deTerra By InterFacial Solutions

    The deTerra™ product line from Interfacial Solutions represents a series of bio-based polymer compounds. The product line includes non-halogenated flame retardant (FR) products along with a variety of grades with fillers and additives designed specifically to meet customer needs. The polymers... Read More
  • Dew Point Transmitter Model HDT By COSA Xentaur - a Process Insights Brand

    Xentaur HDT The Model HDT Dew Point Meter uses a Xentaur HTF™ high capacitance aluminum oxide sensor with a measuring range of -100ºC to +20ºF or -60ºC to +20ºC. Customers can also request special ranges for special applications. The Xentaur dew point sensors provide a high degree of accuracy,... Read More
  • DFM ANALYSIS By MP Manufacturing Ltd.

    The Design for Manufacturing Analysis or DFM Analysis is a free service before mold design. Our experienced engineers will review the feasibility of your part for injection molding, we will review your part for proper draft, gate location, feature sizes, under-cuts, wall thickness, and sink. Our... Read More
  • DFM Support By New Berlin Plastics

    New Berlin Plastics strives to set itself apart through providing effective and efficient design support before tool development occurs. We will go the extra mile to ensure excess cost and failure modes are designed out early. This is evidenced in the case study abstract below. Visit the link... Read More
  • DFS Standard Manifold Hot Runner Technologies By INCOE Corporation

    INCOE®'s DFS 2 and 4 drop manifolds offer standardized, pre-manufactured and ready to finish nozzle drop locations exactly where you require. This design feature allows you to choose a location within set ranges without the lead-time of a custom manifold. Complete DFS systems with choice of... Read More
  • DGD – Heavy Duty Twin Shaft Shredder By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    Our DGD series twin shaft shredders are designed and built for some of the most challenging recycling applications out there. The rugged design, replaceable wear protection and extremely high torque rotors all result in high pre-shredding throughputs. This shredder is a workhorse and has proven... Read More
  • Diamond Turning / Milling & Flycutting Optical Patterns By Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech)

    JacoTech Provides CNC Micro-Machining: Diamond Turning - Milling - Rotary Table Milling - Fly Cutting To Cylinders/Drums/Rollers/Mandrels Used to Extrude/Emboss/Cast Plastic/Polymer Optical Grade Sheet and Roll Materials Read More
  • Dibutyl Sebacate, (DBS) By ChemCeed LLC

    Dibutyl Sebacate (DBS) is used as a plasticizer suited for low temperature and is compatible with PVC, acrylic, nitrile rubber, and celluloses. Due to its non-toxicity and low temp performance DBS is ideal for vinyl food contact films. In addition, Dibutyl Sebacate finds use in coatings,... Read More
  • Die Casting Capabilities By YongShen Mould Company Limited

    The latest technology is introduced including super slow speed, super high speed and vacuum system. Machines have automated robotic arm system to improve production. Precision Machining: We are equipped with excellent precision CNC machining centers. Surface Finishing: Services include... Read More
  • Die Casting Mold Release Agent By Dongguan Meiya Chemical Co.,Ltd

    SAKURAI, one of the international die casting lubricant manufacturers, focus on researching&manufacturing die casting mold release agent for Aluminum, Zinc Alloy, Magnesium, and another metal casting. Details About Metal Casting Mold Lubricant Name: Metal Casting Release Agent Brand:... Read More
  • Die Covers By Insul-Vest, Inc.

    Die Covers are the custom designed insulation blankets made for your mold or die by Insul-Vest®. They eliminate cold spots, nullify the affects of environmental factors on your heat profile, cut your heat soak time in half and eliminate up to 80% of your electrical energy cost used to maintain... Read More
  • Die Cutters By Machinery Center, Inc

    SPECIFICATIONS: -50 Ton Atlas-Vac Hycutt Press -Model: Hycutt 21 Style MOD -Platen: 27"x26" -Platen Measured: (32"x24") -Phase: 220/110 3/1 -Heated Upper Platen2 - Button Safety Interface Motorized Shuttle -Size - 32" x 108" x 88" H Read More
  • Die Head Assemblies By Adrian Tool Corp.

    Die head manifolds are designed and manufactured in-house. Precision gun-drilling, honing, machining, and polishing are what set us above any other manufacturer in the industry. We manufactured manifolds and replacement parts for -1, -4, and -7 type heads. Many upgrades are available such as... Read More
  • Die Sets By Meusburger US, Inc.

    High-precision standard components for die making from stress relieved high-grade steel. Tried and trusted standard die sets with or without pre-drilled holes, precision die sets for increased accuracy requirements and two-pillar die sets with two linear guiding units arranged at the back,... Read More
  • Die Tooling By Custom Downstream Systems Inc. (CDS)

    CDS’s acquired expertise in die tooling allows us to build equipment to the customer’s exact specifications and ensure accurate design for your application requirements. Our commitment to provide the best downstream machinery possible cannot overlook the need to fully comprehend the diversity of... Read More
  • Dieless Knife Cutting & Rapid Prototyping By CS Hyde Company

    CS Hyde Company now has the ability to cut custom and standard parts without a die. This new capability allows us to cut material up to 60"x60" with a thickness of up to .75" (19mm). It also expands our abilities for rapid prototyping, with fast turnaround on custom designed parts. We offer a... Read More
  • Dies By Garrtech Inc.

    Heat from the die hardens the resin-saturated fibers, and molds it into the shape of the die’s cavity. We use various materials to make our dies tough, durable, and distribute heat properly. Read More
  • Dies By Hosokawa Alpine American

    Mono-Layer Dies - Side Fed & Bottom Fed ​ Co-Extrusion with Alpine's Superior & Patented X-Die Technology: - From 3 to 11-Layers - Diameters up to 800mm (32") - Purges in 1/2 the time of Competitive Dies - Low Residence Times - High Pressure Capability Read More
  • Die-Sep Mold Handler By Die-Sep

    Open, tip and close molds effortlessly. No more pry bars, sledge hammers, brass bars, manual clamps or any of the other labor intensive methods of opening and closing molds. Tipping is also safe, fast and easy! We custom fit each Die-Sep to match our customer's mold maintenance activities. Our... Read More
  • Die-Sep Mold Separation Machinery By Die-Sep

    Open, tip and close molds effortlessly. No more pry bars, sledge hammers, brass bars, manual clamps or any of the other labor intensive methods of opening and closing molds. Tipping is also safe, fast and easy! Contact the company to learn more. Read More
  • Digital Air Permeability Tester For Plastics By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Digital Air Permeability Tester determines the air leakage of plastic films. It is manufactured to enable samples to be inserted at the front, with a sample opening of 5mm as well as a 45˚ lead in on sample opening. It features two safety activation switches for clamping, so that the... Read More
  • Digital Izod & Charpy Impact Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This machine is designed to determine the rigidity and strength of impact toughness of non-metallic materials. It measures the material absorption energy and impact intensity of the material in the course of breaking. The pendulum weight can be changed to adapt to operator requirements. *... Read More
  • Digital Temperature Meters / Digital Thermometers By PCE Instruments

    On PCE Instruments' (PCE) secure website, you will find both contact and non-contact digital temperature meter products for measuring and recording temperature. Each digital thermometer covers a different temperature range between -200 and 1767 ºC (or -328 to 3212 ºF). Read More
  • Diisodecyl Adipate (DIDA) By ChemCeed LLC

    Diisodecyl Adipate (DIDA) is a plasticizer with excellent low-temperature properties and good permanence suitable for general purpose films and low viscosity plastisols. DIDA works well as a part of a plasticizer blend, and is compatible with PVC, Cellulose acetate butyrate, Ethyl cellulose,... Read More
  • Diisodecyl Phthalate (DIDP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Diisodecyl Phthalate (DIDP) is a general purpose PVC Plasticizer. DIDP is a high-molecular-weight phthalate with good permanence and high temperature performance, making it useful for wire and cable applications (DIDP-E), automotive interior parts, and outdoor use PVC such as roofing membranes... Read More
  • Diisononyl Adipate, (DINA) By ChemCeed LLC

    Diisononyl adipate (DINA) is a plasticizer which is used in polymeric systems based on vinyl, nitrocellulose and rubber. In these systems, diisononyl adipate adds flexibility to products at low temperatures. DINA adds impact resistance the compound to which it is added. Diisononyl adipate also... Read More
  • Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP) is a general use high molecular weight PVC Plasticizer. DINP is a preferred replacement for DOP plasticizer, and is highly compatible and shows good permanence. DINP is a versatile plasticizer used for a wide variety of flexible PVC applications including plastisols,... Read More
  • Dimethyl Sebacate, (DMS) By ChemCeed LLC

    Dimethyl Sebacate (DMS) is a plasticizer for nitrocellulose, rubber, and vinyl resins. Dimethyl sebacate is a large component used in the production of light stabilizers.Typically, Dimethyl Sebacate is used in Hindered Amines Light Stabilizers (HALS), which are considered the best performing... Read More
  • Din Abrader By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Din Abrader is primarily for use in determining the resistance of vulcanised rubber to abrasive forces using a cylindrical type drum. It may however be used to determine the resistance to abrasion of other types of materials such as certain plastics. A cylindrical shaped test piece is... Read More
  • DIN rail mountable Temperature Controllers By Eurotherm

    Designed to offer outstanding control performance in a compact DIN rail package the RFS provides a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications: such as plastic manufacturing, packaging machinery and food processing applications requiring precise heat/cool control and process... Read More
  • Dioctyl Adipate, (DOA) By ChemCeed LLC

    Dioctyl adipate (DOA) is a PVC plasticizer that is also commonly used with primary plasticizers, like DOP, to create lubricant basetocks. Dioctyl adipate is also used in paints as a way to disperse pigments. For applications involving food, dioctyl adipate can be used as a plasticizer in food... Read More
  • Dioctyl Maleate, (DOM) By ChemCeed LLC

    Dioctyl Maleate is a maleic acid that can act as a plasticizer and is used in resins to provide elasticity and flexibility. Dioctyl Maleate is a co-monomer which can be polymerized with vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride (PVC), acrylates as well as stearates. These types of polymerizations with... Read More
  • Dioctyl Sebacate, (DOS) By ChemCeed LLC

    Dioctyl Sebacate(DOS) is used as a plasticizer for PVC, nitrocelluloses, styrene resins, and synthetic rubbers where low temperature performance is required. Dioctyl Sebacate can also be used in lubricants to allow more mobility at lower temperatures. DOS can be used as anti-frosting cable,... Read More
  • Dip Moldings and Dip Coatings By Piper Plastics Corp.

    ISO 9001:2008 certified dip moldings and coatings for all industries. Read More
  • Direct Digital Manufacturing By Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

    Scale from prototype to production parts with no capital investment through our global network of 150+ Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) machines. Read More
  • Direct-Flo™ Gold Systems By INCOE Corporation

    DF Gold systems are designed from years of in field processing experience offering increased hot runner performance and robustness while maximizing molder up-time. Applications include Automotive, Aerospace, Closures, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Appliance, Technical and Electronics parts. Read More
  • Discontinuous Screen Changer By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    The Discontinuous Screen Changer (DSC) provides convenient, easy access melt filtration for polymer and hot melt adhesive batch operations. The design features a single filter pocket machined into a cross-bolt. Shifted offline only for momentary screen change, the easy-to-clean filter pocket... Read More
  • Displays and Visual Merchandising By Airmate Company

    From custom designed display cases to uniquely shaped and printed POP or menu card holders, Airmate can make your concept a reality. The colors and finishes of materials we can supply are endless. From neons to diamond plate, mirrored to metallic, let us show you all the possibilities. Read More
  • Diundecyl Phthalate (DUP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Diundecyl phthalate (DUP) is a PVC plasticizer especially suited for applications such as films, vinyl coated fabrics, and electrical wire and cable. Read More
  • Diverter Valve By Gemco Valve Co.

    The D-2 Diverter Valve places the Gemco Spherical Disc Valve in a 'Y' junction that allows the valve to select a product feed from one of the two inputs, or to direct one incoming stream of material to either of the two outlets. The standard D-2 valve is constructed of 316 stainless steel, but... Read More
  • Diverter Valves By Trendelkamp L.P.

    Trendelkamp Diverter Valves are robust, highly reliable and energy efficient with insulated housing. Trendelkamp has thousands of Diverter Valves successfully performing a variety of functions in the polymer, chemical and food industries worldwide. Read More
  • D-K® Environmental By Colloids Limited

    The D-K® brand bas been developed as a result of Colloids commitment to environmental responsibility. Colloids has invested a large amount of resource in the area of environmentally focussed materials. We have developed a range of products designed to help our customers meet the challenges of... Read More
  • D-Met By Multifilm Packaging Corporation

    D-Met is a so-called de-metallization process that partly removes metal from a metallized film, leaving a clear window in an otherwise metallized design. Backing printing inks with a metallized film gives the packaging excellent visual appeal as the colors appear metallic and shiny. With D-Met,... Read More
  • DMT Multi Tip Nozzle Hot Runner Technologies By INCOE Corporation

    INCOE®'s Multi tip nozzles offer 6 tips located on each nozzle. The design is ideal for micro to small part molding of multiple parts per nozzle, or for multiple gates onto a single complex part. Multi tip nozzles provide an economical design for high cavitation molds when using commodity... Read More
  • DNA Sequencer By Ray Products, Inc.

    In this next-generation DNA sequencer, Ray Products manufactured 10 pressure formed parts that came together to create an aesthetically appealing enclosure. With precise molded-in details like fan ports, bezel openings, USB ports, mating edges and mating surfaces, this project was a prefect fit... Read More
  • Dosing System By Optimax Plastic LLC

    Powder Precision Dosing System for Rotomolding and other applications Read More
  • Dosing Unit U2011 By REPI

    The u2011 dosing unit family is the latest development among the REPI electronically controlled dosing systems for thermoplastic applications. Suitable for injection moulding machines as well as extruders, it is normally fitted with gear pumps ranging from 0,06cc to 10cc. (other sizes... Read More
  • Downforce amplifier-regrind advantage By TSM Control Systems

    TSM Control Systems is now offering plastics producers new ways to weather the economic storm and improve their profit margins. New TSM technology focuses on combining standard processing requirements; accurate dosing and homogeneous material mixing, with a third critical component when... Read More
  • Downstream Equipment By Adescor

    Offering downstream equipment for the pipe extrusion industry, ADESCOR has a reputation for quality and well-built machines. With many standard designs to choose from for cutting, coiling, punching and packaging, our pipe and tubing company has solutions for most pipe extrusion plants. ADESCOR... Read More
  • Downstream Extrusion Equipment By ESI - Extrusion Services, Inc.

    ESI is a leading design and manufacturer of downstream extrusion processing equipment for the plastic, composite and rubber industries. From our inception in 1981 we have developed an industry wide reputation as an innovator in the design and manufacture of downstream extrusion... Read More
  • DP Drop Packer By Combi Packaging Systems LLC

    Combi's expertise in top load case packing goes back to the earliest days of the company. As an industry leader in drop packing, we have hundreds of successful drop packer installations. The Combi drop packer is an ultra-compact solution for packing the widest range of rigid containers. This... Read More
  • DPV® Asphalt Digital Paddle Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Dynamic Viscosity of Non-Homogenous Materials Including Emulsified Asphalts ASTM D7226, D2397, D977 and AASHTO TP-121 Common Applications Emulsified asphalts Marine fuels Suspensions Slurries Foods Paints Residual oils The DPV is an automated, rotational digital paddle viscometer for... Read More
  • Dr. Eddy Turbulent Flow Meter By Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc.

    Using FCI Technology, Dr. Eddy displays the condition of the water as it relates to flow efficiency: laminar flow, transient flow, or turbulent flow. Dr. Eddy has four scales built into the meter: three scales for FCI and one scale for flow rate. FCI Scales are selectable and correspond to... Read More
  • Drader Injectiweld 120V - 230V/400W Model W30000 Extrusion Tool By Industrial Heat Sources

    IHS is an authorized distributor of the Drader Injectiweld, a one-hand operated injection plastic welder with interchangeable tips designed for plastic welding repair, plastic fabrication, plastic prototyping, and plastic model making. Read More
  • Drader Injectiweld Extruder Welder By Assembly Unlimited LLC

    Hand held extruder welder, used for welding polyolefins and other engineering plastics. Very easy to operate. Costs about five cents per foot to weld your application. We also supply welding rod for your application. Read More
  • Drader Injectiweld Plastic Extrusion Welder, One hand By Abbeon Cal Inc.

    The Incredible one handed plastic extrusion welder! The Drader Injectiweld! RENTAL UNITS AVAILABLE! Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld... Read More
  • Drafting Films By Grafix Plastics

    Grafix® Drafting Film is a polyester base with 1 or 2 side matte translucent drawing surface. This product is treated to reduce static, accept paint, ink and pencil. Drafting film also erases cleanly and provides dimensional stability. Grafix Plastic's Drafting film is widely used in... Read More
  • Drawer Magnets By Puritan Magnetics, Inc.

    Drawer Magnets provide excellent equipment and product protection of medium and fine ferrous contaminants in dry, free flowing products under gravity flow. Multiple staggered rows provide maximum contact area for product flow. As product flows through the stainless steel housing, it cascades... Read More
  • Drill and Router Bits for Plastics By Abbeon Cal Inc.

    Drill and Router Bits for Plastics. High Quality durable bits including Black and Gold brand and Plexi Point. Read More
  • Drip Irrigation Extrusion Line By Maillefer SA

    Water smart drip irrigation Irrigation is an age-old practice that has seen much development. New technology, coupled with concerns on environmental impact, are bringing modern solutions to help grow crops economically. The use of a dripper, where water is released drop by drop, allows... Read More
  • dripper molds By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    - Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo systemetc)... Read More
  • DRJ Seal Cut (Slit Seal System) By D. R. Joseph, Inc.

    The high-speed Seal-Cut sealing system for plastic film offers an original, innovative solution that replaces traditional slit seal (hot knife) systems for machine direction sealing. The Seal-Cut is capable of producing high quality, sealed edges in a wide variety of film applications for better... Read More
  • Drool Protection, Drool Shield By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    Drool Shield protects your wiring, heater bands and insulation blankets from drool. Simply slip our Drool Disk or Drool Bonnets over your machine's nozzle. It installs in seconds with no down time. Read More
  • Drop Pelletizing System By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    The DROPPO® drop pelletizing system from Automatik Plastics Machinery is designed to produce uniform dust-free spherical pellets. The cooling and solidification process may use air, nitrogen or water – thus offering maximum flexibility to the customer. DROPPO® drop pelletizing systems are... Read More
  • Drum and Container Discharger By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    Container dischargers are also commonly known as tote dumpers, box dumpers, bin dumpers, drum dumpers, gaylord dumpers, or fiber drum dumpers. NBE drum and container dischargers allow for the controlled unload and discharge of dry materials from hard-to-handle loads while reducing manual labor.... Read More
  • Drum and Container Filler By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    Bulk container filling systems enable bulk material packaging and processing operations to run at designed speeds without concern for constant material waste, re-work, and excess labor costs common with under-performing bulk container loading equipment. Bulk container filling systems, with... Read More
  • Drum Liners By International Plastics Inc.

    Plastic Drum Liners, Poly Drum Liners, plastic pail liners, and container liners save you money by increasing the longevity of liners, pails and drums and they also keep our environment cleaner. These polyethylene drum liners and rigid pail liners are found in areas where industrial packaging of... Read More
  • DRUMS By FB Balzanelli

    This series is dedicated to both winding and unwinding processes on large and small drums. Meets almost any pipe manufacturer needs, therefore designed in a wide range of versions to grant flexibility in terms of features and performance. In fact this series includes models to wind or unwind... Read More
  • DrumSaver Plastic Drum Liner By CDF Corp

    The seamless vacuum-formed 55 gallon drum liners have a contoured lip that snaps over an open-head drum's top bead, preventing leakage between the liner and drum wall and providing easy drum closure using a standard ring and bolt or lock assembly. Read More
  • DrumSaver Steel Drum Liner By CDF Corp

    The seamless vacuum-formed 55 gallon drum liners have a contoured lip that snaps over an open-head drum's top bead, preventing leakage between the liner and drum wall and providing easy drum closure using a standard ring and bolt or lock assembly. Read More
  • Dry and Wet Grinder By STF Group

    - Developed and optimized for the shredding of post-consumer plastics - High and continuous capacity - Effective grinding with high cleaning effect (removes 95% of paper labels in the wet application) Read More
  • Dry Blasting Equipment By IceTech America

    With the IceTech KG30 Professional dry ice blasting machine you have the ability to save your plant's cleaning cost a tremendous amount of money and eliminate precious downtime! You can now clean your extrusions screws as you are removing them out still hot in place! No more hand scrubbing... Read More
  • Dry Bulk Container Liners By CorrPak Bulk Packaging Systems , LLC

    Dry bulk container liners, also known as shipping, sea bulk or sea land container liners, are manufactured using a variety of materials including polyethylene or polypropylene. Dry bulk container liners come in both woven fabric and blown film varieties. Woven PE or PP dry bulk container liners... Read More
  • Dry Bulk Material Mixing & Blending By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    NBE dry bulk material mixing units are manufactured to provide thorough and homogeneous material blends in commercial and industrial material processing applications. From pilot-scale batch mixers, to full-scales continuous blenders, the NBE line of vertical ribbon blenders, batch mixers, and... Read More
  • Dry Cut Strand Pelletizing By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    Successfully used by hundreds of customers, the WSG water bath strand pelletizing systems with PRIMO E, PRIMO S, PRIMO Plus, BAOLI or M-ASG pelletizers produce the highest quality of cylindrical pellets or micro pellets, ideally suited for further processing. WSG systems are available in various... Read More
  • Dry Face Pelletizers By CROWN Machine uwp, Inc.

    Output ranges from (2.2 lb/hr or 1 kg/hr) to (60,000 lb/hr or 30,000 kg/hr) for pellet sizes from large (.060 - .250" or 1.2 - 10mm) to Small Micro (.010 - .050" or .25 - 1.1mm). Suitable for high output processing, compounding, manufacture of color concentrate, scrap recovery, pilot operation,... Read More
  • Dry Material Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers By Container and Pooling Solutions

    Container and Pooling Solutions, a Livonia, MI based supply chain management company, has been offering the complete management, rental and tracking of returnable shipping containers since 1998. CAPS helps its automotive, beverage, food, chemical and cosmetic customers reduce material handling... Read More
  • Dry Vacuum Pumps By Vacuum Processes, Inc.

    Vacuum Processes Inc. provides completely dry vertical screw vacuum pumps with varying sizes from 100 to 1000 CFM, and varying degrees of control, etc. These pumps are used for any vacuum process from 760 Torr down to .001 Torr. They have the distiction of being industrially rugged, by being... Read More
  • Dry-Air Loading to Press/Extruder By Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

    Convey dried material with dry air, eliminating moisture contamination associated with compressed or ambient plant air. Closed loop loaders are available with portable dryers or as stand-alone units. Eliminates press/extruder mounted drying hoppers. Stainless steel construction with internal... Read More
  • DryCleaner Models By Pollution Control Products Co.

    For parts with up to 2% combustibles. Maximum 800ºF DryCleaner Furnaces remove small amounts (1 to 2% by weight) of insulation, varnish, paint, grease, oil, plastics, etc. by pyrolysis or "burning-without-flame." Materials must be cured, meaning no solvent vapors present. The metal parts are... Read More
  • Dual Diameter Extrusion Reclaim System By Advanced Extruder Technologies, Inc

    NEW - AET “ADVANTAGE SERIES” MODEL 60/100ASDD32, 6”x10”, 32:1 L/D WATER COOLED, VENTED, DUAL DIAMETER EXTRUSION SYSTEM for nominal output of 1500 to 3500 PPH depending on the material and its bulk density (lbs/cu/ft) FEATURES INCLUDED · AET “ADVANTAGE SERIES” MODEL 60/100ASDD32, 6”x10”,... Read More
  • Ductile Iron Quick-Acting Couplings By Kuriyama of America

    Ductile Iron Quick-Acting Couplings by Kuriyama feature a "Maximum Flow Design" and are available in 4" ID parts "C" and "E" with a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI. They have a ductile iron body with type 304 Stainless Steel handles, slot pins and pull rings for extra durability in oil field... Read More
  • Dukane Converters By BEK Ultrasonics

    We service all models and frequencies of Standard and Heavy Duty Dukane Converters / Transducers including: All Frequencies: 15kHz, 20kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz Dukane Heavy Duty Converters Dukane Heavy Duty 20 kHz Sealed Probe This heavy duty transducer / converter has a sealed housing... Read More
  • DUN-SOLAR PV Backsheets By Dunmore Corporation

    DUNMORE Corporation offers its DUN-SOLAR line of backsheets designed for Crystalline and Thin-Film Photovoltaic modules. We offer both fluorinated and non-fluorinated film laminates, all of which provide at least 25 years of reliable perfomance. We also design custom constructions for your... Read More
  • Duo Pets By DUO Form Plastics

  • Dupont Impact Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The DuPont Impact Tester has been designed to test the endurance of coated material, when impacted by a falling weight at specified points. The purpose of the test is to see if test specimens can resist the effect of rapid impact testing. The principle of the test is that a coated test... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Crastin ® PBT polyester resin By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont ™ Crastin ® is based on polybutylene terephthalate, or PBT polyester. Suited to a variety of industrial applications, the Crastin ® family is currently available in over 100 different grades, approximately half of which are flame retardant. They feature mechanical and physical properties... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Delrin ® acetal resin By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    Delrin ® acetal resin should be considered for metal replacement and bridges the gap between metals and ordinary plastics. It offers a unique combination of creep resistance, strength, stiffness, hardness, dimensional stability, toughness, fatigue resistance, solvent and fuel resistance,... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Elvamide ® nylon multipolymer resins By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont™ Elvamide® nylon multipolymer resins are a unique family of polymers that have outstanding abrasion resistance, high tensile elongation and strength, and excellent adhesion to nylon yarns. Read More
  • DuPont ™ ETPV thermoplastic vulcanizate By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont ™ ETPV thermoplastic vulcanizate combines high-speed plastics processing with high-end elastomer performance. By creating a new class of material called engineering thermoplastic vulcanizates (ETPV), it eliminates the manufacturing boundary between rubber and plastics. ETPV is a... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Hytrel ® thermoplastic polyester elastomer By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomers provide the processability of thermoplastics, the flexibility of rubbers, and the strength of plastics. The product line is available in a full range of Shore D hardnesses (30D to 82D). Special grades of Hytrel® include heat stabilized, flame retardant,... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Minlon ® reinforced nylon resin By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    The DuPont™ Minlon® family of reinforced nylon resins, including mineral and mineral/glass-reinforced nylon, offers a unique balance of properties that allows designers to maintain balance of strength and rigidity, while minimizing the effects of warpage. DuPont's experience in the area of... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Rynite ® PET Resin By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont ™ Rynite ® polyethylene terephthalate, or PET thermoplastic polyester resin, unites the best properties with easy processibility to produce high performance parts. Rynite® PET is the most cost-effective answer when you're looking for the ultimate combination of stiffness, temperature... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Sorona ® EP Thermoplastic Polymer By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont ™ Sorona ® contains renewably sourced™ (RS) propanediol as a key intermediate, with performance and molding capabilities that are similar to PBT resins. In addition to good strength and stiffness, tests indicate improved surface appearance, lower warpage, and good dimensional stability... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Vespel ® parts & shapes By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes have proven to be a cost-effective solution in a wide array of applications including aerospace, energy and material handling, semiconductor, and transportation. Vespel® parts and shapes satisfy the most stringent requirements for weight reduction, long service... Read More
  • DuPont ™ Zytel ® nylon resins By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont™ Zytel® offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of nylon resins. The Zytel® family includes nylons 1010, 610, 6, 66, and 612 that are available reinforced, toughened, unreinforced, and flame retardant. Processing capabilities include blow molding, encapsulation, and extrusion. Zytel®... Read More
  • DuPont™ Zytel® HTN high performance polyamide By DuPont Engineering Polymers

    DuPont™ Zytel® HTN is a high temperature nylon that cost effectively bridges the performance gap between traditional engineering resins and high-end specialty polymers. It balances chemical, moisture and temperature resistance, and offers outstanding processability. Consider Zytel® HTN for... Read More
  • DuraGard® Consumer Solutions By Spartech

    DuraGard is a family of custom rollstock and formed part solutions ideally suited for consumer goods including personal care, household cleaners, electronics and more. Whether your need is for chemical resistance, anti-static performance, or protection from moisture or oxygen, DuraGard can... Read More
  • DuraLar Polyester Film By Grafix Plastics

    DuraLar polyester film is our most popular, economical general plastic film product line. It is our trade name for bi-axially oriented polyester film (PET), just as Mylar® polyester film is Dupont/Teijin’s trademark for the same kind of material. Because of its basic physical properties, it’s... Read More
  • DURAPLEX Impact Modified Acrylic By Plaskolite

    DURAPLEX is a continuously processed impact modified acrylic sheet that offers superior impact strength. Ideal applications include displays, skylights, signage, windows, doors and any indoor/outdoor application where durability is needed. Custom and non-stock items available. Call for a quote... Read More
  • DuraVibe Model PZP Vibratory Level Indicator By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies' DuraVibe Model PZP vibratory level sensor provides reliable point level detection in a wide variety of process control applications within the powder and bulk solids market. The DuraVibe Model PZP has been designed to offer the ultimate hazardous location protection with... Read More
  • Durethan® By Lanxess Corporation

    Durethan® is the trade name for LANXESS engineering thermoplastics based on polyamide 6 and polyamide 66. Polyamides are partially crystalline thermoplastics which offer an ideal combination of properties, especially for technical applications. In addition to being easy to process, polyamides... Read More
  • Durometers By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    IDM Instruments Pty Ltd supplies a range of Digital and Peak Pointer type Durometers for measuring the hardness of materials including rubber and plastic. HARDNESS LEVELS: Type A = Medium; Type D = Hard; Type E = Low; Type OO = Very Soft Read More
  • Durometers / Shore Durometers By PCE Instruments

    PCE Instruments’ durometer devices can determine the surface hardness of many different materials, including polymers, elastomers, plastics and rubbers. Each durometer or hardness tester measures the depth of an indentation in the material caused by a defined force of a given geometric presser... Read More
  • Dusenbery® Converting Systems By Parkinson Technologies Inc.

    Genesis Series Center Driven Duplex Slitter Rewinder Center driven slitter rewinders are used to economically slit and rewind a variety of materials that are not sensitive to contact pressure. Flex Series Center Surface Slitter Rewinder Center surface slitter rewinders are primarily used in... Read More
  • Dust and Fine Separators/Removal By Size Reduction Specialists Corp.

    The Cyclone Fine Separator removes powder from granulated plastic materials like no other on the market. Read More
  • DustAlarm® ES Particle Emission Monitor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ DustAlarm® ES particle emission monitor / broken bag detector provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in many powder and bulk solids industries. DustAlarm ES is designed to detect filter failures and leaking filters in the exhaust ducts of... Read More
  • DVR-1000/DVR-1500 Digital Vacuum Regulators By Cannon Instrument Company

    For precise measurement and control of vacuum at 300 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure ASTM D2171 Common Applications Asphalt cement Asphalt binders The DVR-1000 and DVR-1500 digital vacuum regulators provide precise measurement and control of vacuum at 300 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure.... Read More
  • DynaCon Clean Room Conveyors By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    The standard DynaCon conveyor is ready to meet dust proof and clean room conveyor requirements -- there is no need to order a special clean room conveyor for clean room applications. The DynaCon conveyor system is an economical solution to achieving lean manufacturing in medical,... Read More
  • DynaCon Fin Tumbler Separators By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    Adjustable Fin Tumbler Separators Designed to separate parts / runner combinations not possible with standard tumbler separators Rotating cage features adjustable fins to allow parts / runner separation Adjustable fins can be easily moved and adjusted to meet separation needs Simple... Read More
  • DynaCon Lift Pin Separators By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    Lift-Pin Separators Conveyor belt holds adjustable lift pins to separate parts from runners Lift-Pin Separator adjusts to adjacent conveyors, parts receptacles and runner bins Retainer shield prevents parts from deflecting off course Separator chute kit includes retainer shield,... Read More
  • DynaCon Low Profile Conveyors By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    DynaCon Modular Low Profile Conveyors fit into tight spaces, under equipment or in equipment where conventional conveyors don't fit and offering a sustainable conveying option for organizations whose conveying needs change. Companies can easily lengthen or shorten the conveyor in a matter of... Read More
  • DynaCon Modular Plastic Belt Conveyors By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    DynaCon Modular Conveyors offer customers flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration. Conveyor modules connect and reconnect to form modular conveyor systems of varying lengths (up to 100 feet) and widths (from 4" to 72" wide) Combine conveyor modules for horizontal systems,... Read More
  • DynaCon Sleeve Parts Separators By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    Sleeve Tumbler Separators Designed to separate parts / runner combinations not possible with standard tumbler separators Rotating cage features a cost-effective interchangeable sleeve with custom holes allowing parts / runner separation Interchangeable custom sleeves can be easily switched in... Read More
  • DynaCon Vertical Lift Conveyors By Dynamic Conveyor Corp.

    DynaCon Vertical Conveyor Lifts are an ideal solution for crowded manufacturing facilities, growing operations or new facilities looking to save space. Product is safely and smoothly loaded or unloaded from conveyors without damaging product. Available in widths ranging from 4" to 60"... Read More
  • Dynamix By Shepherd Color

    Skip the mill with Dynamix and just stir it in. It’s fast and easy to create any batch size without grinding because every pigment is 100% color. You’ll get full dispersion in minutes leading to faster production and more time for development. Convenience without compromise. With Dynamix... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge B By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE B is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to flow naturally through the barrel and accumulator head. A non-melting but softening thermoplastic scrubs the screw and barrel, while the carrier matrix flushes away impurities. Read More
  • Dyna-Purge C By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE C is a clear, non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to purge high clarity resins such as PET, GPPS, PC, SAN and PMMA. A proprietary additive expands allowing for the purge to reach and clean all areas of the machine. The carrier matrix then... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge E By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE E is a high heat-resistant, non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to purge high-temperature engineering resins. A non-melting but softening thermoplastic scrubs the screw and barrel of both injection molding machines and extruders, while the... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge F By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE F is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound with a proprietary additive, formulated to flow naturally through the barrel and hot runner system of the injection molding machine. Read More
  • Dyna-Purge Grade Selection Guide By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    For 30 years Dyna-Purge has led the industry in saving processors time and money with our high-performance engineered purging compounds. For optimal grade selection, consult with your Dyna-Purge technical representative. Read More
  • Dyna-Purge K By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE K is a low-temp, non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to flow naturally through the barrel and hot runner system of the injection molding machine, as well as extrusion equipment. A non-melting but softening thermoplastic scrubs the screw and... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge M By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE M is a versatile non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to flow naturally through the barrel and hot runner system of the injection molding machine, as well as extrusion equipment. Two non-melting but softening thermoplastic ingredients scrub,... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge P By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE P is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to have a natural flow through the barrel and hot runner system of the injection molding machine. An advanced formulation, with dual action scrubbing, expands into tight channels and negative flow... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge SF By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE SF is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound with a proprietary additive, which allows the purge to expand and scrub the screw and barrel, die, and other downstream equipment. The material is designed for extruders and co-extruders that have limited... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge V By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE V is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, formulated to flow naturally through the barrel of the injection molding machine and extruder. A non-melting but softening thermoplastic scrubs the screw and barrel, while the carrier matrix flushes away... Read More
  • Dyna-Purge X By Dyna-Purge(R), a Div. of Shuman Plastics, Inc.

    DYNA-PURGE X is a non-abrasive, non-chemical engineered thermoplastic purging compound, designed to have a natural flow through the extruder. An advanced formulation with dual action scrubbing expands into negative flow areas, loosening and removing degraded material. This grade is designed for... Read More
  • Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems By Automation Products, Inc. - DYNATROL® Division

    Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems provide fast, precise viscosity measurement for use on a wide variety of process industry applications. The Dynatrol® viscometer utilizes a unique vibratory principle to provide continuous measurement at in-line process conditions. This eliminates the need for... Read More
  • Dynatrol®Level Detectors for Bulk Solids By Automation Products, Inc. - DYNATROL® Division

    Dynatrol® Level Detectors are designed to conquer your specific measurement challenges. They provide reliable high, low or mid point levels results in storage bins or hoppers for PLASTIC PELLETS, POWDERS, GRANULES, REGRIND MATERIAL, etc. Successful applications range from low density flakes or... Read More
  • Dynisco Analyzers/Material Properties Testers By Dynisco

    From pellet to part, we offer the most comprehensive material properties testing capability in the industry. Dynisco analyzers, including melt flow indexers, rheometers and impact testers, are recognized and used in laboratories around the world for testing the physical, mechanical, thermal and... Read More
  • Dynisco Instrumentation By Dynisco

    Dynisco offers a variety of robust instrumentation in discrete or multi-loop options. Whether you need an indicator, controller or signal conditioner for pressure or temperature monitoring, Dynisco can provide you with an exceptionally reliable, user-friendly instrument that will suit your... Read More
  • Dynisco Pressure Sensors By Dynisco

    ynisco manufactures a wide range of robust mV/V, mA, VDC and HART-compatible melt pressure sensors (transducers and transmitters) designed specifically for the harsh, rugged environments of the extrusion and polymer processing industries. Pressure sensing is our core technology, and with 60... Read More
  • Dynisco ViscoSensor Online Rheometer By Dynisco

    Here's what you get when you go Visco: Capillary Rheology A capillary viscometer forces material through a small diameter capillary die creating a pressure drop across the die. By controlling the material’s shear rate through the die or shear stress across the die, apparent viscosity or melt... Read More
  • DZynSource Mold Engineering Software By DZynSource

    DzynSource's Mold Engineering Software does all that the name implies and more! In addition to engineering calculations, it does machining, production planning, and molding calculations. There is also a great deal of reference information, like: material properties, hot runner checklist,... Read More