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  • E Grade Purging Compound By ASACLEAN - Sun Plastech Inc.

    E Grade is a purging compound for thermoplastic injection molding and extruder machines especially designed for residue-sensative or low-temperature resins. E Grade leave very little residue behind while facilitating color and material changes, making it suitable for especially for clear resins.... Read More

    The blowing machine is of the linear type for the production of PET containers by a double-stage process (from preform to bottle). The EA14 is available with 12, 14 and 16 cavities depending on bottle capacity and required output. Read More

    SIAPI EA1S machines are designed for the production of PET containers by a two-stage process, in particular containers with capacities of 10 to 40 litres (3 to 10 US GAL). It is possible to change from one type of container to another quickly, by simply replacing the mould, adjusting the... Read More

    The SIAPI machine mod. EA1WM-U has been realised to produce wide mouth PET containers by a stretch-blowing two-stage process. It is suitable for the production of jars/containers with mouth from diameter 63 mm to 180 mm, maximum diameter of the body 260 mm, max height of the preform 220 mm. Read More

    The SIAPI machine mod. EA2 has been realised to produce PET bottles by a stretch-blowing two-stage process. It is suitable for the production of bottles/containers with capacities that go from 0.25 up to 6 l. It is possible to change from one type of container to another by simply replacing the... Read More

    The SIAPI machine mod. EA2M produces PET containers by a stretch-blowing two-stage process. It is suitable for the production of bottles/containers with capacities that go from 0.25 up to 10 l. It is possible to change from one type of container to another by simply replacing the mould,... Read More
  • EA2S/2-3-5 By SIAPI SRL

    The SIAPI machine mod. EA2S/2-3-5 has been realised to produce PET bottles by a stretch-blowing two-stage process. It is suitable for the production of bottles/containers with capacities that go from 3 up to 30 l. The EA2S is available with 2,3 or 5 cavities depending on bottle capacity and... Read More
  • EA2WM-U/2-3-4 By SIAPI SRL

    The SIAPI machine mod. EA2WM-U/2-3-4 has been realised to produce wide mouth PET containers by a stretch-blowing two-stage process. It is suitable for the production of jars/containers with mouth from Ø 63 mm to Ø 180 mm, maximum diameter of the body 260 mm, max height of the container: 220... Read More

    The blowing machine EA4 is of the linear type for the production of standard PET containers by a double-stage process (from preform to bottle). The EA4 is available with 3, 4 or 5 cavities depending on bottle capacity and required output. Read More

    SIAPI EA4WM machines are built to produce wide mouth PET containers by a two-stage stretch-blow process and are designed for medium quantity production of containers from preforms with Ø 48 mm to Ø 89 mm mouths. The type of container is quickly changed by simply replacing the mold, changing... Read More

    The blowing machine is of the linear type for the production of PET containers by a double-stage process (from preform to bottle). The EA7 is available with 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 cavities depending on bottle capacity and required output. Read More

    The patented Eagle is a low shear mixing screw that provides the processor with outstanding color mixing and melt quality without increasing melt temperature, burning or degradation while running at very high RPM. It can be designed to process any resin for your application. The Eagle mixing... Read More
  • EAGLECELL™ By Gilman Brothers Co., The

    EAGLECELL™ honeycomb graphic boards are manufactured from 100% fully recyclable paper core and surface liners. The core has been fabricated to form a series of triangular cells with a proprietary open core design engineered with 95% open space making it lightweight yet able to deliver I-beam... Read More
  • Ear-plug silicone mold By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo system...etc) 100%... Read More
  • Earth Cell Foam By American Excelsior Company

    American Excelsior has developed an environmentally friendly polyurethane called Earth Cell that is a flexible bio-based foam and an alternative to petroleum based polyurethane foams. It is made of renewable-based bio-polyols derived from vegetables. Earth Cell is a green, earth-friendly... Read More
  • EB5 Series RF Admittance Level Transmitter By Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc.

    Continuous level transmitter for material with dielectric constant of 1.8+ with ranges up to 5,000pf or in the area of up to 60ft. 2-wire loop powered with 18-30VDC and 4-20mA output. Cost effective for most all applications. Read More
  • EBIT Growth By Advantage Growth Solutions

    In today's world, most small- to medium-sized businesses have "right-sized" their organizations to handle existing customers and manage a few key initiatives that enable them to move into some adjacents applications and/or markets. They do not have the capacity and/or capability to explore... Read More
  • EC-Cutter - Cutting Unit By extrunet America

    Our EC Cutter implements the high standards entailed by our ECO concept. The EC Cutter is a standard component of the extrunet Extrusion Line and is notable for its specific attributes and impeccable quality standards in relation to the ECO concept. Thanks to the magnificent work done by our... Read More
  • Eco Choice "Green Products" By Plastibec Inc.

    The raw materials we work with are 100% recyclable and we make it our duty to properly re-use all “dust, purge or waste” vinyl materials without compromising the integrity of our products. Three areas of our company are concretely dedicated in the re-use or recycling of materials: 1. All vinyl... Read More
  • ECO Continuous Melt Filter By Ettlinger North America LP

    At the heart of the ECO filter is a rotating, perforated filter drum, through which the melt flows from the outside to the inside. The contaminants remain on the filter surface, where they are removed by a scraper with every rotation and fed to the discharge shaft. Since this principle prevents... Read More
  • Ecochillers Product Catalog By EcoChillers

    Process Air Conditioning Industrial Read More
  • Ecogreen® ECCLWP-C Water Cooled Chiller By EcoChillers

    Mark: Ecogreen® Model: ECCLWP-C Type: Water Cooled 1 up to 4 compressors, brazed plate heat exchangers, pump kit and tank in to chiller cabinet. *Chillers are assembled in Mexico with American brand parts such as York, Johnson Controls, Copeland, Danfoss, electric Siemens, Furnas, A.O.... Read More
  • Ecogreen® Ultra® Series ECCLASH Air Cooled Semi Hermetic Chiller By EcoChillers

    Superior Full-And Part-Load Performance • 21 To 25 Ton • HFC Refrigerant R-410-A • Carlyle Semi-Hermetic Serviceable Compressor • Efficient Valve Design – Designed For Newer HFC • Refrigerants (Versus Fixed Vi Of Scroll) • Electronic Processor Electronic Based • Shell And Tube Heat... Read More
  • Ecogreen® Ultra® Series ECCLASH1032 Air Cooled Semi Hermetic Chiller By EcoChillers

    Superior Full-And Part-Load Performance • 86 to 103.2 Ton • HFC Refrigerant R-410-A • Carlyle Semi-Hermetic Serviceable Compressor • High Efficient Valve Design – Designed For Newer r410a HFC Refrigerants (Versus Fixed Vi Of Scroll) • Electronic Temperature Controls • Shell And Tube Heat... Read More
  • ECON Air Pelletizing System, ELG By ECON North America

    ELG The ECON air pelletizer was especially developed for processing wood and natural fiber compounds (such as WPC). Because water is used to cool and convey the pellets, processing wood-plastic compounds in an underwater pelletizing system requires a substantial amout of drying. Common drying... Read More
  • ECON Continuous Screen Changer with Backflush System, ESK B By ECON North America

    ESK B The continuous double-piston screen changers with backflush system provide major advantages with their fully automatic cleaning of the screens as soon as a defined maximum pressure is met. •all thermoplastic materials can be processed •optimal design of the melt flow way - short... Read More
  • ECON Continuous Screen Changer, ESK By ECON North America

    ESK The continuous double-piston screen changer allows screens to be switched out during operation. •all thermoplastic materials can be processed •optimal design of the melt flow way - short melt residence time •low pressure build up - to prevent thermal variations of the melt •no dead... Read More
  • ECON Pyrolysis Furnace, EPO By ECON North America

    EPO The ECON pyrolysis furnace was developed for environmentally friendly and gentle cleaning of extrusion and filter parts. Thermoplastics and mixed plastics are removed under vacuum without any cleansing agent at a variable working temperature. Sensitive parts are protected due to the... Read More
  • ECON Underwater Pelletizing System, EUP By ECON North America

    EUP Underwater Pelletizing System ECON is the leading provider of underwater pelletizing technology with thermally insulated die plates. The die plate is fixed on the heated carrier body. The thermal insulation ensures that the melt in the die holes will not "freeze". ECON pelletizers are... Read More
  • ECON Vibration Drying System, EVS By ECON North America

    EVS Especially for materials with high filler content (e.g. with glass fibers or with mineral fillers), the vibration drying system is an excellent alternative to the standard centrifugal dryer. The gentle drying of the pellets ensures little wear and a low amount of fines. A residual... Read More
  • Econyl By Aquafil USA Plastics

    Econyl is our most exciting innovation as an engineered plastics product made with post industrial reclaim (PIR). The Econyl process creates a "closed-loop system" of waste recovering by using our BCF yarn as our primary raw material for the finished product. This "circle of life" for Econyl is... Read More
  • EcoPaXX® By DSM Engineering Plastics

    EcoPaXX™ (PA4.10), a bio-based, high performance engineering plastic that is 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate. Approximately 70% of the polymer consists of building blocks derived from castor oil as a renewable resource. Castor oil is a unique natural material and is obtained from the... Read More
  • eDART System - Process Monitoring & Control By RJG, Inc.

    The eDART System™ helps you gain control over the two greatest variables in injection molding: People and plastic. Today's eDART lets you tailor the technology to suit your needs. But all eDART configurations have one thing in common: They provide the tools you need to go from good to... Read More
  • Eddy Current Separators By Eriez

    Remove aluminum, brass, copper from post consumer plastic bottles and PET flake to recover extremely high purity plastic with up to 99% good product yield. Read More
  • Edge Folding Equipment By FRIMO Inc.

    Engineering Prototype, pilot series and serial production tools adhesive-free manufacturing tooling adhesive-based manufacturing tooling Single station units with a swiveling upper table with vertical electromotive upper table drive for when stronger forces are required Inline and rotary table... Read More
  • Edge Gate Hot Runner System Technology By INCOE Corporation

    INCOE® Corporation has developed a new Edge Gate nozzle design that simplifies integration and maintenance. The new design has been added to the proven Direct-Flo™ Gold series of hot runners and provides exceptional thermal control and sustainable part geometry in applications requiring a side... Read More
  • EDGE GATE NOZZLES By Thermoplay S.p.A.

    This nozzle type for edge gate injection is mostly used for internal injection in critical points and when the shape of the moulding part requires the use of a small tip. This nozzle is also suggested when it is necessary to keep the heated part of the nozzle from the surface of the moulding... Read More
  • EDM Magnets By DocMagnet Inc

    EDM Magnets Provide Quick Load/Unload While Improving Finished Part Quality. Read More
  • EE300 Series Electromechanical Level Inventory System By Aplus Finetek Sensor, Inc.

    Plumb-bob or yo-yo type inventory monitoring system for static vessel conditions (not during filling). Sensor communicates using RS485 MODBUS and also 4-20mA output. Can tie into Aplus Finetek RCU for wall mounting or MMS-TL PC software with our IPC (industrial PC). Read More
  • eGate By Synventive Molding Solutions

    Synventive is proud to introduce its new, patented eGate high performance electric valve gate system. eGate features breakthrough technology that takes valve gate hot runner molding to the next level by precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, acceleration, velocity and stroke. The... Read More
  • Ejector Blades By Choice Mold Components, Inc.

    Choice carries over 600 sizes of standard Ejector Blades available in M-2 or H-13 Steel. Our M-2 Blades are manufactured from High Chromium M-2 Steel (58-60 Rc) to resist corrosion, galling, and pitting and are offered in US Inch and Euro Metric Sizes. Their one piece design provides High Column... Read More
  • Ejector Pins By Plastixs

    Plastixs® offers a complete line of Precision Ejector Pins in H-13 standard or through-hardened steel, as well as an extensive variety of specialty Ejector Pins in various styles, sizes and materials. A wide range of standard American inch and metric sized ejector pins are available for... Read More
  • Ejector Sleeves By Choice Mold Components, Inc.

    Custom Ejector Sleeves available in straight, step, multiple step, or thin walled. Available in H-13, A-2, A-10, D-2, M-2, 440 and 420 stainless steels as well as Copper alloys including, but not limited to, Ampcoloy and Mold Max. Custom Sleeves can be manufactured to a working hardness designed... Read More
  • Elastacon 3300 Series TPE By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    Elastocon 3300 TPE series is a colorable S-B-S thermoplastic elastomer series. Benefits of our Elastocon 3300 Series of TPEs include: • Can be injection molded, extruded, blow molded or compounded • No drying required • Less material usage during processing • High flow properties to enable... Read More
  • Elastocon 2800 Series Performance TPEs By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    Our popular Elastocon 2800 Series of thermoplastic elastomers are offered in Shore A hardness ranges from 10 to 90, ideally suited for your applications requiring an ultra-soft rubber-like feel and a good surface finish with non-slip/soft touch ergonomics and resilience. Our 2800 Series... Read More
  • Elastocon 8000 Series General Purpose TPEs By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    Our versatile Elastocon 8000 TPE Series of thermoplastic elastomers are supplied for compounding or as ready-to-use pellets in 1000 lb. quantities. Benefits of our Elastocon 8000 Series of TPEs include: • Can be injection molded, extruded, blow molded or compounded • Less material usage during... Read More
  • Elastocon 9000 TPE Series By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    Our Elastocon 9000 TPE Series of D scale thermoplastic elastomers are supplied for compounding or as ready-to-use pellets in 1000 lb. quantities. Benefits of our Elastocon 9000 Series of TPEs include: • Higher durometer D scale hardness thermoplastic elastomers • Can be injection molded,... Read More
  • Elastocon CLR Series Transparent High Strength TPEs By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    Our new Elastocon CLR (Clear) Series of non-blooming thermoplastic elastomers were developed for applications that clarity and high strength properties. The new grades are FDA compliant and well suited for consumer goods and industrial applications requiring U.V. stability. Read More
  • Elastocon OF (oil-free) TPE Series By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    Our new Elastocon OF (oil-free) TPE Series of thermoplastic elastomers were developed for applications that require oil/plasticizer-free, high strength properties and a reduced coefficient of friction. These thermoplastic elastomer grades are well suited for consumer goods and industrial... Read More
  • Elastocon STK Series Overmolding TPEs By Elastocon TPE Technologies

    The Elastocon STK Series of thermoplastic elastomers are offered in a variety of Shore A hardness ranges, ideally suited for applications that require overmold adhesion to various substrates like PC, ABS, PC/ABS, Copolyester, and Polyamide. Best applications are for consumer goods and industrial... Read More
  • Elastomag® Magnesium Oxide By Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties

    The key to successful rubber and plastics compounding is the accurate timing of activity – the property that regulates the rate at which magnesium oxide accepts by-products. Martin Marietta’s Elastomag magnesium oxide powders deliver the precise predictability needed in rubber manufacturing.... Read More
  • Elastomer shut-off nozzles By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    The Herzog® LSR nozzle type E is specifically designed for elastomer applications. It has a unique cooling system which ensures that the material remains in fluid form right up until the mold interface. There are multiple fields of LSR applications and is rising in importance. LSR molded parts... Read More
  • ELCON By Sesotec Inc.

    The single-face metal detector ELCON is used to inspect smalls and bulk materials on conveyor belts or material chutes, preferably of low material height. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even if enclosed in the product. On... Read More
  • Electric extrusion blow molding with multi-layers. By Plastimac

    Electric extrusion blow molding with multi-layers. PB 5E/D Double Station E-ELECTRIC VERSION Volume : up to 5 liters Clamping force : 10 tons Electric driven, oil free Stroke : 430 mm to 800 mm Extruders ø E60/25 - E90/25 Extrusion heads : 1 up to 10 ways Plastimac/Amjet, Inc. 154 Tices... Read More
  • Electric Injection Molding Machines Course By Routsis Training

    Our two Electric Injection Molding courses will provide participants with a better understanding of the benefits and capabilities of modern all-electric injection molding machines. Safety concerns particular to electric molding machines are also covered. Read More
  • Electrical By Sylvin Technologies Inc

    Sylvin Technologies, Inc. offers a diverse line of vinyl compounds for the Electrical market; all compounds are RoHS compliant. Typical applications include injection molded cord sets, wire harnesses, strain relief, grommets, battery terminal covers, molded cable assemblies and electrical... Read More
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment By Integrated Design Systems Inc.

    The diverse variety of electrical and electronic equipment spans a broad range of products from small handheld plastic devices to large rugged rack mounted modules. Requirements for this classification are as diverse as the applications. Handheld devices require comprehensive attention to human... Read More
  • Electrical Dip Moldings & Coatings By Piper Plastics Corp.

    ISO 9001:2008 certified dip molder and coater for the the electrical and electronics market using high dielectric strength materials. Products include connectors, buss bars, insulators, caps, protectors, etc. Read More
  • Electrical Safety & NFPA By Easy Safety Solutions

    Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard. OSHA's electrical standards are designed to protect employees exposed to dangers such as electric shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. Electrical hazards are addressed in specific standards for the general... Read More
  • Electroform Nickel Tooling Services By FET Engineering, Inc.

    At FET Engineering we provide design, engineering, and CAD modeling of custom electroform nickel molds for a range of applications and industries. Designs are thoroughly analyzed with stress analysis technology, and models are created for further evaluation and refinement in order to meet... Read More
  • Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Cutters By Versa Machinery

    The most important measure of a cutter’s accuracy is the variation in its delay time. A difference in delay time between cut cycles will yield a difference in length between products. The variation of the Versa DAC system has been measured at +/- 0.2 milliseconds, a degree of accuracy that... Read More
  • Electronic and Electrical By Colloids Limited

    Working in conjunction with OEMs, polymer suppliers and processors Colloids has the ability to offer highly specialised product solutions for electronic/electrical applications. From the conceptual phase of a project through to full commercialisation we work closely with our customers, often... Read More
  • Electronic Scrap Shredding By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

    Shredding Systems For a Wide Range of Electronic Scrap Applications Until recently, the process of reclaiming precious metals from electonic scrap involved the labor-intensive process of dismantling of components manually to extract the precious metals. SSI has developed a line of... Read More
  • Electronics Packaging By T.O. Plastics Inc.

    When it comes to electronics packaging, we have unparalleled experience in design, research and development, production and quality control. We routinely run many static dissipative and conductive materials that are crucial in electronics component packaging applications. •Cleanroom production,... Read More
  • Electro-Static Generators & Charging Bars By TAKK Industries Inc., Static Control Div.

    TAKK Electro-Static Generators and Generator Bars offer a low cost method of temporary adhesion and pinning—effective, simple, clean and non-marking—through the bonding force of positive and negative ions (static electricity). The Generator/Bar System enables you to bond similar or dissimilar... Read More
  • Elektra Series: FDC e PVDDC models By O.M.G. Srl

    This automatic thermoforming machine is ideal for producing thermoformed parts in medium to large volumes . This use the advantage of electrical movements contained different and unique characteristics. The main topic of these models is the cutting phase that can be done in the mold, ensuring... Read More
  • Elektra Series: RVE e PVE models By O.M.G. Srl

    This automatic thermoforming machine model with only vacuum (model RVE) or vacuum and pressure (model PVE) is ideal for producing thermoformed parts in medium/big volumes . This use the advantage of electrical movements contained different and unique characteristics: it's the only machine with... Read More
  • Elevator Conveyor (2260) By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA's "Elevator" conveyors are manufactured with oversized stainless steel hoppers, and tall cleats to help carry product up to feeder-bowl, gayolrds, overhead hoppers...etc. These units have options availe such as nose-over sections, lexan covers, PLC controls,cooling, hinged hopper... Read More
  • Elexar® By Teknor Apex Company

    Elexar® is a family of styrene block copolymer thermoplastic elastomers, often referred to as thermoplastic rubber (TPR). Elexar® "rubber-like" compounds offer superior electrical properties coupled with excellent flexibility, toughness, and surface aesthetics. Elexar® compounds are... Read More
  • ELFOAM By Elliott Co of Indianapolis Inc

    Manufacturer of rigid unfaced polyiso (polyurethane) foam. Produce ELFOAM® blocks, sheets & fabricated shapes in densities between 2 and 6 lbs/ft3. Operating temperature range: -297°F to +300°F. Class I flammability rating. Thicknesses from 1/8” to 24”. Applications include... Read More
  • ELIX ABS By ELIX Polymers, S.L.

    Extensive portfolio of ABS thermoplastic resins,focused on specialty products and markets with high added value. Read More
  • ELIX PC / ABS By ELIX Polymers, S.L.

    Blends of PC and ABS for general injection molding applications with excellent balance flowability and mechanical properties. Read More

    Portfolio of ABS and SAN based modifiers to improve impact and flowability of ABS, ABS blends and other thermoplastics. Read More
  • ELS - PRIMUS By Sesotec Inc.

    The single-layer, single-face ELS detector is used for examining individually packed products and bulk materials on a conveyor belt or a material chute, preferably with a low material height. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) –... Read More
  • EM-3c Plastics Extrusion Machine Control System By Eurotherm

    The EM-3c is specifically designed for small plastics extruders but is packed with the features of the popular EM-3 Extrusion Control System. The operator interface is either a MACO Compact running Microsoft CE.net or the rugged OPtima Touch PC running Wonderware InTouch™ and can be used just... Read More
  • Emergency Services By EAG Laboratories

    When unforeseen quality issues occur, Chemir can help. Our analytical investigations provide quick and reliable answers needed to manage a crisis. Our scientists are available 24/7 to solve complex, non-routine problems using a customized approach. Chemir has a solid reputation for... Read More
  • EMI Shielding Plastic Compounds By RTP Company

    Thermoplastic compounds for EMI/RFI shielding offer reliability and value in applications where electromagnetic compatibility is required. These specialty compounds give designers and processors tremendous flexibility and offer significant benefits over metals, unfilled resins, or coatings.... Read More
  • Encapsulation By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Plastic encapsulation of IC components is a process where an integrated circuits chip is being capsulated with Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) via the transfer molding process to prevent physical damage or corrosion. In addition to the complex chemorheology of EMC, the electronic components with... Read More
  • Encapsulation and Overmolding By RIMNETICS Inc

    Encapsulation and overmolding with Rimnetics utilizes the low exothermic heat and process pressure produced by the RIM process to encapsulate even the most sensitive circuit boards, antennas and batteries while the low viscosity of the material ensures that even the most detailed geometries are... Read More
  • End of Arm Tool (EOAT / Gripper) Kit PreciGrip By Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

    End of Arm Tool (EOAT / Gripper) Kit PreciGrip The PreciGrip End of Arm Tool (EOAT / Gripper) Kit was developed from years of experience in a End of Arm Tooling (EOAT / Gripper) construction. The Target here is to build up the EOAT / Gripper as possible in a 90 degree orientation with the... Read More
  • End of Arm Tools By Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

    We also build End of Arm Tools on request Read More
  • Endo/Exo Blend CFAs By Bergen International

    Endothermic and Exothermic blends can have a synergistic effect that offers benefits over the use of either an endo or exo by themselves. Read More
  • Endothermic CFAs By Bergen International

    Endothermic chemical foaming agents are chemicals that take heat away from the chemical reaction. This produces foams with a much smaller cell structure, resulting in improved appearance and better physical properties. Read More

    Energy-saving band heaters Allowing to save up to 40% of the band heaters consumption (PATENT) Watt density of 3W/cm² Read More
  • Enflon® Filled PTFE By Enflo LLC

    Typically, PTFE is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Occasionally, additional “fillers” and materials are added to enhance PTFE products for use in specific applications. These “Filled PTFEs” usually maintain their original chemical and thermal resistance characteristics, while... Read More
  • Engineered Composites By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    At LyondellBasell, we understand your need for weight reduction, parts consolidation, cost reduction, high-volume production, specialization and processing ease. We can help you meet those challenges efficiently and effectively – either by drawing on one of our proven, robust solutions or by... Read More
  • Engineered Flexible Packaging By Flex-Pack Engineering, Inc.

    Reverse Engineering Services! Engineered Flexible Packaging Products! New Product and Application Development! Industrial and Retail Packaging Segments! Our Core Business is designing the right Flexible Packaging Products for you! We start by acquiring a crystal clear understanding of... Read More
  • Engineered FRP By Crane Composites

    Sustainable Engineered to survive in harsh environments, FRP won’t rot, rust, mold or mildew and resists corrosion from chemicals. Energy Efficient Engineered FRP panels are available in various colors and weights to customize the the light transmission value needed. Options Crane Composites... Read More
  • Engineered Hot Air Industrial Dryers & Ovens By Glenro, Inc.

    Increased performance can be expected from Glenro engineered hot air system designs. Glenro designs are innovative and cost effective. Combined with our expertise in the integration of multiple energy sources, your investment in our creativity will result in a very attractive return of increased... Read More
  • Engineered Nylon Resins By Pier One Polymers Inc.

    To make an engineered plastic work hard, Pier One Polymers brings a lot of forces to the table. Any member of the Pier One Polymers force, from an Applications Engineer to one of our manufacturing specialists, tackles customer problems as if they were our own. Because today to get the most out... Read More
  • Engineered Polymers By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    LyondellBasell specializes in the design and manufacture of high- performance plastic compounds and resins. We offer enhanced performance characteristics for blowmolding, injection molding and extrusion applications to meet customer’s demanding requirements. This portfolio includes compounds... Read More
  • Engineering By zenClaire design

    3D Cad Parametric Modeling Part/Assembly Design Patent/Technical Drawings Reverse Engineering Fixture Design Injection Mold Design EDM Electrode Design Read More
  • Engineering & Design By RCO Engineering Inc.

    RCO has partnered with the transportation industry in comprehensive, world-class design, engineering, prototyping and tooling services for more than 30 years. \\r \\r RCO Engineering offers whole vehicle, total product development, design and engineering services. Solid, reliable and constantly... Read More
  • Engineering / Prototyping By Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co.

    Conceptual Design Our in-house CAD systems and engineers have experience with single component designs as well as functional assemblies. We can conceptually design your product and evaluate fit, function, material volume, weight and total cost. Detail Design Capability We work with... Read More
  • Engineering Grades By TradePro Inc.

    - PC is characterized by excellent impact strength, glass-like transparency, and high dimensional stability. Additionally, PC has heat resistance, superb electrical properties, intrinsic flame-retardancy, low water absorption, and high dimensional accuracy out of the mold. Long-term... Read More
  • Engineering Plastics By Ace Corp Holdings LTD

    Ace is committed to meeting diversifying market needs and developing and manufacturing outstanding products. The company owns facilities and equipment for the design and production of high-precision press mold and plastic mold, where it manufactures a range of precision equipment and... Read More
  • Engineering Resins & Componds By General Polymers Thermoplastic Materials

    AsahiKasei Plastics NA (PP, POM, PA, mPPE/PPO); Sabic Olefin Compounds (TPO, PP); Domo/Technical Polymers (PA, PBT, TPEE, PPA); KEP (POM); Radici (PA, PBT, TPEE); Lotte Advanced Materials (ABS, PC/ABS, PC, weatherable polymers); APS Elastomers (TPE, TPV, TPU); Color Master (flexible-rigid PVC &... Read More
  • Engineering Services By Noble Plastics Inc

    Based on the systems engineering model, The Noble Way outlines our approach to any project. This approach accommodates any type of project, from napkin-sketch to technical specification. Better definition of requirements and methods of performance yields a better product and met expectations.... Read More
  • Engineering Services By Teamvantage

    Teamvantage is a state-of-the-art, custom contract manufacturer and injection molder providing creative solutions to our customers' unique manufacturing challenges. Vitally important to the success of every program is the unparalleled collaboration of our team of experts with yours. We... Read More
  • Engineering/Consulting Services By Biomedical Polymers Inc.

    At Biomedical Polymers, Inc., we are ready to bring our 30+ years of medical plastics engineering expertise to your project. Serving the research, biomedical, and medical diagnostic laboratory markets, our constant focus on new trends and technologies in plastic materials and manufacturing... Read More
  • Engis Mold & Die Polishing Products By Engis Corp

    Engis Corporation offers a complete line of products for mold and die polishing; rotary and reciprocating polishing tools, diamond compound, felt and wood bobs, ceramic stones, diamond files, and more. Please go to our website to download a free copy of our catalog. Read More
  • Enkase™ By Inhance Technologies, LLC

    Enkase is our unique barrier technology that transforms conventional plastics into high-performance packaging. Enkase creates a permanent barrier that can be applied to polyolefin packaging regardless of shape, size or design. Whether your product formulation is water-based or organic, Enkase... Read More
  • Ensign Equipment By P P E Associates, Inc.

    Dumpers, tilt tables, Mixers, bulk bag loader/unloaders, portable hoppers, surge bins, power hoppers Read More
  • Environmental Certifications & Training Services By Advanced Certified Environmental, LLC

    Advanced Certified Environmental provides environmental certifications, training & services including : * Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and Audits, SPCC Plans, Closure Plans, QA/QC NELAC sampling and analysis of water, soils, food products, with cGMP FDA full... Read More
  • EOAT By Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

    The future is now within grasp: PreciGrip – the new gripper building system just keeps on growing! Slot nut clamping profiles had been the nec plus ultra in gripper building for decades - until the PreciGrip prismatic system arrived. Late last year, AGS Automation... Read More
  • EOAT - Big Suspension By CGS Automation Inc

    Big Suspension has rotating and non-rotating with threaded and non-threaded type with 20, 30, 40, 50 strokes. It comes out with 2xM5 or M5&PT1/8 or 2xPt1/8 female adapter for matching with flat or bellows cup. So it is suitable for heavy-duty industry use. Read More
  • EOS Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and plastic laser sintering solutions By EOS (Electro Optical Systems)

    EOS is the world leader in laser sintering, a key technology for e-Manufacturing. Fast, flexible and cost effective components are produced directly from electronic data, therefore accelerating product development and optimizing production processes. EOS offers application-optimized... Read More
  • EOS P 396 By EOS

    The EOS P 396 is a 3D printer in the medium build volume range for plastic additive manufacturing. A highly productive system integratable into IIoT environments. • Build rate of 3 I/h with a packing density of 5% • Widest portfolio of materials on the market • Most homogeneous part properties... Read More
  • EOS P 770 By EOS

    SLS printer for plastics with two lasers and the largest build area on the market. Perfectly suited for the additive manufacturing of large parts with high throughput. • Build rate of 5.6 I/h with a packing density of 5% • Largest build area available on the market • System equipped with 2... Read More
  • EOS P 810 By EOS

    The EOS P 810 is the high-temperature system of choice for the additive series production of sophisticated plastic parts for the aerospace, electronics, and mobility industries. • Build rate of 2.7 I/h with a packing density of 5% • Processing of polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) filled with carbon... Read More
  • EOS SE Hybrid Injection Molding Machine By NEGRI BOSSI S.p.A.

    The Negri Bossi EOS SE series is a line unique two platen hybrid hydraulic design, offered in clamping sizes from 50 to 120 metric tons (55 to 130 US tons) and with shot capacities from 2.4 to 9.6 oz. An innovative two-platen design that offers a very compact footprint and the best tie bar... Read More
  • EOS TPU 1301 By EOS

    The parts made from this white material are extremely hydrolysis-resistant, with high resilience and good tribological properties. The degree of flexibility can be influenced by the part design and the choice of process parameters and can even be varied within the same part. Read More
  • Epic Cables By PowerTech Components Inc.

    POWERTECH cables are guaranteed not to pull out of the housing and are guaranteed no pin push out. Read More
  • EPIC Mold Wiring Systems By PowerTech Components Inc.

    Mold Wiring Systems eliminate the guesswork that is usually associated with wiring a Hot Runner System. Read More
  • EPIC® Industrial Connectors By Plastixs

    Our EPIC connectors offer robust receptacles, plugs, inserts, hoods, bases & housings and are the choice quick connect and disconnect technology for all power and control connector circuits where performance, security, reliability and durability are key requirements. Read More
  • EPLEXOR 6000/8000N By Gabo Qualimeter Testanlagen GmbH

    The new instrument in the EPLEXOR range enables the user to apply forces up to 6 KN (8KN) A deformation range of up to 100mm is available. The new EPLEXOR 6000/8000 dynamic universal testing instrument is aimed for component as well as for material testing. Depending on the configuraton of the... Read More
  • Epoxidized Soybean Oil, (ESO) By ChemCeed LLC

    Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESO) is produced through the oxidation of high iodine value unsaturated soybean oil with hydrogen peroxide and organic acids such as acetic acid or formic acid. ESO is primarily used as a co-plasticizer for flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and its copolymers. It also... Read More
  • EPRENE (SEBS) TPO By Felix Compounds

    We offer materials from this class of products that can replace natural rubber and TPV (Vulcanized thermoplastics, type Santoprene) as well as similar products such as Synprene, Santoprene and Sarlink. The products that are part of the Eprene family are compatible with Polypropylene, and are... Read More
  • e-Press By Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    Sonics’ 20 and 40 kHz e-PressTM ultrasonic plastics assembly systems feature a stepper motor drive with optical linear encoder that provides superior precision control with a weld depth tolerance of +/-0.0003 inches (0.008 millimeters)for repeatable welds to precise final dimensions. Electric... Read More
  • EPS - PE - PP foam compactor densifier By Foam Equipment & Consulting Co.

    HEGER compaction systems of the THE LION series compact bulky foamed plastic waste made of EPS, EPE, EPP, ARCEL, XPS, and Styrofoam™ in a highly economical manner into easy to handle blocks. The extreme reduction in volume achieved in this manner allows for enormous savings in transport and... Read More
  • EPS & Styrofoam compactor Densifier By Foam Equipment & Consulting Co.

    HEGER compaction systems of the THE TIGER series compact bulky parts made of EPS or Styrofoam™ in a highly economical manner into easy to handle blocks. The extreme reduction in volume achieved in this manner allows for enormous savings in transport and disposal costs. Compressed EPS blocks can... Read More
  • EPS Foam Grinders By Commodore Technology LLC

    Commodore foam grinders are designed and built with simplicity in mind, ensuring low maintenance and consistent performance for the long term. The area grinder and the under press grinder both offer simple, rugged construction, which allows for easy maintenance. All of the features are designed... Read More
  • EPS Tooling By Commodore Technology LLC

    Commodore is a world leader in the design and manufacture of tooling for EPS foam. Our engineers have extensive experience in our industry, and our customers benefit directly from this expertise. We use the latest in three-dimensional modeling software from Unigraphics, so our designs are as... Read More
  • Equipment Appraisals By Aaron Equipment Company

    As a global company that buys and sells equipment and plants we maintain an extensive database that contains the most up to date information about machinery and equipment values. Buying and selling all types of machinery places us in the position of being able to provide expert appraisal... Read More
  • Equipment Rebuilding By CROWN Machine uwp, Inc.

    CROWN Machine uwp, Inc. is a premier rebuilder of processing equipment for the plastics industry. We do more than merely rebuild the equipment; we provide unique solutions to accommodate the nuances of individual machines and production lines. When CROWN engineers receive a piece of machinery to... Read More
  • Equipment/Electrical Enclosures By Walton Plastics

    Walton Plastics, Inc. rigid PVC sheets are available in multiple formulations that are ideal choices for internal and external equipment enclosures. These sheets are used in many industrial and commercial applications that require durability, weatherability and color retention. Our UL746c-F1... Read More
  • ERAFLASH by eralytics for CANNON By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D6450, ASTM D7094 ERAFLASH is preconfigured for the automatic measurement in full compliance with the latest and safest Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point (CCCFP) standards ASTM D6450 and ASTM D7094 and in excellent correlation with ASTM D93, ASTM D56, ASTM D3828 ISO 2719, ISO 13736, EN... Read More
  • ERF Continuous Melt Filter By Ettlinger North America LP

    At the heart of the ERF filter is a rotating, perforated filter drum, through which the contaminated melt flows from the outside to the inside. The contaminants remain on the filter surface, where they are removed by a scraper with every rotation and fed to an exit screw. The filter drum and... Read More
  • Ergopack Hand Packing Station By Combi Packaging Systems LLC

    The innovative Combi Ergopack® has raised the standard for handpacking productivity. Efficient and durable, the packing station Ergopack® combines a case erector, a hand pack station, and a sealer into a compact and cost-effective workcell. This ergonomically designed pick and pack system... Read More
  • ErgoStation By Extol, Inc.

    Extol is pleased to offer the finest adjustable-height ergonomic workstations and machine bases in the business. From single-task, basic units rated to 300lbs, to multi-function 4-post machine bases with capacities of 3,500lbs, we offer a full range to provide you the best work surface solutions... Read More
  • ERP Software By QT9 Software

    QT9 ERP is a full ERP Job Management solution that offers a full range of robust functionality with a user-friendly interface and it is at a price that any small to mid-sized manufacturer can afford. All modules are included in our one-stop shop pricing – Bill of Materials, Customer Management,... Read More
  • ERP Soltions for the Plastic Industry By CyFrame

    CyFrame was designed to optimize the customer price list review process starting from resin and raw materials from suppliers to setting up new standard costs that are then used to recalculate customer price list in advance. A full suite of reports display the cost impact and suggested new... Read More
  • Essential Oils By Phoenix Plastics L.P.

    Gaia Scent CO/WG 300 A unique additive that repels insects using nature’s natural defense systems. Gaia Fresh EG-600 Plus A unique additive that prolongs the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Read More
  • E-TEC® Antistatic, Dissipative and Conductive Compounds By Colloids Limited

    The E-TEC® brand has been created to provide speciality compounds formulated for applications where varying degrees of permanent electrical conductivity are required. Such products find use in areas where accumulations of static electrical charges can potentially cause problems. Based on... Read More
  • Ethavin TPOs By Vi-Chem Corporation

    The Ethavin lines of TPOs (Thermoplastic Polyolefins) resist burning, while combining cut-through resistance, abrasion resistance, oil & gasoline resistance, and cold temperature flexibility. Read More
  • Ethylene Bis-Oleamide: PALMOWAX EBO By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: EBO Application: Plastic compounding Plastic masterbatch Function: As anti-caking agent & mould release aids for PE, PP & PA As anti-blocking agent & slip agent of EVA & PVC As internal & external lubricants for thermoplastic & thermoset plastic As dispersing agent for the... Read More
  • Ethylene Bis-Stearamide: PALMOWAX EBS By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: EBS Application: Plastic compounding Plastic masterbatch Wood and polymer composite Synthetic rubber Synthetic fiber Function: As internal & external lubricants in many thermoplastic & thermoset plastics As dispersant for the color pigments & filler masterbatch of polyolefin,... Read More
  • Ethylhexyl Oleate: PALMESTER 1417 By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: EHO Application: PVC processing Synthetic Rubber Function: As a low temperature PVC & CR plasticiser Able to impart low temperature flexibility for CR Able to provide cracking resistance at low temperature application Advantage: KOSHER HALAL Biodegradable Read More
  • EVA injection Molding Foam Kickboard GLIDE made in North America by Foam Creations By Foam Creations (2008) Inc.

    Foam Creations introduces the patented GLIDE™ Kickboard for 2015! Lighter, faster, friendlier, made out of XL EXTRALIGHT® material, this new kickboard features improved ergonomics and hydrodynamics, including the exclusive “thumb grip” nose design, and the fluid Tri-Flow™ hull shape! And for... Read More
  • Evasser Bin Aeration Device By Monitor Technologies LLC

    The Evasser bin aerator from Monitor Technologies is a device used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel without the noise and damaging vibration caused by pneumatic or electric vibrators. The Evasser aerator is small, compact and capable of aerating many types of bulk... Read More
  • E-Waste By TradePro Inc.

    E-Waste: Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered as e-waste. Informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries may cause serious... Read More
  • EX Grade Purging Compound By ASACLEAN - Sun Plastech Inc.

    EX Grade is the company's strongest-cleaning purging compound for thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion machines. EX Grade is glass-filled to provide excellent scrubbing of carbon and/or color deposits while leaving less purging compound residue behind. EX Grade is suitable for purging a... Read More
  • Ex-Alloy - UV Inhibited By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    When ultra violet light is a threat to your product's performance, Ex-Tech's Ex-Alloy UV Inhibited thermoforming grade rigid vinyl sheet is the solution. Ex-Alloy UV Inhibited blocks UV spectrum light, extending shelf life for non-perishable retail packaging. Ex-Alloy UV also increases the... Read More
  • Ex-Alloy 200 - Reprocessed Vinyl By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Let Ex-Tech toll convert your PVC thermoform trim waste into useable sheet. Ex-Tech Plastics has long been a market leader in reprocessing vinyl sheet used for a variety of high quality thermoformed packaging. From retail packaging to tri-folds to trays to blister and clamshell packaging,... Read More
  • Ex-Alloy 5000 - Prime Grade By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Ex-Tech Plastics' Ex-Alloy 5000 is a high gloss, thermoforming grade Rigid Vinyl. Because of it's strength and elasticity, you'll find Ex-Alloy is an excellent solution for medical and folding box packaging. Like all Ex-Tech brand PVC, Ex-Alloy 5000 is chemical resistant and self-extinguishing. Read More
  • Ex-Alloy 5100 - FDA By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Ex-Tech Plastics' Ex-Alloy 5100 sheet conforms to FDA standards for food and medical packaging. With superior cold crack performance and excellent clarity, Ex-Alloy 5100 gives your products the appearance and durability needed to ensure product value and integrity. Read More
  • ExBar W 1 By R. E. Carroll, Inc.

    White High Purity Barytes Application Information Pigment for Paint & Coatings, Filler for Plastics, Additive for density in Oil Well Drilling Fluids. Pkg. - 50 lb bags, 2000 lb Super Sacks, Bulk Shipping Point: FOB Houston TX Read More
  • ExBar W 2 By R. E. Carroll, Inc.

    White High Purity Barytes Application Information Pigment for Paint & Coatings, Filler for Plastics, Additive for density in Oil Well Drilling Fluids. Pkg. - 50 lb bags, 2000 lb Super Sacks, Bulk Shipping Point: FOB Houston TX Read More
  • ExBar W 325 By R. E. Carroll, Inc.

    White High Purity Barytes - 325 Mesh Application Information Pigment for Paint & Coatings, Filler for Plastics, Additive for density in Oil Well Drilling Fluids. Pkg. - 50 lb bags, 2000 lb Super Sacks, Bulk Shipping Point: FOB Houston TX, Dyersburg TN Read More
  • ExBar W 4 By R. E. Carroll, Inc.

    White High Purity Barytes Application Information Pigment for Paint & Coatings, Filler for Plastics, Additive for density in Oil Well Drilling Fluids. Pkg. - 50 lb bags, 2000 lb Super Sacks, Bulk Shipping Point: FOB Houston TX Read More
  • Executive Recruitment By Business Answers International

    Business Answers International (BAI) provides both executive recruitment and staffing services to industrial materials manufacturers and distributors. Key focus areas are: Plastics, Steel/Metals, Industrial Components, Electrical, Signage Supply & Manufacturing, and others. BAI specializes... Read More
  • Exhibition and Conference Management By E. J. Krause & Associates Inc.

    No marketing tool is more effective for generating new business then face-to-face marketing. It has become the number one business-to-business marketing medium. Around the world, EJK has increased brand awareness and generated millions in new business for exhibitors and sponsors. Take advantage... Read More
  • Exothermic CFAs By Bergen International

    Exothermic chemical foaming agents generate heat during the decomposition process. They liberate more gas per gram of foaming agent than endothermic agents and higher gas pressure. Read More
  • EXPANCEL® By Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB / Expancel

    Expancel thermoplastic microspheres are used as a heat-activated physical foaming agent. Microspheres form closed cell hollow particles for weight reduction and property enhancement in a variety of materials and processes. Read More
  • Expandable Graphite By Asbury Carbons Inc.

    Graphite is a unique material, which has a structure consisting of carbon atoms bonded in hexagonal rings joined at their corners to form large planar arrays. These carbon layers are held together by weak interlayer bonds which cleave easily, giving graphite its superior lubricity. A layered... Read More
  • Expert By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Moldex3D Expert software is a professional tool that helps users evaluate the appropriate settings of runner size, gate location and optimal process conditions for injection molding part designs. Using the DOE (Design of Experiment) method, it brings more efficient molding optimization. Read More
  • ExpertCAD By AMT Software LLC

    ExpertCAD gives designers enough flexibility, choice, and control to meet manufacturing needs, this means higher quality drawing output and all the features and capabilities you need to increase 2D design and drafting by a rate of 4-to-1, 5-to-1, or even 10-to-1! ExpertCAD simplifies even the... Read More
  • ExpertCAM By AMT Software LLC

    Production NC programming has typically been a slow, expensive, error-prone process. ExpertCAM changes all that. With ExpertCAM, your NC programmers beat the backlog and create accurate, efficient part programs more quickly than ever before, with at large and small manufacturing firms alike... Read More
  • Export Materials By Zig Sheng Industrial & Tre Polymer Inc.

    We have successfully served the plastic industry worldwide supplying prime virgin, compound resins, regrinds, lumps, fiber, reprocessed pellets and post-industrial scarps in many forms. We maintain close working relationships with major resin producers such as Dupont, Sabic, Ascend, Invista,... Read More
  • Ex-Tech XAS-11 and XSD-28 Brand Static Control Plastics in PET By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Ex-Tech Plastics produces three types of static dissipative sheet to meet your most demanding product specifications. Both are engineered specifically for packaging ESD sensitive items for use in ESD controlled environments. Ex-Tech brand XSD-28 is available as Rigid Vinyl and PET plastic... Read More
  • Extension Blocks By Lenzkes Clamping Tools, Inc.

    The Blocks are ideal: To clamp to any height both quickly and safely. To extend the machine - table for large work pieces. Suitable for machines with tapped holes by the simple removal of the T-nut. Delivery available with T-nut size. Other lengths and heights are available on request. Read More
  • External bottle grippers ANU-EBG-600 and 800 series By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    Anubis 3D External Mechanical Bottle Grippers are a great alternative to traditional methods for your pick and place bottle needs. Designed to use 6 to 10 gear driven arms that wrap around the bottles neck to securely hold it. External bottle grippers can be configured in patterns to suit your... Read More
  • Extra-Wide Shrink Film By Gelpac Distribution

    The world’s go-to film for securely wrapping large objects. There’s no size limit—ANYTHING can be wrapped. Extra-wide shrink film, designed especially for wrapping oversized items or large equipment. Advantages • Lets you wrap and secure even the largest objects: machinery, equipment, boats,... Read More
  • Extrude Honing Services By Thermal-Tech Systems

    One-way Abrasive Flow Machining systems move the abrasive media through the workpiece in only one direction, allowing the media to exit freely from the part for fast processing, easy cleaning, and simple quick-exchange tooling. The extrusion pressure is controlled between (100-3,000 psi). Read More
  • Extruded Borders and Trims By Plastifab Industries

    Plastifab manufactures a wide variety of extruded borders and trims for the tranportation, office furniture and recreational product markets. Applications include inertior trims, lighting, fluid handling, joining strips and exterior trims. Read More
  • Extruded PTFE Rod By Enflo LLC

    Enflo’s Extruded PTFE Rod products are generally used as machining stock to create shapes for any number of chemical, electrical and mechanical components (such as seals, caps, etc.) where the outstanding performance characteristics of PTFE are required. Material/Resins Available Enflo... Read More
  • Extruded PTFE Tubing By Enflo LLC

    Enflo’s Extruded PTFE Tubing products exhibit outstanding thermal, chemical and corrosion resistance and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Enflo’s extruded PTFE tubing is an ideal material where a non-stick surface can facilitate smooth fluid transfer while practically eliminating... Read More
  • EXTRUDED TUBE TEFLON ® AND PTFE By Fluoro-Plastics Inc

    Surf Technologies is a leader in the manufacture of heavy walled PTFE tube, both in standard inch sizes and in AWG sizes. Tube is used in fluid handling applications for high temperature acids and caustics or where contamination is an issue, such as in wire braided hose. In applications where... Read More
  • Extruder Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services By Hard Chrome Solutions

    Our repair philosophy is simple: we repair your equipment to original factory specifications or industry standards. We do it in a timely fashion. And we do it right the first time. Read More
  • Extruder Retrofit Solution By Gamma Meccanica

    Designed for an existing extruder. Depending on the height axis and feed throat design we can retrofit to add the benefits of our COMPAC technology. Increases throughput on standard ram stuffer feed. Accepts higher residual moisture. Gives added benefits of dosing the material... Read More
  • Extruder Rupture Disks By MPI Melt Pressure Inc.

    MPI MELT PRESSURE manufactures Extruder Rupture Disks to act as reliable economical pressure relief safety devices in plastic extruders. The Inconel Disk material ensures the Extruder Rupture Disks will instantly rupture at a specific pressure over a wide temperature range. Features - Extruder... Read More
  • Extruder Screens & Polymer Filters By Dorstener Wire Tech, Inc.

    Extruder screens and polymer filters are just two of the varieties of filtration products offered by Dorstener Wire Tech. Polymer and fiber processing requires a wide range of filters and filter media for processing, finishing and recycling the materials. Dorstener Wire Tech has over 15 years... Read More
  • extruder screws By Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering Inc.

    custom extruder screw for extrusion, injection molding and compounding Read More
  • Extruder Screws & Barrels By Boston Matthews

    Boston Matthews has over 50 years polymer processing and screw design experience and has developed new screw designs to meet the demands of an always evolving plastic industry. The correct screw design and specification lies at the core of successful polymer processing. Materials, blends,... Read More
  • Extruder Vacuum Unit By Trendelkamp L.P.

    Trendelkamp extruder vacuum units efficiently extract harmful gases, moisture and wax from the extrusion process during operation. TK-V extruder degassing units from Trendelkamp utilize a temperature controlled steam chamber, in which the condensation process takes place. On a closed water... Read More
  • Extruders By B&P Littleford

    B&P offers extrusion solutions that are customized to your needs - from raw material dosing, to mixing, to downstream processing, in a broad range of throughput rates. To satisfy a variety of your application requirements, we use a modular and flexible systems approach to offer machines and... Read More
  • Extruders By Moldpro Machinery & Systems Inc.

    Extruders are capable of processing a variety of materials. Sizes available from 60-120mm. Satellite extruders for visi-stripe or multilayer heads are also available. Read More
  • Extruders By Brampton Engineering Inc

    Brampton Engineering heavy duty extruders combine the rugged design needed to run under full load for 24 hours a day with the flexibility to run a wide range of polymers. An extruder is an integrated system combining many components Read More
  • Extruders By Hosokawa Alpine American

    Grooved Feed Extruders - Diameters up to 135mm (5.3") - Single or Co-Extrusion up to 11-Layers - Process all commercially available film grade polymers Smooth Bore Extruders - Diameters up to 120mm (4.7") - Single or Co-Extrusion up to 11-Layers - Ability to Run Trim The NEW SELECT Extruder -... Read More
  • Extruders - Spare Parts, Components, and Accessories By extrunet America

    Spare parts, components and accessories from specialists in extrusion machine construction: You are at exactly the right place with your partner, extrunet. Our personnel has many years of experience in manufacturing and servicing extrusion down stream equipment of all common brands. Extrunet... Read More
  • Extrusion / Compounding By Felix Compounds

    Your application may require the developement of special compounds to meet your particular needs. While FELIX COMPOUNDS does provide a large range of products, you may need something unique to make your product a success. We are prepared to assist your compound development program with our... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molded Hollow Products By Wuxi Glory Plastics

    Glory Plastics pays a great attention to standardization of building a quality management in the mold building process. Therefore, Glory Plastics has passed the international quality management system standards certification of ISO9001. Glory Plastics has been holding the quality policy of... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding By Parker Plastics, Inc.

    Parker Plastic's extrusion blow molding capability is supported by 20 shuttle machines producing containers ranging from 4 oz. to 2.5 gallons and that allow the company to offer the optimal mold configuration for custom molding. The company also offers co-extrusion capabilities for large... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding By Flambeau Inc

    Flambeau serves businesses within the appliance, automotive, electronic, heavy truck, industrial equipment, lawn and garden, medical, recreation, telecommunication and packaging industries by providing quality extrusion blow molded thermoplastic parts. A fully integrated technical resource and... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding By Pretium Packaging

    Extrusion blow molding is one of Pretium's primary production processes used in the manufacture of bottles for all of the markets the company serves. Pretium Packaging has a wide variety of machine types (shuttle, long stroke, fixed platen, wheel) and sizes to meet virtually all container size... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding By Aaron Packaging

    As a blow molded plastics manufacturer, including extrusion blow molding, Aaron Packaging primarily manufactures with the following plastic resins: HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene, Polypropylene, LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene), and K Resin (a type of Poly Styrene). Many of the bottles Aaron... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding By Henry Pak, Inc.

    Henry Pak utilizes extrusion blow molding for the majority of the packaging the company supplies, which includes pharmaceutical/nutraceutical plastic products as well as health and beauty packaging. The company's extrusion blow molding capabilities are directed toward developers and packagers of... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding By Apex Plastics Inc

    Apex produces a wide range of extrusion blow-molded bottles, containers and specialty parts in sizes ranging from 2 to 128 ounce bottle capacity. Its equipment features fully programmable controls and innovative material handling techniques to ensure repeatable processing and high quality output... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding Machine By Moldpro Machinery & Systems Inc.

    The MMS series of blow molding machines have been designed to produce a wide range containers. The clamp is driven by a proportional controlled hydraulic cylinder to provide optimum clamping force. The control system utilizes the latest technology from B&R and is ready for industry 4.0: The... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding Machinery By Kautex Machines

    Kautex Maschinenbau's extrusion blow molding technology provides solutions for the automotive sector, specialty components, and industrial and consumer packaging. Its machines include: The all-electric KBB series; KLS long-stroke machine series; KEB single-station machine series; KCC series; KBS... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding Technology By Plastimac

    Plastimac designs and constructs extrusion blow molding machines for the production of hollow bodies and containers with a maximum capacity of 30 liters. Plastimac's production range is supported in 12 models having different blowing capacity and stations; all models can be designed to process... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molding Virtual Extrusion Laboratory By Compuplast International Inc (USA)

    he COMPUPLAST® Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ for Extrusion Blow Molding can be used to simulate the components of virtually any extrusion blow molding line configuration, including the production of multi-layer parisons, to help troubleshoot and optimize the process. It can be used to study the... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molds By Mold-Spec Inc.

    At MOLD-SPEC INC. we have a long experience in the manufacture of Extrusion Blow Molds for shuttle, wheel and reciprocating machines and for materials like HDPE, MDPE, LDPE,PP, PVC, PET-G, etc. Using Aircraft Aluminum grade, Beryllium Copper MOLDMAX and other special alloys, we manufacture... Read More
  • Extrusion Blow Molds By Compact Mould Ltd.

    Compact manufactures extrusion blow molds for shuttle, wheel and reciprocating screw machines in single and multi-cavities, 10 ml up to 60 litres in capacity, for any type of resin. Each mold is manufactured to suit your needs and purpose. Read More
  • Extrusion control-batch gravimietric blenders By TSM Control Systems

    The world’s largest plastic film producers choose the TSM extrusion control solution as the company was one of the first companies offering extrusion control over 20 years ago The high performance which can be achieved using extrusion control in tandem with the TSM batch blenders is perceived as... Read More
  • Extrusion Cutoff By Midwest Knife Grinding Inc.

    Midwest Knife Grinding, Inc. offers a wide variety of extrusion cutoff knives. We can manufacture from your sample or to individual specifications. Steel materials include blue tempered spring steel, M-2 Steel, D-2 Steel, A-2 Steel, stainless razor steel or tungsten carbide, depending on your... Read More
  • Extrusion Gear Pump By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    PSI Extrusion Gear Pumps (EGP) deliver exceptional metering control for polymer and hot melt adhesive extrusion and vessel applications. With pumping efficiencies typically 99.5% or better, EGP gear pumps deliver precise volumetric output and take on the pressure building function for the die.... Read More
  • Extrusion Heads By Moldpro Machinery & Systems Inc.

    Center flow design allows for good wall distribution and faster colour changes. Capable of processing the following materials: HDPE LDPE PP PVC PET Single Parison Multi Parison Multi Layer Visi stripe Read More
  • extrusion seminars By Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering Inc.

    public and in-house seminars on extrusion, compounding,statistical process control, and more. In-house seminars can be customized to the needs of the company. Read More
  • Extrusion Systems By Davis-Standard, LLC

    What separates a Davis-Standard extruder from the competition? Our customers will tell you it’s the unparalleled performance and durability that makes the difference. Our extruders are so reliable that some are still operating after 50 years of continuous service. This track record combined with... Read More
  • Extrusion tape lines - starEX 800S & 800ES By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    starEX 800S: Extrusion tape line for PP or HDPE/LLDPE tapes, effective working width 800mm, production speed up to 420 m/min, melting capacity up to 330 kg/h. The main applications of the premium quality tapes are in woven bags, FIBC fabrics, geo- and agrotextiles, carpet backing, and various... Read More
  • Extrusion Technology By Engineered Profiles, LLC

    Crane Plastics has a number of extrusion technologies and techniques that can be brought to bear on a particular problem. By doing so our intent is to lower the 'all in' cost of the components we supply. This might be as a result of improving 'extrudability,' using a lower cost material, or... Read More
  • Extrusion Tooling - Three-Layer Technology By Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.

    New Guill extrusion three-layer technology accelerates drip-irrigation performance - controls precision water and fertilizer use and protects the environment. The head/die engineering utilizes a spiral flow that handles three layers. Prior to this advancement, only two layers were common. One of... Read More
  • Extrusion Waste Solutions By PALLMANN Industries, Inc.

    PALLMANN offers, especially for the economical size reduction and recycling of brittle and tough plastics such as PE, PP, rigid-PVC, ABS, PB, PMMA, PVDF etc. a broad machine assortment and special solutions oriented to customer requirements. Production waste or rejects are size reduced into... Read More
  • Extrusion-compounding and repelletizing systems By ABC Polymers Inc

    With two state-of-the-art, six-inch vented extrusion lines running around the clock, ABC Polymers is an industry leader in reprocessed plastic resins. Specializing in compounding Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and Polystyrene products to meet our customers' specifications, we also have the... Read More
  • EZ-Trim Die Cutter By Zed Industries Inc.

    The Zed EZ-Trim provides the advantages and benefits of hydraulic die cutting for customers who seek an economical alternative to roller type die cutters. Designed to cut skin packages, card stock, thermoformed parts and also seal blister packages. Hydraulic die cutting offers longer die life,... Read More