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  • FP-2255 Friction/Peel Tester By Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.

    Thwing-Albert's FP-2255 COF Tester (Coefficient of Friction Tester) / Peel Tester provides more information with less keystrokes and offers five languages standard on all instruments. It also provides the ability to create, save, and password protect test set ups. The COF test mode can be... Read More
  • F5 Vertical Machining Center By Makino Inc.

    The new F5 vertical machining center is designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, agility for high-speed /hard-milling and accuracies for tight tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3D contoured geometry associated with die/mold and medical production. Read More
  • F78MP Series Radar By Bindicator

    The F78MP Series air radar sensor provides non-contact, continuous level measurement for bulk materials in bins, tanks and silos. Accurate and reliable in difficult environments, the F78MP Series is an ideal level meter for powder and bulk solid inventory management. The F78MP Series air radar... Read More
  • FABBACK Mirror Sheet By Plaskolite

    FABBACK® acrylic mirror sheet is made with OPTIX continuously processed acrylic sheet. FABBACK has the industry's toughest protective back coating, which protects against scratching during fabrication. Available in clear, textures and in 19 vibrant colors, this durable acrylic mirror is ideal... Read More
  • Fabricated Fittings Equipment By Adescor

    ADESCOR can supply the fundamental pieces of equipment that are required for the fabrication of welded plastic pipe fittings. We offer Large Throat Band Saws that can cut up to 1500 mm pipes at the required angle up to 45 degrees. We have several standard models of Hotplate Tables or ‘V’-Style... Read More
  • FABRICATION By K&G Machinery Works Ltd

    Welding: - Steel - Stainless - Aluminium - Brazing Custom Weldments: - Steps & Risers - Benches - Roller Carts Read More
  • Fabrication By Engineered Profiles, LLC

    Crane Plastics has developed significant expertise in the art and science of inline fabrication. Complex end cuts +/- .030” are routinely done inline, as are texturing, embossing, film lamination, heat staking and a number of other post extrusion operations. However, in some cases it is... Read More
  • Fabrication By Anderson Technologies Inc.

    Anderson Technologies has been a trusted, reliable partner for high-quality injection molded parts, complex components, and assemblies. The company holds an ISO:9001 Quality Certification, assuring you of a commitment to quality that is focused, reliable, and has stood the test of time. - Lean... Read More
  • Face to Face Systems By HRSflow USA, Inc.

    DESCRIPTION “Face to face” nozzle injection system. TECHNICAL DETAILS This system is specially-designed to avoid nozzle and hot runner space requirements, as well as to facilitate installation and maintenance. HRSflow technology enables users to achieve optimal temperature control of the... Read More
  • Factor® long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) By Celanese Corporation

    The LFT in the Factor® product family are manufactured in a patented process in which the fibers are completely impregnated in the pellet to ensure consistently high material quality as well as: Outstanding strength and stiffness, very high impact strength and excellent temperature... Read More
  • Failure Analysis By IMR Test Labs

    The IMR client list encompasses a wide range of industries, requiring an expansive knowledge of failure analysis techniques, such as fractography, fatigue testing, corrosion simulation, and more. The IMR Failure Analysis group specializes in root cause determination and analysis. Our expertise... Read More
  • Failure Analysis By EAG Laboratories

    The scientists at Chemir have been investigating and resolving product failures for over 50 years. This experience allows us to recognize indicators of failure and follow these leads to their root cause. We will help you define the problem and recommend solutions. A product failure may include... Read More
  • Falling Dart Impact Testers By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Falling Dart Impact Tester covers the determination of the energy that causes Polyethylene Film to fail under specified conditions, with the impact of a free-falling dart. This energy is expressed in terms of weight (mass) of the dart falling from a specified height, which would result in... Read More
  • FANUC SR-3iA and SR-6iA SCARA Robot By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    The Anubis 3D Scara Cover Kits are designed specifically to fit Fanuc’s Scara Robots. They are constructed to fully seal both the upper and lower sections of the robots, including the vertical actuating quill. Manufactured from Nylon-12 plastic, the upper portion of the shield houses pneumatic... Read More
  • FANUC -ANU-FCM-CRX iRVision Camera cover and mount By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    The Anubis 3D Camera cover and mount is designed specifically to cover and protect FANUC iRVision family of camera systems. Designed to be fully collaborative compliant while still maintaining accessibility to key functions of the CRX Robot and the iRVision system. Manufactured from Nylon-12.... Read More
  • FANUC LR Mate 200iC Robot By FANUC America Corporation

    The LR Mate 200iC, a member of FANUC Robotics’ family of lightweight, compact mini-robots, offers ‘best in class’ wrist load capacity, repeatability, work envelope, and speed for a variety of applications including material handling, assembly, picking, machine tending and packaging. The... Read More
  • FANUC M-1iA Robot By FANUC America Corporation

    The FANUC M-1iA is a lightweight and compact six-axis, parallel-link robot designed for small part handling, high-speed picking, packing, and assembly applications. The unique parallel-link structure provides higher speeds and accuracy compared to traditional handling robots. The robot can be... Read More
  • FANUC M-3iA Robot By FANUC America Corporation

    The FANUC M-3iA robot is a larger version of the company’s M-1iA robot. Available in a four- or six-axis model, the M-3iA offers the same unique parallel-link structure, and accommodates payloads up to 6kg. In addition, it has the largest work envelope of any robot in its class (1350mm x... Read More
  • FANUC Paint Mate 200iA Robot By FANUC America Corporation

    The FANUC Paint Mate 200iA intelligent mini paint robot, designed to paint or decorate small parts provides a cost-effective alternative to applications requiring multiple fixed paint guns. The Paint Mate 200iA robot is extremely flexible and can adapt to small lot sizes, new styles and... Read More
  • FANUC R-1000iA Robot By FANUC America Corporation

    The FANUC R-1000iA robot is designed for material handling, machine tending, and spot welding processes. The R-1000iA/80F has an 80kg payload, and the R-1000iA/100F has a 100kg payload. Both robots feature a slim design, allowing customers to reduce the overall size of their automation system... Read More
  • FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiA Series By FANUC UK Limited

    The FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiA series is an electric injection molding machine that incorporates FANUC standard CNC, so as to extend performance in precision molding. Contact us today to learn more. Read More
  • Fatigue Testing By IMR Test Labs

    IMR Test Labs offers fatigue testing services including, LCF, HCF, S-N curve endurance limits, J1C, K1C, ASTM F series tests, thermal spray coating fatigue, spring testing, strap testing, fastener testing, and product component testing. IMR approaches fatigue testing as a complimentary... Read More
  • FatovichTechnologies,LLC By Fatovich Technologies

    Is getting your Mix Head repaired the right way giving you a HEAD-ache? Fatovich Technologies has over 30 years of experience working in the High and Low Pressure RIM Equipment Industry. Our unique skills allow us to provide exceptional, cost effective, service to our customers for all of... Read More
  • Fatty Acids By PMC Biogenix

    PMC Biogenix offers a range of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids with carbon chain lengths from C8 to C22. Offered under the brand names of Hystrene® and Industrene®, they include various grades of: • Palmitic Acid • Tallow Acid • Stearic Acid • Oleic Acid • Linoleic and Linolenic Acids •... Read More
  • Fatty Amides & Bisamides By PMC Biogenix

    PMC Biogenix is the pioneer in the development and manufacture of fatty amides worldwide. Our proprietary technology has expanded over 50 years to give us today’s leading market position. Our Kemamide® and Armoslip® fatty amide products provide a broad selection of plastics additives, wax... Read More

    The FB series high performance temperature/process controller has an accuracy of 0.1%. The operator can select from autotuning, advanced autotuning, or a more advanced Brilliant II autotuning feature to allow selectable PID control. A special start-up tuning feature calculates optimum PID values... Read More
  • FCM™, Farrel Continuous Mixer By FARREL POMINI

    The FCM™ is available in a range of sizes, design types, and options to meet an array of production needs from pilot/laboratory to world scale production. All ingredients can be fed into the mixer separately or as a pre-blend. Liquids can be fed with the powder and pellets or injected directly... Read More
  • FDM + 3D Printing By Falcon Plastics

    Falcon Plastics in-house 3D printing service makes it easy to test your design before beginning full production. Our top-notch experts on our engineering team ensure a seamless transition of your product from testing to production. Falcon provides services that include fused deposition modeling... Read More
  • FEA Interface By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    FEA Interface is a series of FEA interface modules integrated with leading structural CAE software, including ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, Marc, Nastran and Radioss. The modules help users evaluate process-induced properties, such as residual stress or temperature, for structural FEA meshes. Read More
  • FeatureCAM By Autodesk

    FeatureCAM provides the fastest preparation of machining data by using its unique feature-based and knowledge-based technology to allow programming in seconds. Furthermore, FeatureCAM’s exceptional ease of use makes it ideal for product designers that are not CAM specialists but who need to... Read More
  • FEDRA Advanced Planning and Scheduling System By MPDV USA, Inc.

    FEDRA Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) can be used to plan both simple operations and complex production orders quickly and flexibly. FEDRA is a platform-based software for innovative production planning. State-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are used in... Read More
  • Feeding Equipment By Coperion / Coperion K-Tron

    K-Tron feeders provide high-accuracy feeding solutions to handle a wide range of ingredients–from chocolate chips to fiberglass and from floodable powders to waxy liquids. The K-Tron Feeders product line includes the new bulk solids pump (BSP), volumetric feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, weigh... Read More
  • FELPRENE (SBS) TPR By Felix Compounds

    Felprenes have a very good resistance to abrasion and an exceptional flexibility at low temperatures. The vast range of additives and olefins incorporated in our compounds has allowed us to create a large diversity of products that can replace either PVC elastomers in the shoe industry or... Read More
  • FEP Heat Shrink 1.3 By Tef Cap Industries Inc.

    FEP Heat Shrink Tubing 1.3:1 (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) is a high temperature, chemical resistant Fluoropolymer tube designed to have a lower shrink temperature than PTFE, but greater flexibility, optical clarity and excellent release properties. Features of Heat Shrink FEP Tubing: *... Read More
  • Fiber Orientation-Short and Long By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Identify conditions in Shrink & Warp of a molded part by using various percentage and length of Glass Fiber - Identify Degree of Orientation on the Surface and in the Center - Total Warp due to Fiber Direction - Calculate Short or Long Fiber - Export Anisotropic results to FEA - Export... Read More
  • Fiberglass Blades By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    We provide both industry standard Fiberglass blades and specialty blades designed to meet your specific needs. Read More
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels for Refrigerated Containers By Crane Composites

    Lighter Weight, Durable, and Environmentally-Friendly Crane Composites is pleased to introduce the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels as interior liner panels for refrigerated seagoing containers. To date, there are over 8,000 composite lined containers in the field, some of... Read More
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels for the Recreational Vehicle Industry By Crane Composites

    GET MORE OF WHAT YOU RV FOR... Founded in 1954, Crane Composites is the world's leading producer of fiberglass products for the RV industry. From surfboards to seaplanes, fiberglass has a well-earned reputation for combining high performance with high style. Featuring smooth gel-coated... Read More
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels for the Trailer and Truck Body Industry By Crane Composites

    Crane Composites, Inc., formerly known as Kemlite®, is the world’s largest manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels for the transportation market. Liners, roofs and ceilings used in transportation are dependable, durable and real world tested. Crane Composites has contributed... Read More
  • Fibrolex® By American Falcon, Inc

    Fibrolex® is the highest surface area thermally resistant fibre. Used for its' ablative, structural strength and thermal resistance. Please email for MDS, MSDS, SDS. Read More

    PTFE gasket is manufactured by molding method with PTFE powder. PTFE compared with other plastics, it has a best chemicals rsistance and temperature resistance.so PTFE is widely use as a sealing material. and it can filled bronze/MoS2/carbon fibre/glass fibre and get the special proerties... Read More
  • Fillers and Cappers By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

    We have incorporated the latest technology and innovations into the construction of the fillers and cappers we build. Decades of experience combined with an endless quest for perfection produce machines of unrivalled quality. This approach allows machines to be designed to optimize a customer's... Read More
  • Filling Analysis By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    First stage filling. Conditions that occur during the initial flow of material into the cavity. - Balance & Size Runner - Gate #, Size and Location - Optimize Part Design - Identify Weld Line Location - Identify Gas Trap Location - Reduce Pressure & Press Size - Identify Shear Stress Levels -... Read More
  • Filling Equipment By Amsler Equipment Inc.

    All filling lines can be set up independently or inline with any WAE linear or APT Rotary Blow Molding machines. All system components are chosen to provide the best value to meet the customer's budget. We either build the equipment in our plant in Canada or work with quality manufacturers that... Read More
  • Film Converting By Flex-Pack Engineering, Inc.

    Stand-Up Pouches! Film Converting Services! Inno-Lok® Pre-Applied Zipper! Slitting and Rewinding Services! Flex-Pack Engineering (FPE) offers a complete line of converted products. These include printed, laminated and metalized films, all types of pouches with zippers, spouts, folds,... Read More
  • Film Dies By Brampton Engineering Inc

    New! FlexSTACK SCD® (Streamlined Coextrusion Die) With a size reduction of approximately 50% over its conventional SCD®, the FlexSTACK SCD® is now the most compact barrier film coextrusion die in the market. Read More
  • Film Free Shrink Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    Linear Thermal Shrinkage or Free Shrink is defined as the irreversible and rapid reduction in linear dimension, in a specified direction, occurring in film exposed to elevated temperatures. Shrinkage in this way is related to the material of the film and internal stresses locked into the film... Read More
  • Film Friction Washer By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    The Film Friction Washer is used to wash dirty and contaminated film flake. The Film Friction Washer consists of a unique inner rotor designed specifically for film washing. It takes into account the high dirt content found in agricultural films, the nature of the thin film and its ability to... Read More
  • Film production lines By Brückner Group GmbH

    As worldwide leader in film stretching technology, we are focused on mono and biaxial film stretching applications of PP, PET, PA, PS, PETG, PE, PLA, PVC and other polymers. Our Technology is based on roll stack (MDO) and tenter frame (TDO) process. In view of the trend towards cast... Read More
  • FIlm Thickness Measurement Systems By Brunswick Instrument, LLC

    Thickness measuring gages for thin, flexible plastic films and foils. Read More
  • Film Winders By Brampton Engineering Inc

    BE Turret Winders with linear lay-on and gap winding capability offer the operator total control over roll tension and air entrapment so that even the most difficult film structures can be wound without roll defects. Read More
  • Film, Embossing and Fabrication Services By Crane Composites

    Crane Composites' Film and Fabrication Services provides custom embossing of thermoformed plastic film. Working with everything from bi-axially oriented polyester to nylon and PVC, and CCI offers a number of popular patterns. We can also work directly with clients to develop custom film... Read More
  • FILTER NOZZLE By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    Filter nozzles are being increasingly used for processing thermoplastics in injection moulding machines. Clean melts, free of foreign particles, are absolutely necessary for the trouble-free and economic production of injection moulded articles. For the injection moulding of plastics, Herzog AG... Read More
  • Filter-Cart By Glanon International Inc

    Glanon International, Inc. is the USA leader in portable filtration systems for oil & coolant. The Filter-Cart has been reclaiming oil and recovering coolant for applications such as: Injection molders; Turbines; Gear boxes; Compressors; Stamping machines; Off Road vehicles; & even CNC Machines. Read More
  • Filtration Systems By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    Nowadays, high standards are expected of a product's manufacturing quality and visual appeal. One key aspect of the production and processing of plastics is therefore the filtration stage, in which the filter separates out contamination from the liquid plastic melt. Maag supplies the equipment... Read More
  • Filtration Systems By Nordson PPS GmbH

    In the field of plastics extrusion any kind of contamination in plastic melts is unacceptable for it not only affects the quality of the product but also impedes the operating process. Therefore it is essential to ensure a perfect filtration process without reducing the quality of the plastic... Read More
  • Financial & Business Information Reports By Tarnell Company, LLC

    Tarnell Company maintains reports on all North American resin buyers, providing information such as resins purchased, consumption, end markets, business stability, purchasing and payment history, and management contact info. Read More
  • Financial Stability Score By Tarnell Company, LLC

    Tarnell's database of 12,000+ North American resin buyers is Scored quarterly, comparing a subject to its industry peers. Read More
  • Find Commission Product Lines By Manufacturer Rep Network

    Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps are always on the lookout for new and profitable product lines. However, it can be very time consuming to find and contact quality manufacturers with lines that may or may not interest you. NO MORE! Now you can access a single source with our Nationwide... Read More
  • Find Independent Sales Reps By Manufacturer Rep Network

    Whether you are a small startup business or a Fortune 500 manufacturer, post your sales opportunity on our website and reach a powerful network of independent manufacturer sales representatives who are experienced and successful at what they do. We serve All Industries, including the Plastics... Read More
  • Fines Separator HS Series By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold fines separator HS Series are capable of removing not only the dust form rigid granulate but also can be applied for removal of dust and fluff (for example in HDPE blow moulding waste or injection moulding waste). The separated fine material is discharged into a container to ensure... Read More
  • Fines Separators By Rotogran International Inc.

    Rotogran's cutting edge technology, its team of dedicated engineers and years of experience all go into its high-tech fines separators, used by companies in industries such as: food, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Our unique and modern approach to constructing fines separators has... Read More
  • Finishing Applications By Stratasys

    Finishing applications for 3D printed parts offered by Stratasys include: bead blasting; bonding and gluing; electroplating; mass finishing; painting; PPSF finishing; sealing FDM parts; smoothing FDM parts; tempering FDM parts; and, more. For prototypes nearly indistinguishable from injection... Read More
  • Finishing Services By 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics

    We provide many finishing services, with attention to the details, including: • Secondary component assembly and machining • Molded in or post-mold threaded inserts • Drilling and tapping • Hot stamping • Labeling • Sonic welding • Specialized packaging Your... Read More
  • Finishing/Painting By Schmit Prototypes

    Schmit Prototypes offers many finishing and painting services including: • Sandblasting • Polishing • Pad printing • Graphics • Custom airbrushing • Soft touch paint • Clear coats • EMI shielding • Akzo Nobel paint system Read More
  • Finned Strip Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    TEMPCO Finned Strip Heaters are used for both forced (mounted in a duct) and natural convection air heating (mounted at the bottom of cabinet type ovens). The Finned Strip Heater's basic design consists of a helically wound resistance coil placed in a specially designed ceramic insulator. The... Read More
  • FIPOLDER FHP05080 HDPE Powder By PolyGroup Inc.

    FIPOLDER™ FHP05080 Pure high density polyethylene (HDPE) homopolymer polymer in finely sized rounded powder form. Avg. = 38 micron, D100 = 70 micron. Read More
  • Fire Barrier BO 856B-I By Brook One Corporation

    Fire barrier BO 856B-I is a laminate with metallized and reinforced polymer films. Fire barrier BO 856B are heat-sealable and stitchable films used in the fabrication of thermal/acoustic aircraft insulation blankets. The films are featured flexible; tough and abuse-resistant. Read More
  • Fire Barrier BO 856B-II By Brook One Corporation

    Fire barrier BO 856B-II is a laminate with reinforced polymer films having high resistance to tearing. Fire barrier BO 856B are heat-sealable and stitchable films used in the fabrication of thermal/acoustic aircraft insulation blankets. The films are featured flexible; tough and abuse-resistant. Read More
  • Firearm Accessories By Chem-Pak Inc.

    Reintroduction of Gun Sav’r Custom Oil High Gloss Chem-Pak would like to announce the reintroduction of one of our most popular stock finishes - Gun Sav’r Custom Oil High Gloss (Product# 640-20), in aerosol. The product shows all the natural beauty of your gun stock and dries to a glossy... Read More
  • FirePro by UniTherm By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    UniTherm Insulation Systems is a leading manufacturer of passive fire protection systems. Our flexible covers are designed to insulate equipment and delay temperature rise in the event of a fire - and maintain structural integrity at temperatures higher than 2000*F. UniTherm fire protection... Read More
  • Fixpure™ By Inhance Technologies, LLC

    Our unique Fixpure technology safely and efficiently eliminates PFAS from fluoropolymers. Benefiting you and the world. Fixpure removes PFAS, including PFOA, from fluoropolymer materials without impacting material characteristics, such as particle size or shape, while maintaining critical... Read More
  • fixtures and gauges By Reko International Group, Inc.

    Small to Medium Fixtures CMM Holding Fixtures In Process Gauges Trim Dies Attribute Gauges SPC Process Gauges Cooling Fixtures Assembly Fixtures Automatic and Semi Automatic Inspection machines Read More
  • FlamaSol Flame Retardant Additives By Plastics Color Corporation

    With the void of decabrome, Plastics Color needed a flame retardant compound that offered superb extinguishing performance for plastic products without the use of hazardous chemicals. And with this FlamaSol FR™ was created. Our team of scientists at Plastics Color tested a wide variety of... Read More
  • Flame Plasma- Dyne-A-Flame Surface Treater By Enercon Industries Corp.

    Flame treatment is a perfect solution for difficult adhesion problems. Enercon's Dyne-A-Flame™ technology is safe and easy to operate. Treatment is fast, delicate and provides long lasting results. Read More
  • Flame Retardant or Fire Resistant Plastic Compounds By RTP Company

    Flame retardant (FR) plastics are essential to devices we use every day, providing a valuable tool in fire prevention. In order for fire to occur its three basic elements (fuel, heat, and oxygen) must exist. The science of flame retardance uses chemical reactions to moderate one or more... Read More
  • Flame Treatment By Proco Machinery Inc

    Most flame treaters run continuously, although it takes only a fraction of a second to flame treat each container. All Proco Flame Treaters are equipped with automatic ignition controls that ignite the flame only when required. This results in huge energy savings which will directly result... Read More
  • FlapMate By Mold-Rite Plastics

    Say hello to the ultimate in flap-style dispensing for your packaging project with your brand logo or message on top. This plastic cap has a butterfly hinge design for easy opening and closing with one-hand. Flap stays in full, open position for greater control of product dispensing. Pain-free... Read More
  • Flapper Cap By Mold-Rite Plastics

    The original Flapper Cap Dispensing Closure, introduced in 1983, has brought convenience, freshness and security to thousands of products. Easy-to-open plastic cap for dispensing dry products. Sleek, stylish and available in a variety of colors for your packaging project. Dual flaps with... Read More
  • Flapper Cap Single-Flap Series By Mold-Rite Plastics

    Single-flap style plastic closures for convenient dispensing. No cap removal necessary. Domed shape is suitable for plastic packaging manufacturers in a variety of markets. Choose tear-drop directional pour or full open pour for controlled dispensing that eliminates product mess and waste.... Read More
  • Flat poly bags By A-Pac Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Polyethylene bags are made by heat sealing and cutting rolls of film. Rolls of tubing or sheeting are fed through a machine that draws material out to the proper length. The machine then cycles to place a seal on the material and then cut it off to make an individual bag. In some cases, with... Read More
  • Flatbed Laminating Machines & Lines By Glenro, Inc.

    Glenro’s flatbed laminating systems offer compact and affordable Proven Solutions® for manufacturers of many laminated products. With our flatbed technology we can help you develop your laminating process to optimize your product quality and your profitability. Flatbed lamination is a new... Read More
  • FLEXflow One: No Additional Control Unit Required By HRSflow USA, Inc.

    FLEXflow One is the newest edition of our servo driven valve gate system where an additional control unit is not required during the injection process. It is as easy to use as the hydraulic/ pneumatic system but with the advanced features of the electrical solution. MAIN BENEFITS > No control... Read More
  • Flexi Soft safety controller By SICK

    Modular and intuitive configuration: the Flexi Soft safety controller from SICK. The Flexi Soft concept offers a whole range of main modules, expansion modules, Motion Control modules, and gateways that can be used to create a customized, efficient solution for your safety application. It is the... Read More
  • Flexible Foams By General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

    General Plastics Manufacturing Company offers unique open-celled flexible polyurethane foams with engineered energy absorption properties. These foams allow users to design systems delivering good efficiency while absorbing energy at a consistent, controlled rate. LAST-A-FOAM® flexible and... Read More
  • Flexible Heaters By Watlow

    Flexible heaters from Watlow are thin, bendable and shaped to fit almost any equipment. Heat can be applied to the most complex shapes, geometries, curves and pipes conceivable without sacrificing efficiency or dependability. Read More
  • Flexible Heaters, Silicone Rubber Heaters, Flexible Heat Tapes & Explosion Proof Drum Heaters By National Plastic Heater, Sensor & Control Inc.

    National Plastic Heater, designs, engineers, exports and distributes kapton (polyimide) flexible heaters, silicone rubber heaters, flexible heat tapes and explosion proof drum heaters for industry. Also included are silicone rubber drum and pail heaters, tote tank/IBC heaters, laboratory heaters... Read More
  • Flexible packaging film By Glenroy, Inc.

    Since 1965, Glenroy, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of flexible packaging film. Glenroy manufactures high-quality, cost-effective packaging film enhanced with award-winning flexographic printing for a variety of industries, including food, personal care, pharmaceutical and medical, household... Read More
  • Flexible Packaging in the UK Municipal Waste Stream 2011 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    The first in our new environmental series, this report addresses the pertinent topic of flexible packaging waste management within the UK municipal waste stream. The UK in the wider context of Europe is also covered. The report examines the UK flexible packaging waste stream, from collection... Read More
  • Flexible PVC By Roscom Inc.

    Roscom supplies flexible PVC compounds to companies who injection mold, extrude, or calendar various polymers. Our current line of flexible PVC ranges in specific gravity from a 1.15 to a 1.70 with a durometer range from a 35 on the Short A scale up to a semi rigid. Our expertise in flexible... Read More
  • Flexible PVC Sheets By Walton Plastics

    Walton’s flexible PVC extruded sheets and rolls are used in numerous high performance applications that require flexibility and resistance to puncture, tears and abrasions. Walflex, our flexible PVC, offers superior durability, toughness, and chemical resistance. Flexible PVC sheets offered by... Read More
  • Flexible Trimming Equipment By FRIMO Inc.

    FlexTrim milling machines FlexTrim blade cutting machines FlexTrim scoring machines FlexTrim "Combi" trimming/scoring machines Read More
  • FlexiDyne™ Corona Treatment System By 3DT LLC

    Now you can expand your competitive edge. FlexiDyne is a compact, self-contained floor model Corona treating system that is capable of treating most 3-dimensional plastic parts. Any non-metallic items that will fit through FlexiDyne's 12" wide by 1.5" high opening can receive uniform Corona... Read More
  • FleX-J Channel Extrusion By Extrudex

    The Extrudex FleX-J’s unique design and material selection set it apart from the competition. The combination of (97 and 80 Shore-A FPVC) makes the Extrudex FleX-J the most stable Flexible J- Channel while providing the flexibility required for easy installation. Enhanced design feature that... Read More
  • FlexWatt by UniTherm By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    Applications: FLEXWATT is a blanket enclosure that provides freeze protection for these and many other applications: • Bulk Storage • Barrels and 55 Gallon Drums • Pipe, Valves and Flanges • Instrumentation Benefits: • Provides freeze protection or temperature maintenance • May be... Read More
  • Floating Tank / Swim-Sink Tank / Wash Tank / Separation Tank By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    for separation of flakes with different specific density Neue Herbold Separation Tanks TB Series are used for removal of heavy fraction from the washed PE or PP material. Technique The material is fed trough a screw below the water surface. The material discharge is handled by a... Read More
  • Floorlite™ By Spartech

    Floorlite™ Durable Sheets are flexible solutions combine superior scratch & mar resistance with thermoformability Floorlite™ products are flexible TPO and TPR durable sheet that are lightweight, easily thermoformed, provide a mar resistant surface, and are approved for automotive use in... Read More
  • Floor-Mounted Desiccant Dryers By Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

    No moving or rotating internal parts Space-saving compact design available for process rates up to 750 lbs/hr. Models are available in industry-standard 2-bed (ARID-X FM Series) and high-performance 4-bed (HP4-X FM Series) Combine with a press/extruder mounted drying hopper for a complete... Read More
  • Flow Analysis, Optimization and Development Support By MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions

    Go beyond validation to achieve true part optimization with fill, pack, cool and warp analyses. Mold Hotrunner Solutions® helps you get perfect parts from the start by simulating the injection molding process in the design phase of your project. You can improve your mold's performance and avoid... Read More
  • Flow Wrap By Multifilm Packaging Corporation

    Multifilm offers a wide variety of heat-seal flow wraps for the confectionery market, from the most economical single web OPP films to sophisticated laminates for your most demanding applications. In addition to standard stock materials, we also offer proprietary, high-speed, high-barrier films... Read More
  • Fluid Coolers By Advantage Engineering, Inc.

    The Hydra Hybrid Fluid Cooler is designed to remove waste heat from plastics and industrial processes, including hydraulics, feed throats, molds and material. A great alternative to conventional cooling towers. Water & Energy conservation is achieved by using ambient air to cool process water... Read More
  • Fluid Delivery Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow® innovative fluid delivery heaters produce consistent results by reducing temperature and viscosity variations. Watlow's syringe heater was developed for the needs of medical injection applications. The special design provides a heated fluid and drug delivery system solution with long... Read More
  • Fluidized Bed Mixer By Munson Machinery Co,

    This 5 cu ft (142 liter) capacity Fluidized Bed Mixer model MF-5-SS gently mixes low- to medium-density bulk materials, including liquid additions, in 10 seconds to two minutes, with 30 seconds typical. Unlike ribbon, paddle and plow blenders with a single shaft turning agitator blades slowly... Read More
  • Fluidized Bed Mixers By Munson Machinery Co,

    The Munson Fluidized Bed Mixer is a machine of extremes, offering unique benefits within a narrow range of applications in which its limitations are not a factor. It is among the fastest of all mixers, with cycle times of 10 seconds to two minutes, with one minute typical, yielding a ~5% CV... Read More
  • Fluorinated Polymers For Lubricants By Shamrock Technologies Inc

    Our micronized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) additives are optimized to enable lubricants to perform their best even the most demanding circumstances. They are ideal in applications ranging from critical maintenance to automotive, aerospace and military applications. Read More
  • FluoroEtch By Acton Technologies Inc.

    Since 1958, Acton Technologies has helped thousands of customers worldwide with the process of making fluoropolymers bondable to other materials or to themselves. The technique is rather simple when you follow our recommended procedures. Do you want to do your own etching? Perhaps you don't... Read More
  • Fluoropolymer Extrusion By HB Dynamics, Ltd.

    The plastic sheet extrusion manufacturing capabilities of HB Dynamics for all plastics end markets includes Fluoropolymer Extrusion, for sheet and film. In addition to fluoropolymers, the company also has the capabilities to manufacture film and sheet from many other engineering thermoplastics,... Read More
  • Fluoropolymer Gear Pump By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    PSI Fluoropolymer Gear Pumps (FGP) are engineered to meet the unique processing demands of fluorinated polymers, such as FEP, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF. Manufactured from a nickel-chromium superalloy, FGP gear pumps possess excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures and are highly resistant... Read More
  • Flushing & Cleaning By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial flushing and cleaning products help remove contaminants from gearboxes and prepare applications for new oil. They’re a vital part of an effective maintenance program. Read More
  • Flywheel Cutting Systems By Versa Machinery

    Flywheel cutters are used for high speed cutting of materials to short lengths. Typical applications are washers, spacers, gaskets, and nozzles. Systems use the energy of a heavy duty, rotating flywheel to cut at speeds up to 1,500 cuts per minute with a single knife. Flywheels are available... Read More
  • Foam Extruders and Foam Extrusion Systems By Commodore Technology LLC

    Commodore EPS foam extrusion systems are designed especially for the production of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam sheet. We start with the highest quality iron, built in the USA by Davis-Standard. Next, we engineer and build the extrusion system to stand up to the rigors of 24/7 operations. Our... Read More
  • Foam Grips By GripWorks

    Made from a variety of proprietary foam formulas, GripWorks’ line of foam grips contains the solution for almost any hand grip application. Styles range from standard foam bicycle grips to extruded foam grips for rake handles and other long handled tools. Materials also come in a wide variety of... Read More
  • Foam injection molded Spa Pillow by Foam Creations Made in North America By Foam Creations (2008) Inc.

    Foam Creations Spas pillons are the highest quality on the market. 100 % waterproof and chemical resistant. Available in different colors, with suction cups or attachment snap pins. We can also create your own pillow design. Read More
  • Foam Thermoformers By Commodore Technology LLC

    Commodore foam thermoformers are specifically designed to produce expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam trays, plates, and hinge lid containers at the lowest possible cost. The machines are easy to operate, and thanks to the lack of proprietary components, inexpensive to maintain. All of the features... Read More
  • Foaming Agents ( Endo and Exothermic) By Tosaf, Inc.

    Highly loaded products allowing lower usage and more cost effective total coloring cost. IR pigment systems providing lower heat absorption in outdoor applications enabling wider color selections for outdoor products. Anti-microbial additives formulated into the color. Read More
  • Foam-In-Place Gasketing By Falcon Plastics

    As a full-service custom molder, Falcon Plastics is one of few molders that offer customers formed in place foam gasket technology (FIPG and FIPFG). This is a foam-in-place technology that forms superior, cut resistant gaskets for electrical enclosures, industrial lighting, and other... Read More
  • Food Packaging By LINDAR Corporation

    LINDAR is a manufacturer of various plastic food packaging solutions. From bakery containers and produce clamshells to deli and meat packaging, our containers can be specifically developed to precisely fit your products and displays. At LINDAR our food packaging containers can be made from... Read More
  • Food Packaging By T.O. Plastics Inc.

    Our strict quality control standards and AIB Compliance make us an ideal choice for your consumer food packaging requirements. We are capable of producing large volume, thin or thick gauge food packaging products (clam shells, shipping trays, POP display trays, etc.) from a broad range of food... Read More
  • Food Service Bags & Supplies By Inteplast Group

    Food Service products provide unmatched performance and value in flexible food packaging. From commercial kitchens to fast food, Inteplast has a product that will exceed your expectations. Inteplast, the professional’s choice Chefs to caterers use our products for all their needs. We have a... Read More
  • Force Measurement Test Stands By ANDILOG

    ANDILOG manufactures a complete line of force test stands. These systems are used to accurately measure compression, tension or torque forces, on springs, wires, components, bottles, food products, etc. Test stands can be manual or motorized, single or dual column. ANDILOG produces quality... Read More

    Formable coil heaters Up to 8W/cm² Sections : round, square, rectangular Read More
  • Forming and Punch: TR Models By O.M.G. Srl

    The Tr model is a continuous cycle thermoforming machine designed for negative molding production. Forming and peripheral punching trim is made in one station. The TR model is ideal for cups and plates production runs. Built with an oversize steel welded structure, this series is designed for... Read More
  • Formulation / Product Development By EAG Laboratories

    From concept to finished product, our formulation scientists help manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and established companies create new products or improve existing ones. Our formulation scientists have years of experience working with a diversity of matrices. Unlike other contract facilities,... Read More
  • ForTii® By DSM Engineering Plastics

    As part of the Stanyl® family, ForTii™ is a new high temperature polyamide that extends the portfolio for high performance engineering thermoplastics. It offers a unique balance of properties including excellent dimensional stability, compatibility with lead free soldering, high stiffness and... Read More
  • Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) By Celanese Corporation

    Fortron is a high-temperature linear PPS that offers excellent dimensional stability, inherent flame resistance, and excellent chemical and solvent resistance. PPS is insoluble in all known solvents below 200°C (392° F). It also shows tremendous stability in both typical and alternative... Read More
  • Fortune ES (Energy Saving) series By Fortune International Inc.

    # Energy saving --- Almost equivalent to all electric molding machines. # Quick response --- Injection response time (Standard mode) # Stability in low-velocity/low-pressure & wide range --- Injection velocity: From ultra-low to high velocity range # Linearity --- Excellent linearity in... Read More
  • Fortune Va series By Fortune International Inc.

    Energy Saving From Vα All-Electric 1. All-electric machines dramatically reduce operating costs, using 50 - 80 percent less power than equivalent hydraulic machines. Connected power requirements for an electric mactine are 30% those of a hydraulic machine. Furthermore factory equipment cost is... Read More
  • Fortune Ve series By Fortune International Inc.

    Basic hydraulic toggle design with V-7000 controller. Range from 110 ton to 280 ton. Read More
  • Fortune Vr series By Fortune International Inc.

    Victor Taichung introduces to you, the new VR series of Plastic Injection Molding machinery. With a tonnage of 350-850 tons and using the advanced V-8000C controller and semi-closed looped hydraulic system, the new VR-range can match your requirements of quality, high-speed production and... Read More
  • Fortune Vs series By Fortune International Inc.

    Standard toggle designed Injection Molding Machinery with the range from 50 to 250 tons. Designed for your universal processing applications, this series of machinery is fast, accurate and has excellent repeatability. With two controllers to choose from and standard proportional a flow control,... Read More
  • FPRS-80-SBO By ASL Technologies, LLC

    The 80 SBO is designed for reservoirs up to 2800 gallons, and uses similar components as other ASL Systems. Standing 46" tall, 40" wide, and 15" deep, the 80-SBO units weigh 300 lbs. and, like other ASL systems, provide up to one year of 24/7 operation without operator intervention or maintenance. Read More
  • FPRS-E30 Cabinet & FPRS-E40 Cabinet By ASL Technologies, LLC

    The E-Series Cabinet Units provide the "best bang" for the buck, of any off-line fluid filtration System, period. These "no frills" systems are sized to handle reservoirs in the 1300 gallon and smaller range. Operating on 120VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase power, these systems draw less than 10... Read More
  • FPRS-S200 By ASL Technologies, LLC

    The FPRS-S200 is designed for larger (up to 7000 gallon) reservoirs, and uses similar components as other ASL Systems. Standing 36" tall, 36" wide, and 36" deep, the FPRS-S200 units weigh 650 lbs. and, like other ASL systems, provide up to one year of 24/7 operation without operator intervention... Read More
  • FPRS-S30 Cabinet & FPRS-S40 Cabinet By ASL Technologies, LLC

    The "S" Series Cabinet Units add several maintenance and operation features to the already proven E-Series Systems. Automatic back-flush warning, over pressure shutdown, Low voltage shutdown, internal drip tray with float switch shutdown, and remote alarm provisions. Featuring easy to operate... Read More
  • Frame Packs & Gaskets By Dorstener Wire Tech, Inc.

    Frame packs provide an aluminum or stainless steel binder that acts as a seal around the outside diameter of the screen pack and breaker plate. We offer a multitude of mesh combinations to insure optimal efficiency. Read More
  • Friction Washer By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    Our Friction Washer is used to pre-clean plastics during a fully integrated washing line process. We utilize auger type screws to mix and convey material while adding water via internal spray tubing. Our Friction Washer has a significant area of screen for water/contaminants discharge. We... Read More
  • Friction Washers FW Series By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    The NEUE HERBOLD friction washer FW Series is used to intensively wash plastic materials such as film flakes, granulate to include PET bottle flake and other types of rigid plastics. Read More
  • From Idea to Superior Consumer Packaging By Creative Blow Mold Tooling

    Being first to the marketplace means having an efficient supply-chain that shortens the timeframe from “Idea to Superior Consumer Packaging.” To shorten the supply-chain, Creative Blow Mold Tooling focuses on the initial package design. Our team of 5 full-time design engineers provides us with... Read More
  • Fuel Cells By Imerys Graphite & Carbon

    TIMREX® graphite powders are used in the production of plastic/resin molded or pressed bipolar plates, to ensure the necessary electrical and thermal conductivity. For metallic bipolar plates, TIMREX® graphite dispersions are the optimal coating to prevent corrosion. In gas diffusion layers, the... Read More
  • Fuel Tanks By Agri-Industrial Plastics Company

    Blow molded fuel tanks for you off-road vehicle. Multi-layer for gasoline and mono layer for diesel applications. Engineering and design support from concept to production. Read More
  • Fulfillment By USA Injection Molding

    Ensure that your product is delivered quickly and at the lowest cost possible. USA Injection Molding’s dedicated customer service and sales teams provide individual attention and care throughout the ordering and fulfillment processes. We offer bulk distribution and individual order fulfillment... Read More
  • Full Service Custom Injection Molder By Steinwall Inc.

    Steinwall, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality customer support. We want to take the worry out of ordering parts. To do this, we strive to understand our customers' unique needs, thus removing their obstacles in providing quality parts. From mold concept and design on through... Read More
  • Fully-Automated Plastic Injection Molding By Plastic Components, Inc.

    Plastic Components, Inc invests not only in the latest technology upgrades but the personnel training that’s necessary to support the software. Extensive training equips our engineers with best techniques and practices for cost, tool design, processing and performance.Through the use of the... Read More
  • Functional Additive Masterbatches By Plastics Color Corporation

    If you are looking for a custom additive package, tailored to your needs, then Plastics Color Corporation has you covered. We develop and offer such additive packages as antiblocks, antistats, blowing agents, delusterants, thermal stabilizers and UV absorbers, and inhibitors to name a few. Our... Read More
  • Functional additives By Palmer Holland, Inc.

    Functional additives Clariant’s Business Unit Additives is a major supplier of products for functional effects in plastics, coatings and printing inks. Features and Benefits: Flame retardants Exolit® Polymer additives Hostavin® Hostanox® Hostastat® Nylostab® Waxes Ceridust® Licocene®... Read More
  • Functional coatings By Special Coatings USA

    By 'functional surfaces', we are referring to lacquers and coating materials that provide real protection for the substrate or change/improve the properties of the substrate. Special Coatings GmbH & Co. KG offers numerous coating materials to meet the highest requirements. They include... Read More
  • Fungicide and Anti-Bacterial By Tosaf, Inc.

    Highly loaded products allowing lower usage and more cost effective total coloring cost. IR pigment systems providing lower heat absorption in outdoor applications enabling wider color selections for outdoor products. Anti-microbial additives formulated into the color. Read More
  • Funnel Strainer By Kuriyama of America

    This Funnel Strainer is made of 304 Stainless Steel and offers a unique one-piece design which includes a pre-attached Buna Gasket for better sealing and ease of assembly. It is designed to be used with Female Quick-Acting Couplings. Read More
  • Fusion Series® - G2 By Mold-Masters Ltd.

    The Fusion-Series G2 drop-in, single point connection design ensures easy installation, faster start-ups, reliable operation and user-friendly maintenance for medium and large part molding applications. Read More
  • Fusion Steele™ By Dart Container Corporation

    The Fusion™ line now has two stock prints available offering two distinctive designs: Escape™ for a traditional classic feel and Fusion Steele™ for a modern sleek look. The sleek Steele design is captivating and reflective with a clear shine finish that is destined to capture your customer’s... Read More
  • Fussion Pallet By PTM Solutions

    A pallet representing the evolution of its predecessor, the Ultra Pallet®. It is manufactured with aluminum inserts and weighs less than 50 pounds. It offers greater load capacity, resistance, and versatility in the operation. Read More
  • FX1000 Series By Cumberland

    Cumberland’s Beside the Press FX1000 Series allows easy access to the screen cradle and cutting chamber. The rotor is wide open, making cleaning and knife changes quick and easy. An improved discharge seal minimizes regrind leakage, while a larger discharge bin offers more uptime. Optional... Read More
  • FX1600 Series By Cumberland

    Cumberland’s Beside the Press FX1600 Series allows easy access to the screen cradle and cutting chamber. The rotor is wide open, making cleaning and knife changes quick and easy. An improved discharge seal minimizes regrind leakage, while a larger discharge bin offers more uptime. Optional... Read More
  • FX700 Series By Cumberland

    Cumberland’s Beside the Press FX700 Series allows easy access to the screen cradle and cutting chamber. The rotor is wide open, making cleaning and knife changes quick and easy. An improved discharge seal minimizes regrind leakage, while a larger discharge bin offers more uptime. Optional... Read More