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  • Grease By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial greases resist oxidation, remain in place despite rigorous operation and combat wear in industrial applications, helping equipment operate properly and last longer. Read More
  • G2-175 Large Format Pad Printer By Printex Inc.

    The G2-175 sets the standard for the industry for being a versatile, stand alone, large format pad printer and a dedicated component to an automated production line. Featuring a larger open “C” frame, and more powerful drive train than the G2-150 model. The G2-175 is a production proven machine... Read More
  • G24 By Gammaflux L.P.

    Gammaflux L.P. is the world’s leading supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. An expert in process optimization, Gammaflux partners with plastics parts manufacturers to help them achieve higher quality, efficiency, and profitability. The... Read More
  • G2-60/85 Single Color Pad Printer By Printex Inc.

    The G2-60/85 is our smallest standard model, single color pad printer. The G2-60/85 will accept (either/or) 60 mm and 85 mm zero-adjust pin registered plate system and corresponding G3 ink cups with magnetic coupling. As with all G2 modular series printers, the G2-60/85 can be used as a... Read More
  • Gabometer By Gabo Qualimeter Testanlagen GmbH

    Accurate measruements of Heat Build-up or Blow out processes and the determination of the thermal set can be realised by our GABOMETER system - a new deelopment based on the established Goodrich Flexometer. Both, force and elongation controlled tests, can be carried out with this modern type of... Read More
  • Gabotack By Gabo Qualimeter Testanlagen GmbH

    Our tackiness tester provides an efficient and reliable procedure for the determination of the tackiness. The GABOTACK system - meant to reliably determine the surface adhesion of either two identical or even different adhesive components. Insufficiently product properties due to internally poor... Read More
  • Gas Assist and Water Assist By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Simulate the process of 3D Gas Assist and Water Assist Injection Molding to expand part design Requirements - Optimize Process Conditions - Identify Potential “Blow Out” - Identify Skin Ratio - Improve Cycle Time - Reduce Stress and Warp - Eliminate Sink and Voids - Minimize Material... Read More
  • Gas Assist Injection Molding By Linde LLC

    The injection molding market is competitive and mature, and Linde’s expertise is both up-to-date and state-of-the-art. Gas-assisted injection molding (GAIM) (PDF 870 KB) is a process modification that promises big returns by reducing major costs associated with manufacturing plastic parts.... Read More
  • Gas Assist Injection Molding By BAUER Compressors

    Gas Assist Injection Molding continues to be one of the most popular process enhancements for injection molding, particularly as the demand for greater efficiency in production and energy consumption increases. Bauer was the first to manufacture turnkey systems for the gas assist molder. BAUER... Read More
  • GAS INJECTION TECHNOLOGY By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    The gas searches the easiest way through the soft core of the injected part and displaces the mass until the cavity is filled out. Since the initial attempts with Gas / Water injection technology, the company Herzog AG has successfully set itself apart with gas introduction components... Read More
  • GAS INJECTORS/PINS By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    Gas injection technology With gas injection technology, gas is injected into the plastic melt at the end of the injecting process. The injected gas displaces the melt on the inside thus resulting in a cavity being formed. Short shot, cavity is partially filled with plastic melt. The... Read More
  • Gate Bushings By Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc.

    Gate bushings are used for selective temperature management or thermal separation of the hot-runner nozzle and mould plate. However it is not necessary to use a gate bushing in a hot-runner system. Read More
  • Gating Nozzles By Orycon Control Technology, Inc.

    Direct Gating of very small size parts Direct Gating of very medium size parts Direct Gating of very medium to large size parts Injection Molding of re-ground resins Read More
  • Gear Oil By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial gear oils help protect against wear and promote long component life in industrial gear applications, including wind turbines, stamping presses and more. Read More
  • Gear Pumps By Mahr Metering Systems Corp

    Mahr Metering Systems Corporation has been delivering the highest quality gear metering pumps since 1948. By incorporating over 140 years of experience in manufacturing precision measuring instruments and testing equipment, Mahr has raised the bar for quality metering systems to a new standard... Read More
  • Gear Repair By United Gear Works

    United Gear Works specializes in gear repairs onsite or in our facility. United Gear Works has lifting capacity to handle any size gear in our workplace. United Gear Works has the expertise to handle any Gear repair. The repair aspect can consist of repairing cracked and/or broken teeth, ribs,... Read More
  • GearBox Repair By United Gear Works

    After the gearbox repair process is completed we will provide certified documentation for all MAG inspection. All work carries 48 month warranty not to chip flake peel or wear out and the warranty will not start until put in use. We also provide our customers a free pick up and delivery also a... Read More
  • Gelbo Flex Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This apparatus is used to determine whether certain laminations of plastic withstand repetitive strain. By attaching sample pieces of laminated plastic to the two circular clamping disks, via hose clamps, the specimen is twisted and turned to the specific movements. This process will show a... Read More
  • Gelcoats By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    LyondellBasell offers a superior line of quality gel coat and pigment dispersions to serve different markets such as the marine industry. We offer a wide range of gel coats that enable marine architects and boat builders to create products ready for the open water. Our MACT-compliant gels also... Read More
  • Gelpac Bulk Bags By Gelpac Distribution

    They’re sturdy, safe, and guaranteed, and they conform to material handling norms in the food, chemical, mining, and construction sectors. Ideal for even the heaviest or most fragile materials. At Gelpac, we handle everything: 1. Prototype design, fabrication, and validation are handled by our... Read More
  • General Processing - All End Markets By Good Works Reprocessing

    Good Works Reprocessing's general processing services for all end markets include pulverizing, blending, grinding, metal and contamination removal, repackaging, classifying, fines removal, and certified destruction. Grinding: Whether you have large lumps and purge, films or parts we can... Read More
  • General Processing of Plastics Scrap By Good Works Reprocessing

    Good Works Reprocessing's general processing services include pulverizing, blending, grinding, metal and contamination removal, repackaging, classifying, fines removal, and certified destruction. Grinding: Whether you have large lumps and purge, films or parts we can precision grind your... Read More
  • General Purpose Viscosity Standards By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D445, ASTM D446, ISO 3104, ISO 3105 All CANNON general purpose viscosity standards meet the precision specifications of ASTM D445/446 and ISO 3104/3105. Lot specific data is provided with each standard. Read More
  • Generation IV 4040 S3 By Sepro America LLC

    Generation IV 4040 S3 to automate Injection Moulding Machines from 150 to 600T on simple unloading or with more complex application including peripheral equipments. This robot can drive from 3 to 8 axes and some compact and standardised CNC rotations with high torque Generation IV 4040 S3... Read More
  • By Geosynthetica

    This freely available, online publication contains: news, technical information, case studies, guidance and other published materials on geosynthetics and related technologies. Read More
  • GETECHA, INC. By P P E Associates, Inc.

    Customer Inspired Granulators Read More
  • GF PRIMUS By Sesotec Inc.

    GF PRIMUS metal separators remove metal contaminants (steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc) from pneumatically conveyed bulk materials such as granulates and regranulates. Metal contaminants (even those contained in granulate) are removed by means of a specially designed reject flap (‘Quick... Read More
  • Global Flexible Packaging Trends to 2016 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    Based on extensive interviews conducted with leading flexible packaging converters and substrate suppliers around the world in 2011 and 2012, this report provides a detailed statistical analysis and commentary for this major global market. While the economic slowdown has had some effect on... Read More
  • Global Plastics Letter By Global Plastics Letter

    A monthly, by subscription only, no advertising, 4 page newsletter reporting on the global semi-finished plastic shapes industry Read More
  • Gloss Meters / Gloss Testers By PCE Instruments

    Each gloss meter offered by PCE Instruments is easy to use, compact, solidly built and specially designed to take measurements on the spot. This makes our gloss tester products incredibly useful for measuring surfaces offsite or in the field. A gloss meter can be used on smooth, treated or... Read More
  • GM180 with Forced Feed By Gamma Meccanica

    Gamma Meccanica lines offer you innovative, flexible solutions ensuring the highest production capacity and more energy savings for your plastics recycling. The new design of the lines is the result of continuous technological innovation and they are built to produce the superior quality final... Read More
  • Goldstar Injection Molding (LGH720N-i90A) By Hunter Plastics Inc.

    2001 Goldstar LGH720N-i90A Machine: 5896 Type: I4604-INJECTION MOLDING, HORIZONTAL Manufacturer: Goldstar Year: 2001 Model: LGH720N-i90A Tonnage:720Ton Tie Bar Space:38.6" Sq. Platen Space:55.9" x 56.5" Clamp Stroke:53.1" Min / Max Daylight:17.7" / 70.9 Ejector Stroke:7.87" Screw... Read More
  • Google AdWords By 5 Fold Agency

    Stop wasting money with agencies that don't understand your product/service or the companies you're trying to attract. We have a strategic approach to AdWords and are extremely focused on the goals and managing the spend. No money is wasted on our programs. Read More
  • GP Series Packaged Chillers By AEC

    The GP Series Packaged Chillers include all of the major chiller system components in one versatile and compact package with a leaving fluid temperature range of 20°F to 80°F (-6.7°C to 26,7°C). Available in models from 5 to 60 tons, the GP Series products offer air-cooled, water-cooled, and... Read More
  • GPO-3 Sheet Laminate By Polyply Composites LLC

    All grades of Polyply industrial sheet are produced using polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement. They are U.L. recognized and are available in 36"x72" and 48"x96" sheet. Sheets are manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 1/32" to 2" with most sizes in stock for immediate... Read More
  • Granulating By Allgrind Plastics, Inc.

    Granulation - Coarse Grinding: Granulation or Coarse grinding size reduction is offered for raw materials in large forms such as sheets, lumps, purgings, cylinders, rods, tubes, blocks, bales, slabs etc.—most any shape, as well as for scrap materials to be recycled such as parts, sheets, pipe,... Read More
  • Granulation-size reduction and metal separation By ABC Polymers Inc

    Currently at ABC Polymers, we have four granulation stations. All lines are equipped with metal detection/separation, elutriation systems for fine reduction, and screens ranging from 3/8" to 1" particle size. We can handle your bottles, buckets, pallets, crates, lumps and chunks, parts,... Read More
  • Granulator By Midwest Knife Grinding Inc.

    We continue to invest in the machinery to best serve our valued customers. Our state of the art precision grinders with full flood coolant systems does a beautiful job sharpening. With a length capacity of 398 inches we can grind most rotor knives together for a closely matched tolerance over... Read More
  • Granulator / Grinder / Crusher for Size reduction of pipes By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold SR + LP series granulators are designed and manufactured for the size reduction of full length profiles and pipes eliminating the need to pre-cut the material into shorter lengths. The 6000 mm (20ft.) profiles or pipes are fed horizontally into the granulator. Generally the LP... Read More
  • Granulator / Grinder / Crusher for Size reduction of profiles By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold SR + LP series granulators are designed and manufactured for the size reduction of full length profiles and pipes eliminating the need to pre-cut the material into shorter lengths. The 6000 mm (20ft.) profiles or pipes are fed horizontally into the granulator. Generally the LP... Read More
  • Granulator / Grinder / Crusher for size reduction of thin films By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Size reduction of thin films (BOPP/BOPET etc.), heat sensitive materials, tapes, big-bags etc Advantages - reduced space requirement due to compact design - energy-saving size reduction - low noise level due to double-cross cutting knife configuration - easy cleaning due to “clam... Read More
  • Granulator / Grinder / Crusher LM Series By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold LM series granulators are specially designed for the size reduction of voluminous, thin walled materials. Typical applications are the size reduction of loose film ( in-line edge trims), hollow containers, barrels, crates, PVC pipe (thin-walled PE/PP pipe), profile, automotive... Read More
  • Granulator / Grinder / Crusher SM Series By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold SM series granulators are specially designed for all universal types of applications. Through simple modification the SM series granulators can be used for massive start-up lumps and purgings, massive profiles and general plastic scrap with extremely wall thicknesses. Also size... Read More
  • Granulator Machine Knives By American Cutting Edge, a Division of CB Manufacturing

    With thousands of granulator knives and hundreds of models compatible with the most common North American brands, American Cutting Edge is your go-to source for granulator knives. Many of our customers have specialized needs that require custom-made blades engineered to their exact measurements.... Read More
  • Granulator, Pelletizer and Shredder Knives By Zenith Cutter Inc.

    Zenith Cutter Co. has been the premium provider of high-quality Granulator, Pelletizer and Shredder knives to the Plastics Industry for nearly 30 years. Zenith knives are manufactured to meet/exceed OEM specifications. Strict quality control ensures that our knives deliver an optimal mix of... Read More
  • Granulators By Industrial Equipment Supplier

    Granulators are single-shaft machines operating at a higher rotational speed to reduce the feedstock size further. Hardened and very sharp steel knives installed on the rotating shaft cut the material while the hydraulic ram pushes the feedstock into the cutting chamber. Read More
  • Granulators By Orenda Pulverizers

    Waste no more, granulate and re-use Orenda manufactures and supplies custom-built granulators for the plastics industry, including rotomolders, pipe and conduit producers, custom granulating facilities, plastic recyclers, and others who need to reduce off-spec (scrap) parts to a size that can... Read More
  • Granulators By Eurohansa Inc.

    Here at Eurohansa, Inc. we are happy to couple our Low Speed Shredder with any granulator on the market. In some cases, we are installing our shredders in-front of existing granulators, or we can work with the granulator manufacturer of your choice on a brand-new line. We can even include all... Read More
  • Granulators By Wittmann Battenfeld

    Complete Range of Granulators Designed for plastic processing plants and recycling plants Screenless Granulators Conventional Granulators Cutting chamber with knives and screen High Quality Regrind User Friendly and Easy Operation Read More
  • Granulators By Size Reduction Specialists Corp.

    Press side bi-cutter screenless granulators from SRS corp. for sprues and runners include the SR68, SR1013 and SR1517 and produce up to a 6 x 6mm particle size and up to 65 pounds per hour*. Optional 4 x 5mm, 5 x 6mm, 6 x 8mm and 8 x 10mm cutters are available. Clean-out, maintenance and... Read More
  • Granulators By Meadoworks

    Shopping for used granulators? We carry a wide selection of granulators, including Rapid, Nissui, Cincinnatti, and SRS. View listings complete with photos and specs on our site, or give us a call at 1-800-323-0307 for more information. Read More
  • Granulators & Shredders By C.M.G. America Inc

    Granulators & Shredders for size reduction in many industrial sectors as Injector molding, blow molding, pipe & profile extrusion, thermoforming, sheet extrusion, edge trim, film extrusion, plastic recycling, as well as cable and general waste recycling. Building reliable equipment for over 30... Read More
  • Graphic Design By zenClaire design

    Presentational Renderings Logo/Identity Development Literature Design Print Advertising Design Exhibit Design Setup Instruction Design Read More
  • Graphite and Carbon for Conductive Plastic/Polymer Applications By Asbury Carbons Inc.

    Answering the call for conductive additives used in specialty plastics/polymers, Asbury Carbons has various grades which have proven themselves in the industry. Criteria were based on superior electrical properties, enhanced molding characteristics, and overall resin compatibility. Read More
  • Graphite Foils By Imerys Graphite & Carbon

    Natural graphite is the main component of graphite foils. The graphite is intercalated with appropriate chemical agents then exfoliated by a rapid rise in temperature. The resulting “worms” can be pressed or rolled into sheets (foils). These sheets are then cut to various shapes. TIMREX®... Read More
  • Gravimetric Feeders and Blending systerms By Plastore Inc

    Plastore can offer a number of gravimetric solutions thru our partner Sysmetric, Ltd of Israel. The Sysmetric team has over 22 years of experience in the field of gravimetric dosing and control. And they can offer solutions for all your gravimetric dosing and mixing needs including: ● Single... Read More
  • Gravitrol® Extrusion Control System By Process Control Corporation

    Process Control’s Gravitrol® Extrusion Control System takes the guesswork of the operator out of extrusion control by continuously monitoring the extruder throughput and adjusting the extruder screw RPM to maintain a consistent output by weight. In coextrusion applications, Gravitrol® will... Read More
  • Great Western Pneumatic In-Line Tru-Balance Sifters By Great Western Mfg Co Inc

    The QA24 was specifically developed to provide an economical quality assurance and HACCP solution for the needs of food, pharmaceutical and chemical operations with moderate production volumes. Models QA36 and QA46 provide larger net screen areas where higher production volumes are required.... Read More
  • Great Western QA Gravity Flow Sifters By Great Western Mfg Co Inc

    The ultimate in reliable performance, capacity, versatility and sanitation for your sifting or screening operations. Gentle and accurate gyratory motion, compact floor area, wide range of capacities. Adaptable to a wide range of products, capacities, number of separations, and screen sizes. Easy... Read More
  • Green Compounds and Close Loop Recycling Services By Oxford Polymers

    Oxford Polymers® offers compounds developed from both post-industrial and post-consumer based feed streams. We have developed many grades of recycled content plastics, ranging all the way up to 100% post-consumer content. Oxford develops Green compounds for both cost savings initiatives and... Read More
  • Green Sweep By Iso-Trude Inc

    Iso-Trude supplies both interior and exterior products for the building trade. As a custom manufacturer, we supply door bottom sweeps,weatherseals, gutter guards, window profiles, plastic studs, trim extrusions and many other products to the building industry. From soft flexible seals to rigid... Read More

    GREENMAX APOLO can process most PS foams, including EPS, XPS and PSP. Read More
  • GreenMax™ Compactors By INTCO Recycling

    Established in 2008, GreenMax™ is the registered trade mark of recycling machines produced by INTCO. Including three series with more than ten models, GreenMax™ can handle polystyrene foam crushing, washing, compacting, and liquid extraction/separation from packagings. GreenMax™ compactors are... Read More
  • Grinder NR By Mold-Rite Plastics

    The fun and flavor of a fresh grind - every time! Our non-removable grinder packaging system offers convenience and quality with every twist. Lightweight and shatterproof plastic bottle for your packaging project. The distinctive PET container provides instant consumer recognition as a "grinder"... Read More
  • Grinders - Granulators - Shredders By Moreland International Corp

    We are now offering extremely well built grinders from Eastern Europe for North America The advantages of our granulators are: Very strong cutting chamber and rotor (also and the frame), the machines is Coated with Zinc before painting relatively simple effective design, which is effective... Read More
  • Grinding Magnets By DocMagnet Inc

    Grinding Magnets for Both Standard and Custom Applications. Read More
  • Gripper systems By FIPA Inc.

    FIPA offers expertise in gripper assembly: From consultation, project planning through to assembly and commissioning we offer a complete service from one single source. Choose between extrusion and plate based or PA laserforming based gripper systems. Regardless of the system you choose, FIPA... Read More
  • Gripper with HNBR-gummed jaws By FIPA Inc.

    With all four sides of the jaws coated with HNBR, the 100 series’ new gripper really makes an impression. The coating prevents damage caused by scratches when placing the gripper on the part to be handled. With complex-shaped workpieces in particular, a risk of scratching can occur, for example,... Read More
  • G-Series® Sheet Lines By PTi - Processing Technologies International, LLC

    G-Series® is the newest addition to PTi's line-up of industry proven Sheet Extrusion Products. G-Series® was developed to fulfill the need in the global market place for a cost effective solution configurable as a compact unit for inline thermoforming or a full length configuration for producing... Read More
  • Guardian® Series 2 By Process Control Corporation

    The Guardian® Series 2 provides precise batch-to-batch dispensing and consistent homogenous blending. New standard features include B&R controls, color touch-screen, removable cartridge V-gate metering, segmented material hoppers, integral drain chute, and a “No Dead Zone” mixing chamber.... Read More
  • Guide Wire Trays By LINDAR Corporation

    Guidewire medical tray and packaging Utilizing our expertise as a thermoformer and medical plastics manufacturer, LINDAR’s Straight Pack and Coil Pack medical guide wire trays and covers are designed to keep guide wires clean and protected during manufacturing, shipping, and storage. Made from... Read More
  • GUILLOTINE By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    GUILLOTINE It is used to reduce the dimension of the materials to be treated in the form of compressed bales, reels, sheets, blocks etc. It also simplifies the possible subsequent material separation and selection stages. It may work manually or automatically, predefining the length of the cut... Read More
  • GUR® ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) By Celanese Corporation

    GUR offers outstanding abrasion resistance, superior impact resistance, non-sticking and self-lubricating properties and excellent mechanical properties, even in cryogenic conditions. GUR is an extremely high viscosity polymer that is produced in the form of a powder and has an average particle... Read More
  • Gusseted Bags By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    Gusseted sides expand to fit the shape of contents, making them ideal for wide and bulky items. • Corners tuck in to eliminate "dog ears" (Aesthetically Appealing) • Larger sizes can be used to line boxes. • Open end. • Heat sealable. • Close with paper or plastic ties. We specialize in custom... Read More
  • Gusseted poly bags By A-Pac Manufacturing Co., Inc.

    Gusseted poly bags have expandable sides and flat bottoms and can be used for a variety of applications, including parts bags, bread and bakery bags, food bags, meat and poultry bags, box liners, and tote liners. Read More