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  • i³ MicroClean By Cold Jet

    The redesigned i³ MicroClean is an innovative, lightweight, compact, single-hose low pressure, electric blasting system that utilizes dry ice block with as little as 12 cfm and blasts at variable air pressures from 20 to 140 psi (1.4 to 9.7 bar). The i³ MicroClean dry ice blasting system... Read More
  • ICIS Pricing Polymer Reports By ICIS

    Prices in the polymers markets remain as volatile as ever. Without accurate price assessments to rely on, your business risks being caught out by market moves. More and more successful companies now turn to ICIS pricing for the information they need to keep doing business with... Read More
  • ICN Laser Plates for CO2 and YAG Lasers By Inkcups

    Inkcups Now pioneered computer-to-plate technology in the pad printing industry. Our engineers have developed the largest selection of laser engravable plates on the market. The plates were specifically designed to accommodate varying applications and machine types; we hold patents on the... Read More
  • ICN-150 Semi-Automatic Pad Printer Machine for Large Images By Inkcups

    The rugged ICN-150 is an ideal large parts pad printer machine. It handles 150mm ink cups that enable printed images up to 140mm in diameter - significantly larger than the industry standard 130mm ink cups, which are only capable of 115mm images. Its unique independent pad/ink cup stroke allows... Read More
  • ICN-2200PS By Inkcups

    The ICN-2200-PS is a 2 color sealed cup pad printer with a heavy-duty dual position pneumatic pad slide mechanism. The pad slide simplifies part fixturing and assures flawless second color registration on tagless garments, promotional products and other items. The pad slide also enables a very... Read More
  • ICN-M25 Semi-Automatic Universal Purpose Screen Printer By Inkcups

    This heavy-duty, universal parts decorator has the same design specifications as the immensely popular Autoroll M25 screen printer and can print a larger range of cylinders, ovals, cones, and flats than many other printers in the industry. Changeovers rarely require hand tools or a need to... Read More
  • iDAdditives One-Pellet-Solution By iD Additives

    Most processors are using several additives procured from various sources. iD can analyze your additives needs and make one convenient concentrate to accomplish the functions of two or more additives. iD Additives’ knowledge of additives used in the thermoplastic industry includes: Pigments –... Read More
  • IDM Testing Equipment By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    Founded in 1972, IDM instruments® Pty Ltd prides itself with its outstanding reputation as Australia's leading supplier of testing and measuring equipment. Our prime focus is to work closely with customers to provide quality instruments. Whether from our standard product line or specialised... Read More
  • I-Flex Gauge Controls By Brampton Engineering Inc

    Innovative Design of I-Flex Heated Lip produces blown film with excellent gauge. Read More
  • Immersion Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's immersion heaters are designed primarily for direct immersion in liquids such as water, oils, solvents and process solutions, molten materials as well as air and gases. By generating all the heat within the liquid or process, these heaters are virtually 100 percent energy efficient.... Read More
  • iMould | The first intelligent mold By IML Solutions

    iMould, the first intelligent mold, introduces the predictive maintenance concept in the packaging industry. So far, molders only had access to a partial vision of their system’s behavior: hot runner or cooling system temperatures, number of cycles, etc. But they were only figures without no... Read More
  • Impact Testing Machines By ZwickRoell

    Available from Zwick is a comprehensive selection of impact testing machines, including pendulum impact testers and drop weight impact testers. The machines are designed for a wide variety of plastics and metals applications and their energy range varies from 5.5 joules (pendulum impact tester)... Read More
  • ImpactECS Enterprise Cost System By 3C Software

    ImpactECS is a dedicated costing system that fits into any IT architecture. By sitting between shop floor systems that collect granular production information vital to calculate costs and ERP systems designed to amass data across the organization, ImpactECS provides an opportunity to use the... Read More
  • Impet® thermoplastic polyester (PET) By Celanese Corporation

    Like products based on its chemical cousin PBT, those formulated with PET base resin offer outstanding physical properties and superior thermal and chemical resistance, with the added ability to support higher temperature exposure. Glass-reinforced Impet polyester products are outstanding... Read More
  • Implementation and Training Services By Solarsoft Business Systems

    At Solarsoft, we make it our business to know your industry. We provide complete software implementation, training services, and long-term support. Our portfolio of existing enterprise customers have provided us with unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise, in a variety of different... Read More
  • In-Cavity Pressure & Temperature Sensors By RJG, Inc.

    RJG offers the only digital cavity pressure sensing technology in the industry. When the right sensor is paired with our eDART™ process control system, molders get a window into what's happening inside the mold with each process. Exclusive Lynx™ digital technology makes RJG sensors easier to... Read More
  • Indestep Rotary Table Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machine By Indestep International Ltd

    The Indestep Machine is a highly innovative rotary table, multi-station, injection moulding machine aimed at producing high throughputs of small to medium sized mouldings, ‘value added’ mouldings. The machine is an ideal component for an automation solution. The main advantages come from many... Read More
  • INDOPOL H-100 Polybutene By Palmer Holland, Inc.

    Indopol® polybutenes are versatile polymers; they have a combination of properties that makes them suited and used for a wide range of different applications. Properties Permanently non-drying Colourless (water white) and non-staining Emulsifiable Excellent electrical... Read More
  • Induction Sealer Products By Pillar Technologies

    The Unifoiler Series is Pillar's most popular waterless induction sealer. Our induction sealing equipment outputs the highest level of performance in the industry today thanks to unsurpassed commitment to quality and engineering. Why Waterless? Simple: Waterless systems are less than 1/2 the... Read More
  • INDUSTRIAL By Rotopolymers LLC

    ROTOLENE INDUSTRIAL is a hexene copolymer linear medium density polyethylene recommended for large, strong applications with excellent chemical resistance. It has low warpage, still providing impact strength and Stress Crack Resistance. Rotolene Industrial is available in natural and colored... Read More
  • Industrial & Consumer Product Testing By EAG Laboratories

    We provide customized product testing for individual components as well as finished manufactured products. Our non-routine product testing investigations begin with issues such as: • Competitive product analysis • Product claims for advertising or marketing • Performance comparisons •... Read More
  • Industrial / Consumer Products By Quantum Plastics

    This segment of Master Molded Products is the most diverse in applications. Markets include: Lawn and Garden Small Appliances Major Appliances Telecommunication Equipments Industrial Tools Office Accessories This market segment makes up 25% of MMPC’s business and involves both... Read More
  • Industrial and Recreational Products & Packaging By T.O. Plastics Inc.

    We're geared to take a project from concept to design, from tooling to manufacturing, no matter what your requirements. Diversification is key and T.O. Plastics offers both thin-gauge and heavy-gauge production capabilities in either an in-line or rotary-forming (cut sheet) environment.... Read More
  • Industrial Blow Molded Parts from Recycled Resins By Custom-Pak, Inc.

    Custom-Pak is one of the world’s largest industrial blow molded parts manufacturers with over 200 blow molding production lines making thousands of products in Six N. American manufacturing plants. Their Midwest-Poly division recycles and provides Custom-Pak with nearly 20 million pounds of... Read More
  • Industrial Chemicals By BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc.

    The Business Unit Industrial Chemicals represents two product groups: Reducing Agents Zinc Derivatives (in particular Zinc Oxides and Zinc Carbonates) The experience of more than 80 years in this field turns BrüggemannChemical into the most experienced producer of sulfur-based... Read More
  • Industrial Compressors By BAUER Compressors

    BAUER compressors are field proven in a multitude of demanding applications and harsh environments. Our compressors are available with capacities from 4 - 206 SCFM with working pressures from 350 - 7000 PSIG and with power requirements from 5 - 125 HP. We are pleased to present our products for... Read More
  • Industrial Design By zenClaire design

    Concept Development Product Design and Development Conceptual Renderings Prototyping/Model Making Design for Manufacturing Engineering Read More
  • Industrial Equipment By Integrated Design Systems Inc.

    Most industrial equipment manufacturers have embraced industrial design as a means of distinguishing their products from one another and improving product branding. Integrated Design Systems considers industrial design an integral part of product design and market success. Our extensive... Read More
  • Industrial Gearbox Repair & Rebuild Services By Hard Chrome Solutions

    Our full range of repair services includes: -Emergency Breakdowns -Removal of Equipment -Installation and Start-up -Laser Alignment -Performance Testing -Fault Diagnostics -Trouble Shooting Read More
  • Industrial Knives and Blades By American Cutting Edge, a Div. of CB Manufacturing

    With some of the best inventory in North America for the most popular industrial knives and cutting razors, American Cutting Edge offers convenience, friendly & fast service with quality, precision industrial razors. Whether you need the ever popular Single Edge #9, Standard Utility blades for... Read More
  • Industrial Packaging By ST BlowMoulding SA

    Modern day buzzwords in this industrial sector are functionality and standardization. Industrial packaging items are designed to contain and carry high quality or hazardous substances all over the world. Chemicals, liquids for the electronic industry and ingredients for the food industry must... Read More
  • Industrial Plastic Components By LINDAR Corporation

    LINDAR is a plastic part manufacturer that uses state of the art heavy gauge plastic thermoforming technology to precisely develop vacuum formed plastic components. Our experienced team specializes in working with your company engineers to assist, enable and enhance the design and development... Read More
  • Industrial Plastic Materials For Recycling, Sales, & Purchase By Blackrock Plastics, LLC

    At Blackrock Plastics we strive to be “The Choice” when it comes to industrial plastic scrap recycling, purchasing, and sales solutions in the United States. The following is a list of our most commonly handled plastic materials. If you possess excess scrap plastic or are in need of a plastic... Read More
  • Industrial Plastic Recycling By Blackrock Plastics, LLC

    Blackrock Plastics specializes in the procurement of industrial plastic scrap for recycling and re-purposing that industrial plastic back through the manufacturing supply chain. We use state of the art recycling processes to keep plastic scrap out of landfills and turn that waste stream into a... Read More
  • Industrial Plastic Recycling Services By Recycling Solutions, Inc.

    Our industrial plastic recycling services include the following: Sale of high quality plastic regrind and pellets Purchase of recyclable plastic material Grinding Pelletizing Material identification Baling Railcar unloading and loading Bag or box packaging... Read More
  • Industrial Plastic Scrap Purchasing By Recycling Solutions, Inc.

    Recycling Solutions buys industrial plastic scrap throughout the Chicagoland area and mid-western United States. We’ll arrange the pick up of your industrial plastic scrap for pick up. Below are plastic scrap materials we are looking to... Read More
  • Industrial Plating Repair & Rebuilding By Hard Chrome Solutions

    Specializing in: Davis Standard, Egan, Gloucester, EDI, Santo, Alpine, Battenfield & many more. The wide variety of equipment and experienced staff makes Hard Chrome Solutions a shop capable of handling an array of machining aspects from Extruder Screws, Sheet Dies, Blown Film. We also... Read More
  • Industrial Process Electric Heaters By National Plastic Heater, Sensor & Control Inc.

    National Plastic Heater, designs, engineers, exports and distributes industrial grade process electric heaters, including flanged immersion heaters, circulation heaters, pipe insert heaters, duct or air heaters, over-the-side heaters,and screw-plug immersion heaters for most industrial... Read More
  • Industrial Process Heaters By National Plastic Heater, Sensor & Control Inc.

    Industrial Process Electric Heaters, Flanged Immersion Heaters, Screw-Plug, Circulation, Air Process, Finned Tubular, Duct Heaters and Over-the-Side Heaters National Plastic Heater, designs, engineers, exports and distributes industrial grade process electric heaters, including flanged... Read More
  • Industrial Process, Silicone and Kapton Heaters By National Plastic Heater, Sensor & Control Inc.

    National Plastic Heater, designs, exports and distributes industrial grade process electric heaters, flexible heaters(Kapton® and silicone rubber), temperature sensors (thermocouples & Rtds), digital temperature process controls (fuzzy logic) and mercury displacement relays for most industrial... Read More
  • Industrial Products By Wuxi Glory Plastics

    Metal parts like bolt, post or items of other materials embedded in plastic molding process or pressed in after molded can be categorized as metal insets in plastic molding. The inserts enable the product to get extra function or only to be a kind of decoration. Features of insert molding... Read More
  • Industrial Rubber Powderizers By Granutech Saturn Systems

    Granutech Saturn Systems has over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing world-class shredders for industrial rubber scrap. We are an industry leader in developing machinery to provide high quality rubber crumb from rubber and tire scrap. Whether your application is processing... Read More
  • Industrial SEO By 5 Fold Agency

    An industrial marketing agency that fully understands all aspects of On-Page and Off-Page SEO, getting you from page 10 to page 1 in a short period of time with our proprietary process and methods. Everything 100% white hat tactics to protect you from Google algorithm changes down the road. Read More
  • InertGas™ Models By Pollution Control Products Co.

    For parts with up to 50% combustibles. Maximum 900ºF, 482ºC The ultimate in safety...Pollution Control’s patented InertGas™ models can handle any combustible that can legally be removed with heat, even space-age engineered plastics. Our InertGas™ ovens expand the Controlled Pyrolysis®... Read More
  • INFINITY By Gilman Brothers Co., The

    INFINITY has a versatility, simplicity and vibrancy of color unequaled in the market. This patent pending 100% recyclable styrene foamboard is manufactured in the USA, using 100% USA produced raw materials. From concept to execution, Gilman Brothers clearly illustrates how INFINITY can simplify... Read More

    Ceramic infrared emitters Long wavelenght Wavelenght from 3 to 10 µm With or without reflector Quartz infrared emitters Medium wavelenght Wavelenght from 1,4 to 3 µm Infrared lamp Short and medium wavelenght Wavelenght from 0,8 to 1,4 µm Read More
  • Infrared for Plastic Welding By Heraeus Noblelight

    Heraeus infrared emitters are made with the experience from thousands of applications. Only the best materials and technologies guarantee best performance of our infrared emitters also in industrial processes that pose a real challenge. A wide range of emitters, modules and systems enables you... Read More
  • Infrared Heaters By Glenro, Inc.

    Understanding the physical characteristics of the materials desired to be heated is the key to successfully incorporating radiation heat transfer into your product manufacturing process. Glenro has the testing resources, process experience and expertise to discover a cost effective and energy... Read More
  • Infrared Ovens By WECO International

    Infrared Ovens are used for a variety of applications and are available in stock or custom modules. We can design and supply complete Ovens and Controls for the thermoforming, curing and drying industries; as well as, the pieces you need to build a highly efficient IR System. Read More
  • Infrared Welders By Forward Technology Industries Inc.

    Infrared welding is a relatively new welding technique used for the many challenging materials and large part assembly with high strength and hermetic requirements. During the Infrared welding, both part halves are held rigidly in position near an infrared emitting platen to melt the joining... Read More
  • InfraStake / InfraWeld / InfraView By Extol, Inc.

    The implementation of focused infrared energy is at the core of this revolutionary process. This tightly controlled, low impact technology is applied to component staking, and specific zone-area heating for forming or material embedding. Dissatisfied with the conventional staking methods of... Read More
  • Ingeo PLA Biopolymer By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Derived from annually renewable resources, Ex-Tech Plastics sheet made with Ingeo™ biopolymer gives you an environmentally friendly packaging solution with competitive cost value performance compared to traditional materials. Designed with thermoforming applications in mind, Ingeo™ complies with... Read More
  • Ingredient Management Solutions By HorizonPSI

    Whether you’re working with powders, granules, pellets or liquids, how you handle your bulk materials always determines the quality of your final product. At HorizonPSI, we understand the benefits of a well-managed ingredient receiving and handling solution and the headaches that can occur when... Read More
  • Ingredients By Inhance Technologies, LLC

    We make sure your products are durable. Protecting the integrity of your components in severe wear environments is a challenge faced by many industries. Extending the lifetime of such materials while upholding other material attributes such as tensile and impact properties can be... Read More
  • Inject line By HRSflow USA, Inc.

    DESCRIPTION Line developed for non-automotive sector applications with the aim of offering good quality and performance at a competitive price. TECHNICAL DETAILS The Inject line answers injection molding market requirements for a reliable system at the right price without the need for high... Read More
  • Inject-Ex By Md Plastics Incorporated

    The Inject-Ex Injection Molding Machine improves the science of injection molding by utilizing a state of the art stationary Posi-Melt™ Screw and plunger assembly that is coupled to a drive unit. The whole assembly reciprocates to displace a precise amount of polymer into the mold all along ONE... Read More
  • Inject-Ex™ Plasticating Systems By Md Plastics Incorporated

    This revolutionary new plasticating system was designed to ensure that each pellet is exposed to the exact same amount of energy during its journey from the hopper to the mold. The result is a melt that is more uniform and homogeneous than that produced by today’s conventional reciprocating... Read More
  • Injection and Blow Molds By Galaxy Technologies

    Precision machining is the foundation for excellence in the manufacturing of quality, reliable injection and blow molds. From very small intricate parts to large consumer, commercial or industrial parts, Galaxy Technologies’ molds deliver the performance customers demand. Product design and... Read More
  • Injection Blow Mold & Injection Stretch Blow Mold Tooling By Big 3 Precision Products Inc.

    Precision injection blow mold (IBM) and injection stretch blow mold (ISBM) tooling for all industry leading molding machines. Unit and production mold development and in-house sampling. One-stop manufacturer from product development and perform design, to complete in-field mold startup. Rapid... Read More
  • Injection Blow Molded Closures and Bottles By Berry Plastics

    Molding capabilities of Berry Plastics include injection blow molding, extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. The company offers an extensive line of stock bottles as well as cap and closures in HDPE, PET and PP to meet most packaging needs. Should a brand require custom packaging, Berry also... Read More
  • Injection Blow Molding By Western Industries Plastic Products Group

    Western Industries, Inc. Plastic Products Group has the expertise and the technological resources to deliver design engineering through product assembly, and maximize the benefits of blow-molded plastic production. Western’s manufacturing capabilities are distinguished by a selection of... Read More
  • Injection Blow Molding By Diamond Chemical Company Inc.

    Diamond Chemical Company blow molds 16 ounce, 32 ounce, 50 ounce and 128 ounce bottles in many varieties. Read More
  • Injection Blow Molding By Garrtech Inc.

    Garrtech is experienced in the manufacturing of blow molds of all sizes and for any application. We constantly reinvest in our equipment, tooling facilities, and people to ensure that we maintain the ability to manufacture beyond industry standards. We want you to be satisfied with your finished... Read More
  • Injection Blow Molding Systems By Big 3 Precision Products Inc.

    BMP-145 Ton Injection Blow Molding Press with a 48.5" trigger bar. High capacity molding machine provides a platform for large cavitation tooling in a small footprint. Built to exceed today's standards in output, reliability, and energy consumption. Read More
  • injection mold By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo systemetc) 100%... Read More
  • Injection Mold Making By MSI

    We are equipped with CNC machinery not older than 2009 and CAD / CAM software that is always up to date. We can import most any solid or surface model of your parts that you send us. Read More
  • Injection Moldable and Extrudable UHMW PE By Dreytek, Inc.

    Mitsui is one of the very few manufacturers able to produce UHMW-PE as pellets (LUBMER) for injection molding and extrusion. Powders (MIPELON) and LUBMER pellets are also used in blending with other polymers to improve tribological properties. Key properties: • Very high chemical resistance •... Read More
  • Injection Molded Grips By GripWorks

    Injection Molded Grips from GripWorks are manufactured in the USA. Typical bike or finger grips, standard round grips, tapered grips, Hex-patterned grips and splined grips are stocked in black. Read More
  • Injection Molded Prismatic Reflector By A.L.P.

    This energy efficient 16” diameter injection molded prismatic Reflexor® is designed to be used in either open or closed fixtures for industrial, commercial, or decorative lighting. Visit our website for the complete Reflexor line of LexaLite injection molded prismatic reflectors. Read More
  • Injection Molding By Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc.

    Using all Electric Presses to produce high quality custom plastic molded parts for Defense, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive and Consumer products. Utilizing all Electric machines has given Xcentric Mold and Engineering the competitive edge over our competition. Because of the repeatability from... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Pretium Packaging

    Pretium Packaging also has injection molding machines located across North America for a variety of manufacturing purposes. We have vertically integrated our PET container production by self-manufacturing much of our own preform requirements. Additionally, we design and manufacture many total... Read More
  • Injection Molding By MP Manufacturing Ltd.

    We offer high-quality plastic injection molding services range from 90 Ton to 1200 Ton. MP Manufacturing’s injection molds are used by the automotive, LED, medical and electronics industries. We are able to process a wide range of materials (including filled and blended material to obtain the... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Composite Technologies Company LLC

    Injection MoldingWhy Injection Mold at CTC? Because we are vertically integrated so we are a 1 stop shop for all your products needs. CTC offers cost competitive Molding, assembly, packaging, graphics, and storage all in 1 location (Value Added Services). CTC eliminates all of the middle... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Schmit Prototypes

    Many rapid prototyping processes are great for testing form and fit, but often times there is simply no substitute for testing with the real injection molded parts and material. When your production tooling won't be ready for months, injection molding is a great way to receive parts quickly and... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Anderson Technologies Inc.

    Anderson Technologies continues to grow in services and technologies with our customers’ needs. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services and capabilities: - Gas assist - Precision, scientific, decoupled - Multi-shot - Insert - Over-mold - Stack - In-mold assembly Read More
  • Injection Molding By Mold2Specs, Inc.

    Meeting delivery expectations with the quality you want, M2S offers high volume molding solutions through advanced process controls and automation systems to support programs number in the millions. If it’s high quantities you need, M2S has you covered. Throughout the years, the company has... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Barton Tool, Inc.

    Barton utilizes both conventional horizontal style molding presses and unique Vertical style molding presses ranging from 35 to 400 tons of clamping force. This equipment gives us the capability to performs conventional custom molding, more complex over-molding, and unique insert plastic... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Anomatic Corporation

    Using our state of the art molding facility conveniently located in Blacklick, OH (an Eastern suburb of Columbus), we will produce your molded parts and assemblies in the materials specified in a timely and cost effective manner. Our molding facility includes 18 injection molding presses ranging... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Bi-Link

    Bi-Link is a multi-capable molder. Beyond conventional injection molding, we leverage our metal stamping expertise to provide insert- and over-molded components. That single-source advantage means reduced total component costs and no potential supplier conflict. Vertical Beyond just molding... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Plastic Navigation Industrial Ltd

    Our molding shop has 50 tons ~1100 tons injection machines, so we are capable of producing a series of products with different sizes ranging from micro precision parts to large housings, with so many molding machines, our molding price is very competitive and attractive. We can do double color... Read More
  • Injection Molding By A.L.P.

    • 20 injection molding presses Tonnage ranges from 100 to 1500 tons • Shot size from 4 to 260 ounces • Mold base sizes up to 60 inches • Servo Robot Technology • MuCell Foaming technology - Reduce part weight - Reduce cycle time - Reduce warp - Reduce sink • Centralized vacuum system and... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Emerald Corporation

    Emerald Corp. knows that part design is critical to the success of injection molding. That's why the company works very closely with customers to achieve a part design that meets their functional requirements, while still being robust enough to be processed cost-effectively through the injection... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

    RedEye provides low-volume injection molding and rapid tooling (mold making) to turnaround your spec material parts within 1-3 weeks. Read More
  • Injection Molding By A&A Global Industries, Inc.

    Our Injection Molding division is capable of producing parts of the highest quality and precision. We run a variety of molds, including high speed hot runner, thin wall, three plate, core pull and unscrewing molds. Our experienced staff operates and maintains customer's molds so they receive... Read More
  • Injection Molding By IVP Plastics

    Injection molding plastic is our specialty. Our manufacturing floor features the latest equipment to keep quality high and costs low. Among our injection-molding presses are servo-electric machines—the most accurate and repeatable equipment for processing. We also staff a dedicated tool room... Read More
  • Injection Molding By Sussex IM, Inc.

    With our dedicated teams here at Sussex IM, we ensure that your project is managed from start to finish. Our teams will assist through every step, from the design down to the logistics. We are a hands-on team that enjoys new projects and working closely with our customers throughout the... Read More
  • Injection Molding 101 By Routsis Training

    Injection Molding 101 lays the foundational knowedge base necessary for the success of any injection molding employee. 6-12 hours of Professional Multimedia Training with Study Guides Read More
  • Injection Molding Chillers By Whaley Products, Inc.

    Whaley injection molding chillers and cooling towers can also be utilized to transfer heat out of the mold temperature controller (thermolator), the hydraulic heat exchanger, and the feed throat of injection molding machines. Why Use a Chiller for Your Injection Molding Process? There are two... Read More
  • Injection Molding Granulators By TRIA America, Inc.

    TRIA’s injection molding line of granulators are fully sound-proofed and designed for a variety of feed methods, ranging from manual to fully auto turn key systems. The large feed aperture provides a high degree of flexibility and allows for the feeding of large, thin-walled products. Low-cost... Read More
  • Injection Molding Machines By Fortune International Inc.

    Founded in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd . started with making conventional lathes in Taiwan and now steadily supplies CNC lathes and machining centers by devoting her management to non-stop R&D and innovations. With more than 65% in-house manufacturing and her own foundry to... Read More
  • Injection Molding Machines By Ettlinger North America LP

    It was with injection molding machines that the Ettlinger success story first began, yet what is it exactly that makes them so unique? Our injection molding machines boast higher shot volumes and shorter cycle times than conventional systems, yet require significantly less clamping force. They... Read More
  • Injection Molding Machines By Meadoworks

    When it comes to buying injection molding machines, often the best investment is used. We have a wide variety of injection molding equipment, including horizontal and vertical clamp machines and PET blowmolding machines. Do you have equipment you're looking to sell? We do that, too! Give us a... Read More
  • Injection Molding Machines By Wittmann Battenfeld

    Battenfeld stands for strong values. We cultivate a tradition of innovative spirit, technological advancement and customer focus. As a leading manufacturer of injection molding equipment we develop machinery whose quality and reliability contribute sustainably to our customers’ success. Read More
  • Injection Molding Machines By JSW America Inc.

    As a leader in the industry, JSW provides a full line of injection molding machines, ranging from small to ultra-large models, which offer ease of operation, safety, and environment-friendly improvements such as energy- and space-saving features. Moreover, we offer technical support in line with... Read More
  • Injection Molding Machines By LOG Injection Molding Machine

    LOG Injection Molding is a worldwide company dedicated to helping plastic processors compete more effectively in a global market. Whether your molding operation is local, half way around the world, or both, we have the equipment, engineering expertise, and support to meet your injection molding... Read More
  • Injection Molding Products By Tri-Delta Plastics

    With an integrated mix of injection molding, injection blow molding, and injection stretch blow molding technologies, Tri-Delta is capable of producing high volume, high quality products in a variety of plastic resins. These products include: HDPE bottles, poly pro bottles, PET bottles,... Read More
  • Injection Molding Prototype Design By USA Injection Molding

    Your product’s journey begins with USA Injection Molding’s design team. Our US based team of technical designers and engineers can transform your company’s existing concept into a finished product. Our injection molding design team will take it from simple sketches to a fully realized CADCAM... Read More
  • Injection Molding Service(Injection Molded Parts) By TIP-TOP MOLDS & PRODUCTS CO. LTD.

    Cooperated with some injection molding factories equipped with various molding machines for many years,Tip-Top is capable of finishing the injection molding at those molding factories and then produce high-quality plastic injection molded parts for its customers. Here are some molding services... Read More
  • Injection molding services By American Plastic Molding

    APM was founded as an injection molder and molding continues to be the cornerstone of our business. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and, through the use of state-of-the-art, closed-loop Cincinnati Milacron molding machines, we have achieved part repeatability and quality. A high... Read More
  • Injection Molding Services By Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Da/Pro Rubber's injection molding services include both plastic injection and liquid silicone rubber ( LSR ) injection molding. Plastic injection molding involves a thermoplastic process where the raw material in pellet form is heated then pushed through a heated barrel where it is melted. The... Read More
  • Injection Molding Silicone By Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Da/Pro Rubber offers Liquid Silicone Injection Molding ( LIM ) services in addition to our compression / transfer molding services. Da/Pro is known for high precision, close tolerance molding services and manufactures silicone injection molding parts to these same demanding standards. Liquid... Read More
  • Injection Molding Tool - chizzler By G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

    Chizzler, P-105-C is just less than 2.5”at its beveled face & 9” over all length is molded of modified nylon withstands the abuse of scrapping flat surfaces on tooling, whether it is blow molds, or soft roto molds to hardened tool steel or machine faces, Chizzlr is durable without scaring... Read More
  • Injection Molding Tool - hook By G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

    YurWay, P-105-D is a three way device that can be modified by the user or left alone as is. Use the hook with its full radius to snatch goods out of reach in manufacturing or packaging lines. Snip it off and leave the rt. angle component to poke and prod into dies to remove cut off in sheet... Read More
  • Injection Molding Tool - Scrapper By G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

    Scrapper, P-105-B This narrow 1” wide x 12” long beveled tip Tool takes the pain out of holding emery paper to dress flat surfaces, or srape residue from die faces without damaging fine finishes due to it is softer than brass modified Nylon platform. Grind the face to a profile and work in... Read More
  • Injection Molding Tool Kit By G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

    GAIM – TOOLS in kit form, P-105-K, Here is the low cost family pack for any shop whether in the Plastic industry, stamping, impact extrusion, screw machine or blown film. All of these light weight tools, can be ground to service your needs being made of thermoplastic modified Nylon that perform... Read More
  • Injection Molding Tools - Pokr-GAIM By G.A.I.M. Engineering Inc.

    Pokr-GAIM, P-105-A the original Hand tool for the shop floor prevents production workers from pushing a rigid brass tool down a restricted hopper and getting it’s tip chewed off by the injection unit on a plastic molder. It will melt, and the equipment will not need to be reworked to remove the... Read More
  • Injection Molds By International Mold and Production LLC

    Injection Molds We specialize in insert molds and highly polished molds such as headlamp, tailamp, and metallized automotive products, as well as industrial and appliance. We also have 7x10 and 5x8 mud units for your molds inserts to compete with Protolabs We offer a three step path to your... Read More
  • Injection Molds for Liquid Silicone Rubber By M.R. Mold & Engineering

    M.R. Mold and Engineering is one of the few companies in the United States offering waste-free LSR molds. Waste-free molds coupled with various types of automation devices, such as M.R. Mold's Cold Runner System, provide our customers with 'lights-out' molding. M.R. Mold's liquid silicone molds... Read More
  • Injection mould By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    Injection Mold -Engineering plastics molds making -Plastic logo molds making -ABS + Chromed plating logo making -High gloss polishing molds making -Semi-product assembly -Semi-product painting & coating - Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process... Read More
  • Injection Moulding By Omega North East Limited

    With Omega Plastics, the capacity of injection moulding ranges between 30 and 350 tonnes. Omega Plastics can also manufacture tooling in Aluminium, P20 or hull hardened H13 and can be either hand-loaded or fully-automated, depending on the quantity and time restraints of your order. Read More
  • Injection moulding of parts of great dimensions By Thermoplay S.p.A.

    Thermoplay SpA has developed a new hot runner system for the moulding of parts of great dimensions like bumper, spoiler, porter, for the auto bodies of car and truck, but also large parts of household-electric, pallet for the packing sector. In this type of applications the use of sequential... Read More
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding By Pretium Packaging

    The clarity and functionality of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers make them ideal for packaging applications in all markets. Pretium Packaging has injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) capabilities across North America. We employ both single-stage and two-stage molding machines so... Read More
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine By Moldpro Machinery & Systems Inc.

    The Aeon Models of Injection Stretch Moulding Machines have been designed to produce a wide range of PET containers in a single stage. The Aeon machine produces the preform, conditions the preform and blows the bottle in a single machine. Electric Drive for Screw Rotation Hydraulic System by... Read More
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding of PET By Poly-Tainer / CMD Inc.

    Poly-Tainer has made significant investments in single stage preform molds and stock containers to help fuel this segment. From low output mold options which minimize customer investment to high cavitation platforms designed for large volume demand, Poly-Tainer is well positioned to help your... Read More
  • Injection-Molded Pharmaceutical Medical Devices By HTI Plastics

    HTI Plastics is an FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer specializing in injection molded Class I and Class II pharmaceutical medical devices. From product design/prototyping to clean room packaging, HTI is your complete resource for contract... Read More
  • Injection-Stretch Blow Molds By Compact Mould Ltd.

    Compact designs and manufactures blow molds for re-heat ISBM machines and complete injection, conditioning, blow and eject tooling for one-stage ISBM machines to mold containers ranging from 10ml to 20 liters. Read More
  • INJECTOR VALVE By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    The range of applications for dosing valves are mainly in the extrusion area. With this specific valve different additives and auxiliary materials can be purposefully inoculated into the plastic at a defined place. Both solid and fluidic materials can be added. The connection dimensions are... Read More
  • Ink Rub Testers By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Ink Rub Tester is designed to determine the quality of adhesion, and scuff resistance of ink to paper surfaces, plastic and aluminium film. The motorised unit is simple to operate by entering the number of rubs in the pre-set counter and starting the unit. It will rub the sample until the... Read More
  • In-Line Conveyor Thermal Press (SMEMA) By Thermal Press International

    The SMEMA Conveyor-based Thermal Press Systems feature our H-Series Thermal Press machines integrated with the SMEMA standard to allow for a completely scalable solution for the rapid implementation of new equipment into existing SMEMA-compliant work cells. The SMEMA Conveyor H-Series... Read More
  • In-line Filter By PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

    The In-Line Filter (ILF) is a convenient, low-cost side-access melt filter for batch runs. Screen changes can be accomplished in as little as five minutes and do not require line disassembly. Used in a broad range of applications including filtration for gels in film and small carbon... Read More
  • In-line Plastic Injection Molding By PlastiComp, Inc.

    In-line Plastic Injection Molding PlastiComp provides a full portfolio of thermoplastic composite technologies. Pushtrusion® direct in-line compounding technology and equipment, together with Complet, long fiber reinforced thermoplastic pellets provide a systems choice to customers that is... Read More
  • Inline Pressure Thermoformer By Zed Industries Inc.

    The Zed model SC series thermoformers are inline pressure formers that combine preheat, pressure forming, and trimming. The SC series produces packages for clamshells, medical trays, blisters, plastic food containers, pharmaceuticals, and horticultural containers along with a variety of other... Read More
  • Inline Saw TRS for PVC By Sica-America Corp. / Sica S.p.A.

    Planetary saws for cutting and chamfering rigid ABS, PVC, PE and PP pipes. Available models for product OD range from 10mm to 2000 mm (0.630" to 78"). Read More
  • In-Mold Electronic Technology By DuPont Microcircuit Materials

    Meet the perfect union of form and function. One that combines an innovative, more stretchable material with dramatic advancements in electronic ink to give interface designers new creative freedom, without any compromise in meeting functional switching needs. And because these new electronic... Read More
  • Inner Liner Trimmers By Adescor

    Liner Trimmers are used to trim the scrap section of the inner wall of the pipe out of an integral bell (coupler formed on a corrugator). We offer a range of automatic and semi-automatic machines that can accommodate 100 mm to 1500 mm diameter pipe. These units use a knife to perform the... Read More
  • Inno-Lok By Polymer Packaging Inc

    Polymer Packaging, Inc. is an officially-licensed Inno-Lok® converter. All of your form, fill, and seal products can be packaged in our re-closeable zipper packaging in six weeks or less! Inno-Lok® pre-zippered films will run on all vertical or horizontal form, fill, and seal machinery. There is... Read More
  • In-Plant Document Destruction Systems (DDS) By Shred-Tech Corp

    Our Document Destruction Systems have been engineered to fit into your existing facility using a modular design philosophy. They are engineered to integrate seamlessly with your Mobile Shredding and Collection Trucks. Our innovative and patent pending Securistak systems are offered on both the... Read More
  • Inplex Plastic Extrusion Coating Services By Inplex Custom Extruders LLC

    Inplex can coat continuous lengths of your flexible tubing, wire or metal bars. Contact the company to learn more about the plastic extrusion coating services offered. Read More
  • Insert Molding By ICOMold

    ICOMold can insert metal, ceramic or plastic pieces into molten thermoplastic. The inserts can be threaded or other attachments to join custom parts to one another. Insert molding can reduce cost by embedding secondary plastic parts into the molding process, as opposed to installing the inserts... Read More
  • Insert Molding By Mold2Specs, Inc.

    Mold2Specs Plastic is ISO 9001 certified. We at M2S want all of our customers to be confident in our ability to deliver quality parts consistently. Here at M2S we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we take pleasure in fulfilling our customers’ needs in quality products and services. M2S... Read More
  • Insert Molding By Noble Plastics Inc

    With machine tonnage ranges from 35 ton to 730 tons, Noble has the ability to produce small run prototyping to large scale production runs, 1 million plus pieces. RJG’s E-Dart systems and IQMS’s real time modules are implemented in all our presses allowing advanced scientific molding techniques... Read More
  • Insert Molding & In-Mold Labeling (IML) By SAS Automation LLC

    Insert Molding and In-Mold Labeling are two of the most difficult tasks for either an operator or an EOAT to perform. Insert Molding is the process of placing small parts into a mold that then become part of the finished product. The robot must be able to assure proper placement and alignment... Read More
  • Insert Molding Machines By Illinois Precision Corporation

    MADE IN USA Vertical rotary table design. Up to 12 different molds running on the same table. Approx 7' x 7' foot print. Up to 2oz shot size. 25 ton clamp. Eurotherm touch screen. Read More
  • Insert Molding Service By Xometry

    Make Strong, Functional Prototypes and Production Parts With Insert Molding Xometry offers insert molding as part of its injection molding capabilities. For a free insert molding design review and quote, upload your CAD files here. Our expert team of injection molders will get back to you... Read More
  • InSite® Canvas By Gilman Brothers Co., The

    InSite Canvas is a cost effective extruded styrene faux-canvas foamboard with a bright-white embossed textured finish, which is part of the ColorOne™ system. It features the same InSite Reveal proprietary foam center as all InSite products and is ideal for digital printing, screen printing, POP... Read More
  • Inspection Table/Station By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA's Inspection Stations are custom built to the specifications of the application. The table surface ranges from stainless steel to UHMW or laminate, and the sizes range from 2' x 2' up to 10' x 5'....Available options include overhead lighting, under-surface lighting, outlets, dry-erase... Read More
  • Inspection Tables By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    Inspection Tables are generally used to provide a work surface to complete an inspection or assembly process. The units are constructed of a steel or an extruded aluminum frame structure. Steel structures feature an adjustable height work surface. The work surface features a perimeter rail.... Read More
  • Inspector - PIM60 vision sensor By SICK

    The Inspector PIM-series provides high-speed positioning, inspection and measurement. Its multi-functional vision toolbox solves a wide range of quality control applications and improves production efficiency. The PIM-series combines smart camera functionality with the ease of use of a vision... Read More
  • Instant Online Quotes for Plastic Injection Molding By ICOMold

    ICOMold offers the only instant quotations in the plastic injection molding industry. Simply upload your CAD models, specify your plastic material, quantity and other options, and within 30 seconds you will get your mold cost and piece price. The online quote system is also interactive – you can... Read More
  • Insul-Vest Blankets By Insul-Vest, Inc.

    Take advantage of Insul-Vest's many years of experience in many industries to insulate your machine or application to save energy, improve worker environment and improve safety and product consistency. Read More
  • Insul-Watt™ Heaters By Insul-Vest, Inc.

    This newly patented energy saving product is made of vacuum cast insulation material, utilizes infrared heat, and incorporates a unique cooling system that allows heat drawn from the barrel to be used elsewhere in the plant. This new heater is made entirely of electrically non-conductive... Read More
  • INTEGRA P 450 By EOS

    Built upon decades of industry feedback, the INTEGRA P 450 helps you move from prototyping to serial production. • Achieve unprecedented material flexibility, realize new opportunities for innovation, and embrace possibilities to optimize and develop new materials. • The P 450... Read More
  • Intensive Washer IW Series By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold - Intensive Cleaner IW Series is a downstream unit for intensive cleaning of hard plastics and films. Technique The pre-washed material is intensively washed; while passing the machine, it is thrown against the screen by centrifugal forces. Various screens determine the cleaning... Read More
  • Interactive Flow By HorizonPSI

    Managing ingredients for multiple products and recipes is a balancing act. The HorizonPSI Intelligent Ingredient System is a flexible, matrix-based approach to automating access and storage of ingredients. This will allow you to work more efficiently, safely and with less downtime. By... Read More
  • Internal Bubble Cooling By D. R. Joseph, Inc.

    The latest 3rd Generation Internal Bubble Cooling system from D.R. Joseph can improve production rates by 15 – 40% when adding IBC to a blown film line, and offers 8 – 15% improvement in production over competing IBC systems on the market. Rate and layflat tolerance (+/- 2 mm) improvements are... Read More
  • Internal Bubble Cooling- IBC By Addex Inc.

    This patented IBC control system is 100% digital making it very reliable in the toughest plant environments because interferences with other electrical devices are eliminated. The tightest possible layflat control is achieved when equipped with the high-speed valve. Due to the patented dual... Read More
  • Internal Bubble Cooling Systems By Brampton Engineering Inc

    4 + 1 Pancake style internal air distribution system: cast aluminum assembly with four high velocity jets which impinge on the bubble at graduated levels for efficient cooling. A fifth jet directs air towards the die lip exit to precool the melt Read More
  • Internal Undercut Unit - DHI By CUMSA

    Cumsa has developed a series of mechanical lifters, supplied ready for installation, that can release undercuts of 12 to 22.50 mm with only 38.00 mm of ejection stroke, simplifying the machining of tools and avoiding angled machining, which is a key problem with conventional lifters owing to... Read More
  • International Association of Plastics Distribution By International Association of Plastics Distribution

    The International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD), established in 1956, brings together manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ representatives and service providers in an environment which encourages a free flow of ideas and information that help members build their businesses.... Read More
  • INTERNET of Things- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Schooley Mitchell

    We can help reduce your annual INTERNET Services spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE to hold your vendors accountable and keep them... Read More
  • Inventory Control Management and Monitoring System By TSM Control Systems

    TSM control systems has developed a new plant-wide materials management and monitoring system, which also provides alarm monitoring, recipe control and overall plant visibility of all TSM blenders within a customers plant, whether it is by building, department, extrusion line, moulding machine.... Read More
  • Ion-Edge Static Eliminator Bar By TAKK Industries Inc., Static Control Div.

    The Model 400T Ion-Edge is a shockless, powerful anti-static tool effective 7" or more from target surfaces, eliminating high charge static at production speeds of 2000 feet or more. The compact and durable design is engineered with replacement static bar users and original equipment... Read More
  • Ionic Plastic Additives By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    TR 016 - An extremely effective lubricant and wetting agent that can be used in a wide variety of polymer systems. Also provides release characteristics. TR 071 - Similar to TR 016 except the calcium ion is replaced by a zinc ion. Works well in HIPS, PS and color concentrates. TR 077 - An... Read More
  • Ionization Products By Simco-Ion

    Ionization for Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Flat Panel Display (FPD), Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and General Electronic markets; offering solutions for a variety of diversified applications. Our ionizer product line includes Room Systems, Benchtop and Overhead Blowers, Point-of-Use... Read More
  • IonStorm XR2 Static Elimination System By TAKK Industries Inc., Static Control Div.

    TAKK’s IonStorm XR2 provides a long range of ionization at distances of 36 plus inches from target surfaces to eliminate your costly static electric problems. The shockless pulsed DC static elimination system consists of the Model 3750 Controller and XR2 Bar. The static bar is equipped with... Read More
  • IPA Dryer By Wafer Process Systems, Inc.

    Wafer Process Systems, Inc. Liquid Diffusion Technology (LDT) provides enhanced drying performance for a variety of substrates and material surfaces. This proprietary drying process and its subsystems control the creation of an ultra-pure IPA aerosol layer that moves across a motionless... Read More
  • IR3000 On-Line Sensor By MoistTech Corp.

    The IR-3000 moisture transmitter is MoistTech’s NIR (Near Infrared) online moisture sensor for instant, non-contact measurement of virtually any product and raw material in the harshest manufacturing environments. Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability and cost of... Read More
  • IR3000 On-Line Sensor By MoistTech Corp.

    The IR-3000 moisture transmitter is MoistTech’s NIR (Near Infrared) online moisture sensor for instant, non-contact measurement of virtually any product and raw material in the harshest manufacturing environments. Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability and cost of... Read More
  • IR3000-C: Coverting Products By MoistTech Corp.

    MoistTech has developed the IR3000-C Series online NIR sensor for instant, non- contact measurement of the Converting and Paper Industry in the most demanding manufacturing environments. Often converting process efficiency is affected by variations in coat weight, inefficient moisture control,... Read More
  • IRIS By Mold-Masters Ltd.

    IRIS co-injection is achieved via the combination and integration of 5 key technology elements supplied by Mold-Masters. IRIS compact co-injection nozzle iFlow manifold technology that combines melt streams and provides balanced fill E-Drive valve-gate control of the opening and closing... Read More
  • Irrigation pipe By Creek Plastics

    1 inch plastic pipe designed for irrigation. Read More
  • Isolators, Robots and HYDEC By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

    Applications for such equipment include: Sterility Testing, Small Scale Clinical Filling, Biohazard Products, Chemical Hazards, Hospital Preparation, Mixed Injection, and CPC - Research and Production. The HYDEC (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System) Model 2200 is a decontamination... Read More
  • IT, Managed Services & Hosting By Solarsoft Business Systems

    The current major driver in IT technology is the Internet. It is widely accepted that the next five years will see even more radical changes in the way companies operate as a result of increased use of the Internet. Internet technology and supporting infrastructure are now available to support... Read More
  • Item # 1005, Vertical AKcel Extruders By American Kuhne

    American Kuhne was built on a culture that embraces customization. Cost effective customization not the "we don’t want to, but we’ll do it for a price" customization that is so common in our industry. Since our inception we have developed more new and innovative extruder designs than any other... Read More
  • Item # 1045, AKcess III Control System By American Kuhne

    AK Computerized Extrusion Supervisory System The AKcess III system is a top of the line, touch screen system fully customized to your exact specifications and requirements. Because it is custom engineered, it can be modified and expanded as your needs change and technology evolves. All... Read More
  • Item # 1106, Steward Barrier Screws By American Kuhne

    Our Steward Barrier Screws are custom designed to meet or exceed our customer’s performance criteria. Whether you are looking for more throughput, improved quality, or both American Kuhne can fine tune the design to meet your needs. And, all of our screws are sold with a 100% performance... Read More