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  • LDPE GM-10 By Green Minds Group

    We produce high quality recycled LDPE tested and certified from accrediterd labs like (Plastic Technology Center), that are used as a preliminary material for the extrusion of agricultural & electrical hoses, and blowing of agricultural films. Product Code LDPE GM-10 Product Color Light... Read More
  • L1 3D Printer By Carbon

    Consistent high-volume production and larger parts. The L1 printer is a proven tool for product designers, engineers, and manufacturers who need to consistently produce large parts or many smaller parts. Offering over 1,000 cm² of build area, the L1 printer produces large parts in single... Read More
  • Lab Extruders By Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions Inc

    COLLIN ® single-screw extruders are characterized by their rugged construction as well as up-to-date and precise control of temperature and drive. The user-friendly control system saves all essential process parameters, making them accessible for several types of evaluations. The large number of... Read More
  • Lab Pulverizer By Orenda Pulverizers

    Orenda pulverizing systems offer practical grinding solutions that provide a solid foundation for your operation. The H1D series is engineered to meet the most rigorous production and quality demands. The technical specifications for these systems were developed under intense factory and field... Read More
  • LABELVIEW Label design software By TEKLYNX International

    Add a powerful, easy-to-use barcode label design application to your company's business process that can be used by anyone from beginners to advanced users. With the stability of LABELVIEW's updated platform, you have the confidence that your barcode software will be dependable today and in the... Read More
  • Laboratory Heat Sealers By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    An economic Laboratory Heat Sealer to help determine the sealing parameters of film, laminated films, coated paper and other flexible barrier materials. The IDM Lab Heat Sealer is used to measure the heat sealability of the web surface or sealant layer of materials. Short dwell time web... Read More
  • LAMBDAPERM™ ORGANIC PIGMENTS By Buckeye Color & Chemical

    The LambdaPermTM line of organic pigments are our fully encompassing range of polymer soluble colorants. Included in this product line are: High Performance Pigments (HPP’s), Phthalocyanine Pigments, and Classical AZO Pigments. Our LambdaPerm line is engineered with superior fastness properties... Read More
  • LAMBDAPLAST™ DYES FOR POLYMERS By Buckeye Color & Chemical

    The LambdaPlast line of colorants are an extensive range of polymer soluble dyes exhibiting brilliancy and versatility for use in a broad spectrum of plastic applications. With varying resins and polyesters requiring different chemistries and stringent requirements, our colorants offer maximum... Read More
  • Laminating Equipment By FRIMO Inc.

    Vacuum laminating with plastic films Press laminating with plastic decor materials Press laminating with leather decor materials Read More
  • Large Part Granulator By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    The Hosokawa Polymer Systems Large Part Plastics Granulator is designed to recover large, thin-walled parts including housings, helmets, blown bottles, automotive body and bumper components, as well as large volumes of smaller parts and accumulated sprues and runners. The Large Part Granaulator... Read More
  • Large Process Rollers By Menges Roller Company

    Since 1966, Menges Roller has designed, fabricated, recovered, repaired and maintained industrial rollers for paper, plastic and light steel industries. For our customers, linespeeds have increased and machines have become larger and larger - and with larger machines and wider webs, plastic... Read More
  • Large ULTRA Standard Extruders By American Kuhne

    Large ULTRA extruders are fixed horizontal extruders ranging from 4.5" to 12" diameter, any L/D, vented or non-vented. ULTRA extruders are available with air-cooling or water-cooling. The standard ULTRA is well suited for all extrusion applications including pipe, large profile, sheet, cast... Read More
  • Laser Cutting By Control Micro Systems Inc

    Laser cutting is used in a variety of manufacturing applications and is the number one industrial use of high power lasers. With its unmatched flexibility, accuracy and perfect edge, laser cutting is replacing conventional machining processes like plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. A laser cutter... Read More
  • Laser Drilling By Control Micro Systems Inc

    Putting a hole into or through a material is not as simple as just pointing the laser beam and letting fly. Different methods provide unique results, and the desired result in a specific material requires examination of which method works best to achieve that result. Pulsed lasers can be... Read More
  • Laser Filter By Erema North America Inc.

    Used plastic waste contains a large proportion of unwanted material and contamination. Despite complex washing and separating processes, the removal of residual contamination through the melt filtration system in the subsequent extrusion process causes huge problems, particularly in terms of... Read More
  • Laser Marking By Control Micro Systems Inc

    Using industry leading laser sources, galvanometer beam control systems, and custom software, Control Micro Systems, Inc. (CMS Laser) manufactures custom-designed laser marking machines that uniquely combine speed, performance, and flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers... Read More
  • Laser Welding By Control Micro Systems Inc

    With its many advantages over traditional welding techniques, laser beam welding is becoming the welding method of choice in many different industries, including Medical Device Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, and many more. At Control Micro Systems, Inc. we design industrial laser systems... Read More
  • Laser Welding of Plastics By Dukane

    laser welding systems for thermoplastic materials Read More
  • Laser Welding Services By FET Engineering, Inc.

    The laser welding capabilities available at FET Engineering are ideal for precision work and handling of small parts. We employ free hand operation methods, utilizing state of the art equipment such as the Alpha Laser ALFlak 200 flexible laser device for deposit and contour welding. With a... Read More
  • Laser Welding Systems By Leister Technologies LLC

    Laser plastic welding with Leister’s Novolas™ systems expands the possibilities of plastic assembly. Leister USA offers a complete line of equipment, which can answer most laser welding requirements. The Novolas WS laser system is a turnkey system designed for small batch processing and... Read More
  • LaserSpeed By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    Beta LaserMike’s LaserSpeed delivers better than +0.05% accuracy when measuring the length and speed of product during production. This non-contact laser encoder uses no moving parts and is permanently calibrated, making it the ideal solution for directly replacing contact-type wheel encoders... Read More
  • Layflat Control System (nonIBC) By D. R. Joseph, Inc.

    The LF-Sizer layflat control system reduces runaway resin produced when layflat is oversized to compensate for gradual size loss common when no width control system is present. In addition, by attending to the width automatically, bubble drops (losing the bubble entirely because of a hole) are... Read More
  • Layflat Power By Lincoln Plastics

    Extension cord and cord cover combined into one unit! Safe – Made of flexible PVC moisture resistant materials and heavy duty 16 gauge cord. Rated at 13 amp, 125 volt. Durable – Withstands heavy foot traffic Attractive – Multiple color options and lengths available Easy Installation – ready... Read More
  • LC Transceiver Housings By microPEP

    microPEP is a product licensee for LC Transceiver Housings designed to fit Finisar's Advanced Components TOSA & ROSA subassemblies and provide the necessary clip feature to align and secure an LC fiber connector to all assemblies. This housing is designed for all plastic-type assemblies at both... Read More
  • LDPE GM-8 By Green Minds Group

    We produce high quality recycled LDPE tested and certified from accrediterd labs like (Plastic Technology Center), that are used as a preliminary material for the extrusion of agricultural & electrical hoses, and blowing of agricultural films. Product Code LDPE GM-8 Product Color Milky Product... Read More
  • LDPE GM-9 By Green Minds Group

    We produce high quality recycled LDPE tested and certified from accrediterd labs like (Plastic Technology Center), that are used as a preliminary material for the extrusion of agricultural & electrical hoses, and blowing of agricultural films. Product Code LDPE GM-9 Product Color Orange Product... Read More
  • LDPE Low Density Film Grade Polyethylene Repro Pellets By Cedar Poly, LLC

    LDPE color repro specifications: 1-2 MELT / .915 – .921 DENSITY / Mixed color grey LDPE clear repro specifications: 1-2 MELT / .920 – .925 DENSITY / Natural Clear Read More
  • LDPE Washing System By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    Plastic film is a valuable secondary resource in the plastics recycling market. Recycled film can be used to produce wide range of products. Waste plastic film can be in many different conditions in terms of moisture, contamination, and film type. The plastic film recycling market is... Read More
  • LD-Series Cups By Winpak Portion Packaging, Inc.

    Winpak's Lil' Dippers® LD-Series cups are round thermoformed containers with flat lips. LD-Series cups can be used for a wide range of applications and products, and are designed to be run on high-speed fill/seal packaging machines. Read More
  • Leak & Burst Testers By Forward Technology Industries Inc.

    For increased quality assurance of welded components, Forward Technology can incorporate leak testing into your assembly cells. Our PLC based leak testing systems employ a non-destructive test to insure the integrity of the part. Air testing detects small leaks, and eliminates the need for part... Read More
  • Leak detector By Plastech Control Systems, Inc

    We manufacture many different leak detectors to cover all inspection requirements. Read More
  • Leak Detector - 2LD Entry Level Model By ProfileSolutions

    Capable of testing up to 3600 bottles per hour (BPH) on a single head on most bottles up to 0.5- 1L and still finding a 0.18 mm (0.007″) hole. Standard machine can test from 50 ml – 6L (1.5 US Gal) or 50 ml – 10 L (2.5 US Gal), extremely versatile. Output suitable for machines with few... Read More
  • Leak Detectors - 4LD Medium Speed Model By ProfileSolutions

    This budget unit is capable of testing up to 4500 containers per hour on a single head and still find 0.17 mm (0.007 inch) holes at this rate. This is aimed for use with machines where the annual production rate is up A MAXIMUM OF 15-20 million bottles (SMALLER BOTTLES) per year with 1,2, 3 and... Read More
  • Leaktester By Proco Machinery Inc

    Proco’s Ultratest Leaktester sets a new standard for quality control, ensuring the highest level of confidence for you and your customers. Ultratest uses state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality of leak detecting while maximizing throughput. Depending on the shape and size,... Read More
  • LEC By Gammaflux L.P.

    Gammaflux L.P. is the world’s leading supplier of temperature and sequential valve gate control systems to the plastics industry. An expert in process optimization, Gammaflux partners with plastics parts manufacturers to help them achieve higher quality, efficiency, and profitability. The... Read More
  • LED/Light Diffuser Film By Grafix Plastics

    OptiGrafix Light Diffuser Films are 1 or 2 side diffuser film products designed to break up and distribute light evenly. Optigrafix Light Diffuser Films are designed to be used for different back lighting applications: Transmissive Electronic Displays, LED Lighting Systems, and... Read More
  • Lenticular By Lenticular Plastic Companies of the World

    "clear premium lenticular lens materials" High quality PET lenticular sheets extruded to meet the most stringent specifications and tolerances, for volume 3D and animated imaging projects, available and stocked world wide for immediate delivery at the most competitive rates in the industry. Read More
  • Leona - Polyamide 66, 66/61 By Asahi Kasei Plastics North America

    Our LeonaTM (PA66 and PA 66/6I) family of polymers is one of our engineering grades of resins. Nylons are typically known for their increased rigidity, tensile strength, superior thermal stability at high temperatures, and enhanced ignition resistance, as compared to other materials. LeonaTM... Read More

    We can supply all of your Polycarbonate needs. Please call or email us today. Read More
  • Lid Packaging System SPS By Rennco LLC

    The Rennco Model SPS accepts both thermoformed and injection molded lids. Stacks of these lids are place into conveyor pockets, either automatically or manually. The stacks are transported to the Vertical L-Bar Sealer using a servo driven conveyor. A servo driven pusher then gently places the... Read More
  • Lift & Rotators By Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC

    When your finished product comes off the line, you need a solution to maneuver it perfectly into place for packaging. Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC (PEM) offers a full line of pipe Lift & Rotators that are reliable and consistent, reducing operator intervention and boosting your plant’s... Read More
  • Lifting Magnets By Eriez

    Safely lift, move and position steel molds, sheets and plates with these economical, permanent and electromagnetic lifting products. Read More
  • Light Lifting Magnets By DocMagnet Inc

    Permanent Manual Lifters as well as Battery Operated Permanent-Electro Magnetic Lifters to Lift Both Flats & Rounds up to 6000. Read More
  • Light Meter By REPI

    Most beverages need special protection from visible light, in order to maintain their sensorial and nutritional characteristics. in food packaging applications, such protection is often obtained by using colours, which are dosed at different addition rates. One of the best ways to ensure that... Read More
  • Light Transmission Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The IDM Light Transmission Tester provides a digital readout allowing you to quantify samples based on your in-house pass/fail criteria, and obtain consistent results while minimising your inputs. The Light Transmission Tester has been specially designed and manufactured to evaluate the light... Read More
  • Light-Duty Cases By Plastic Forming Co. Inc.

    Our specialty cases provide an effective blend of efficient functionality, attractive looks, and security for your product. Each case has a double-wall interior in both the lid and base portion of the case for added stability. Soft edges and our new side latch give them a modern, streamlined... Read More
  • Lighting By Wintriss Engineering Corporation

    Wintriss linear light sources are optimized for web inspection.aHigh intensity to 100,000 lux Superior reliability up to 100,000 hours Modular for any width web Outstanding uniformity for consistent detection Wintriss patented lighting products are the most advanced in the industry. Our Sodium... Read More
  • Lighting Panels By Plaskolite

    Plaskolite, Inc. offers acrylic, polystyrene and DURALENS lighting panels through various home centers, hardware stores and plastics distributors across the United States and Canada. Patterns, sizes and colors vary by location. Panels fit standard ceiling grids in kitchens, recreation rooms and... Read More
  • Linden Bulk Handling System By Linden Industries Inc.

    Liquid Bulk Storage Tank Farms from Linden Industries offer you custom-designed flexibility to meet your production requirements and adapt to your specific building constraints. Lower costs by eliminating material waste and allowing bulk purchasing. With cost-efficient Bulk Storage... Read More
  • Linden CO2 Gas Infusion Machine By Linden Industries Inc.

    The Linden Industries CO2 Gas Infusion™ Blending Unit is commonly used to entrain gaseous CO2 in Polyurethane resulting in a reduction of chemical use, part weight and improved acoustical properties. Low levels of CO2 are used as an aid to improve tool wetability, mixing quality, material flow... Read More
  • Linden EP Polyurethane Metering Machine By Linden Industries Inc.

    A standardized design featuring modular components and the simple layout of the INNOVATOR-EP™ enables Linden to build a custom machine while meeting the requirements of each application. Outputs are available ranging from as low as 8 pounds per minute to as high as 228 pounds per minute. Ratio’s... Read More
  • Linden EZ Coat By Linden Industries Inc.

    Unicarb® Process Spray Unit The Environmentally Conscious Choice for Solvent-free Spraying. Environmentally safe operator friendly, the EZ-Coat system was developed by Linden Industries to dispense coatings with reduced need for solvents. Licensee for the Exclusive UNICARB® VOC... Read More
  • Linden N2 Gas Infusion Machine By Linden Industries Inc.

    The Linden N2 or Dry Air Gas Infusion™ Blending Unit is commonly used to nucleate Polyurethane resulting in a reduction of chemical use, part weight, and improved insulation properties. Low levels of N2 or Dry Air are used as a nucleation aid to improve tool wetability, mixing quality, material... Read More
  • Linden Penta Fusion By Linden Industries Inc.

    Linden Industries, a global manufacturer of polyurethane processing equipment, has recently introduced a new system that replaces HFC and HCFC blowing agents with the environmentally friendly Pentane hydrocarbon (HC) blowing agent. Pentane is so friendly and safe for the environment that it is... Read More
  • Linden Pump and Mix Head Repair Services By Linden Industries Inc.

    Linden provides complete rebuilding / repair services for RIM mixheads built by Linden, EMB, Krauss-Maffei, Hennecke, MHR, Admiral, Cannon, Gusmer, OMS/Impianti, Konal, and Hi-Tech, and others. To facilitate the rebuilding of your polyurethane mixing head as quickly as possible, we always... Read More
  • Linden-Isotherm PSM700 By Linden Industries Inc.

    PSM 700 varicontrol Universal machine for spraying purposes, for elastomer and foam applications. The small high-pressure-unit for a large application field. Metering by pulse free vertical piston cylinders, mixing according to the counter flow injection principle. No solvent is... Read More
  • Linden-Isotherm PSM90 By Linden Industries Inc.

    PSM 90 Compact PUR high-pressure mixing and dispensing unit for the economic, ecologic production of the technical parts in small shot sizes by casting, injection or spray. Solvent-free Surge-free Smallest shot weight 3g For PU-Foams, Elastomers and... Read More
  • Linear 911P By ChemCeed LLC

    Linear 911P is a linear C9, C10 and C11 phthalate plasticizer produced through esterification of mixed C911 alcohol and Phthalic Anhydride. It is used as a primary plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and copolymer resin applications where good low temperature flexibility is required,... Read More
  • LinkedIn Advertising By 5 Fold Agency

    The most cost effective digital marketing tactics for your industrial company, we do it all for you creating and managing your campaigns in our LinkedIn Advertising program. Read More
  • LinkedIn Marketing By 5 Fold Agency

    Let us manage your prospecting activities on LinkedIn for you, we know your industry and have decades of boots on the ground experience prior to forming our agency. We know how to get your company attention from the OEM demographic. Read More
  • LinkedXValve™ By Plastixs

    LinkedXValve™ is a valve linkage system manufactured by Plastixs, LLC (US Patent 10,160,149 B2). The LinkedXValve™ allows a single lever to operate both mold cooling supply and return lines simultaneously. It can be installed onto standard manifolds and brass ball valves giving the manifolds... Read More
  • Liquid Additives for Polyurethanes By REPI

    REPI liquid additives for polyurethanes are often used to enhance the aesthetical characteristics, especially covering possible inhomogeneities of the material. Additives are as well used as performance and protection aids, for example to improve heat resistance, to reduce oxidation and to... Read More
  • Liquid Color By Peacock Colors Inc.

    The distinct advantages of liquid color are short lead times and economics. Liquid carrier systems are lower in cost than the resin systems they go in. Besides eliminating inventory, the set-up cost and machine time to produce liquid dispersions are less than half of that required to... Read More
  • Liquid colours for plastic packaging By REPI

    Advanced packaging solutions are becoming today as important as the product itself. The packaging must not only fulfil international requirements in terms of safety, content preservation and hygiene, but packaging aesthetics can crucially contribute to the appeal of the product and strongly... Read More
  • Liquid Filling Equipment By Serac Inc.

    Serac specializes in the design and manufacture of liquid filling and capping machines as well as blow molding equipment. As an innovator and leading manufacturer of liquid filling and capping machines for all types of food products, home and personal care products and industrial products,... Read More
  • Liquid Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers By Container and Pooling Solutions

    Container and Pooling Solutions, a Livonia, MI based supply chain management company, has been offering the complete management, rental and tracking of returnable shipping containers since 1998. CAPS helps its automotive, beverage, food, chemical and cosmetic customers reduce material handling... Read More
  • Liquid Powder meter/mix/dispense By Mahr Metering Systems Corp

    The Mahr L/P (Liquid/Powder) Metermix system is a self contained batch mixing unit, that can be used as a R&D product development unit and/or moved right into a production operation. The ability to mix liquids and powders on ratio, and as needed; provides a very unique feature not found in the... Read More
  • Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Solutions By Silcotech North America Inc.

    Silcotech enjoys a global leadership position as a provider of superior liquid silicone injection molding solutions for the medical/healthcare, automotive, packaging, consumer and consumer electronics markets for one reason: We think and act like a PARTNER - not like a supplier. Although our... Read More
  • LiquiFlapper By Mold-Rite Plastics

    The perfect plastic cap for controlled dispensing of pourable products. Suitable for use in a variety of plastic packaging markets. One-piece design combines ease of use, shelf impact, and safe and secure packaging. One-hand action and the lid stays open. No interference with dispensing flow.... Read More
  • Liqui-Flux® Water Modules By 3M Membranes Business Unit

    Liqui-Flux® ultrafiltration modules represent an economical and reliable solution for your water treatment application. As an alternative to conventional treatment steps, such as flocculation, sedimentation and multi media filtration, Liqui-Flux ultrafiltration modules reliably help remove... Read More
  • LiquiSol Liquid Colorants By Plastics Color Corporation

    LiquiSol™, liquid color can be used in virtually any type of resin system for thermoplastics. It is part of the matrix of product forms marketed and manufactured by Plastics Color Corporation. LiquiSol color can be used in a broad range of applications, including extrusion, blow molding, and... Read More
  • Literature Pockets : Wall Mount & Countertop By DISPLAYS2GO.COM

    These literature pockets allow you to provide additional information regarding your products or company in a quickly accessible manner. You can choose from counter-top and wall-mounting units, with some units being available in acrylic or cardboard, letting you choose the style that meets your... Read More
  • Litigation Support By EAG Laboratories

    When challenges involve litigation, our scientists can help. With technical experts in many disciplines and industries, we provide the expertise necessary to support legal challenges. Ph.D. scientists design independent investigations, supervise laboratory analyses and write comprehensive... Read More
  • Living Hinge Cases By Plastic Forming Co. Inc.

    Our specialty cases provide an effective blend of efficient functionality, attractive looks, and security for your product. Each case has a double-wall interior in both the lid and base portion of the case for added stability. Soft edges and our new side latch give them a modern, streamlined... Read More
  • LMI5000 Series By Dynisco

    The LMI5000 is a culmination of feedback from customers incorporating a series of key features and options: Automatic Sample Cutter (Autocutter), Color Touch-Screen Display incorporating a redesigned user-friendly menu structure, USB communications, pneumatic weight lift system with stackable... Read More
  • Logistics Containers By Rodman Plastics Company

    The Rodman brand has dominated China's industrial market for over 20 years and is renowned for superior quality and product longevity. Our wide range of Logistics containers are used in the automotive and logistics industries and include: Euro Containers - designed to fit precisely on Euro... Read More
  • Long Fibre Reinforced Polyamides By EMS-GRIVORY America

    EMS-GRIVORY’s long fibre reinforced polyamides make combinations of properties possible which are unachievable with a conventional compound. Maximum mechanical properties with minimum weight: protective and functional clothing for sport and leisure are precisely where the potential of long-fibre... Read More
  • Loss In Weight Continuous Blender By TSM Control Systems

    The TSM loss in weight (continuous) gravimetric blenders provide a "dosing" solution for blending and extrusion control for up to 7 components and up to 3000 kg/hr. Having constantly improved these systems over the years, the TSM loss in weight blenders now give total reliability, excellent... Read More
  • Low Energy Impact Machine By Tinius Olsen

    Charpy and/or Izod impact testers with capacities up to 50J of available energy. Read More
  • Low Temperature Electronic Inks By DuPont Microcircuit Materials

    DuPont Electronic Inks Cure Quickly at Low Temperatures DuPont offers electronic inks that cure quickly at low temperatures, expanding the possibility of printing electronics onto an entirely new group of plastic films DuPont™ PE827 and PE828 low-temperature inks cure at as low as 60°C,... Read More
  • Low Temperture Insulation Blankets By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    Our low temperature blankets are our most versatile product, working with temperature ranges up 500 degrees. Cold Face (Outside Fabric) Silicone This silicone layer may be used as the outer cold fece with raw insulation on the inside or another layer of silicone added to make the hot... Read More
  • LOW-E By Ultra Purge - Moulds Plus International USA, Inc.

    Works best with low temperature resins during color changes, material changes and shut downs. Cleans out barrels, nozzles, hot runners and heads of extruders from carbon remnants, deposits and incrustations. Has expanding agents. Highly recommended for use with PVC. Read More
  • LR Mate By FANUC UK Limited

    The LR Mate Robot series offers the smallest models within the FANUC Robot range, with up to 5kg payload. Those Robots are ideal for fast and precise applications in all environments. They run on the R-30iA Mate compact controller, which requires minimum space Read More
  • LR5KPlus 5kN / 225lbf materials testing machine By Lloyd Instruments Ltd.

    The Lloyd Instruments LR5KPlus advanced materials testing machine incorporates an wide range of features making it ideal for performing complex as well as routine testing applications up to 5kN (1124lbf) The standard LR5KPlus features a twin column design with a maximum crosshead travel of 975mm... Read More
  • LS-150 Luminance Meter By Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

    The LS-150 Luminance Meter (successor to the LS-100) is a highly accurate luminance meter that uses a newly designed sensor with a spectral response that more closely matches the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that correlate well with... Read More
  • LSR mold By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo system...etc) 100%... Read More
  • LSR-Silicone Injection Machines By Plustech Inc.

    LSR-Silicone injection molding machines with precision molding control for flash free molding Read More
  • Lubricant additives, base fluids, defoamers By Palmer Holland, Inc.

    Lubricant additives, base fluids, defoamers VISCOPLEX® lubricant additives VISCOBASE® synthetic base fluids and VISCOPLEX® lubricant defoamers Features and Benefits: Categories: Functional Additives, Industries: Metalworking & Lubricants Read More
  • LumetriScan™ By Lumetrics Inc.

    The LumetriScan™ is a fully automated, non-contact thickness measurement gauge for long-length medical tubing and balloons up to 36 inches in length. With the data obtained from LumetriScan™ you can ensure higher-quality and more consistent product, reduce costs by identifying production defects... Read More
  • LUVATOL® By LEHVOSS North America

    Our LUVATOL® magnesium oxide thickening pastes enable our customers’ production processes to be controlled individually and with pinpoint precision. The LUVATOL® business team additionally has a large number of special products for thermosetting compounds, such as TRENNFILM carrier films for SMC... Read More
  • LUVOBATCH® By LEHVOSS North America

    LUVOBATCH® supplies high-performance additives and masterbatches for the plastics processing industry. Our dedicated team of experts provides maximum flexibility and individual service. Read More
  • LUVOCOM® By LEHVOSS North America

    Our LUVOCOM® business unit specializes in thermoplastic high-performance compounds, which allow precisely tuned material properties for a wide range of technical applications. With more than 30 years of experience in tailor-made compounds, LUVOCOM® is your partner with advice and support in... Read More
  • Lux Meters / Light Meters By PCE Instruments

    PCE Instruments (PCE) offers lux meter devices for checking for lighting system adequacy. Lux meters, or light meters, are used to ensure that the light levels fall within a certain level where it is bright enough but not too bright to cause glare. The proper light levels enable people to move... Read More