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  • Nan-O-Sil ASD By Energy Strategy Associates Inc.

    A unique colloidal silica processing aid from Energy Strategy Associates, Inc. slashes molding cycle times and greatly reduces warpage. Ultra-fine bright white silica particles have been shown in laboratory and commercial field trials to reduce injection molding cycle times by 20% to 40% in... Read More
  • Natron™ DC™ Silicone Inks By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

    The DC Silicone inks are two component inks. The Natron™ DC™ Silicone inks are formulated with Bostons proprietary Dual Cure™ Technology. This enables them to dry and cure at room temperature. This silicone ink line is ideal for pad printing or screen printing on silicone products that cannot... Read More
  • Natron™ SE Silicone inks By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

    Natron™ SE Silicone ink is ideal for pad printing and screen printing on any item made of silicone rubber. The SE ink is used in promotional, medical, toys, drink-ware, and industrial applications. Typical silicone application include, silicone wristbands, swim caps, and silicone phone cases.... Read More
  • Naturacell® By Rotuba

    Demand for environmentally sound plastics is growing fast. Many green polymers, however, are unproven and are difficult to process. Now, there’s a clear alternative: Naturacell®, a natural polymer from Rotuba. Naturacell is a durable, attractive, plant-based plastic resin that can be... Read More
  • Natural Fibers By American Wood Fibers

    As the nation's largest producer of wood flour we are not content to rest on our laurels. AWF is interested in acquiring additional natural fiber by-products like flax, corn stover, wheat, corncob, soy fibers, & hemp. We continue to research the viability of developing additional industrial... Read More
  • NBB Blender Controls Package By TSM Control Systems

    Since 2008, TSM has introduced a new blender controls package. This new package, consisting of a new electronics module and remote interface panel, has the latest in control technology. The new electronics architecture (which has a dedicated a/d converter per load cell and electronic signal... Read More
  • NBS Abrasion Testers By Benz

    The Benz NBS Abrader meets and exceeds specifications, described in ASTM D-1630, for abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber or other compounds. This abrasion machine consists of a 6" diameter drum; three arms, pivoted at one end, with a mass suspended from the other end; three dial thickness... Read More
  • N-Butyl Oleate: PALMESTER 1456 By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: NBO Application: PVC processing Synthetic Rubber Function: As plasticiser for PVC As lubricant for PVC Able to impart low temperature flexibility for CR Read More
  • N-Butyl Stearate: PALMESTER 1451 By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: NBS Application: PVC processing Function: As a secondary PVC plasticiser As a flow modifier for injection molding process As lubricant for PVC process Advantage: KOSHER HALAL Biodegradable Read More
  • N-CPR conveyor By MB Conveyors Srl

    Standard L-shaped conveyor, especially suitable to collect molded pieces from below the IMM and bring them to a higher level, to be conveyed to a tranportation line, a sprue separation device, or a storage station. Sturdy frame made of primary extrusion aluminium section, Alloy 6060, protected... Read More
  • NCR-80 By BinMaster

    The BinMaster NCR-80 is a non-contact radar level sensor designed for superior performance in extremely dusty powders and bulk solids. Its powerful 80 GHz frequency focused in a narrow 4° beam angle with a measuring range up to 393 feet and accuracy within 0.2 inches means it excels in tall and... Read More
  • Needle Actuation By Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc.

    The needles can be moved with single valve gate nozzles and in multiple nozzle and manifold systems with single needle valve lifting plate sliding plate mechanism and can be designed for pneumatic or hydraulic operation. Special holes in the mould clamping plate allow the depth of... Read More
  • Needle Valve By Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc.

    Valve gate technique with a four-fold clever solution for the needle motion. High demands on surface finish appearance, reduced cycle times, lowest possible shear stress and large gate cross-sections. The correct answer to all these demands: valve gate technology.Individual nozzles with... Read More
  • Nelmor Granulator Knives By American Cutting Edge, a Division of CB Manufacturing

    With thousands of granulator knives and hundreds of models compatible with the most common North American brands, American Cutting Edge is your go-to source for granulator knives. Many of our customers have specialized needs that require custom-made blades engineered to their exact measurements.... Read More
  • Nestable Pallets By Rehrig Pacific Co.

    Nestable pallets have long been a key, but weak, link in the grocery distribution supply chain. Rehrig Pacific, a world leading provider of pallet solutions, has applied the design and manufacturing advantages of high-pressure injection molding to produce two superior, high life expectancy,... Read More
  • Neuburg Siliceous Earth By HOFFMANN MINERAL GmbH

    SILLITIN/SILLIKOLLOID: Standard products (natural, untreated fillers). Differ in brightness and particle size distribution. puriss-grades: Created by a Downstream process. The extremely low protion of oversized particles is reduced even more and the dispersion properties are improved. AKTISIL:... Read More
  • New and Used Molds By Machinery Corporation of America, Inc.

    Ask us about our new and used molds: (extrusion blow molds; closures - beverage, detergent, cosmetic; thin wall container; PET preforms). Contact us today to learn about the new and used molds we supply. Read More
  • New Generation High Speed Slotting Machine By BJS Engineers

    We want to highlight here that, the SLOTTING machine, STATE OF ART, INDIGENOUSLY DESIGNED, DEVELOPED, PIONEER of DESIGN and MANUFACTURED by us and supplied to both DOMESTIC and INTERNATIONAL MARKET with REPETITION of ORDERS and LIKED for its DESIGN, WORKMANSHIP and PERFORMANCE. The machine is... Read More
  • New Plastic Processing Equipment By Arlington Plastics Machinery

    We currently represent MGB Engineering Company, Republic Machine and Sterling Systems. Read More
  • New Process Equipment By Aaron Equipment Company

    Manufacturers of a complete line of new mixing blending and drying process equipment. Read More
  • New Product Development By Advantage Growth Solutions

    Assessing your capabilities and optimizing systems and procedures for more efficient decision-making and project management. Read More
  • New Product Portfolio Management By Advantage Growth Solutions

    Understanding and mapping the opportunities in your new product pipeline and providing tools to enable your team to more effectively value and prioritize your best opportunities to drive profitable growth. Read More
  • New Rotational Molding Lab for Fast Color-Matching and Prototyping By Clariant Corporation

    Clariant announces the opening of a new rotational molding laboratory and prototype-development cell at the Clariant Canada facility in Toronto. The rotational molding lab was designed to replicate ‘real world’ production conditions at leading rotational molders, providing customers fast with... Read More
  • Nissei 220 Ton Vertical Injection Molding Machine By Hunter Plastics Inc.

    Machine #: 7768 Machine Type: I4610-INJECTION MOLDING, VERTICAL Manufacturer: Nissei Model Year: 1996 Model Number: TD-200-36ASE Read More
  • Nissei One Step PET Blowmolder (ASB-650NII) By Hunter Plastics Inc.

    B3000 Blow Molding Machine: 7880 Model: ASB-650NII (One Step PET Blowmolder) Manufacturer: Nissei Year: 1991 Read More
  • Nissui Granulator (SA-32) "S" Cutter By Hunter Plastics Inc.

    Machine: 4275 Type: G3875-GRANULATERS, SLOW SPEED Manufacturer: Nissui Model Year: 2000 Model Number: SA-32 "S" Cutter Horse Power: .5 Feed Opening Dims: 6" x 9" Cutting Chamber Size: 6" x 6" Rotor Configuration: Direct Drive Voltage: 230 Read More
  • Nitrovin TPVs By Vi-Chem Corporation

    The Nitrovin line of TPVs (Thermoplastic Vulcanizates) provide excellent processibility, compression set resistance, high heat resistance, excellent low temperature properties, oil & gasoline resistance, colorability, and anti-squeak characteristics. Read More
  • Nofia OL3001 , OL1001 (reactive) By FRX Polymers

    Nofia reactive oligomers are low molecular weight reactive oligomers that are being used in thermoset systems , e.g. epoxy, polyurethane. They are transparent and also soluble in a variety of solvents. Read More
  • Nofia CO3000 By FRX Polymers

    FRX copolymers consist of block copolymers of polyphosphonate and polycarbonate. A range of compositions can be produced from high to low polyphosphonate content. The data below pertains to a copolymer with 35% by weight polyphosphonate content. Impact resistance and glass transition temperature... Read More
  • Nofia CO6000 By FRX Polymers

    FRX CO 60 has a 60% polyphosphonate content and is recommended for use in Polycarbonate and Polycarbonate blends/alloys. Read More
  • Nofia HM1100 By FRX Polymers

    Nofia Homopolymers have exceptionally high limiting oxygen index, which makes them particularly well suited to be used as a "melt processable" FR additive. They are transparent high flowing polymers with a glass transition temperature of between 100°C and 107°C. A range of molecular weights can... Read More
  • Nofia OL5000, OL3000 (additive) By FRX Polymers

    Nofia additive oligomers are low molecular weight additives well suited for flame retarding thermosetting resins such as unsaturated polyester, phenolics and polyurea. They are transparent and are soluble in the typical solvents used in thermosetting resin processing. Two products are currently... Read More
  • Non Contact Hot Platen Welders By Trinetics Group

    THERMALTRACK Welding Technology has redefined how plastic molders and assemblers weld parts. The process is not a “hot platen” functioning in a non-contact capacity that requires high-energy use and waste for operation. Neither is it an infrared source that is limited by the glass construction... Read More
  • Non-Ionic By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    TR 041 - A nonionic, ester-based wetting agent for polar fillers and pigments used for improved dispersion and metal release. Contains no metal ions. TR 045 is the FDA version. TR 044W - Provides flow and metal release with little or no effect on physical properties in most polymer systems. The... Read More
  • Norpex PPE By Nylene

    Norpex PPE: Standard and custom grades of of PPE. - Impact modified injection molding grades - Flame-retardant mineral reinforced PPE injection molding resins - Glass fiber-reinforced poly(phenylene ether)(PPE) alloys - PPE with good heat stability for extrusion applications - General... Read More
  • NORRES Industrial Hoses By Plastixs

    NORRES, established in 1889, is a global player and a leading manufacturer of industrial hoses, hose systems and other innovative, high-performance, high-wear plastic products. The NORRES AIRDUC PUR series are highly abrasion resistant suction hoses and conveying hoses that offer high... Read More
  • Nozzle and Sprue Heaters By Durex Industries

    Another Durex innovation for the hot runner molding industry, nozzle and sprue heaters comprise a hollow cast copper alloy and stainless steel outer shell for optimum heat transfer with extra protection. Precision machined I.D. for a press fit installation. The copper alloy achieves maximum... Read More
  • Nozzle for multicavity moulds for manufacturing medical plastic parts with special shapes By Thermoplay S.p.A.

    In injection molding applications of special shaped parts having long lengths proportionally to the diameter, it is difficult to avoid movements of the mould core, which determine consequent wall thickness differences. The core can move sideways in consequence of a non homogeneous filling,... Read More
  • Nozzle Heaters By EZ Heat Corporation

    EZ Heat Corporation carries a full line of high quality low priced nozzle band heaters. With 50 different sizes in both 120 and 240 volt in stock we can cover most of your nozzle band needs. Read More
  • Nozzle Pressure IB Series By GP:50 Melt Pressure

    The Nozzle Pressure IB Series from GP:50 Melt Pressure offers high-reliability measurements within injection molding applications. Models features all welded stainless steel construction, an enhanced diaphragm design for higher cycle accuracy and repeatability, with the further incorporation of... Read More
  • Nozzle/Slip-on Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow offers a full line of hot runner nozzle heaters for the plastics industry as well as slip-on heaters for the medical and analytical industries. While every heater has a unique set of capabilities, each nozzle heater is designed to meet specific application requirements. Whether an... Read More
  • NPS Chopped Carbon Fiber By Dreytek, Inc.

    NPS Chopped Carbon Fiber: • Standard and intermediate modulus • Proprietary sizing technology customized for polymers ranging from PP to PEEK • Excellent fiber quality due to very precise cutting technology • Strong bundle integrity for better handling Read More
  • NSG FLEKA® and FineFlake™ Glass Flake By Dreytek, Inc.

    FLEKA® and FineFlake™ Glass Flake • Improved dimensional stability compared to glass fiber • Improved mechanical properties compared to mica and glass beads • Granulated for easy handling Read More
  • NutraFlapper By Mold-Rite Plastics

    Give your plastic packaging projects an edge over the competition. NutraFlapper is not just any plastic cap. It's the ideal closure for dietary supplments, OTC remedies, and dry food products. Modern design features controlled access to product, especially when dispensing medication one pill at... Read More
  • NutraGen II By Mold-Rite Plastics

    More than just a plastic cap, our contemporary design sets your next plastic packaging project apart. One-piece design suitable for many types of plastic bottles. The full open orifice is convenient for dispensing larger pills. Robust hinge makes it easy to open and close. Audible snap upon... Read More
  • Nylene - Specialty Nylons Product Listing By Nylene

    Technical data sheets for CRI specialty product can be found here: NYLENE 2401 HSSP BK: Modified nylon 6 with very good physical properties and excellent extrusion characteristics to support extrusion of very complex profiles NYLENE... Read More
  • NYLENE 200 P By Nylene

    Nylon 6 * Medium viscosity, general purpose nylon 6 molding resin which has been ground cryogenically to a very fine powder * Excellent melt stability, grease resistance, and toughness Read More
  • NYLENE 400 By Nylene

    - Specially polymerized nylon 6 resin possessing high clarity and very low viscosity - Designed specifically for use in manufacturing concentrates and other compounding uses - The low viscosity of Nylene 400 aids in dispersion and mixing of concentrates and pigments, and can be used as a... Read More
  • Nylene 494 By Nylene

    - This data sheet applies to products: Nylene 494, Nylene 494P and Nylene 494 BLK - For rotational molding, and is offered in small pellet form as well as a 20 mesh powder. - All Nylene rotomolding grade nylons are dried to less than 0.15% moisture eliminating the need for pre-drying of... Read More
  • NYLENE NX3024 By Nylene

    TECHNICAL DATA SHEET: NYLENE NX3024 - Medium viscosity, extrusion grade nylon 6 resin suitable for film co-extrusion, coatings, and compounding applications - Excellent melt stability and good melt strength - Excellent grease resistance, toughness, resistance to abrasion, and does not absorb... Read More
  • Nylene Nylon 6 Resins Listing By Nylene

    A complete line of nylon 6 resins, including Homo-polymer, impact modified grades, glass fiber reinforced, mineral filled, extrusion grades, film grades, conductive and anti-static grades, custom colors. Read More
  • Nylene Nylon 6,6 Resin Listing By Nylene

    A complete line of nylon 6/6 resins, including homopolymer, impact modified grades, glass fiber reinforced, mineral filled, extrusion grades, film grades, conductive and anti-static grades, custom colors. Read More
  • Nylon By Vidal Plastics, LLC

    Thermoplastic Engineered Resin Strength Balanced properties Hygroscopic properties Widely used by many different industries Proven performance Read More

    We supply a broad range of prime, certified nylon products as well as utility compounds, specialty compounds, and even regrind materials. Our low overhead allows us to pass along all the savings to our end users. We are often far below pricing that our customers are paying through traditional... Read More
  • NYLON FILM By NOW Plastics, Inc.

    NOW Plastics offer some of the flattest biaxially orientated nylon film available today. This film is excellent for packaging that requires tremendous mechanical properties such as tensile strength, puncture resistance and certain barrier properties. Read More
  • Nylon Graphics By Mold In Graphic Systems

    Mold In Graphic Systems® makes a permanent graphic which is compatible with nylon resins. It's an easy-to-apply permanent labeling system for decorating rotomolded Nylon products. Position your Nylon Graphic in the mold using Mold In Graphics® Adhesive. Graphics become permanently fused... Read More
  • Nylon Resin By Lone Star Chemical

    Lone Star Chemical offers a variety of high quality prime and recycled Nylon resin. We offer recycled nylon 6 and Nylon 66 that can be modified to meet the unique needs of individual customers. Our recycled nylon resins are made primarily out of carpet scrap. The scrap is retrieved from... Read More