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  • LDPE GM-1 By Green Minds Group

    We produce high quality recycled LDPE tested and certified from accrediterd labs like (Plastic Technology Center), that are used as a preliminary material for the extrusion of agricultural & electrical hoses, and blowing of agricultural films. Product Code LDPE GM-1 Product Color Honey Product... Read More
  • "Dry Goods" Products By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    Dry-Goods bins (resin bags), gaylord covers, soft tapered mold chutes, available in 5 sizes (custom sizes also available) and barrel covers. Read More
  • "Exact Length" Brass Extension Fittings By Choice Mold Components, Inc.

    Versatile - 60 standard lengths in 1/2 inch increments. • 2" to 7 1/2" overall length. • Precision-rolled threads reduces scrap and ensures proper fit. • Increased flow rate while eliminating leaks. • Eliminate costly cutting and re-threading. • Standard NPT thread lengths. •... Read More
  • (10Z,12E)-10,12-Hexadecadien-1-ol By Alfa Chemistry

    Alfa Chemistry offers an extensive catalog of building blocks, reagents, catalysts, reference materials, and research chemicals in a wide range of applications. We supply (10Z,12E)-10,12-Hexadecadien-1-ol (Cas no:1002-94-4). Read More
  • 1 Day Adhesion / Bond Strength Testing of Thermal Spray Coatings By IMR Test Labs

    We are now pleased to announce a 1 day standard turnaround on Bond Strength / Adhesion Testing in order to support the Production Control and Monitoring of the Thermal Spray Industry. Now get the coating adhesion results you need, even faster, without sacrificing the quality reports you’ve come... Read More
  • 1075 Rollbagger By Clamco

    The Rollbag™ 1075 is the most cost effective, automatic tabletop rollbag system available. The 1075 is compact, lightweight and utilizes Rollbags™ (pre-opened bags-on-a-roll). Using the latest technological innovations, the 1075 can fill and seal bags significantly faster than manual packaging... Read More
  • 11k - Single acting, dual polymer split hydraulic seal By A.W. Chesterton Company

    Chesterton® 11K EZ Stack Pack is a patented seal design made up of two (2) components intended for use in hydraulic cylinder and press applications. This product was designed to promote machine productivity and lower operating costs. Split configuration simplifies installation • Works on... Read More
  • 12mm Segmented Clamshell Twin Screw Extruder By C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc.

    The Brabender® Mini-Compounder TSE 12/36 is a miniature co-rotating twin-screw extruder with application to the chemical as well as the pharmaceutical industry for development of new products. The scale-down of the machine in combination with the comprehensive adaptability to almost each... Read More
  • 144-Cavity Bubble Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Originally developed for the research industry. Specs: Cavity: .44" depth radius Cavity Opening at Top: .83" diameter Dimensions: Flange to flange = 5.75" X 3.75" Tray formed in .020" thick PETG clear. Sold as a 6-section tray. This 144-well cavity tray can be easily cut into 6... Read More
  • 16 oz Carafe By Apex Plastics Inc

    Specifications: Finish: 28-410* Material: HDPE Weight: 30 Grams Diameter: Label Protector – 2.735" Label Panel – 2.690" Dia. Label Panel Height: 3.95" Overall Height: 7.897" *Also Available in 28-400 Read More
  • 16-Cavity Rectangular Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Our 16-cavity tray offers deep pockets and long-term use. This tray is available in two different depths. Both options can be purchased with lid. OPTION #1: Pockets: 1.625" Top Pocket Opening: 1.580" x 3.620" Dimensions: Flange to flange = 18.750" x 14.625" Heavy-gauge tray formed in... Read More
  • 16-Cavity Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    This stocked tray was originally developed for applications in manufacturing and processing plants. Specs: Pockets: 1.120" deep Top Pocket Opening: 1.75" Dimensions: Flange to flange = 9.5" X 9.5" Heavy-gauge tray formed in .187" beginning gauge plastic Part Number: 16CT1.1RND-BLK Read More
  • 1D barcode and 2D Data Matrix code reading By Cognex

    Cognex is the world leader of image-based ID readers and is the only company that can support all of your 1D barcode and 2D code reading requirements. Cognex DataMan® ID readers can read 1D code symbologies such as UPC, PDF and postal codes, 2D code symbologies such as Data Matrix and QR, or a... Read More
  • 2 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner with Pneumatics By Polymag Tek Inc.

    Polymag® has taken our popular Two Roll Web Cleaner and made a New 2 Roll Web Cleaner with pneumatics. The Web widths can range between 2” and 30” and run maximum speeds of 700 FPM. Our pneumatic cylinders separate the rolls when the machine stops for easy access to rolls. Read More
  • 2010 Quick Change Clamp Frame By Thermoformer Parts Suppliers

    TPS offers a 4-Way Adjustable Clamp Frame System for use in Cut Sheet Thermoformers. Our frames are constructed with steel cylinders and aluminum extrusions, and are adjustable from 6” on up to your maximum frame size. A simple turn of a handle allows the operator to unlock the clamping bars... Read More
  • 2013 Student Thermoformed Part Competition By Freetech Plastics

    Freetech Plastics Announces Student Thermoformed Parts Competition - 1st Prize $2500.00 Scholarship - 2nd Prize $1,500.00 Scholarship - 3rd Prize $1000.00 Scholarship Download the rules and entry form - Entries due by July 15th, 2013. Awards to be presented at the IDSA International... Read More
  • 20mm Segmented Clamshell Twin Screw Extruder By C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc.

    The Stand-alone TSE 20/40 Extruder is a self-contained twin-screw extrusion system with a 12kW inverter drive. The advantage of the integrated motor, allows the system to reach a higher rotary speed (max. 1200 rpm) than a Twin-Screw Extruder powered by a drive-unit. The processing unit is a... Read More
  • 21-Cavity Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Our 21-cavity tray offers deep pockets and long-term use. Specs: Pockets: 2.625" deep Top Pocket Opening: 1.9375" X 4.4375" Dimensions: Flange to flange = 14.8125" X 16.3125" Heavy-gauge tray formed in .1875" beginning gauge plastic Part Number: 21CT2.6REC-WHT Read More
  • 22 New CNC Materials Available By Fictiv

    The same quality precision CNC parts and world-class customer service, with more possibilities than ever before. Check out our 22 new metal and plastic material options — available now for auto-quoting on the Fictiv platform. Read More
  • 24 Hour Urine Containers By Biomedical Polymers Inc.

    This polyethylene container features easy-to-read graduations, a convenient carrying handle and an amber color for UV-protection. The plastic cap has an extra-thick F-217 liner to prevent leakage. The containers are easily stored and take minimal space in the refrigerator. Inert to normal... Read More
  • 25-Cavity Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Our 25-cavity trays are being used for a variety of applications from HONDA car assembly plants to hot-process soap makers. Specs: Pockets: 1.5" deep Top Pocket Opening: 2.75" X 3.75" Dimensions: Flange to flange = 23.5" X 18.25" Available in black ABS, beginning gauge .125" Part... Read More
  • 2XH By Rotopolymers LLC

    2XH: HIGH DENSITY + HIGH FLOW is a specialized formula designed to combine good flow and stiffness, for detailed parts that require low warpage. Although its mechanical properties make it ideal for marine applications, its wide processing window makes it easy to work with and suitable for... Read More
  • 3 Axis CNC Machining Centers By Diversified Machine Systems+ [DMS]

    The DMS line of 3 axis CNC machining centers starts with over three decades of machine tool engineering, structural fabrication, manufacturing and CNC control systems design experience. Read More
  • 3000 Series CNC Router By Multicam, Inc.

    The 3000 Series CNC Router provides an innovative, heavy-duty, precise cutting system solution for production. The 3000 Series CNC Router has an abundance of standard features including an all-steel plate frame, automatic tool changer, and a wide range of spindle options that allows for a... Read More
  • 30LD Drum Leak Tester By ProfileSolutions

    This fully automatic unit with an integrated conveyor is able to test containers from 4-30 litres. The unit has high accuracy and is able to find very small holes, if time permits holes far smaller than 0.2 mm can be found. •High Speed •Accurate •Fully Adjustable •Easy to Use •Instant... Read More
  • 32AJ32 & 60AJ32 By Dart Container Corporation

    Dart is pleased to offer a 3 cup/1 lid pedestal foam cup program! Introducing the 32AJ32 and 60AJ32 cups! The 32AJ32 and 60AJ32 take the same lid as our 44AJ32 – this means that Dart’s 32, 44, and 64oz pedestal cups all take a single lid. The entire pedestal cup line is available in... Read More
  • 35 Series By Olympus Scientific Solutions

    The pocket-sized 35 series is a handheld ultrasonic thickness gage for precision measurements on metal, plastic, rubber, glass, and composites using single element transducers. Wide thickness range from 0.08 mm to 635.0 mm (0.0030 in. to 25.0 in.) Optional live Waveform and Adjust Mode. Read More
  • 38DL PLUS By Olympus Scientific Solutions

    The 38DL PLUS is an advanced ultrasonic thickness gage. Uses dual element transducer for internally corroded applications, features include THRU-COAT and Echo-to-Echo. Uses single element transducers for very precise thickness measurements of thin, very thick, or multilayer materials. It is an... Read More
  • 3D CAD/CAM Mold Design By Integrity Mold, L.P.

    We specialize in building close tolerance, small to medium size, plastic injection molds and die cast tooling up to 36x48". Our programming and mold designs are done in house with Mastercam CAM software and SolidWorks CAD software. With our powerful 3-D computer system we are able to read and... Read More
  • 3D Inspection and Reverse Engineering Services By Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company

    Do you have an old part or even a new part that does not have 3D CAD data to describe its shape and size? Well let our experienced engineers handle that for you. We can laser scan or even CT scan a part to gather all the data on the part so we can create an almost exact replica as a parametric... Read More
  • 3D Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions By OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.

    3D Laminates by OMNOVA Solutions, also known as rigid thermofoils (RTF), can be membrane-pressed or vacuum formed to contoured surface profiles. This eliminates the need for T-molding, edgebanding, visible seams and special edge treatments. 3D Laminates provide long lasting beauty and are... Read More
  • 3D Laser Scanner for Large Complex-Shaped Parts By ShapeGrabber

    The ShapeGrabber Ai810 3D laser scanner system is ideal for quickly scanning parts that vary in size and shape. Features: * Performs automated inspection in minutes as opposed to hours * Integrates the acquisition, auto alignment and inspection process * Offers GD&T reports *... Read More
  • 3D Laser Scanner for Small-to-Medium Complex-Shaped Parts By ShapeGrabber

    ShapeGrabber Ai310 The ShapeGrabber Ai310 automated inspection system is ideal for small to medium, complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important. Its compact size allows the Ai310 to fit easily on a workbench or standard inspection table. Features: *... Read More
  • 3D Lenticular Cylinder Engraving for PP Resin By Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech)

    New Product: JacoTech provides new optical lens designs and cylinder engraving techniques for lenticular extruders who would like to switch from PET, APET, PETG resins to lesser expensive PP resin. The cylindrical engraved extrusion moulds that produce 3D/Animated lenticular lens arrays are... Read More
  • 3D Multi-Scanner System By BinMaster

    If the application is for a very large bin, tank or silo – the BinMaster MVL system will provide greater inventory accuracy than a single 3DLevelScanner. This multiple scanner system integrates the multiple point measurement data from two 3DLevelScanners to cover a very wide surface area which... Read More
  • 3D Printing By Crescent Industries Inc.

    Crescent Industries offers 3D printing services for plastic components for use with product design and development, R&D design, and as prototypes, samples and small production runs. These 3D printed models are produced with production grade thermoplastics so painting, gluing, sanding, drilling... Read More
  • 3D Printing By Stratasys

    To prepare students for STEAM careers that value critical thinking over procedure and recall, educators are embracing teaching strategies like Project-Based Learning that require sustained engagement. Stratasys 3D Printing Solutions bring students' work to life, building excitement and momentum... Read More
  • 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping By RPDG, a 3D Systems Corp Company

    RPDG isn’t the only prototyping company that can transform your 3D CAD design into a physical model. But when quality, capacity, precision and speed are all priorities, trusting your project to RPDG is a smart and worry-free decision. Our combination of in-depth prototyping expertise across a... Read More
  • 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping Capabilities By Selmax Corporation

    Selmax uses state-of-the-art 3D printing (also known as Additive Manufacturing) capabilities to generate prototypes in a matter of hours. These prototypes are completely functional and allow testing and design adjustments to occur well before full production. This reduces design time and avoids... Read More
  • 3D Printing Materials By Carbon

    Carbon offers best-in-class, 3D printing materials for prototyping and producing real, functional parts. These materials uniquely combine excellent mechanical characteristics, high resolution, and exceptional surface quality into isotropic parts ready for real-world products. Read More
  • 3D Printing Materials By 3D Systems

    Each of our professional 3D Printers is supported with an extensive portfolio of specially engineered materials to meet the widest range of applications in 3D printing. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality parts available and support for your most complex color and monochrome applications.... Read More
  • 3D Printing on Demand and short production runs By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    Our 3D printing process allows for economics of scale. Our applications team will examine opportunities to provide the best parts in the most economical fashion. We also offer special pricing for higher volume. We also offer numerous finishing options including dyeing, painting, coating or... Read More
  • 3D Printing Photopolymers By Asiga

    Asiga offers a broad range of photopolymer resins for diverse technical applications. Data on all materials are available on our website. Our Plas™ range of photopolymers are high resolution, flexible, touch and chemically resistant. They are suitable for a wide range of mechanical and general... Read More
  • 3D Printing Service By Fictiv

    Instant Quotes & DFM Feedback MJF, SLA, Polyjet, SLS, FDM Technologies 3D Printed Parts as Fast as 24 Hours Instant Quotes & Manufacturability Feedback Simply upload your CAD model to get instant pricing and manufacturability feedback through our digital quote-to-order platform. Fast Parts... Read More
  • 3D Printing Services By Proto Labs Inc.

    1 to 50+ 3D printed parts in 1 to 7 days Industrial 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that works best for rapid prototyping, complex designs, multipart assemblies and even functional, end-use parts. Choose from stereolithography (SL) for thermoplastic-like parts, selective laser... Read More
  • 3D Printing Services and Capabilities By Solid Concepts, a Stratasys Company

    3D printing services and capabilities offered by Solid Concepts include: rapid prototyping (the process of turning a 3D CAD design into a real tangible part); concept modeling and evaluation; engineering evaluation; presentation models; 3D color printing; low-volume production; production... Read More
  • 3D Printing Services and Technology By Applications 3D LLC

    With 3D printing technology and services from Applications 3D, actual physical objects can be created from a digital model of that part. The physical part is manufactured by the additive deposition of material, rather than the traditional manufacturing processes which actually remove the... Read More
  • 3D Printing Technology - Rapid Prototyping By Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

    Some of the world’s most innovative 3D printing technologies were invented by our parent company, Stratasys. Nobody knows them better than RedEye. Read More
  • 3D Printing Training and Education By Stratasys

    Stratasys 3D Printing experts love to help you optimize the quality of your prototypes and parts, and maximize the throughput of your Stratasys 3D Printer. Many customers invest in 3D printing for one application, then realize the technology has many more uses. Expert training in PolyJet and FDM... Read More
  • 3D Scanning Services By Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company

    Our team of experienced applications engineers can take most any part and get you scan 3D scan data. If you are looking for inspection or reverse engineering (CAD model creation) we can provide the right equipment and do it right the first time. We have over $3,000,000 invested in our scanning... Read More
  • 3D Shapes Moldflow Analysis & Engineering Design Services By 3D Shapes, Inc.

    Are you looking for Moldflow injection molding analysis or at least curious about what it is? With 25 years of experience, you’ve come to the right place. Product design and manufacturing is ultimately a compromise. You can’t always adhere to all recommended design rules for a part or a tool.... Read More
  • 3D Tooling Development and Manufacturing By Royal Mould Technologies Ltd.

    Our in-house engineering group is capable of communicating with a variety of industry data transfer systems and able to transform this information to manufacturing to produce the results to exacting specifications. One of the company's strength's is the knowledge of understanding the complexity... Read More
  • 3DLevelScanner By BinMaster

    The 3DLevelScanner uses non-contact, dust-penetrating technology to provide bin volume accuracy that surpasses the performance of radar or ultrasonic devices. Unlike single point devices, it works by measuring multiple points within the bin. This advanced acoustics-based technology is proven to... Read More
  • 3DLevelScanners By BinMaster

    BinMaster's 3DLevelScanner is the only level sensor that measures multiple points on a material's surface, providing continuous, non-contact inventory volume measurement that accounts for irregular material topography. This advanced acoustics-based technology is proven to perform in powders and... Read More
  • 3M™ Products By CS Hyde Company

    CS Hyde Company is a top choice converter of 3M™ Adhesive products including VHB™ Tapes, Transfer adhesives, and specialty plastics laminated with 3M™ adhesives. All of our 3M™ products are available in slit to width rolls, sheets, or die cut parts. Read More
  • 4 oz Modern Round Bottle By Apex Plastics Inc

    Specifications: Finish: 28-410 and 24-410 Material: HDPE Weight: 14 grams Diameter: Label Protector – 1.75" Label Panel – 1.66" Label Panel Height: 2.51" Overall Height: 4.64" Read More
  • 4 Roll Narrow Web Cleaner with Patented Oscillation By Polymag Tek Inc.

    Polymag® has taken our popular Four Roll Web Cleaner and made a New 4 Roll Web Cleaner with patented tape oscillation. The Web widths can range between 2” and 40” and run maximum speeds of 700 FPM. Our pneumatic cylinders separate the rolls when the machine stops for easy access to rolls. The... Read More
  • 4500-740 Mitsubishi '02 - 4500 Ton By Machinery Center, Inc

    4500-740 Mitsubishi '02 - 4500 Ton Mitsubishi Mdl: 4500MM3-740 2002 Read More
  • 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers By Diversified Machine Systems+ [DMS]

    DMS 5 axis CNC machining centers feature heavy-duty thick walled tube frame construction, providing a rigid structure to dampen vibration and assures long-term accuracy and repeatability. Each ball screw and rail mounting surface is precision machined. Read More
  • 5 Axis Machining-Advanced Technology By Creative Blow Mold Tooling

    Creative customers know what makes us tick: Quality, Promptness, and a long history in this industry. Our services include product design, engineering, prototyping, fabrication, precision machining, assembly, and inspection. From start to finish, at Creative, it’s all about Trust and building... Read More
  • 500-3000kg/h good quality hot washed PET flakes making machine By SiChuan JH Machinery Co.,LTD

    waste PET bottle recycle washing line/hot washed PET flakes making machine parameters as follows, the separate machines quantity may be different as result of end flakes quality level require, end market's require,and customer's capital status. Machine material: carbon steel or stainless... Read More
  • 5050 By Ultra Purge - Moulds Plus International USA, Inc.

    Mechanical and chemical purging compound. Works best with color and material changes when heavy carbon deposits are present. Cleans out barrels, nozzles, hot runners and heads of extruders from carbon remnants, deposits and incrustations. Read More
  • 552 Med By Clamco

    Designed for ease of validation, the 552 MED is a horizontal band sealer that has been designed with PAC's exclusive alarmed digital seal temperature, speed, and pressure controls to provide the ultimate in seal integrity. It can be used with a wide variety of pouch materials - including... Read More
  • 6 in Oval Shape: Plastic Oval Containers By Apex Plastics Inc

    Specifications: Finish: Snap Material: HDPE, PP Weight: 31 grams Diameter: Label Panel – 2.5" Label Panel Height: 4.5” Read More
  • 6-16 ZONE SEQUENTIAL CONTROLLER By Thermoplay S.p.A.

    The new sequential controller is designed to optimize the molding process in critical thermoplastics applications. Each shut off valve is detected and controlled by the system, so the end product is without welding lines, stress or weaken, thus meeting the most strict quality standards. With a... Read More
  • 64-Cavity Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Originally developed for the electronics industry, used to hold component parts weighing 4 lbs. per tray! Specs: Cavity Width: 1.685" diameter -Just right for a 1.625" diameter item. Cavity Depth: .84375" (20 mm.) Dimensions: Flange to flange = 20.5" X 20.5" Black ABS plastic formed... Read More
  • 6V Super Duty Laser Welder By Z-Tech Advanced Technologies, Inc.

    Z-Tech Laser Welder Workstations 6V Super Duty laser welders are ideal for a wide range of assembly and repair of plastic mold injectors, tools , dies, inserts, sensors, ultrasound modules, chemical injectors, bellows, solenoid valves, pressure vessels, hot runners & thermocouples. Other... Read More
  • 70-Cavity Bubble Trays By ShapeMaster Inc.

    Originally developed for the research industry. Specs: Cavity: .75" depth radius Cavity Opening at Top: 1.4375" diameter Dimensions: Flange to flange = 12.5" X 17.75" Tray formed in .020" thick PETG clear. The 70-cavity tray is sold as shown. Individual wells or multi-cavities of... Read More
  • 80/20 Aluminum Extrusions By ShapeMaster Inc.

    The 80/20 line of slotted aluminum extrusions is simply the best the industry has to offer. This product line is an extremely versatile solution to several manufacturing and mechanical dilemmas. In fact, we believe in 80/20's problem-solving abilities so much, we use it extensively in our own... Read More
  • 858 Laboratory Unit - Small Sample Jar By MoistTech Corp.

    Small sealed sample jar used for moisture testing Read More
  • 868 At-Line: laboratory Sensor Dish Samples By MoistTech Corp.

    The 868 Laboratory NIR moisture analyzer is MoistTech’s at-line moisture sensor that features a large rotating sampling dish for the rapid moisture analysis of raw and non-homogeneous materials. The 868 moisture gauge incorporates MoistTech’s well-proven IR-3000 online moisture transmitter... Read More
  • 90 D Swivel & Tube Changeable Cross Clamp By CGS Automation Inc

    CGS has a wide range of End of Arm Tooling components like suction Cup, Holder, Mounting Clamp, Gripper Mounting Arm, Suspension, Sprue Gripper,Air Gate Cutter, Air Fitting, Adpater and etc. For example, Cross Clamp of Mounting Clamp have a lot different models and it can rotate by horizontal or... Read More
  • 9010 By Ultra Purge - Moulds Plus International USA, Inc.

    Concentrated formula specifically designed to clean machines producing thin-wall parts with stack molds during color changes. Highly moldable purging compound. Read More
  • 'CLOSED LOOP' "PRESSURE OVERRIDE™" Screen Changer Controls By High-Technology Corporation

    The CLOSED LOOP algorithm uses our proprietary Screen Guide & Resolver Assembly™ to monitor and ensure a consistent rate of screen movement. ‘CLOSED LOOP’ “PRESSURE OVERRIDE™" controls incorporate all the features of the TIME CYCLE™ algorithm, i.e., a constant rate of screen advancement is... Read More
  • 'CLOSED LOOP' "TIME CYCLE™" Screen Changer Controls By High-Technology Corporation

    The CLOSED LOOP algorithm uses our proprietary Screen Guide & Resolver Assembly™ to monitor and ensure a consistent rate of screen movement. ‘CLOSED LOOP’ “PRESSURE OVERRIDE™" controls incorporate all the features of the TIME CYCLE™ algorithm, i.e., a constant rate of screen advancement is... Read More
  • NSG FLEKA® and FineFlake™ Glass Flake By Dreytek, Inc.

    FLEKA® and FineFlake™ Glass Flake • Improved dimensional stability compared to glass fiber • Improved mechanical properties compared to mica and glass beads • Granulated for easy handling Read More