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  • Obsolete PVC By Roscom Inc.

    Looking to buy PVC at a great price? Search no more and take advantage of Roscom’s obsolete compounds. These compounds may be a great source for a specific application that doesn’t demand virgin material and is offered at below TL pricing. Being that Roscom adheres to our quality standards, we... Read More
  • ODR Rheometers By Benz

    This oscillating disk-cure rheometer, per ASTM D-2084 and ISO-3417, tests elastomeric materials to determine values for viscosity, cure characteristics and temperature at various points in the cure cycle. Computerized testing simplifies and reduces setup, data acquisition and display time. The... Read More
  • OEM Parts By Airmate Company

    One of Airmate’s strengths has been in partnering with our customers to create OEM parts to specification for a variety of applications. Our in-house design and engineering departments work closely with customers to ensure parts are produced to spec. using materials with the best... Read More
  • OEM Replacement Flanged Immersion Heaters By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    This design consists of tubular heating elements silver brazed or TIG welded to a flange cut from steel or stainless steel plate. Flange plate size, thickness and shape are determined by the application. A fiber gasket is supplied with each heater. The various style heaters are direct... Read More
  • OEM Ultrasonic Generator Kits and Stack Components By Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    Sonics ultrasonic kits and stack components can be supplied directly to OEM systems’ integrators for installation into special assembly systems. Kits provide maximum flexibility in terms of system size and design configuration, with resulting savings in system costs and space. Kits and stack... Read More
  • OEM/ODM Product development&Manufacturing By Plastic Navigation Industrial Ltd

    Plastic Navigation can offer one-stop service: Product Design & Prototyping Mould Design & Tooling Injection Molding Decoration - Assembly - Testing Small batch & Mass production Professional Project Management We can be your product development & manufacturing partner,and make your... Read More
  • Oh!Manufacturing By PolymerOhio Inc

    Increase productivity and growth through productivity assessments with one-day visit to a manufacturing facility. Every aspect of the business is evaluated. Your company is subsequently provided with an action plan for implementation. We further assist the company by helping to identify the... Read More
  • Oil Filters and Elements By Plastixs

    Triple R filter elements remove particles down to 2μ, water and oxidation residues. Designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water to sludge, varnish and oxidation residues all within a single element. Triple R housing is designed to accept oil under very... Read More
  • Oil units 6KW-180KW By Delta T Systems, Inc.

    12 KW- 180KW Oil circulating temperature control units, Flow Rates to 150 GPM Read More
  • Oil-operated Temperature Control Technology By SINGLE Temperature Controls, Inc

    SINGLE high temperature oil-operated temperature control units up to 350°C High-temperature oil-operated temperature control units are recommended for applications that rule out water-operated systems due to high temperature requirements. Thanks to its wide variety of options for capacity,... Read More
  • OK Pipes By Kongskilde Industries

    The Kongskilde OK pipe systems (tube systems) are ideal for pneumatic and mechanical conveying. The simple and flexible pipe systems may be adjusted to suit any specific purpose, resulting in shorter conveying distances and, therefore, the most efficient and economical solutions. The OK pipe... Read More
  • Oleflex TPEs By Vi-Chem Corporation

    Olefinic based TPEs for automotive and general use. Most are colorable. Read More
  • Oligomers By Sartomer Americas

    This broad line includes epoxy acrylates, urethane acrylates, SarboxTM carboxylic acid half esters, polyester acrylates, acrylated acrylics, and low viscosity oligomers. Sartomer's epoxy acrylate oligomers are fast-curing and form hard, solvent-resistant films. Sartomer's diverse line of... Read More
  • Olvex 51 Biobased Plasticizer for PVC By SGS Polimeros Ltda

    OLVEX 51 is a bio-based, renewable primary plasticizer which is used as a substitute for petroleum-based plasticizers (DOA, DOP/DEHP, etc) replacing it in 100% and used in traditional PVC, PLA, ACRILIC and other resins. (Real 1:1 replacement potential) Read More
  • Onanon Engineered Plastic Fabricated Parts By Onanon

    Onanon has manufactured custom fabricated parts made from the appropriate engineered plastic to meet demanding OEM requirements for over 32 years. We can efficiently produce your custom product with repeatability and unsurpassed quality, often at less cost. Our efficient, vertically integrated... Read More
  • On-Demand Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Systems By Versa Machinery

    On-Demand systems allow the operator to specify a wide variety of cut lengths. Electro-Mechanical Brake and Clutch Systems are dependable, highly efficient, and provide a high level of cutting torque. These systems include the Versa Digitally Actuated Control (DAC), a microprocessor based,... Read More
  • On-Demand Servo Cutter/Puller Systems By Versa Machinery

    On-Demand Servo Cutter/Puller Systems use servo motors for precise control of the cutting knife. They provide quiet, dust free operation without the need for routine maintenance or adjustment of the cutter mechanism. Versa offers a variety of servo cutter motors and drives to achieve the right... Read More
  • On-Line Color Measurement Systems By HunterLab

    On-line systems provide continuous, real-time measurement of your product on a process line. This allows you to respond to product color changes when they happen, as they happen. HunterLab on-line instruments make real-time color measurements of your product, without contact or intrusion, as it... Read More
  • Online LSS & SPC Training By Quality America, Inc.

    Quality America has offered SPC and Quality Improvement training and instructor materials for over 30 years. Our SPC courses and Lean Six Sigma certifications, facilitated by author Paul Keller, are based on his best-selling texts, co-published with the McGraw-Hill Professional Education team.... Read More
  • On-Line NIR Gauges By NDC Technologies

    NDC Infrared Engineering has developed and manufactures an extensive range of on-line Near Infrared measurement gauges each dedicated to a particular industry or application area. Our moisture analyzers for the foods, building product, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals and tobacco... Read More
  • Open Cell Sponge Rubber & Plastic Foam By Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

    Open-cell sponge rubber has an interconnected cell-structure which allows a determinate absorption and circulation of gases and fluids. The exterior surface of open-cell sponge rubber is continuous (rather than porous) and it possesses good physical durability. Because air or liquid passes... Read More
  • Open Innovation By Bi-Link

    Bi-Link redefines the role a manufacturer plays in the early stages of product development. We provide your engineering team with critical feedback at the early “pre-prototype” stage — moving you from the first idea to the next level. Read More
  • Open-loop and Closed-loop Control By SINGLE Temperature Controls, Inc

    SC standard and SC professional Modern temperature control technology is expected to meet a wide range of control and parameterisation requirements. SINGLE SC controllers for closed and openloop control are perfect for tapping into the full potential of SINGLE temperature-control units to suit... Read More
  • Optical Mold Design & Manufacture By ABCO Tool & Die, Inc.

    ABCO Tool & Die excels at the design and manufacture of molds for the optical industry. We have specialized in optical molds for over twenty-five years. Our molds are produced to exacting optical tolerances. Many of the molds we create for clients around the world have complex shapes, and many... Read More
  • OptiCheck By AGR International, Inc.

    The OptiCheck™ vision-based inspection and process monitoring system incorporates a modular, expandable approach to bottle quality management. The OptiCheck Finish/Seal module provides the ability to monitor the quality and dimensional accuracy of the finish and seal surface regions of rigid... Read More
  • Optics By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Moldex3D Optics software provides an analysis for optical components, including birefringence, retardation and polarization. Integrated with CODE V, Moldex3D Optics also enables users to simulate non-uniform refractive index more precisely for high-quality lens production. Injection-molded... Read More
  • Optics – Optical Birefringence By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    The process to identify Fringe Order/Patterns and Flow Induced Residual Stress that may reduce the Optical Properties of Lenses or Produce Failure - Identify Thermal Residual Stress - Identify Flow Induced Residual Stress - Identify Fringe Order/Patterns - Identify Viscoelastic... Read More
  • OPTI-FLO® Balanced Hot Runner Manifold Systems By INCOE Corporation

    Superior material flow and processing require engineered solutions. The negative effects of flow imbalance caused by material shear can significantly reduce your ability to compete. Opti-Flo® systems, exclusive to INCOE®, are engineered on a custom basis to resolve these issues before production... Read More
  • OptiLoad 5.0 By Optimax Plastic LLC

  • OptiLoad Venturi Loaders By Opti Temp Inc.

    The efficient, mechanically simple and quiet way to convey material to your molding machine. Read More
  • Optimix Batch Blender By TSM Control Systems

    Due to increased demand for a low throughput, flexible blending system, TSM designed and built the all new Opti-mix 50™ batch blender. With a throughput range from 1 to 200 kg/hr, it utilizes four easily removable hoppers with individual integrated slide valves for fast material changes. In... Read More
  • Optimized Blends / One Packs By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    VCS-526A - Co-stabilizing package for rigid PVC with some lubricating properties. Especially useful in processing recycled PVC. VLB-602 - External lubricant, excellent for calendering, clear rigid PVC. VLB-618 - External lubricant, excellent for calendering rigid PVC. VLB-701 - Excellent... Read More
  • Optional Equipment By Sprinter Marking, Inc.

    Sprinter Marking offers a range of optional equipment for its automatic ink code-marking machines. Visit the website to learn more. Read More
  • OPTIX Acrylic Sheet By Plaskolite

    OPTIX is a continuously processed, high quality acrylic sheet that is crystal clear, impact resistant and weather resistant. A .125" general-purpose acrylic sheet is approximately 2 to 3 times more impact resistant than double strength window glass, and about 4 to 5 times more impact resistant... Read More
  • OPUS 20 THI Temp/RH Datalogger By Abbeon Cal Inc.

    Lufft offers a variety of models with internal or external sensors for recording humidity, temperature, pressure and CO2. The 8120-00 (THI) Model records Temperature and Relative Humidity. For climate monitoring and recording in buildings, air conditioning units, laboratory, cleanroom,... Read More
  • ORB™ Remote Inventory Management By Bindicator

    The Bindicator ORB allows for access to inventory information and stored data from a remote location via the Interent. Multiple sites with multiple vessels can be monitored and managed. Reports can be run for silo inventory management, tracking and trends. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ORB supports... Read More
  • Oscillating Haul-off By Brampton Engineering Inc

    Brampton Engineering’s Horizontal Oscillating Haul-off is a cost effective solution to randomize gauge variation and improve roll quality. Read More
  • Other By TradePro Inc.

    - MRP (Mixed Rigid Plastics) - Rubber (NBR-Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) - EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) - TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) - TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) - POM (Polyoxymethylene) - PMMA (Poly(methyl methacrylate) - PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) Read More
  • Other Molding Ancillaries By Chem-Trend, LP

    Boosting the productivity, quality, and profitability of your operation can be achieved by utilizing highly specialized process aids. Informed by decades of helping customers like you produce parts for a variety of processes, Chem-Trend has developed a broad range of manufacturing process aids... Read More
  • OTR Chiller/Heater By Opti Temp Inc.

    OTR Portable Air Cooled Chiller/Heater 0.2 to 10 Ton Cooling Capacity Read More
  • Outer Undercut Unit - DHO By CUMSA

    Cumsa has developed a series of mechanical lifters, supplied ready for installation, that can release undercuts of 12 to 22.50 mm with only 38.00 mm of ejection stroke, simplifying the machining of tools and avoiding angled machining, which is a key problem with conventional lifters owing to... Read More
  • Oxidized Polyethylenes By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    PE(H)-165 - Fully refined parafin wax. Very efficient external lubricant for PVC pipe, siding. PE(H)-300 - Oxidized High Molecular Weight PE. External lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. PE(H)-600 - Oxidized Low Molecular Weight PE. External lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. Read More
  • Oxo Degradable By Phoenix Plastics L.P.

    Gaia Element Oxo 480 A low cost Oxo-Degradable additive for polyethylene film applications. Gaia Element Oxo 498 Oxo-Degradable additive for polyethylene film applications. Read More
  • Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Additives By Willow Ridge Plastics Inc

    Willow Ridge Plastics, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of oxo-biodegradable additives, with over 24 years of experience. As pioneers of the industry, we are in the forefront of developing technological breakthroughs that set new ecological and quality standards. WRP is the only ISO 9001:2008... Read More
  • Oxy-Guard® Barrier Bottles By Clariant Healthcare Packaging

    Clariant specializes in protective packaging technologies, including multi-layer extrusion blow molded pharmaceutical containers. In order to inhibit the oxidation of sensitive drugs, our barrier bottles are engineered with six layers, one of which includes Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH).... Read More
  • Oxy-Guard™ Oxygen Absorbers By Clariant Cargo & Device Protection

    Oxy-Guard™ oxygen scavenging packets, also known as oxygen absorbers are a method of active packaging. Clariant’s oxygen absorbers aid in maintaining freshness in packaged foods such as pet treats, processed and dried meats, meals ready to eat (MRE’s), packaged coffee and teas. Read More
  • Ozark Filters By Bentonville Plastics, Inc.

    Water Filter Housing Sumps, Filter Cartridges and Accessories Read More