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  • RB-80 Bagmaking and Filling System. By Newave Packaging Inc

    The best thing since sliced bread . . . is how you package it. The Revolutionary Bag Making and Filling System Many potential gains in bread packaging productivity have been overlooked for some 30 years. Today, with Technopac's RB-80, bakeries can greatly improve their production capabilities... Read More

    SIAPI believes in research because innovation and progress are our creed and every year we invest considerable resources in research and development. Our R&D Department transforms experience into technology and customers' demand into reality, using a systematic method of analysis, development... Read More
  • R&D Lab Services By Roscom Inc.

    Roscoms R&D lab is available to all of our customers as a value added service as well as interested 3rd parties who are looking for testing services. Physical Property Testing: Evaluating the physical properties of PVC compounds will help determine how well the final part will perform based... Read More
  • R-1000iA By FANUC UK Limited

  • R160 Screen Printer By Inkcups

    The R160 screen printing press is a solidly-built, fast and small screen printer for tagless garments, textile and promotional products. This semiautomatic 1-color screen printing press produces vibrant images of up to 4.75 by 7.75 inches. It addresses the challenge of printing the images that... Read More
  • R-2000iB By FANUC UK Limited

    The R-2000iB series is FANUC Robotics latest generation of the most successful FANUC Robot in the world. Its large range of payload from 100 to 210kg and its high performance capabilities makes it the perfect solution for multiple applications. All R-2000iB are floor-mounted. Read More
  • R-4 Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine By Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.

    APPLICATIONS: Lower volume production of a wide range of parts up to 1-gallon size. Additional applications for schools, laboratories, R&D development. OUTPUT: Processing output of 70 lbs./hour HDPE, 200+ gram full shot capacity HDPE. CONFIGURATIONS: Available with spin trim automation for... Read More
  • Rackable Standard Pallets By Rehrig Pacific Co.

    Rehrig Pacific has taken their years of experience developing new and innovative products for industry and has designed a range of truly unique 2-piece Snap-Lock™ plastic rackable pallets. Coming in a range of sizes, these pallets offer more options for all companies looking to better... Read More
  • RadarRight Non-Contact Radar Level Sensor By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies’ RadarRightTM is a non-contact radar continuous level sensor which means nothing to "touch" your process. The RadarRight provides dependable, real-time level measurements at the "right" price for use with powders, bulk solids and liquids. Also works in dusty conditions. The... Read More
  • Radiant Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's diverse radiant heater line provides a solution for almost any application requiring radiant heat. Watlow's capabilities cover a wide range of needs, from contamination-resistant panel heaters to rugged tubular elements and high temperature ceramic panels. Read More
  • Rama Cell Heaters By Rama Corporation

    Rama’s high temperature insertion heaters can be applied to many industrial uses ranging from super heating of gasses to titanium metal forming. This versatile product is made from the highest quality materials allowing it to achieve higher temperatures and have a prolonged life. Read More
  • Rapid Conductor, Hot-Plate Welder By Extol, Inc.

    At Extol, we approach Hot-Plate (Fusion) welding at a different speed - literally. The Extol Rapid Conductor series welders feature fully supported, servo-controlled platens that provide for fast, independent force and distance control. With years of experience manufacturing custom hot-plate... Read More
  • Rapid Injection Molds By International Mold and Production LLC

    Plastic injection molds, P-20, H-13, SS420, Grain and Texturing, Multi Cavity, Hot Runner and Hot tip systems. 3d and 2D molds designs. Lifters, Slides, front ejection, Guided Ejection, DME 12 pin connectors, Pioneer and Miller Hydraulics, 50 tons to 1500 tons. Air and Sea Freight. Read More
  • Rapid Machine Operator By Rapid Robotics

    The Rapid Machine Operator is a revolutionary industrial cobot that needs no programming or systems integration. ‘Out of the box,’ it can operate machines performing simple tasks such as injection molding, pad printing, heat stamping, pick-and-place and dozens of others across manufacturing... Read More
  • RAPID PROSENSE By Sesotec Inc.

    The RAPID PRO-SENSE metal separator primarily is used for quality inspection (product purity) in the production and compounding of plastic granulate, where it typically is installed directly before the material is filled in bigbags, octabins, or silos. The metal separator also is used for... Read More
  • Rapid Prototype By Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc.

    Using your CAD model or let us design your part, we can then create a working plastic model of your part using the latest rapid prototyping technology. Rapid prototyping allows you to have functional and accurate plastic parts in your hands within 1-3 days. This 3D model will save you time and... Read More
  • Rapid Prototyping By Diversified Machine Systems+ [DMS]

    Rapid prototyping is a 3D printing process in which 3D CAD STL files are transferred to laser mounted CNC machining centers; the photosensitive liquid resin, or laser sensitive powders contained in reservoirs on the machine react to the CO2 or ultraviolet lasers as the machine head traces the... Read More
  • Rapid Prototyping By Portutecmo - Moldes para Plasticos, Lda.

    With the construction of prototypes, using the FDM method, we obtain parts in >ABS< which are compatible with presentation and functional tests. These prototype parts can be polished and painted, achieving parts with final appearance and ready to start market studies. Read More
  • Rapid Prototyping By GenesisTEK, LLC

    GenesisTEK, LLC offers rapid prototyping in the form of FDM. Our sister company SolidDesigns, LLC has two FDM machines both of which we use on a regular basis. Read More
  • Rapid Prototyping By Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

    Select from a variety of real thermoplastics to produce functional prototypes to test products before using an expensive tooling process. Read More
  • Rapid Prototyping By IVP Plastics

    There’s no better way to visualize your idea’s potential than to see it, hold it and watch it perform. But heading straight from design into production isn’t always a good idea. When you want the most economical option to produce a one-off sample, hundreds of parts—or if you’re struggling to... Read More
  • Rapid Systems By Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc.

    Market conditions in tool and mould making have changed considerably. Requirements are becoming ever more demanding and delivery times are getting shorter. With the new Rasant manifolds, GÜNTHER Heisskanaltechnik offers tool and mould makers a complete system with a delivery time of 2 weeks.... Read More
  • Rapid Tooling By Omega North East Limited

    One way that separates Omega Plastics from its competition is the ‘Master-base’ system, where they make a core and cavity out of aluminium, then clamp the ‘speed-base’ into the ‘master-base’. This approach is exceptionally quick and ideal if you are in a hurry to get your tool. Read More
  • RAPID VARIO-FS By Sesotec Inc.

    The RAPID VARIO-FS metal separator is used to inspect bulk goods under free-fall conditions. It detects all magnetic and nonmagnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even when enclosed in the product. Metal contaminations are rejected through the “Quick Flap” reject... Read More
  • RapidPurge Chemical Purging Compounds By RapidPurge

    Our chemical purging compounds are specially formulated to address high degradation, difficult color changeovers, and challenging resident residue issues. Our compounds penetrate layer by layer to deep clean down to the bare metal. These products are non-abrasive and can be used to clean... Read More
  • RapidPurge Custom Blends By RapidPurge

    RapidPurge provides custom blends for truly unique and specialized thermoplastic purge applications. We recognize that thermoplastic applications and process can be quite specialized and unique, and that a purge formulation specifically optimized for these situations may be required. RapidPurge... Read More
  • RapidPurge FDA/GRAS Chemical Grades By RapidPurge

    RapidPurge has expanded its product line to include a non-ammonia, non-foaming chemical/mechanical purging compound for medical and food purging applications. This new generation of purging, comprised of FDA/GRAS materials, offers both chemical and mechanical properties for effective purging of... Read More
  • RapidPurge Mechanical Purging Compounds By RapidPurge

    RapidPurge Mechanical purging compounds are the competitive choice for general purpose purging applications providing quick cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing of injection, extrusion machinery and blow molding equipment. Our mechanical grades are available with different PE base resins to match... Read More
  • Rapier Heads By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Rapier Heads and spare Rapier Head parts for Dornier Looms as well as Profiles and Rapier Heads for Somet, Vamatex, and Picanol looms. Read More
  • Rapier Tape By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    More than 75% of all Weaving Machine Manufacturers rely on Lamiflex Rapier Tapes. Read More
  • RateControlled™ Models By Pollution Control Products Co.

    For parts with up to 25% combustibles. Maximum 800ºF, 427ºC Now you can strip parts with greater loads of combustibles... even transformers. RateControlled™ models combine all the features of Controlled Pyrolysis® with a more advanced system to detect overheating when it just starts to... Read More
  • Raven Agricultural Covers/Liners By Raven Engineered Films

    Raven Industries Engineered Films Division has been helping customers with their feed storage needs for over 40 years with high-quality silage bunker covers and grain storage covers. With the wide selection of materials we offer, you can count on a perfect fit for your next application. We are... Read More
  • Raven BioFlex I270C Isolation Gown Film By Raven Engineered Films

    Raven manufactures new BioFlex™ I270C Isolation Gown Film. BioFlex™ I270C is a high-strength polyethylene film used for the manufacturing of non-surgical disposable medical isolation gowns. BioFlex™ film is manufactured with premium quality colorless polyethylene for the production of... Read More
  • Raven Blown & Cast Film/Sheet By Raven Engineered Films

    Raven Industries continues to expand capabilities with the recent addition of cast extrusion. This advancement will further increase our manufacturing capabilities in line with our three recently added state-of-the-art blown film and sheeting lines including 7-layer co-extrusion. Our 300,000... Read More
  • Raven Building Systems By Raven Engineered Films

    Raven Industries is a major supplier of polyethylene close-up and transit films for the building systems market. The system built housing segment has come a long way in building high quality energy-efficient homes to surpass the expectations of today’s consumer. The off-site construction... Read More
  • Raven Construction Films By Raven Engineered Films

    Raven Engineered Films has been providing the construction industry with durable high-performance products for well over 60 years. We produce and stock a wide-range of proven products including durable string-reinforced poly, vapor retarders, gas barriers, wet curing blankets, liquid containment... Read More
  • Raven Energy Pit Liners By Raven Engineered Films

    For over 40 years Raven has produced high quality proven products for the oil and gas industry by manufacturing large one-piece drop in pit liners. Materials range from 6 to 45 mil thicknesses and are available in smooth non-reinforced, reinforced and heavy grid reinforced textured materials.... Read More
  • Raven Geomembrane Liners/Covers By Raven Engineered Films

    Raven sales and engineering professionals support and understand the critical demands of the geosynthetic industry. We manufacture a full line of non-reinforced and reinforced geomembranes as well as our newest reinforced textured membranes Dura-Skrim Textured N-Series. A modern, well-equipped... Read More
  • Raven Industrial Packaging By Raven Engineered Films

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, in addition to our years of experience, is directly reflected in the quality of our products. Our experience in designing film and sheeting has enabled us to offer a wide range of products, each formulated to meet our customer's individual needs, in... Read More
  • Raw Materials By Engineered Profiles, LLC

    A plastic extrusion is only as good as the raw material used to produce it. Crane Plastics has over 60 years of experience in raw material selection for the extrusion process. Unlike most of our competitors we have the ability to produce custom PVC and Wood Composite compounds in our blending... Read More
  • RAYCON By Sesotec Inc.

    The Product Inspection System RAYCON not only detects varieties of impurities, but simultaneously identifies impurities and product defects, or imperfections. RAYCON is used in dry and wet applications, for the inspection of packed and unpacked bulks (up to a max. conveyer load of 25 kg)... Read More
  • RAYCON BULK By Sesotec Inc.

    The Product Inspection System RAYCON not only detects varieties of impurities, but simultaneously identifies impurities and product defects, or imperfections. The Product Inspection System RAYCON BULK also detects undesirable, compacted Product- or agglutination of herbs and spices. RAYCON... Read More
  • RB 6000 Long Stroke Industrial Shuttle Machine By R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

    R&B Plastics Machinery brings over 30-years’ of blow molding machine-design and blow mold process-experience to the Long-Stroke and Industrial Shuttle market. We provide manufacturing solutions for a wide range of bottle applications, including short-run or high-volume production. Every system,... Read More

    The RB series is a performance temperature control series condensed into a slim 60mm depth case. Offered at an economical price, a new auto-tuning algorithm calculates optimum PID values to shorten the time to reach set value. After the PID values have been auto-tuned, Fine Tuning (FT) allows... Read More
  • RCII-series top entry extraction robots By Yushin America, Inc.

    RCII-series of servo-driven, top-entry robots are suited to horizontal injection molding machines in the 80 to 650-ton range. Features include increased strokes and rigidity over the previous models. One benefit of increased rigidity is a decreased take-out cycle of double-digit improvements... Read More
  • RCP DL Rotary Converting Platform with Dual Lasers By Preco, Inc.

    When narrow web converting demands the best of both worlds, Preco’s dual laser rotary converting platform supports the latest technology and innovative mechanical designs available. Read More
  • RCP Rotary Converting Platform By Preco, Inc.

    Whether you are a contract converter requiring a fast set-up, flexible configuration system, or a manufacturer requiring an engineered solution for your specific rotary converting needs, Preco has a solution. Preco can guide you to the correct configuration by offering the models below. These... Read More
  • RE SERIES PULVERIZERS By Reduction Engineering Scheer Inc.

    Features of this pulverizer: New orbital cb super efficient classifier Patented disposable disk system  New adjustable airflow management system Advantages Manufactured in accordance with CE directives Eliminates cross currents Our RE series of pulverizers -- RE 500, RE 1000, RE 1500, RE PASS –... Read More
  • Reaction Injection Molding -Enclosures By Thieme Corporation

    Custom reaction injection molding (RIM) using liquid polyurethane (PUR) foam materials for your custom designed device enclosures, housings, covers or industrial structural parts. With RIM and PUR you have the ability to design for both side A and side B of the part. Using this no to low... Read More
  • Reactor Valve By Gemco Valve Co.

    The P21 High Performance Spherical Disc Valve is designed to meet tomorrow's demanding requirements for containment of solids, powders and slurries. Engineered for pressure assisted sealing from full vacuum to 150 PSI. GEMCO valves use a spherical disc which moves across the seat wiping material... Read More
  • RealTime Monitoring By DELMIAworks (formerly IQMS)

    Take control of the plant floor with the RealTime Machine Monitoring from IQMS. EnterpriseIQ’s RealTime Machine Monitoring takes plant management to a higher level, supporting machine management in real-time. All aspects of production are tracked immediately as parts are being made and applied... Read More
  • Rear Double Ejection - DY By CUMSA

    The Inferior Double Ejection (DY) is the first double ejection mechanism in the market that works also as ejector guide pins and bushings simultaneously. This feature permits the mouldmaker to avoid installing any other guide pin or bushings rather than the ejection mechanism system from Cumsa,... Read More
  • REAXIS C154 By Reaxis Inc.

    Stannous Chloride, Dihydrate - A.C.S. Reagent Grade is a very high purity product that finds use in Sn/Pd activator formulations for POP. It is also a preferred tin source for tin/nickel alloy plating and as a surface color modifier for art glass. Read More
  • REAXIS C162 By Reaxis Inc.

    Stannous Chloride, Anhydrous - a very high purity product that finds use in Sn/Pd activator formulations for POP. It is also a preferred tin source for tin/nickel alloy plating and as a surface color modifier for art glass. Read More
  • REAXIS C188 By Reaxis Inc.

    Stannous Oxide - a high quality tin(II) oxide characterized by high purity and high activity. It is used in the metal finishing industry for tin and tin alloy plating processes. Read More
  • REAXIS C218 By Reaxis Inc.

    Dibutyltin Carboxylate - a versatile organo-tin catalyst that can be used in various applications, including polyurethane coatings and polymers. This product is typically used at concentrations ranging from 0.01 - 1.0 wt% at 160 - 260 C. Additional applications of Reaxis™ C218 include: a)... Read More
  • REAXIS C226 By Reaxis Inc.

    Dibutyltin Ketonate - a liquid catalyst that is utilized in the following applications: a) Synthesis of polyurethane systems, b) Polycondensation reactions of RTV silicone resins and silanes. Reaxis™ C226 is also available in special formulations upon request Read More
  • REAXIS C233 By Reaxis Inc.

    Dibutyltin Carboxylate - a highly active liquid catalyst that is comprised of a mixture of organo-tin compounds. It is utilized in the following applications: a) Manufacturing of polyurethane polymers, b) Transesterification reactions, c) Condensation reactions of TRV-silicone resins and... Read More
  • REAXIS E140 By Reaxis Inc.

    Potassium Stannate - a fast dissolving alkaline tin salt solution manufactured by a proprietary direct process that yields consistently high purity product. It is used as the tin replenisher in alkaline tin and tin alloy plating baths. Read More
  • REAXIS E140P By Reaxis Inc.

    Potassium Stannate Peroxide Grade - an exceptionally pure grade of potassium stannate that is approved for use in applications where the tightest specifications must be met, such as in formulations for Hydrogen Peroxide stabilization. It is manufactured by a proprietary direct process which... Read More
  • Rebuilt Screws By Reiloy USA

    The decision to repair a screw rather than purchase a new replacement generally should be based on the: - size of the screw. - amount of wear on the root of the screw. - design of the screw. Screw repair consists of rebuilding the flights with a full width welded hard-facing to the OEM... Read More
  • Reciprocating Blow Molding Machine By R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

    We have introduced a retool/refurbishment program for reciprocating screw blow molding machines. Our long history of designing and building plastic blow molding and metal cutting machinery has allowed R&B to offer a retool program with new innovations and a low cost structure. The standard R&B... Read More
  • Reclosable Bags By International Plastics Inc.

    Reclosable Bag Experts! International Plastics is a direct importer and wholesale supplier of reclosable poly bags. We offer both imported and domestic made Plastic Resealable Bags with many applications in mind. We stock over 50 million reclosable bags in over 250 sizes and styles. We also... Read More
  • Reconditioned Robot Specials By RobotWorx

    RobotWorx offers a full line-up of new and reconditioned robot specials, ideal for cutting, handling, and palletizing plastics. Read More
  • Rectangle Heaters By EZ Heat Corporation

    These Mica Strip Heaters can be manufactured in either a standard strip with 3/8" fold overs, or in A butt case design. Recommended watts per square inch are 22 for a Strip heater and 28 for a butt case. A strip heater curved more than 60 Deg. is a partial coverage band heater. Mounting slots... Read More
  • Rectangular Air Pad By Monitor Technologies LLC

    The Monitor rectangular air pad bin aerator is an aeration device used to promote the flow of dry bulk powders from a storage vessel. > Promotes Material Flow > Rugged Construction > Economical > Easy To Install Read More
  • Recyclable Vacuum Bagging & Pressure Tape By MonoSol LLC

    MonoSol M-1030 is now engineered to be flexible and formable in vacuum-bagging applications. Unlike stiff films such as nylon, MonoSol film stretches and conforms to the mold without pleats. Making pleats requires extra labor and can lead to film bridging, which creates voids in the laminate... Read More
  • Recycled Plastic Inventory By Plastics General Polymers, Inc.

    We stock Virgin, Regrind, and Reprocessed material. Our full inventory is online and updated frequently. Come check out what we have and then call us for pricing and any new inventory we may have. Read More
  • Recycled Plastic Resins By Emerald Pacific Resources

    Emerald Pacific is highly specialized in top grade, QC tested and input ready streams of HDPE, HMW, PP, PET and many other types of recycled resins, including engineering grades, available in a variety of presentations. HDPE Post-Consumer Washed Flakes • High quality bottle regrind 100% sorted... Read More
  • Recycled Plastics By Seraphim Plastics LLC

    • HLMI 9-12 MFI dunnage grade regrind • HLMI 4-9 MFI drum grade regrind • HDPE 4-10 MFI pallet or bin grade structural foam regrind • HDPE 6-8 MFI crate grade regrind • HDPE 4-6 MFI bucket grade regrind • HDPE post consumer bottle grade regrind • PP injection grade and extrusion grade... Read More

    We are the trusted, go-to commodity plastics broker for quality-driven manufacturers looking for a variety of recycled and reprocessed plastics including: • POLYPROPYLENE • POLYETHYLENE • ABS RESINPOLYSTYRENE • POLYCARBONATE • RECYCLED PLASTIC With an emphasis on procuring consistent, quality... Read More
  • Recycled Resins By Greenpath Enterprises, Inc.

    Greenpath provides recycled resins at a substantial cost savings. We have the internal capability to custom compound repro to meet your specific requirements. Common grades are: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PP, PET, ABS, PS, etc... Read More
  • Recycled Rubber By Midwest Elastomers Inc.

    Midwest Elastomers is leading supplier of cryogenically ground recycled rubber made from post industrial scrap rubber. SBR and EPDM rubber powder (20-120 mesh) are popular as low cost fillers for plastics. ISO 9001:2008 Read More
  • Recycled-Resin By Pier One Polymers Inc.

    Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities as a recycled-resin supplier! Read More
  • Recycling / Buying By Sattler Plastics Co.

    From Fortune 500 companies to small-family owned businesses, Sattler Plastics develops comprehensive, tailor-made commercial plastics recycling programs for all of our customer’s needs. Since 1965 we have held true to the belief that customer service is our number one priority. Our goal is to... Read More
  • Recycling and Scrap Conversion Equipment By Gala Industries

    Gala provides underwater pelletizing systems (such as the LWCP System) for post industrial recycling as well as centrifugal dryers used in large post-consumer scrap conversion, downstream of size reduction equipment, and the wash and dry process. Read More
  • Recycling Bin Lid By Ray Products, Inc.

    This recycling bin lid allows for easy recycling and separation of paper, bottles and cans. Used in outdoor environments, the part needed to be tough. The rugged material selection is complimented by molded-in ribs in both the length and width of the lid that increase the overall strength of the... Read More
  • Recycling Equipment By Sesotec Inc.

    S+S provides an extensive line of equipment for recycling plastics (PET, HDPE, engineering plastics, PVC, mixed plastics, bioplastics), glass (flat, hollow, special), scrap (vehicles, electronics, metal), household waste and wood. Read More
  • Recycling Equipment By Rotogran International Inc.

    Recycling equipment from Rotogran includes grinders, granulators, custom conveyors, scrap handling systems and complete closed-loop granulator systems for the plastics and recycling industries. The purpose of granulation for plastics recycling is to create a solid building block that is... Read More
  • Recycling Equipment By TRIA America, Inc.

    TRIA offers a wide range of solutions for the recycling of plastic, including: Shredding, separation, granulating, cleaning and extruding. TRIA granulators are capable of producing a granulate from even the largest plastic parts (such as purgings or pipe). The shredding power of TRIA machines... Read More
  • Recycling Equipment - Shredders & Briquette Presses By WEIMA America

    WEIMA manufacturers a range of single- and four-shaft shredders for recycling materials such as wood, plastics, paper/cardboard, metal, biomass materials, styrofoam and more, as well as briquette presses for reducing waste volumes. Read More
  • Recycling line - recoSTAR direct By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    The recoSTAR direct has been specially designed for recycling medium and large quantities of heavy regrind materials (> 300 g/l) such as PE, PP, PS, PA and PC. From a feeding hopper, the material is transported directly into the extruder by a screw conveyor without being precut or compressed.... Read More
  • Recycling line - recoSTAR dynamic By Starlinger

    Recycling line - recoSTAR dynamic The latest recycling technology for the processing of films, fibers, and washed post-consumer waste from materials such as PE, PP, PET / PES, PA, PLA, PS and PPS. Ecological, economical, energy-saving - these are the three keywords to describe the new recoSTAR... Read More
  • Recycling Services By Greenpath Enterprises, Inc.

    Greenpath can help design implement, and manage a highly effective recycling and sustainability program for your organization. As a direct multi-material recycler, processor, and manufacturer we can extend the highest value for your commodities while creating a one-stop-shop solution for all... Read More
  • Recycling Systems By CROWN Machine uwp, Inc.

    Whether you need to recycle plastic, fiber, film, purgings, agricultural waste, horticultural waste, or pipe, CROWN Machine can provide a custom system to meet your recycling needs. CROWN offers individual recycling machinery and complete recycling lines, along with engineering support by our... Read More
  • Reduction Engineering Scheer Pulverizer By Reduction Engineering Scheer Inc.

    We design and manufacture our pulverizers with the flexibility to easily evolve with your business. Your need for higher productivity, better end product surface quality, and shorter molding cycles has resulted in pulverizers that deliver maximum efficiency with minimum waste or down-time.... Read More
  • Reeds, Healds & Drop Wires By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    We offer heald wires and droppers for all common machine types, in different materials and executions. • Healds, flat wire, round wire, leno healds • Droppers, open and closed • Lancets in standard execution, stainless or hardened Read More

    Skylands Global LLC ( provides REGISTERED JAPANESE AGENT SERVICES to support your regulatory compliance required in selling food contact & packaging materials in Japan. We can manage inbound/outbound communications with your local counterparties including customers,... Read More

    Regrind PEEK resin specialists with a full line of PEEK regrind compounds in stock and ready to ship. TDL Plastics accumulates all types of regrind PEEK materials that are unfilled, glass filled, or carbon fiber filled. We strive to provide the best material available from only the cleanest post... Read More
  • Regrind Plastic and Plastic Scrap By Sattler Plastics Co.

    Sattler Plastics takes pride in the quality of their products. With more than 55 years in the post industrial plastics recycling business, we understand the value in creating the cleanest, highest quality materials possible. You can rest assured that every pound of plastic we sell has been... Read More
  • Regulated PVC By Roscom Inc.

    Roscom believes in the need for environmentally friendly products and is now supplying compounds that are RoHs, California Prop 65, and REACH compliant. These specific agencies regulate the phthalate levels in various plasticizers such as DOP and DINP. These plasticizers are being replaced with... Read More
  • Regulatory Testing Services By NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

    Some of NSL Analytical' s customers consistently use materials that are regulated by governmental agencies. These companies must be able to prove, with detailed records and documentation, that that their products meet all regulations. NSL Analytical understands and applies the appropriate... Read More
  • Rehrig Pacific Tier Sheets By Rehrig Pacific Co.

    Rehrig Pacific Tier Sheets are the ideal replacement for both fiber and corrugated sheets and are manufactured to exceed industry packaging standards. Rehrig’s reusable Tier Sheets are designed and produced with precision to retain the right amounts of rigidity and strength so they won’t... Read More
  • Rehrig Slip Sheets By Rehrig Pacific Co.

    Rehrig Slip Sheets are the perfect alternative to other shipping platforms and methods such as pallets, fiber or corrugated slip sheets and floor loaded product. Our manufacturing process can add tensile strength due to proper sheet orientation. High tensile strength plastic sheets and tabs... Read More
  • Reiloy Bimetallic Barrels By Reiloy USA

    Reiloy Westland Corporation manufactures bimetallic barrels from Reiloy centrifugally cast barrel blanks. Reiloy, a division of Reifenhauser Group, has long been an acknowledged leader in the bimetallic barrel industry. Due to their proven production process, Reiloy barrel blanks are absolutely... Read More
  • Reiloy Westland Cylinders By Reiloy USA

    Reiloy Westland Cylinders are "AS TOUGH AS YOUR APPLICATIONS". We manufacture new and rebuilt cylinders for customers processing a variety of thermoplastic and thermoset materials. The material found to be most resistant to adhesive and abrasive wear is A-11 tool steel. This particle... Read More
  • Rejuven8™ Bioplastic Materials By Spartech

    With more and more plastic being used in food, healthcare and consumer goods packaging, brand owners need options for advancing sustainability while maintaining product quality and performance. Our Rejuven8 materials meet this demand. Available as rollstock or as thermoformed containers, these... Read More
  • Release Agents By Chem-Trend, LP

    Global leaders in mold release innovation. Mold release agents are an integral part of many manufacturing processes. Specialty release agents can help you enhance productivity, extend tool/die/mold life, increase cycle times, improve part/surface quality, and reduce scrap and defect rates,... Read More
  • Relined Cylinders By Reiloy USA

    Reiloy Westland has been successfully relining cylinders since 1969. Using premium tool steels and special alloys, Westland is able to reline a cylinder up to 115" in length. The decision to reline a barrel rather than replace it should be based on the economics of the situation. Our... Read More
  • Remanufacturing By Adrian Tool Corp.

    Reconditioned Core Exchange Programs are available for: Platens Tie Bar Bushing Retainers Geneva Gearboxes Ferguson Gearboxes Read More
  • Repacking By Allgrind Plastics, Inc.

    Packaging: Finished products can be packaged in any container required, including Supersacs or Bulk bags, Gaylord boxes, Drums, Bags, etc. Re-Packaging only is also offered for any material from and into any containers. Read More
  • Repair Services By Fortune International Inc.

    Fortune's service team includes three to five factory trained engineers. Fortune offers full service for every machine under Fortune and Victor Taichung names. In addition, Fortune is also working closely with other suppliers, such as Fanuc, LNS, SMW Autoblok, Kitagawa, Nikken, Sauter,... Read More
  • Repetitive Manufacturing & Custom Fabrication By Rivers Metal Products, Inc.

    Custom and contract manufacturing is the heart of Rivers Metal Products. For subassemblies or finished products, no one offers you a more experienced staff of craftsmen, or a wider range of services. Unlike many job shops, Rivers can handle almost any size job you can imagine. We've got the... Read More
  • Replacement machine knives By P P E Associates, Inc.

    Granulator, shredder, & pelletizer replacement knives Read More
  • Replacement Parts, Repairs, & Rebuilding By Technical Process & Engineering, Inc.

    Technical Process & Engineering manufactures our own line of close-tolerance, replacement parts for most commercial processing machinery, including, but not limited to, Farrel®, Berringer®, Dynisco®, and Black-Clawson®. Designed to meet, or exceed, the original manufacturer's specifications for... Read More
  • Reprocessed PEEK By TDL PLASTICS LLC

    Reprocessed PEEK resin specialists with a full line of PEEK repro compounds in stock and ready to ship. TDL Plastics stocks injection and extrusion grade materials that are unfilled, glass filled, or carbon fiber filled reprocessed products. We also have the ability to compound in any filler you... Read More
  • Resin Capabilities By Chroma Color Corporation

    Our specialty compounds can provide multi-property solutions in a single material, reducing manufacturing costs and speed to market, while providing the freedom necessary for product designers and engineers to realize their vision for applications spanning every major market segment. Read More
  • Resin Distribution By M. Holland Co.

    Apec® High-Heat Polycarbonate Bayblend® PC/ABS Makroblend® PC Blend Makrolon® PC Braskem PP (formerly Sunoco PP) AT LDPE Resins Ateva® EVA K-Resin® SBC MarFlex® PE Marlex® PE KIBILAC® ASA Resin KIBISAN® SAN Resin POLYLAC® ABS Resin Denka Styrol High Strength Polystyrene ACRYLITE... Read More
  • Resin Distributor By Entec Polymers

    We stock top manufacturers known and trusted in our industry to ensure unsurpassed quality and value in our product offerings. Visit our website and use our Product Finder to search and filter your results by any resin type, manufacturer, brand, grade, processing type or auto OEM. Read More
  • Resin Identification By Principle Materials

    We offer quick turn around resin identification by FTIR/DSC. A small sample (resin, flake, film or small finished part) will ID your material. Results typically within 24 hours of sample receipt. Read More
  • Resin Manufacturer and Distributor By Amco Polymers

    Visit our website and use our Product Finder to search and filter your results by any resin type, manufacturer, brand, grade, processing type or auto OEM. Read More
  • Resin Portfolio By Carolina Polymer Services, Inc.

    CPS is a complete resource for specifying, sourcing, and procuring a broad range of resins and compounds. Polypropylene Polyethylene Polystyrene Polyacetal ABS Engineered Resin Custom Material Read More
  • Resinous By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    RP 28 - A compatibilizer and blending aid that reduces splay in colored and/or filled olefins. Extremely compatible with olefins and can be used to increase extrusion output rates. Read More
  • Resins By Nexeo Solutions

    Nexeo Solutions offers several options for resins from our Composites and Chemicals line of business. Acrylic & Latex Resin Epoxy Hardeners Epoxy Modifiers Epoxy Resins Fire Retardant Resins General Purpose Resins Marble Resins Polyester Resins Polyisobutylene Resins Polyterpene... Read More
  • Resins By Vertellus LLC

    The Reillex® polymers are crosslinked Poly-4-vinylpyridines which differ in purity, physical form, level of crosslinking, and physical properties. The polymers are available in powder or bead form, which allows for their use in batch, column, liquid, or vapor phase applications. Reillex®... Read More
  • Resins for Compounding, Masterbatch & Adhesives By Entec Polymers

    Performance, Quality and Consistency for Specialized Polymers Entec Polymers offers a wide variety of commodity, engineering, high performance and specialty thermoplastics that can used in the production of concentrates and masterbatch compounds. As you focus on new developments, consult Entec... Read More
  • Resistance Temperature Sensors By Watlow

    Watlow's platinum resistance elements are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature measurement. Watlow RTDs and thermistors are accurate, sensitive, interchangeable, standardized and repeatable. Read More
  • Retail & Grocery Bags By Inteplast Group

    We produce one of the most complete ranges of Retail & Grocery Bags in the industry. High Density T-Shirt Bags, High Density/ Linear Low Density Produce Bags and High Density/ Linear Low Density Retail & Merchandise Bags are offered with the Inteplast quality and value commitment. Read More
  • Retail Thermoformed Packaging By Key Packaging Co.

    Key Packaging supplies custom thermoformed packaging for the retail marketplace. We listen to your needs in order to offer product specific solutions that will help sell your product on the store shelf. We offer a wide range of materials including sustainable options. Our equipment is capable of... Read More
  • Retort Pouch Inspection By PTI Inspection Systems

    PTI offers non-destructive inspection solutions for 100% online inspection of retort pouches. The critical issues with retort pouches continue to be seal quality and pouch integrity. Detecting defects early on in the manufacturing process is critical to increasing output, reducing waste, while... Read More
  • Reverse Engineering a 40-year-old Aircraft Part By Ray Products, Inc.

    An aircraft parts supplier came to us with a unique challenge. They were being asked to develop a replacement for a part that was last manufactured in 1972. The original molds for the part had long since been destroyed. All we had to work with was a sample part and a full-size drawing from 1972.... Read More
  • REVOLUTION® Roll Stands By PTi - Processing Technologies International, LLC

    PTi offers several unique roll stand configurations that are used to produce thin thru thick sheet gauges (0.006 – 1.000”/0.15 – 25.0 mm) at narrow thru wide sheet widths (24 – 130”/600 – 3,300 mm). REVOLUTION® roll stands feature linear bearing guided roll actuation with direct acting... Read More
  • Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Controllers By MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions

    Consistent part quality requires accurate control of your processing window. The complete line of Rheo-Pro® hot runner controllers from Mold Hotrunner Solutions® ensures you get the best performance with every shot. Valve Gate Sequence Controllers Precise actuation of valve gates for... Read More
  • Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems By MHS - Mold Hotrunner Solutions

    Mold Hotrunner Solutions® designs and manufactures some of the world's most reliable, high performance hot runner systems. Rheo-Pro® hot runners are designed to deliver part-to-part consistency, reduced mold maintenance and increased uptime for all advanced injection molding applications.... Read More
  • Ribbon Blender By Munson Machinery Co,

    Munson stationary horizontal blenders offer high mixing speed, efficiency, and wide range of features and options to suit the most demanding applications: * Capacities from 1 to 1000 cu. ft. * Ability to blend 1% concentrate to perfect analysis, in batches over 6 tons. * Broad... Read More
  • Rigid Foams By General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

    LAST-A-FOAM® CFC-free rigid foam products are cost-effective, versatile, and specially formulated from basic raw materials in our plant at Tacoma, Washington. These products, manufactured in a unique, proprietary process, are notably uniform and consistent in all physical properties. Since we... Read More
  • Rigid PVC By Roscom Inc.

    Roscom provides indoor and outdoor rigid PVC compounds that have excellent physical properties such as tensile strength, high impact, superior flow properties, and heat absorption. Many of the compounds can contain UV stabilizers, fungicide, impact modifiers, and many other additives to ensure... Read More
  • Rimwood By RIMNETICS Inc

    Rimwood™ is an attractive and durable wood replacement product which captures the high surface hardness of RIM (Reaction Injection Molded) polyurethane. Rimwood is used as a substitute for wood in numerous products such as exterior door and window trim as well as unlimited interior and exterior... Read More
  • Ring Spinning (Legrom) By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Frankl & Thomas stocks large quantities of Legrom parts for ring spinning. Other parts are available on special order. Read More
  • Rings & Travllers By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Reiners & Fürst uses patented technology to produce the most consistent and long-lasting Rings and Travellers on the market. Read More
  • Riteflex® thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPE-ET) By Celanese Corporation

    Thermoplastic elastomers represent an ingenious combination of hard and soft segments so as to provide many of the desirable properties of thermoset elastomers with the processing ease of thermoplastics. Riteflex elastomer products combine toughness, tear and flex fatigue resistance with the... Read More
  • Riverdale Liquid Colors By RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

    Riverdale Color is a supplier of liquid colorants, additives and compounds to the plastics industry. The company was formed in 1985 by the principals who purchased the business, inventory and assets from Grestco Dyes and Chemicals. The company has been doing business in chemicals since... Read More
  • RJG Inc. Cavity Pressure Control By RGL Sales and Marketing Inc.

    While other companies sell individual pieces, RJG is the only company that supplies you with comprehensive systems, a processing strategy, in-depth training and constant professional support. All of RJG's processing tools are built on scientific molding principles and molding from the... Read More
  • ROBODRILL vertical machining centre By FANUC UK Limited

    The new generation ROBODRILL vertical machining centre promises unrivalled quality and precision at great hourly rates. With an unbeatable tool change time of 0.7 seconds and a turret capable of handling tools weighing 4 kg, the new advanced versions are both the fastest and strongest 5-axis CNC... Read More
  • Robopak Case-Packer By Proco Machinery Inc

    SINGLE STATION AND DUAL STATION Line Speeds up to 200 BPM Proco’s all new advanced Robopak Case-Packer Packaging system comes in three different versions: A) All Necks-up B) All Necks-down C) Alternative Rows of Necks-up and Necks-down. The new Proco Case-Packer is an advanced... Read More
  • Robot-Guarding By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA provides and custom makes any style "Robot-Guard" to either stand-alone next to a machine, or mounted directly to a conveyor. Access-doors with safety interlock switches are provided as well, along with canopies and overhangs for operators to access the machine when needed. Read More
  • Robotic & Manual Painting By Erler Industries

    -One, Two & Three Coat Automated Systems -1K & 2K, Thermal & UV Technologies -Souftouch, Metallics & Speciality Coatings -Solvent & Water Base Materials -EMI Shielding & Functional coatings -Plasma Pre-Treatment -Tooling – In house Design & Development -Molding – Strategic Supplier Management Read More
  • Robotic Gripper Kits By SAS Automation LLC

    If building your own gripper seems like an enormous puzzle, then take advantage of our gripper kits. Building your own gripper has never been easier. • Everything you need to build your EOAT • Includes our quick change chuck system, aluminum profile, mounting arms, vacuum cups sprue plier,... Read More
  • Robotic Interface Equipment By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    AUXILIARY PRODUCTS THAT MAXIMIZE ROBOTIC EFFICIENCY • Maintain Cavity Separation • Automatically Places Parts in Containers • Delivers Parts to Convenient Operator Height • Diverts Rejects • Reduces Required Cycle Time of Part Removal Robot FEATURES & OPTIONS • Acceptable for use in a Cleanroom... Read More
  • Robotics and Custom Automation By Proco Machinery Inc

    Proco is once again striving to stretch the boundaries of technological innovation. By offering flexible automation to further compliment our already comprehensive product line, Proco can significantly expand the scope of automation projects providing additional cost saving efficiencies to our... Read More
  • Robots By Wittmann Battenfeld

    High performance robots for the automation of plastics molding shops A complete robot line for molding machines Application study, engineering and project management Wittmann - your partner with unsurpassed automation Know-How Read More
  • Robots & Automation By Noble Plastics Inc

    The use of robotics for tending offers options for pre and post production processes, inspection operations and consistent handling and placement of the finished product. Together these capabilities provide the ability to run production unattended (“lights out”) for extended periods of time.... Read More
  • Robust Process Design and Solutions By Aspen Research Corporation

    Aspen is committed to providing quality custom plastic compounds to our customers. We utilize various plastics processing technologies and our years of industry experience to deliver practical solutions and products. Our expertise is in twin screw compounding, but we are versed in a wide... Read More
  • Rocklinizer By Rocklin Manufacturing Co.

    The Rocklinizer electronically applies electrode material by a spark deposition process. Material is impregnated both underneath and on top of the workpiece surface. Because no appreciable heat is generated, the temper of the workpiece is retained. Rocklinizing is applied to new or reground and... Read More
  • RokuPrint Screen Printing Equipment By Deco Technology Group Inc.

    Deco Tech is the exclusive North American distributor for RokuPrint screen printing machinery that is built in Germany. RokuPrint machinery is perfect for flat and round products in both small and large print sizes. Call Deco Tech at 800-300-3326 to inquire and request a quote. Read More
  • Roll Covers & Recovering Services from Menges Roller By Menges Roller Company

    Menges Roller serves the plastic and paper converting industries with a wide variety of roller-related products and services. We make new rollers of all types for OEMs and end users. But we also service, maintain and recover existing rollers. Recovering services from Menges are preferred by top... Read More
  • Roll Mills By Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions Inc

    Laboratory roll mills are machines for testing the quality and processing characteristics of polymer material by means of discontinuous plastification, mixing or kneading. In both, plastics and rubber processing as well as processing of ceramics or special materials, roll mills by Dr. Collin are... Read More
  • Roller Covering (Bobotex) By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Bobotex roller coverings are manufactured in many different materials which include polyurethane, natural rubber, felts, synthetic rubber, silicone, cork, pvc, nylon and more. Read More
  • Rotary Batch Mixer By Munson Machinery Co,

    The Munson Rotary Batch Mixer offers 100 percent uniform particle distribution, 100 percent uniform liquid coatings, the fastest cycle times, gentle product handling, the lowest energy consumption per pound of blended product per hour, and complete discharge with no segregation of blended... Read More
  • Rotary Blow Molding Machine By R&B Plastics Machinery LLC

    Our line of indexing continuous extrusion blow molding machinery combines the advantages of both wheel blow molders and shuttle blow molding machinery, namely high output rates with the advantage of a calibrated water cooled neck finish. Designed to accommodate multiple parisons, multilayer... Read More
  • Rotary Filtration Systems By Gneuss, Inc.

    Gneuss Filtration Systems are based on the Rotary Technology. The filter disk, on which the screens are located in a ring pattern, is indexed when a pressure increase upstream of the filter is registered. The active screen area is always kept constant, the production process is not... Read More
  • Rotary Sealers By Zed Industries Inc.

    The Zed 15-RS Series are automated rotary heat sealers designed for sealing conventional carded blister packs, medical or pharmaceutical packages utilizing Tyvek, foil, thin plastic, laminated film stock, etc. This dependable system has years of proven reliability servicing the needs of medical,... Read More
  • rotary stack mould for bi-injection By Moldoeste Group

    Rotary technology allows producing components with two layers, structural + aesthetical, in one step, saving production times and costs up to 30%, improving part quality, getting significant output and higher process control. Read More
  • Rotary Thermoformer By Modern Machinery of Beaverton Inc.

    MODERN Machinery’s Rotary Thermoforming Machines are available in various sizes and strokes. All machines are designed for high-volume, low-maintenance production, and use materials including polypropylene, ABS, acrylic, and newly engineered plastics up to 0.5 inches thick. Machines are... Read More
  • Rotary Wheels By Graham Engineering Corporation

    Graham rotary wheel blow molding equipment is the result of advanced technology developed and refined on hundreds of wheel systems installed since 1968. Graham wheels are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations for both monolayer and multi-layer bottle production. Recently GEC... Read More
  • Rotary Work Tables By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    General Description: Rotary Work Tables were designed to accept product flow from discharging belt or other general material handling systems. The rotary table or some times called spinning table is a robust design, which is engineered to take demanding punishment from an industrial... Read More
  • Rotating Union By Deublin Company

    Rotating Unions (also known as rotary swivels, rotary couplings, rotary joints) are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery. A typical rotating union features: Ball bearings to support the... Read More
  • Rotational Molding By Acrylon Plastics Inc.

    Providing innovative solutions in conjunction with flexibity to manufacture a wide range of production parts are key strengths of Acrylon Plastics' Rotational Molding capabilities. Ability to manufacture a wide variety of complex shapes and sizes Cost efficiency achieved through Lean... Read More
  • Rotational Molding By Redline Plastics

    -Rotational Molding For Parts Up To 131 Inches -Open Capacity and High Volume Capabilities -5-Axis CNC Trimming -Product Engineering and Prototyping Services Read More
  • Rotational Molding Equipment By Reduction Engineering Scheer Inc.

    We offer Shuttle Systems, Carrousel and Rock and Roll Rotational Modling Equipment. Counting on 30 years of experience in the Machine Industry, Rotoline carries out constant research for technological innovations in order to keep developing the machines with state of the art technology at a... Read More
  • Rotational Molding Powders By LyondellBasell Industries N.V

    As a leading supplier of Rotational Molding powders, with the broadest portfolio of decorative and performance compounds available in the marketplace, we can virtually meet any of your product processing and performance needs. We have a full range of natural, compounded colors, special effects,... Read More
  • Rotational Molds By Rivers Metal Products, Inc.

    Rivers Metal Products has built a wide range of molds from simple to extremely complex. We have built molds for products ranging in size from less than a gallon to 22,000 gallons. Although we specialize in stainless steel, RMP can also build molds with carbon steel or aluminum. We have a large,... Read More
  • Rotational Moulding By STP ROTOMACHINERY

    Rotational moulding is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic materials that allows hollow articles to be produced of any shape or size. It is a technology that is different from conventional injection and blow moulding processes, and is particularly indicated for use in the production of... Read More
  • Rotationally Molded Plastic Parts By Sterling Technologies Inc.

    The rotational molding process offers tremendous flexibility both in design and production. This unique process that a rotational molder uses makes it possible to design very large hollow pieces in virtually any shape, size, color and configuration. The "double wall" construction creates a... Read More
  • Roto-Bin-Dicator® PRO Point Level Measurement By Bindicator

    ACTIVELY PROTECTING YOUR INVENTORY The Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO model is a genuine fail-safe level switch, performing self-diagnostics while in and out of material to protect your dry bulk investments. DETECT FAULTS IN AND OUT OF MATERIAL As a genuine fail-safe sensor, Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO can... Read More
  • Rotogran Granulator Systems By Rotogran International Inc.

    Rotogran designs and manufactures standard as well as custom-made, American built granulators for efficient reclamation and recycling processes. Our granulator systems are as reliable as they are durable and long lasting. No matter what your specific needs are, we have a dedicated team of... Read More
  • ROTOLENE By Rotopolymers LLC

    ROTOLENE is a hexene copolymer linear medium density polyethylene recommended for general purpose applications.ROTOLENE provides a smooth finish and texture with great mechanical properties. It is available in natural and color powder and is fully UV8 stabilized. MELT INDEX: 5.0 Read More
  • Rotomolding By Optimax Plastic LLC

    Rotational molding is a highly versatile manufacturing option that allows for unlimited design possibilities with the added benefit of low production costs. PROCESS OVERVIEW Rotational molding is a four-step process: - Loading the mold with plastic resin. - Heating and rotating the mold in an... Read More
  • Rotomolding Accessories By STP ROTOMACHINERY

    Special equipment for machines, plants for the preparation, movement and dosage of raw materials. Everything needed in order to realise the maximum potential of rotomoulding: versatility, quality control and rapid adjustments to the requirements of the market. Analyse all the possibilities and... Read More
  • Round SAFE-LOCK quick-change systems "SR" By FIPA Inc.

    FIPA is expanding its End-of-Arm-Tooling range with SAFE-LOCK quick-change systems. A new snap-on mechanism combined with an optical locking indication improves safety in the production process. The manual tool changer is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and is suitable for high acceleration... Read More
  • RPET Plastic Extrusion By Advanced Extrusion Inc.

    Advanced Extrusion, Inc. manufactures RPET sheet with tight tolerances, ideal for packaging, laminating, and custom thermoforming applications. Our RPET films are best suited for rigid packaging applications in industries ranging from food and medical to automotive. Compared to plastic resins... Read More
  • RS-25 Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine By Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.

    APPLICATIONS: Middle volume production of thin walled containers, industrial containers, wide mouth jars or specialty items. OUTPUT: 63.5mm (2.50") extruder, 32" maximum platen width, 2+ pound (1,000 gram) maximum shot size for custom molder applications. CONFIGURATIONS: Available with... Read More
  • RS-70 Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine By Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.

    APPLICATIONS: High volume production of thin walled containers, industrial containers, wide mouth jars or specialty items. OUTPUT: 70mm (2.75") extruder, 40" maximum platen width. CONFIGURATIONS: Available with spin trim automation for non-handled containers, or vertical impact de-flash... Read More
  • RS-80 Reciprocating Screw Blow Molding Machine By Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.

    APPLICATIONS: High volume production of thin walled containers, industrial containers, wide mouth jars or specialty items. OUTPUT: 80mm (3.150") extruder, 40" maximum platen width. CONFIGURATIONS: Available with spin trim automation for non-handled containers or vertical impact de-flash... Read More
  • Rubber & Rubber-Based Products By PMC Biogenix

    PMC Biogenix is a global leader of products and additives used in the processing of rubber and rubber based products. The technical support and custom solutions offered by PMC Biogenix are unmatched in the industry and allow us to be the world leader in the rubber processing market. Let us show... Read More
  • Rubber and Urethane Rolls By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    F&T Plastics offers a vast array of polyurethane compounds tailored for transport roller and wheel applications. Our molded rollers and load wheels handle the harshest service environments with great success. Read More
  • Rubber Courses By Akron Polymer Technology Services

    In addition to customized rubber training, the Akron Polymer Training Center is currently offering the below listed rubber courses. Customized training information, complete course descriptions, and registration information can be found on the APTC website - click Visit Website for course... Read More
  • Rubber Rollers By American Roller Company

    American Roller Company has in house chemists and mixing capabilities for processing their own proprietary rubber compound formulations. Our mixing capabilities cover all of the polymer groups used for making rubber rollers. Advantages to rubber coverings include: excellent traction, good... Read More
  • Runner Chuck modules By CGS Automation Inc

    CGS offer standard runner chuck modules by tube and x-profile base. They are support standard 8, 10, 12, 20 mm tubes and 25x25, 50x50 x-profile frame. Of course, it is simple just plug and work without expert help. You can do it by yourself. Save Cost and Efficiency! Read More
  • Ryno Board® By Gilman Brothers Co., The

    Ryno Board is an extruded high density polystyrene foamboard featuring double-thick clay coated bright white or black facers adding to its rigidity and structural performance with improved resistance to crushing, warping and denting. It is designed for use with mechanical and hot vacuum... Read More