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  • T50 Series Granulators By Cumberland

    The T50 Series Granulators offer strong, versatile, and reliable performance. With a full range of size and design options to choose from, the T50 Series Granulator are the best choice for applications ranging from large injection or blow molded scrap, furniture components and appliance parts.... Read More
  • T601AA — 150 PSI Oil Rigger/Oil Field-Frac Tank Hose By Kuriyama of America

    T601AA — 150 PSI Oil Rigger/Oil Field-Frac Tank Hose is designed for oil field vacuum tank service, for handling crude oil, frac solutions and slurries. Note: For applications up to 35% aromatics. Not for use with refined petroleum products. Read More
  • T8 VACUUMFORMING MACHINE By Geiss Thermoforming USA

    Geiss designs and manufactures vacuum forming machines. All of the machines are worldwide market leaders with regard to technology, quality and performance. They are designed in accordance with the parametric principle: all machines can be exactly adapted to your special requirements. All... Read More
  • Table Top Plasma System for Cleaning and Surface Treatment (AL200 Gas Plasma System) By Plasmatech, inc

    The AL200 GAS PLASMA SYSTEM is clean room compatible and available in table-top or free-standing cabinetry versions. Plasma generation is via 2.45 GHz frequency resulting in low process temperatures so even very heat-sensitive materials can be treated. Other standard features include... Read More
  • Tablet Elevator By Palace Packaging Machines Inc.

    Bulk tablet and capsule elevator systems with small and large bin capacities. Units disassemble without tools and allow removal of bin, elevator guides, cleated belt, and chute. Once apart the unit is easy to clean and allows for product dedicate belting with easy reassembly. Read More
  • Tailor-Made Plastics Size Reduction Solutions By PALLMANN Industries, Inc.

    PALLMANN, as the leading specialist in the field of size reduction technology, offers an extensive program of machines and complete systems for the size reduction and preparation of plastic materials. As a system supplier, we also offer tailor-made solutions for special requirements such as... Read More
  • Taitalac ABS By Bolcof Plastic Materials

    Bolcof Plastic Materials is a nationwide distributor of Taitalac ABS. Products available include "general purpose", "flame resistant", "high impact" and "speciality". Applications include injection, blow and extrusion molding. Read More
  • Take out system By Proco Machinery Inc

    This patented technology is only available from Proco Machinery. If your goals include reducing operating costs, improving quality and maximizing efficiency in your blow molding department, take a very close look at Robopik. Robopik is not just another Take-Out System. It is the best, most... Read More
  • Tanaka for CANNON aap-6 Aniline Point Tester By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D611 & ISO 2977 The aap-6 automates the aniline point test of petroleum products and features an infrared detector for use with dark/opaque samples with a removable measuring cell for easy cleaning and transfer of highly viscous samples for weight determination. The instrument includes an... Read More
  • TANK - SINK FLOAT By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    TANK The important separation process according to the differences in specific weight of different kinds of plastic materials and the aim to obtain the very best quality and homogeneity of the recycled product is guaranteed by this machine. Built entirely in stainless steel and with automatic... Read More
  • Tanks By Custom-Pak, Inc.

    Blow molded fuel tanks, oil reservoirs, pressure tanks, chemical containers & dispensers are purpose-built to exacting tolerances and extremely durable. Custom-Pak is a leading producer of blow-molded tanks, tubes and ducts with experience with nearly every configuration, technique and... Read More
  • Tapes with Adhesive By CS Hyde Company

    CS Hyde Company supplies a wide variety of high performance tapes with pressure sensitive adhesive. Materials include Teflon™ fluoroplastic, Kapton®, UHMW, Silicone, Foil, PEEK, Kynar®, Vinyl, Polyester, Fiberglass, and more. Custom Die Cut Parts, Laminations, Sheeting, and Barcoded Labels are... Read More
  • Tarnell Resume By Tarnell Company, LLC

    An extensive report detailing management, operations, business standing, and finances, obtained by interviewing the resin buying subject. Read More
  • TC Series Central Chillers By Thermal Care, Inc.

    Save up to 70% in energy costs. TC Series Central Chillers use revolutionary, frictionless, magnetic bearing compressors to deliver optimum chiller performance and part load efficiencies. Available from 60 tons to 180 tons with either single or completely independent dual refrigeration circuits.... Read More
  • TC-ESD By THEMIX Plastics, Inc

    Static dissipative thermoplastic compounds based on alloys of an inherently dissipative polymer and a thermoplastic resin. These products are permanently static dissipative and are humidity independent. TC-ESD products are easily colorable and can be reinforced with glass fibers and/or mineral... Read More
  • TDA Water Ring Pelletizer By Gamma Meccanica

    Compact system where pelletizing, cooling and drying occur in the same unit. Designed with self-aligning spring loaded cutter head. Simple to operate with minimal maintenance. Read More
  • TD-NMR Spectrometer By COSA Xentaur - a Process Insights Brand

    Typical Applications for the CX-20 TD-NMR Spectrometer: •Total Fat and Moisture in Food & Medical Products ◦Food and Feed, Seeds, Grains, Chocolate and Candy ◦Dairy Products and Non-Homogenous Samples ◦Pharmaceutical Powders and Tablets •Solid Fat Content (SFC) in Oils and Fats ◦AOCS... Read More
  • TDPA® Totally Degradable Plastic Additives By EPI Environmental Products Inc.

    EPI is the developer, licensor and distributor of Totally Degradable Plastic Additives® (TDPA®). EPI also markets its own brand of oxo-biodegradable plastic products and degradable landfill cover known as OxoGreen and Enviro-Cover resepectively. EPI’s TDPA® additive and its products are safe,... Read More
  • Teach-Line By Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions Inc

    The extensive range of table-top units covers almost all of the processes to be found in the polymer industry. Single-screw extruders Twin-screw compounders Blown film haul-off for mono-extrusion and coextrusion Flat film haul-off for mono-extrusion and coextrusion Pelletizers Pipe... Read More
  • TE-BBR SD Bending Beam Rheometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D6648, AASHTO T313, SHRP Binder Provisions For Low Temperature Flexural Creep Testing of Asphalt Binders The TE-BBR SD is a thermoelectrically-cooled bending beam rheometer for testing flexural creep of asphalt binders from ambient to –40 °C (± 0.03 °C). A crack seal option provides for... Read More
  • TEC Temperature Controllers By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Models TEC-4300, TEC-8300, TEC-9300 and TEC-2500 feature universal sensor input, fast sample rate, fuzzy logic PID autotuning control, 2-4 independently programmable outputs/alarms, universal power input, heater break alarm, bumpless transfer to manual mode, analog retransmission and NEMA... Read More
  • Tec-Flex™ HT-FLEX™ Series Interlocked Metal Hoses By Kuriyama of America

    Tec Flex™ is an evolution in the development of strip wound metal hose. For decades, metal hose remained relatively unchanged: unlined hose was lighter and more flexible, but not as durable; whereas lined hose was highly durable, but cumbersome and difficult to work with. Using a single strip,... Read More
  • Technical Part Leak Testers By ProfileSolutions

    Our same leak detector controllers can be reconfigured for pressure testing and differential testing. The basic leak detctor controller can be reconfidured to work with differnt sensors, up to 10 bar in pressure. Standard or super high quality and precision sensors can be hooked up to the... Read More
  • Technology Lab Services By Parkinson Technologies Inc.

    The lab capabilities include the following: Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) Compression Roll Drawing (CRD) Transverse Direction Orientation (TDO) Heat setting/Annealing in either MD or TD Corona Treating System – single sided and two-sided Sequential, in-line, biaxial orientation... Read More
  • TE-DPV® Asphalt Thermoelectric Rotational Paddle Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D7226, ASTM D2397, ASTM D977 and AASHTO TP 121 (T 382) For Dynamic Viscosity of Non-Homogenous Materials Including Emulsified Asphalts TE-DPV® is an automated, thermoelectrically cooled rotational digital paddle viscometer for measuring the dynamic viscosity of emulsified asphalts, marine... Read More
  • Teflon FEP Roll Covers By Tef Cap Industries Inc.

    Tef-Cap’s Heat Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers are specifically engineered to extend roller life and to eliminate roller build-up and picking. Teflon FEP Roll Covers are used in a wide spectrum of industries, including textile, packing, printing, paper, photographic and food. Various... Read More
  • Tekbond® By Teknor Apex Company

    Tekbond® TPEs are a functional series of elastomer compounds designed to not only bond to the most difficult neat and reinforced engineering substrates with no primer or surface treatment, but also create a novel tactile and aesthetic experience. Tekbond® TPEs enable insert and 2-shot molding... Read More
  • Telcar® By Teknor Apex Company

    The Telcar® family spans an array of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) technologies targeted at delivering cost performance solutions. Telcar® compounds provide the design engineer great freedom while delivering cost performance for the accountants. Designed to deliver a unique silky surface... Read More
  • TelsoFlex Control Software By Telsonic Ultrasonics, Inc.

    The full range of functions in the Telso®Flex control software is used in both ultrasonic welding systems and automation lines. The software's modular design meets the desire for customisation and simultaneously future-proofs it for plastic welding, cut-and-seal and metal welding applications.... Read More
  • Tempco Terminator Lead Conversion Program By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    The Tempco Terminator Lead Conversion Program guarantees 1 to 3 day shipping on custom terminated heaters. By maintaining over 65,000 Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters in stock in order to offer you over 1000 standard sizes and electrical ratings and 26 lead terminations to select from. Hi-Density... Read More
  • Temperature Calibration Instruments By Accurate Thermal Systems

    Relying on our 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture, sales and support of temperature calibration instruments we are pleased to offer three types of temperature environments for your calibration application: Dry Block Temperature Calibrators, Fluidized Temperature Baths, and Liquid... Read More
  • Temperature and Humidity Dials By Abbeon Cal Inc.

    At Abbeon we offer a wide variety of Temperature and Humidity dials. We have been in the business of selling high quality Durable Fischer and Lufft dials for decades. NIST certification is available. Check out our line of dials and meters and feel free to contact us! 800 922 0977. Read More
  • Temperature and Process Controllers By Watlow

    Watlow's temperature and process controllers offer easy-to-use, accurate and reliable solutions for applications requiring single and multiple loops of control. Temperature and process controllers include one or more sensor inputs with open-loop break detection and multiple outputs for... Read More
  • Temperature Control Panels Standard & Custom By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Why spend your valuable time engineering, designing, sourcing components and building Industrial Power Control Panels? Our UL 508A Certified Panel Shop can meet all your requirements for a multitude of processing control applications, from the simplest single zone panel to the most complex... Read More
  • Temperature Control Units By Advantage Engineering, Inc.

    ADVANTAGE temperature control units are designed to circulate a fluid medium (typically water or oil) through a process application for HEATING or COOLING at elevated temperatures. Read More
  • Temperature Control Units By Wittmann Battenfeld

    Single and Dual Zone Units Available Water Units up to 320 F° Oil Units up to 500 F° A Complete Range for Plastic Processing Plants We supply the optimal unit for your specific requirement. Precision Control Microprocessor controlled until +/- 1° accuracy... Read More
  • Temperature Control Units By Regloplas Corporation

    Regloplas provides a wide range of temperature-control units, including high-performance temperature control units for use with water or thermal oil, numerous optional features, custom-made units tailored to a specific application, a variety of control systems and a wide range of accessories. Read More
  • Temperature Control Units By AEC

    Choose from a wide range of water and hot oil temperature control units available to suit your injection molding, blow molding, extrusion or other industrial process needs. Each TCU combines precise, automatic temperature control with easy operation for unmatched reliability and performance.... Read More
  • Temperature Controller 5R7-002 By Oven Industries Inc.

    5R7-002 THERMOELECTRIC CONTROLLER The Bi-directional or unidirectional H-bridge configuration of this controller creates a seamless transition between heating and cooling as it commands the thermoelectric modules. The included user friendly PC software makes it easy for the user to change... Read More
  • Temperature Controllers By Hotset America Corporation

    hotcontrol Temperature Controllers With a wide range of temperature controllers and thermocouples hotset offers complementary products to the heating element. Aligned to the hotset-heating element the hotset-control technology can be used for numerous applications. In the scope of the... Read More
  • Temperature Controllers & Accessories By Thermal Corporation

    Thermal Corporation carries a broad selection of Fuji PX series temperature controllers for an accurate and cost effective way to control the temperatures of your process. If you don't see the exact configuration you require, please give us a call at 1.800.633.2962. The Fuji controllers in... Read More
  • Temperature Sensors By Dynisco

    Measuring temperature precisely is crucial to the success of the extrusion and polymer processing industries. Temperature and pressure are closely interrelated, and manufacturers must maintain a delicate balance between these two variables to ensure quality and consistency. Dynisco has an... Read More

    Thermocouples Standard in J and K With bayonet, curved, surface-based, straight, to be screwed, with junction head,… PT100 sensors Sensors 2 or 3 leads With bayonet, surface-based, curved, straight, with junction head,… Thermostats With bulb, with or without box Bimetallic... Read More
  • Templates By Airmate Company

    Airmate Company has been in the template making business since 1985. Traditionally templates were used by draftsmen and engineers. We created a new product niche for templates in the advertising specialty industry. Airmate can create templates that illustrate a product or process to promote... Read More
  • TempMaster™ By Mold-Masters Ltd.

    Mold-Masters® TempMaster hot runner temperature controllers are engineered to deliver perfect, precise control. From low cavity applications to 240 zone multi cavity systems, the TempMaster temperature controllers are compatible with global industry standards and feature a user-friendly... Read More
  • Temp-Tek™ Melt Sensor By Md Plastics Incorporated

    The Temp-Tek TM Melt sensor takes the applied pressure (P) by the melt which compresses the sensor area (ᴨ•D²) to decrease the bead volume (V). The radial force (F) generates a pressure emf (Pemf). A temperature (Temf) is generated from the bead dissimilar metals. A Temperature (Temf) and... Read More
  • Temp-Wrap™ Insulation By Insul-Vest, Inc.

    Temp-Wrap will wrap around any diameter of cylinder for maximum heat retention. Three basic components combine to form a continuous insulation wrap that prevents expensive heat loss from heat pipes and the barrels of molding machines. The “Starter” is mitered to provide a squared begging... Read More
  • Tenac (Homopolymer) & Tenac C (Copolymer) Acetal By Asahi Kasei Plastics North America

    Asahi’s Tenac™ homopolymer acetal resins and Tenac C™ copolymer acetal resins or POM possess balanced combinations of the properties required for engineering plastics, in addition to ease of molding throughout the range of conditions generally employed for polyacetal resins. They display... Read More
  • Tensile Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Tensile Testing Machines: Tensile testers for tensile, lap shear, pull off, pull out, tear strength, tear resistance and adhesion/peel strength testing. Our top-of-the-range MultiTest-i tensile testers provide optimum testing performance and evaluation options, enabling you to get the most... Read More
  • TESC-2983 Thermoelectric Sample Conditioner System By Cannon Instrument Company

    ASTM D2983 automated Procedure D & ASTM D8210 - For Low Temperature Viscosity of Lubricants The compact, economical TESC-2983 (thermoelectric sample conditioner) viscometer system provides outstanding precision for the new ASTM D2983 automated procedure D conditioning and testing process for... Read More
  • Testing and Evaluation of Materials and Coating Systems By A.L.P.

    In-house lab tests the long-term effects of UV, heat and chemicals. Read More
  • Testing Facility By Industrial Equipment Supplier

    One of our partner’s testing facilities is a great place to start your recycling project. Send us a sample of the waste material you wish to recycle – plastic, wood, or cardboard – and we’ll test it. Better still, come down to the test center to witness the tests yourself. We can adjust... Read More
  • Testing Lines By Collin Lab & Pilot Solutions Inc

    For testing the quality of polymer melt according to EN standards. The FT-MP-IS system allows extremely easy and fast screen changes without extruder downtime and a user-friendly software for quick analysis of the test values. Read More
  • Texalan By Austin TPU

    Polyester and polyether based TPU from shore 65A to 70D. Texalan® is a high performance TPU offering the consistency and quality demanded in extrusion, injection, and blow molding processes. Texalan® offers rubber-like flexibility and high mechanical properties. Notable advantages of using... Read More
  • Textile Blades By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Frankl & Thomas manufactures a wide variety of blades for use in the textile industry. Our Industrial blades are designed for precision cutting of textiles such as denim, leather, vinyl, and much more. Read More
  • The "Pennybottom"TM Cartridge Heater By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    The "Pennybottom"TM Cartridge Heater is designed for plastic injection runnerless molding hot tip bushings pin-point gating torpedoes/probes and manifold bushings. The unique feature of the Pennybottom (Hi-Density swaged) Cartridge Heater is the use of a flat copper end disc to maximize heat... Read More
  • The Asia Pacific Flexible Packaging Market to 2016 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    Based on extensive interviews conducted with leading flexible packaging converters and substrate suppliers throughout Central & East Asia and South East Asia & Oceania in January - March 2012, this report provides a highly detailed statistical analysis and commentary for this major... Read More
  • The Cartridge Valve By Parker Fluid Control Division

    Parker Fluid Control Division, manufacturers of the Skinner and Gold Ring lines of solenoid valves and the Sinclair Collins line of process control valves, offers a line of manifold mount Cartridge Valves, an innovative and simplified alternative to solenoid operators and stud mount valves.... Read More
  • The Central and South American Flexible Packaging Market to 2015 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    Based on extensive interviews conducted with leading flexible packaging converters and substrate suppliers throughout Central & South America in September and October 2011, this report provides a highly detailed statistical analysis and commentary for this major market, including: * An... Read More
  • The Eagle Shredder By Republic Machine, Inc.

    The Eagle grinder continues its legacy in the size reduction market with its robust design and proven history. These low-speed high-torque grinders are available in 42” thru 90” widths and are powered by 40 thru 300 HP electric motors. Full functioned touch-screen PLC controls provide all the... Read More
  • The European Flexible Packaging Market 2011 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    PCI’s latest review of the European flexible packaging market is the 11th edition in this popular series and is based on original field research conducted across Europe in early-2011. The 11th edition of this highly reputable and well-established annual study continues the format used in the... Read More
  • The European Market for Stand-Up Pouches 2010 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    The stand-up pouch (SUP), as a packaging format, has been in existence in Europe for many years but volume growth in its use recently has been spectacular. You can now find it across a broad range of food and non-food applications, making life convenient for the consumer and helping to reduce... Read More
  • The Indian Flexible Packaging Market 2011 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    Based on extensive interviews conducted with leading flexible packaging converters and substrate suppliers throughout India between May and July 2011, this report provides a highly detailed statistical analysis and commentary for this major market, including: * An overview of trends in... Read More
  • The M&J 1000S, 2000S, 4000S & 6000S By eFactor3, LLC

    Plant based shredding equipment from M&J M&J Industries offers 4 different series of shredders which are all supplied with a powerful and proven electrically-driven power pack with selected quality hydraulic components. All 4 series are based on M&J's patented technology and use hydraulic... Read More
  • The MAS DRD 18 & 24 By eFactor3, LLC

    Drying and Cleaning in a Single Step - Washing Without Water - Drink it, Don't Waste it! MAS dry cleaning plants are a modern and extremely economical alternative, or an optimal supplement, to conventional wet cleaning plants. Based on the tried-and-trusted DRD (Double Rotor Disc) technology,... Read More
  • The MAS NCT 40, 55 & 90 By eFactor3, LLC

    Maximum Added Value in Production New Conical Technology (NCT) is based on a conical, co-rotating twin screw extruder. The excellent process engineering characteristics of NCT extruders are achieved first and foremost by the high disposable volume and high coverage of the co-rotating screw... Read More
  • The Middle East and African Flexible Packaging Market 2011 By PCI Films Consulting Ltd.

    Based on extensive interviews conducted with converters and others throughout the Middle East and Africa between May and July 2011, this report provides detailed analyses and profiles of flexible packaging markets throughout this diverse region. It will provide you with a complete ‘market... Read More
  • The Multi-Purpose Three Axis Series Three Axis CNC Routers By Thermwood Corporation

    The Multi-Purpose Three Axis Series are highly flexible, making them ideal for a variety of manufacturing applications. Read More
  • The SignRouter Series Three Axis CNC Routers By Thermwood Corporation

    The SignRouter Series - This I-Cut compatible system trims printed graphics on rigid substrates such as foam board, plastic, acrylic, fiberglass/composites, wood and non-ferrous metals. It also machines store fixtures made from materials such as wood, plywood, MDF, chipcore, plastic, acrylic and... Read More
  • The Steel Store By Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation

    The Steel Store by Bohler-Uddeholm specializes in selling cold work tool steel. Our primary objective is to offer full local support and commitment in supplying unparalleled service, delivery, and pricing of tool steel. Our facilities are conveniently located in areas with a high density of... Read More
  • The VersaCup Inkcup By Inkcups

    The VersaCup (patent 2003) is one of the breakthrough products invented by Inkcups Now engineers. These unique ink cups contribute to efficiency and productivity of pad printing process by its universal adaptability. One ink cup can now be used on many different types and brands of pad printing... Read More
  • The Weima Powerline By eFactor3, LLC

    The PowerLine is the most versatile high capacity Shredder for the Recycling, and Waste to Energy Industry. This machine is ideally suited as a high capacity secondary shredder in a multi-stage operation or as a SINGLE STAGE Shredding solution for clean material streams from post industrial... Read More
  • The Worldwide Source for Used Injection Molding Machinery By Elite Machinery Systems LLC

    Elite Machinery’s global reach has established them as the top source for used machines. Elite’s inventory includes top brands in a variety of tonnages located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. If you are considering selling or upgrading machinery, Elite Machinery Systems can... Read More
  • The X-Porter ™ Nestable and Stackable Export/Single Shipment Plastic Pallets By Composite Technologies Company LLC

    48” x 40” Export Pallet: Introducing the most cost-effective export pallet that meets all international shipping standards! The X-PORTER™ is the latest in plastic pallet technology. Durable, environmentally friendly, light weight and economical, the X-PORTER™ is your best alternative to the... Read More
  • THE-LUBE By THEMIX Plastics, Inc

    Wear resistant thermoplastic compounds with lower coefficients of friction. Available in a multitude of polymers using PTFE, graphite, molybdenum disulfide and/or silicone added as lubricants with mineral, glass or carbon fiber added to enhance wear resistance. Read More
  • Thermal Cleaning for Molds, Tools, Dies and More By Accurate Thermal Systems

    Our thermal cleaning process (Pyrolysis) typically takes from 30 to 60 minutes to remove all material from the tooling. Plastic Extrusion and Injection molders benefit from this fast and efficient cleaning cycle which minimizes down time during line change outs and maintenance. A partial... Read More
  • Thermal Cleaning Systems By Procedyne

    Fluidaire offers some of the most advanced thermal cleaning equipment and contract cleaning services available for the removal of polymer and organic contamination from special profile dies, breaker plates, blown film die heads, extruder screws, hot runners and more. Read More
  • thermal Dryer TT Series to achieve a final moisture of 1 % or less By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold - thermal Dryer TT Series is a down stream unit after the mechanical dryer (TM Series). It is designed to achieve a final material moisture of 3% or less. Technique The material is fed through a cyclone. A heater supplies hot air on a continuous basis and is equipped with a... Read More
  • Thermal Insulation Packaging Market Analysis By Future Market Insights

    Rising applications within the pharmaceutical sector is a chief driver of the thermal insulation packaging market. In a new study, Future Market Insights (FMI) has predicted the market to reach a valuation of US$ 68.3 Bn in 2022. Within the pharmaceutical industry products are often shipped... Read More
  • Thermal Oxidizers By Glenro, Inc.

    Glenro has developed and integrated green technologies into its equipment designs to help reduce global warming and total green house gas emissions. When a thermal oxidizer is required to prevent the emission of hydrocarbon solvent vapors (VOCs) into the atmosphere, we also look for ways to... Read More
  • ThermHex PP Honeycomb Core By ThermHex Waben GmbH

    Polypropylene (PP) honeycomb cores are a strong but flexible lightweight material that provides optimal mechanical performance in composite sandwich structures. ThermHex Waben GmbH manufactures a broad range of high quality, durable and economic core products with a standard density of 80... Read More
  • Thermocouples By Watlow

    Watlow provides over 85 years of manufacturing, research and product development for your temperature sensing needs. Watlow manufacturers a tremendous selection of general application, mineral insulated metal sheathed, base metal, high temperature, surface temperature and multipoint... Read More
  • Thermocouples By Hotset America Corporation

    A thermocouple consists of two wires made of different materials that, due to the thermoelectric effect, produce a voltage from which the temperature can be derived. Depending on the desired application temperature, various thermocouples are available to choose from. •Type J... Read More
  • Thermocouples By EZ Heat Corporation

    EZ Heat provides the plastics industry with the highest quality thermocouples available. We have a full line of styles, and configurations to meet every need. All of our designs are available in type J and K. Other calibrations may be available so please contact one of our customer service team... Read More
  • Thermocouples & RTDs By Thermal Corporation

    Thermal Corporation has been designing and manufacturing a variety of thermocouples, temperature probes and sensors capable of measuring temperatures of up to 1800°F for over twenty five years. Each thermocouple is manufactured to exacting tolerances and to your specifications whenever needed.... Read More
  • Thermoform of Vacuum Form By Industrial Custom Products

    Industrial Custom Products (ICP) is a first tier OEM and custom manufacturer of thermoformed products and vacuum formed plastic parts. As an ISO 9001:2008 Registered thermal forming company, ICP has been producing high quality thermoformed products and vacuum formed parts successfully since... Read More
  • Thermoformed trays By Dordan Manufacturing, Inc.

    Display, transport and protect your products in style with custom thermoformed trays from Dordan Manufacturing. Thermoformed trays are available for a wide variety of applications, including: cellular insert, in-store product display, dunnage or work-in-process (WIP), package inserts, and much... Read More
  • Thermoformed trays By Nextera Packaging

    Thermoforming of trays: PP, PETE, Barrier, OPS, PVC. Containers and lids as well as film sealable trays. Read More
  • Thermoformer By Irwin Research & Development Inc.

    Maximum Chain Speed 200"/sec.(3734mm) Sheet Width Model 50 - 52" (1321mm) Roll Stock, 50" (1270mm) Inline Model 44 - 46" (1168mm) Roll Stock, 44" (1117mm) Inline Model 36 - 40" (1016mm) Roll Stock, 38" (965mm) Inline Read More
  • Thermoforming By DUO Form Plastics

    Duo Form specializes in thick sheet thermoforming ranging between .030 inches to .500 inches and large sheet capability up to 134 inches x 100 inches. Duo is proud to work with internationally recognized customers in a wide variety of industries. Established in 1968, Duo Form Plastics is an ISO... Read More
  • Thermoforming Chillers By Whaley Products, Inc.

    Whaley Products provides molding companies with chilled water solutions to cool their thermoforming machine molds. Modular chillers, packaged chillers, closed loop chillers, glycol chiller systems, split chiller systems, once through cooling, and FRP cooling tower systems are some of the... Read More
  • Thermoforming Equipment By FRIMO Inc.

    Engineering Pre-engineering, process planning and thermoform simulation Thermoforming tools Prototype and pilot-series thermoforming tools Thermoforming tools with molding accessories and trimming tools IMG thermoforming tools with molding accessories and trimming tools Special configurations,... Read More
  • Thermoforming Ovens and Equipment By Blasdel Enterprises Inc.

    A proven leader in designing and manufacturing thermoforming ovens and equipment Blasdel Enterprises designs and manufactures the most uniformly heated thermoforming ovens in the industry. For over 35 years, we have been the leader in supplying infrared thermoforming ovens to the glass mat... Read More
  • Thermoforming/Vacuum Forming By Walton Plastics

    The WalPlax rigid vinyl product line includes numerous material formulations ideal for thermoforming and vacuum forming applications. Walton Plastics, Inc. is industry proven in the manufacturing of premium pvc rigid sheets and is also considered a premier polyurethane extruders within the... Read More
  • Thermolast® By Kraiburg TPE

    THERMOLAST® com­pounds are mainly based on hydrated styrene block copolymers (HSBS), polyolefins, paraffinic white oils (plasticizer), inorganic bulking agents and other additives. They are available in granule form and can be processed without the need for any additional admixtures. The... Read More
  • Thermoplastic Fine Powders By PolyGroup Inc.

    PolyGroup Inc. is an innovator and marketer of specialty thermoplastic polymer products to industry processors, formulators and converters. Our commercial products include finely sized thermplastic microparticle powders. The spherical shape of these microparticle powders offer softness,... Read More
  • Thermoplastics By Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co.

    Thermoplastic materials can be ground and re-molded for most applications and are considered environmentally friendly. Today's design engineers have a significant selection of available thermoplastic materials to choose from depending on application requirements. Akron Porcelain & Plastics has... Read More
  • Thermoset – Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Identify condition during a Thermoset cross-linking Curing Process - High Stiffness and Strength - Low Shrink Rate - Dimensional Stability - Dielectric Applications - Chemical Resistance - Low Cost - High Heat Applications - Identify Conversion Rate - Identify Transfer Pressure Read More
  • Thermoset Injection Molding By Woodland Plastics Corporation

    Custom thermoset molder specializing in thermoset injection, injection-compression, and insert molding of Phenolic Resins, Bulk Molding Compounds (BMCs), Epoxies, and DAPs. ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified, serving the automotive, electrical, lighting, appliance, industrial, and energy markets. Read More
  • Thermoset Plastic Molding By Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co.

    Thermoset Plastic molding compounds (as molded by Akron Porcelain & Plastics since 1957) were developed primarily to satisfy the following molded part criteria: • High heat resistance while maintaining physical strength properties • Chemical resistance • Electrical insulation... Read More
  • Thermx® polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate (PCT) By Celanese Corporation

    Take everything you like about PBT or PET polyesters; then add more resistance to peak temperatures and hydrolysis. The result: Ticona Thermx® PCT, the latest in a range of high performance polymers now added to the Ticona portfolio. Attributes and features include: - High-temperature assembly:... Read More
  • Thermylene - Chemically Coupled Polypropylene By Asahi Kasei Plastics North America

    Thermylene® represents our family of specialty chemically coupled glass reinforced polypropylenes (PP). When chemical coupling technology is applied to glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, significant improvements are seen across a number of key physical attributes. The enhanced properties of... Read More
  • THE-THERM By THEMIX Plastics, Inc

    Thermally conductive thermoplastics. Available in many different polymers and thermal conductivities from 0.5 W/mK to as high as 20 W/mK. Products are designed to provide thermal solutions where heat dissipation is required. Read More
  • THIN FILM TEFLON ® AND PTFE By Fluoro-Plastics Inc

    Film is available in thicknesses from one mil (.001") up to 20 mils (.020"). Because Fluoro-Plastics uses the most modern skiving technology in the world, interim thicknesses are available; widths from ½" to 60 inches are available in long lengths. Thin film is a versatile, unsupported... Read More
  • Thin-Guage Thermoforming By JP Plastics, Inc.

    At J.P. Plastics we most commonly work with thin material, i.e material less than .055” in thickness. In the Thin Gauge thermoforming process, a thin sheet of plastic is formed to a machined aluminum mold through heat and pressure. Thin gauge thermoforming has been our specialty for 60 years. Read More
  • TH-M6 Temperature controller By Thermoplay S.p.A.

    Thermoplay presents the new temperature controller Th-m6 which is provided with important technological improvements in relation to the other models present in the market Key features: •Synchronous heating of all the zones despite the different thermal inertia: the delay in the heating start of... Read More
  • Thompson Strainer By Miller-Leaman, Inc.

    Miller-Leaman, Inc. introduces their patented stainless steel Thompson Strainers. Available in Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel, the unique strainers feature a large conical screen element, offering substantially more screen surface area versus traditional y-strainers, basket strainers,... Read More
  • Threaded Limiter - LR By CUMSA

    The threaded limiter from CUMSA, complements the DH Series (vertical and mechanical undercut solutions), allowing the total ejection stroke to be minimized through a double ejection movement, without the need of 2 sets of ejection plates. The ease of total-height adjustment enables mould makers... Read More
  • THY Precision - Automotive Parts, Bicycle Parts, Car Micro Injection Mold By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    THY Precision also provides our services into automobile industries. With our knowledge and experiences, we are capable of manufacturing precision automobile plastic components. At the same time, equipped with the latest facilities, we are able to fabricate precision automobile spare parts and... Read More
  • THY Precision - LED Light Beam, Lens Holder, Lens Barrel, Lens Spacer, Lens Retainer By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    LED Light Beams / Lens Holder / Lens Barrel / Lens Spacer / Lens Retainer/ Opto Mouse Lens / Transparent Parts Recommended Material: PC, LCP ​THY Precision produce our micro-sized plastic components at μm unit. Our products are made with high quality materials and advanced mechanical technology... Read More
  • THY Precision - Medical Parts, Medical Part Mold OEM/ODM, Medical Injection Micro Molding By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    Medical Grade Titanium Instruments / Micromolded Injection Medical Parts ​For the sake of clients' demands for products cleaning, THY Precision especially spent large amount of assets to establish clean room to improve the quality of our injection products. Moreover, we use medical grade... Read More
  • THY Precision - Micro Molding, Micro mold OEM/ODM By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    At THY Precision, every stage of our vertically integrated process is overseen by the experienced principle partners of the company. Our Mold Design process is supported by CAD/CAM software that writes files directly usable by our precision CNC Milling Machines. In the rare instances where we... Read More
  • THY Precision - Microelectronic Parts, ​Plastic connector, Wireless Connectors, Transparent Parts By THY Hong Yang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

    ​Plastic connector / Wireless Connectors / Transparent Parts ​THY Precision produce our micro-sized plastic components at μm unit. Our products are made with high quality materials and advanced mechanical technology and are suitable for use in contemporary design prototyping and in... Read More
  • TI Underwater Pelletizer By Gamma Meccanica

    Granulation for high MFI material. Designed for high throughput. Read More
  • TIE BARS By Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

  • Tigerflex Hose, Tubing, Accessories By Plastixs

    Plastixs sells the full line of products manufactured in the USA by Tigerflex Corporation and distributed by Kuriyama of America Inc. - a world leader in industrial hoses of all types. PVC, Urethane, Rubber, FDA, Anti-Static supporting a wide range of applications. Read More
  • Tigerflex™ Amphibian™ AMPH™ Series Heavy Duty Polyurethane Material Handling Hose By Kuriyama of America

    New Amphibian™ Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane Hose is designed for wet or dry applications where severe abrasion is a factor. Provides longer hose life and lower operating costs versus rubber or PVC hoses. Its static dissipative cover is specially formulated to help prevent the build-up of... Read More
  • Tigerflex™ Tiger™ “HiTemp” THT™ Series Wire Reinforced EPDM Wet or Dry Material Handling Hose By Kuriyama of America

    The “HiTemp” THT™ Series hose, features a wire reinforced helix which provides strength and allows for use at higher temperatures without risk of hose deformation. Wire can be grounded for additional static dissipation. Also is constructed with a static dissipative tube to help prevent the... Read More
  • Tigerflex™ VAPORFLEX™ - VAPR™ Series Heavy Duty Reinforced Vapor Recovery Hose By Kuriyama of America

    Hose is constructed with a transparent polyurethane (TPU) tube with polyester fabric reinforcement, rigid PVC helix and embedded grounding wire. Reinforcement provides resistance against instances of hose tearing due to pulling or hanging. Well suited for demanding terminal use. Use of... Read More
  • Tigerflex™ Voltbuster™ VOLT™ Series Polyurethane Material Handling Hose By Kuriyama of America

    New Voltbuster™ Volt™ Series hose by Tigerflex™, features an innovative design which effectively dissipates static to ground, helping prevent static build-up and reducing the potential for dangerous electrostatic discharges when transferring powders, pellets and other granular materials. The... Read More
  • Tiger™ Aqua - TAQ™ Series Potable Water Suction and Discharge Hose By Kuriyama of America

    The Tigerflex™ Tiger Aqua™ Suction and Discharge Hose, is the first hose of its kind manufactured with NSF 61 certified material. The Tiger Aqua is designed for use in applications where a high level of purity is required, such as the transfer of potable water for drinking. In addition to... Read More
  • Tilt Trucks By Bayhead Products Corp.

    19 styles of trucks in 6 different sizes ranging from 1/3 cubic yard up to the enormous 3.0 cubic yard! All are available in a variety of colors, and all sizes have optional hinged lids. Heavy-duty plastic body is mounted on an all-welded steel frame. Durable, efficient, quality trucks. Read More
  • Tilting Table By extrunet America

    In the revolutionary extrunet extrusion line, a tried and proven element is the decisive innovation. Here, a pneumatic tilting mechanism and adjustable bearing arms distinguish the standard version of the tilting table. Read More
  • Tipcolene By Autotech Polymers (I) Pvt. Ltd.

    Filled & Reinforced Polypropylene Compounds Read More
  • TIPS By Windsor Feedscrews Inc.

  • Tire Bags By Slip N Grip

    Custom imprint plastic tire bags deliver professional branding while using up to 45% recycled content. We print up to three colors on white film. Small to XL sizes to cover all applications. Read More
  • Tire Processing By Shred-Tech Corp

    The scrap tire processing industry is growing rapidly as the number of discarded tires increases, landfill capacity diminishes and environmental pressures mount. The development of end-use markets which consume scrap tires, including recycling, tire derived fuel (TDF), and tire derived aggregate... Read More
  • Tire Recycling By Linde LLC

    Linde offers equipment solutions and technical expertise, which allow you to cryogenically process tire shreds into granules and rubber powder. The granules and powder are very clean and nearly steel and textile-free. The cryogenic approach to this environmental problem is characterized by... Read More
  • Tire Recycling Knives By American Cutting Edge, a Division of CB Manufacturing

    With a large inventory of high-alloy, high wear-resistant replacement knives and wear parts designed to increase the performance, American Cutting Edge understands the challenges tire recyclers face. American Cutting Edge supports these operations with high-quality wear resistant replacement... Read More
  • Tire Shredding By SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

    No Tire is Too Big For an SSI Shredder... SSI Shredding Systems offers a wide variety of solutions for people who want to process tires for cars, trucks, aircraft, agricultural and OTR/Mining tires. Our focus has been to develop reliable, robust and easy-to-work-on equipment that will reduce... Read More
  • Titan 20 Shredder By Munson Machinery Co,

    Cut costs by reducing bulk waste, scrap and out-of-spec materials by 50 to 80% * Shreds plastics and purgings, wood products, carpets, glass, aluminum, PET bottles and various industrial, medical and manufacturing waste products. * Handles the toughest size reduction problem materials... Read More
  • Titan Connections By PowerTech Components Inc.

    Eliminate Pin Push Out once and for all in BOTH the Cable and the Mold Connector using POWERTECH Titan Connections. Read More
  • Titanium Dioxdie (TiO2)- Anatase Grade CAS# 13463-67-7 By ChemCeed LLC

    Titanium Dioxide is most commonly used as a white pigment due to its brightness and very high refractive index. It is an excellent reflective optical coating for dielectric mirrors. The anatase variety is less hard and dense than rutile and is optically negative. Read More
  • TLE-101 By The Pacific Rim Traders LLC

    The Water Bottle Grade Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin with IV 0.80 is a clear and strong polymer with exceptional gas and moisture barrier properties. The major characteristics are odor-free, non-toxic, highly transparent, air-tight, light weight and easily transportable. With its... Read More
  • TLE-102 By The Pacific Rim Traders LLC

    The CSD Bottle Grade Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin with IV 0.85 is a clear and strong polymer with exceptional gas and moisture barrier properties. The major characteristics are odor-free, non-toxic, highly transparent, air-tight, light weight and easily transportable. With its... Read More
  • T-Maxi, Horizontal Band Saw By CMS North America Inc.

    CMS North America's T Maxi CNC machining center provides exceptional speed and precision for plastics machining. It utilizes a simple design and a solid, monobloc structure to deliver outstanding, reliable performance in any plastics machining application. Features: Innovative, horizontal... Read More
  • Toggle Clamps with Safety Locks By Carr Lane MFG CO

    Carr Lane has introduced a variety of new toggle clamps with safety locks. Vertical-handle toggle clamps are available in three sizes, from 150 to 500 lbs holding capacity. These popular hold-down clamps come with an open or solid arm, and a flanged base. Horizontal-handle toggle clamps are... Read More
  • Toggle Injection Molding Machines By CINCINNATI PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES

    55 to 1550 US Ton Clamp Capacity Energy Efficiency • Daikin pump, motor and drive system for quality and response • IPM Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronized Motor Quiet operation max 68dba • 60% Energy Savings compared to variable displacement pumps (refer to Energy Comparison graph) •... Read More
  • Toll Compounds By Plastics Color Corporation

    Plastics Color Corporation produces a wide variety of compounds designed to maximize product effectiveness. Upon your request, Plastics Color can provide Toll Compounds. This service can be used with masterbatches and Plastics Color handles the compounding for you. This is a particularly... Read More
  • Toll Processing By Greenpath Enterprises, Inc.

    Our extensive processing capabilities allows us to offer toll processing services to our clients to help recover, re-use, and remanufacture your waste back into a valuable product. Services include shredding, grinding, resin or color separation, washing, pelletizing, compounding, and injection... Read More
  • Toll Processing By The Jet Pulverizer Company Inc

    Chemical Milling, Toll Processing, Toll Pulverizing, Micronizing, and Custom Grinding from Small Batches to Truckloads ◦Precision Jet Milling 0.5 - 44 Microns ◦High Capacity Inert Grinding Services ◦Mechanical Milling ◦60+ Years Experience ◦Scrupulously Supervised ◦Consistent High Quality, No... Read More
  • Toll Services By ABC Polymers Inc

    Help your company save resources by letting us prepare your scrap for reuse. Reclaim your line scrap, decontaminate your dirty material, or destroy your information sensitive product surplus. Increase bulk density with our Reclaim Extrusion and Granulation Lines, remove metal through our... Read More
  • TOM© PVC-O Pipes By Molecor

    TOM© PVC-O pipes are an exclusive product manufactured with Molecor's ground-breaking molecular orientation technology. The manufacturing process is continuous and automated, with a quality control of each individual pipe, which guarantees the reliability of the product throughout the entire... Read More
  • Tool Design & Fabrication By Custom Mold & Design

    Whatever your tooling application requires – at Custom Mold & Design we do it all . . . and we do it better. We combine an experienced design and engineering team with highly advanced technology along with the best-in-class equipment in the industry. At every step you can expect careful... Read More
  • Tool Making In the TEXAS - USA By Precision Mold & Tool Group

    Precision Mold & Tool Group is a premier low cost high precision injection mold maker and Quality Molder with product design and development staff to support many industries. Read More
  • ToolDesigner By AMT Software LLC

    ToolDesigner is a high-performance mold design solution that simplifies and speeds the entire mold design process. With ToolDesigner's dynamic combination of features, mold shops can automate and streamline the entire design process. ToolDesigner provides you with a comprehensive skill set... Read More
  • Tooling By Irwin Research & Development Inc.

    Irwin Research & Development has been providing high-quality, competitively-priced form and trim tools to Thermoformer customers around the world since the 1980’s. When you require a reliable source for your PS foam and solid-sheet tools sets, look to us to provide the service you expect. Read More
  • Tooling By Engineered Profiles, LLC

    Our tooling department has an average tenure of 21 years. We combine this invaluable experience with cutting edge CAD/CAM software, simulation software, EDM and CNC equipment. 60+ years of business has taught Crane Plastics that when we combine the right people with new technology, there is no... Read More
  • Tooling and Design Services By Houston Plastic Products

    The Houston Plastic Products tool shop is critical to providing the close tolerance work required of the highly specialized products we manufacture. Working with our customer’s engineers, our expert mold builders and machinists can build new molds using 3D CAD files or part drawings. Our mold... Read More
  • Tooling design and construction & Prototyping By A.L.P.

    Tooling design and construction Design, build and maintain high efficiency injection molds Rapid prototyping On-site design technology creates cost efficient molds and designs. Stereolithography and thermoforming for fast prototyping. Read More
  • Tooling Services By ResTech Plastic Molding

    Tooling is the backbone of high-quality injection molded parts. Beginning with the early development stages of your project, our tooling design team will skillfully assist you. Our experienced plastics engineers design and build tools that consistently produce parts that meet exacting... Read More
  • Tooling Trials and Process Development By Custom Mold & Design

    Custom Mold & Design Provides: Turnkey tooling programs Design for manufacturability assistance Consultation for moldability or manufacturability concerns Prototyping Tooling trials - injection molding of thermoplastic, elastomeric and liquid silicone rubber through its sister company... Read More
  • Tooling, Parts and Hardware Cleaning Baths By Accurate Thermal Systems

    Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Temperature Baths will completely remove all organic material from metals parts and hardware including plastic, paint, epoxy, rubber, resin, varnish and adhesives as well as many other hydrocarbon-based products such as oils, fluids, grease, lubricants and... Read More
  • ToolMaster CNC By JDL Technical Services (ToolQuote)

    ToolMaster is a windows based program that automates CNC machining by intelligently monitoring and managing the condition of cutting tools during CNC machining. Run your CNC machine 10-20-30-40-50 hrs WITHOUT operator intervention This can be done by importing CNC Programs to automatically... Read More
  • Top-load Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Top-load and crush resistance testing ensures containers do not deform or fail when filled, closed, stacked or transported. There are many industry standards for filled and empty containers and for the rigidity of materials themselves. Mecmesin universal testers are a reliable and accurate... Read More
  • Torque Testers By ANDILOG

    ANDILOG manufactures torque gauges, torque wrenches, reaction torque testers and dynamic torque testers. We produce precision torque test instruments and torque test stands too. We supply both manual and motorized torque test stands. We make torque test instruments, and systems, that measure... Read More
  • TORZEN™ PA66 resin By INVISTA Engineering Polymers

    As the world’s largest producer of nylon 6,6 polymer*, INVISTA is building an ever-growing product portfolio of engineering polymers and expanding its capabilities across Asia, Europe, North America and South America. INVISTA Engineering Polymers offers customers high-quality, nylon products... Read More
  • Total Petrochemical Polypropylene By Bolcof Plastic Materials

    Bolcof Plastic Materials is a nationwide distributor for Total Petrochemical Polypropylene. Impact COPP, Random COPP and HOPP products are available, for utilization in injection, blow, and extrusion molding applications. These produsts are provided in gaylords, bags, bulk truck and railcars. Read More
  • Total Petrochemical Polystyrene By Bolcof Plastic Materials

    Bolcof Plastic Materials is a nationwide distributor for Total Petrochemical polystyrene. Products available include "super high impact", "high impact", "medium impact" and "general purpose" prime products. These materials are available in railcars, bulk trucks, gaylords and bags. Read More
  • Tower Tank System By Budzar Industries

    Budzar Industries TTS Series Cooling Pump Tank Systems provides central pumping needs and control of cooling tower water in a pre-engineered package matched to the process operation demands. Features include: Capable of handling chiller capacities from 20 to 250 nominal tons Console... Read More
  • TPE Thermoplastics Elastomer Specialty Compounds By RTP Company

    Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials combine the functional performance and properties of thermoset rubbers with the processability of thermoplastics. TPEs permit fabrication of "rubber-like" articles with the speed, efficiency, and economy of injection molding. RTP Company offers a broad... Read More
  • TPUs By APS Elastomers

    What makes TPU'S so popular, and so much in demand by designers, processors and marketers? Depending upon the grade selected, thermoplastic polyurethanes are: tough and durable -- unparalleled with their abrasion resistance well suited for both soft and rigid applications... Read More
  • TR Series Granulators for Thermoforming By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA TR Series is specifically designed for in- and off-line recovery of thermo formed waste. Standard and custom systems are available for every aspect of the thermoforming industry. This line of granulators is equipped with either roller traction or paddle feed to meet both continuous and... Read More
  • Tracker Production Monitoring System By Bear Technologies Inc.

    Since 1991 Bear Technologies has offered The Tracker - a 24/7 reliable real-time production monitoring system, superior customer and tech support, and a price point that is unrivaled, with NO subscription or annual fees, and FREE lifetime software updates. The Tracker monitors and timestamps... Read More
  • TRACKSOFT Food Traceability Software By TEKLYNX International

    TRACKSOFT food traceability software from TEKLYNX provides a complete food traceability solution for small and medium sized food growers and manufacturers to reduce liabilities and increase efficiencies throughout all phases of food manufacturing. As food traceability is more important now than... Read More
  • Trade Marks & Proprietary By Plastibec Inc.

    SFT, CLRW Trends Executive Valance, Sunscreen Eco-Choice Read More
  • Training Courses-Plastics By ASTM International

    STM's Technical and Professional Training Courses on Plastics are high-quality, award-winning continuing technical education programs for industry and government. Our one to three-day seminars are intensive, focused, and offer practical training on the standards that most impact your industry. Read More
  • Training Products By Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering Inc.

    Interactive computer based training in extrusion, statistical process control and injection molding. Read More
  • Training Programs for Extrusion By Coperion Corporation

    Coperion Training makes Coperion expertise regarding process technology (for plant and machinery and for pneumatic conveyor systems) available to customers, whether for employees on the production line, to make them more aware of the technology, or to consolidate existing knowledge in a joint... Read More
  • Transfer Molding By LTM Plastics

    In today's unpredictable world, having a reliable supply chain is paramount. You simply can't afford to roll the dice with product quality or availability. Whether you're reshoring your tools or just moving across town, we can help. Partner with LTM Plastics and we'll coordinate the transfer of... Read More
  • Transfer Molding Process By Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

    Transfer molding consists of a mold cavity similar to a compression mold. In addition, the transfer mold contains a transfer pot and a ram, where the rubber material is placed before compression. The mold cavity contains transfer holes, which connect to the transfer pot through sprues. During... Read More
  • Transfer Presses By Hull Industries

    Transfer Presses Since the 1950’s Hull Industries has been building transfer molding presses for encapsulating electrical and electronic components in thermoset materials. Over those years we have gained the knowledge and experience that results in presses that produce high quality parts for... Read More
  • TranSolar™ Custom-engineered Photovoltaic Specialty Films By Transcendia Inc.

    TranSolar™ custom-engineered photovoltaic specialty films and encapsulants are light-years ahead of the competition. We work with select world-class PV module component suppliers to custom-engineer specialty film structures. You'll get industry-leading protection, adhesion, weatherability and... Read More
  • Trash Bags By International Plastics Inc.

    We are a leading supplier of trash bags for industrial, commercial, food service and medical industries. Our wide selection of low and high density trash bags offered in clear, natural, black colors make it easy to find the right size for virtually any size garbage can. We even have a line of... Read More
  • Trash into Cash - Recycle your Plastic & Rubber Scrap By Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

    If you're looking for a dependable green partner to accept your recyclable rubber, look no further than Monmouth Rubber. Visit our website for a fax-in form and to learn more about our Trash-to-Cash program. Want to learn more about Monmouth's green practices? Visit our website for more... Read More
  • Travelling Head Leak Testers By ProfileSolutions

    This machine offers – Leading edge technology. Solutions for testing > 30,000 bottles per hour. Ultra high speed leak detection. Value for money. This range has an attractive capital cost for the required test rate. Much less expensive than a rotary leak tester. Two Types Single Linear Unit –... Read More
  • Tray Counter / Loader TCL By Rennco LLC

    Rennco has systems available to count, transfer and package foam trays and polypropylene/polystyrene containers. The model TCL (tray counter/loader) is used to receive product from the trim presses and manufacturing lines of both foam and rigid plastic products. If desired, Rennco provides... Read More
  • Tray Formers By Combi Packaging Systems LLC

    Combi tray forming machines ensure perfect trays with straight sides and properly applied glue for optimum tray packing and square, stable loads. Combi tray formers will form regular slotted trays in various configurations to accommodate the agriculture, food processing and distribution... Read More
  • Tray Packaging System SPS By Rennco LLC

    Rennco has systems available to count, transfer and package foam trays and polypropylene/polystyrene containers. The models SPS is used to receive product from the trim presses and manufacturing lines of both foam and rigid plastic products. If desired, Rennco provides equipment that will... Read More
  • Tray Packers By Schneider Packaging Equipment

    The Schneider Packaging Tray Packer is designed to handle a variety of products in many configurations. This Tray Packer can be configured with an optional wrap around configuration. Read More
  • Tray Sealer Machines By MDC Engineering, Inc.

    For packaging applications that require precisely registered, pre-printed top web materials (no overhang) sealed to a blister tray. Our automated tray sealing machine less than 10 feet long and capable of 12 cycles per minute. The system will then register the materials and die cut the sealed... Read More
  • Trex Accents(R) By Trex Company Inc

    When it comes to your deck, there’s nothing like the elegant beauty of a subtle wood grain. Soft underfoot and splinter-free, Trex Accents® gives you the look of a wood deck without the maintenance of a wood deck. Not to mention the easygoing luxury of engineered durability. Is that smart or... Read More
  • Trex Designer Series Railing(R) By Trex Company Inc

    So maybe you’re more of a purist when it comes to your decking and railing, but draw the line at powerwashing the peeling paint. Clearly, you have better things to do with the weekends. Luckily, you’ve got two great choices. While our Trex Designer Series Railing® gets its beauty and strength... Read More
  • Trex Transcend Decking & Railing System By Trex Company Inc

    Trex Transcend® combines enduring beauty & unsurpassed performance. Offering benefits unmatched by wood, composites & PVC decking, Transcend Decking guarantees a fade & stain-resistant finish. When it comes to beauty, longevity and comfort, Transcend is pure Trex®, featuring deck boards that... Read More
  • Tri (butoxyethyl) Phosphate, (TBEP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Tributoxyethyl Phosphate (TBEP) is used as a plasticizer for PVC, chlorinated rubber, and nitriles due to its flame retardant nature and good low temperature flexibility. TBEP is also used for emulsions of floor polishes, as leveling agent in latex paints and waxes, a processing aid for... Read More
  • TRIA 20 JM Granulator By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA 20 JM granulator is ideal for closed-loop recycling. A low running-cost motor, large feed opening and small footprint make this model a popular choice for low-cost recycling by press. Features: Granulators dedicated to injection molding Standard grinding chamber Scissor cut... Read More
  • TRIA 42 Series Granulators By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA 42 Series granulators are fully sound proofed and designed to cater to a variety of feed methods – from manual to fully auto turn key systems. The large rotor with wide feed openings provide a high degree of flexibility and allow for large products. Low-cost recycling is due to its... Read More
  • TRIA 60 Series Granulator By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA 60 Series granulator is designed for molded products and associated waste. The large feed area with a powerful rotor and wide feed openings means it’s perfectly suited for size reduction of a large range of molded scrap products. Product Versions: VERSION XT – These granulators are... Read More
  • TRIA 80 Series Granulator By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA 80 Series is designed for the recovery of heavy and bulky scraps where a high output is required. Significant motor power, a large feed opening and a 61.5″ x 31 1/2″ rotor provide ease of feeding for even the most unwieldy scraps. Product Versions: VERSION GR – These granulators are... Read More
  • TRIA 90 Series Granulator By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA 90 Series is designed for the recovery of heavy and bulky scraps where a high output is required. Significant motor power and a large feed opening provide ease of feeding for even the most unwieldy scraps. Product Versions: VERSION GR – These granulators are dedicated to scrap... Read More
  • TRIA JM 30 Granulator By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA JM 30 granulator is fully sound proofed and designed to cater to a variety of feed methods – from manual feed to fully auto turn key systems. The large feed openings provide a high degree of flexibility and allow for a variety of products. Low-cost recycling is due to its energy... Read More
  • TRIA MINI-MAXI Granulator By TRIA America, Inc.

    TRIA’s new MINI and MAXI compact granulators are specifically designed for closed-loop recycling of sprues. Unique to small granulators, the grinding chamber, blades and screen are manufactured for anti-wear execution, making these units ideal for even the most abrasive of materials. Both... Read More
  • Triacetin: PALMESTER 1579/1582 By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: Glyceryl triacetate 1,2,3-Triacetylglycerol Application: Adhesives/sealants Function: As a plasticiser for cellulosic resins include cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, and ethyl cellulose Non-phthalate plasticiser for waterborne adhesives Advantage: Non-phthalate... Read More
  • Tributyl Phosphate, (TBP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Tributyl Phosphate is a plasticizer used for cellulose esters, lacquers, plastic and vinyl resins. TBP can also be used as a solvent for inks, synthetic resins, gums, adhesives (namely for veneer plywood) and herbicide and fungicide concentrates. In paper and protective coatings, TBP can be used... Read More
  • Trident Series CNC Router By AXYZ International Inc.

    Trident Series – The most versatile CNC Router-Knife hybrid in the industry The Trident CNC offers the industry's most innovative hybrid CNC cutting solution. The most versatile router/knife combination in its class delivers a unique triple-head system consisting of a twin-knife head and a... Read More
  • TRIDENT® Extrusion Systems By PTi - Processing Technologies International, LLC

    The world of extrusion continues to evolve year to year. Developments in resin, tooling, equipment, controls, processing methods and end-uses define this evolution. While these changes play an integral role in keeping markets on the move, they also keep plastics processors constantly... Read More
  • Triethyl Phosphate, (TEP) By ChemCeed LLC

    Triethyl phosphate (TEP) is useful as a plasticizer for flame resistant unsaturated polyester resins (used for fiberglass), a solvent for varied applications, and an agricultural chemical intermediate. Read More
  • Trim Press By Irwin Research & Development Inc.

    Sheet Width Model 50 or Model NT - 52" (1321mm) Roll Stock, 50" (1270mm) Inline Model 44 VTS - 48" (1219mm) Roll Stock, 44" (1117mm) Inline Model 36NT - 40" (1016mm) Roll Stock, 38" (965mm) Inline Read More
  • Trim Press Interfacing System By Rennco LLC

    Rennco's newest innovation for the disposables industry is trim press interfacing. Through extensive research, development and field production, we offer manufacturing line interfacing capability for a variety of thermoformed cups and lids. A complete packaging interfacing system includes any or... Read More
  • Trim Units By Gamma Meccanica

    E-trim Works in line with the production equipment and off line as well. Can quench pellets with air or a small water ring unit. Works with a small grinder that feeds the agitator silo similar to our force feed models. Grinder can be fitted with a nip roll to feed roll stock.... Read More
  • Trioctyl Phosphate, (TOF) By ChemCeed LLC

    Trioctyl Phosphate (TOF) is a plasticizer compatible with many types of polymers such as PVC, PUR, NBR, and SBR. TOF shows very good resistance to low temperatures and has excellent weathering properties. TOF can also be used as a carrier for pigments. Read More
  • Trioctyl Trimellitate, (TOTM) By ChemCeed LLC

    Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM) is a high molecular weight, branched plasticizer used for PVC applications in which the end-use requires extreme low volatility. Such applications can include vinyl automotive interior or molded parts, dishwasher gaskets, seals, and telephone wire. A stabilizer can... Read More
  • Triple Pressed Stearic Acid: PALMERA B1800/B1801/B1802 By KLK OLEO

    Abbreviation: TPSA Application: PVC processing Synthetic and natural rubber Thermoplastic processing Function: As internal and external lubricant in thermoplastic. As flow modifier and mould release agent for rubber and plastic processing. As dispersing agent for thermoplastic, rubber and... Read More
  • TROMMEL By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    TROMMEL The trammel is essentially used for the selection of materials according to particle size. Furthermore, in the water version it pre-washes the plastic. Suitable in both versions to open and distribute compressed bales of flasks and bottles or film. In the second case it is best to start... Read More
  • Truck Tray By Ray Products, Inc.

    When flexibility and time to market are critical, as well as the ability to mold in color and eliminate paint, automotive partners turn to Ray Products to satisfy their requirements. With this project, we molded a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) trunk cover for an automotive OEM that will provide... Read More
  • TrueCap® RF Capacitance Level Sensors By Monitor Technologies LLC

    Monitor Technologies' TrueCap® RF capacitance sensors offer cost-effective point level monitoring with reliability you can count on. Monitor’s complete line, which features models MK-2 and MK-2e, provides you with the most affordable solution for your application. Monitor’s RF capacitance probes... Read More
  • True-Melt Pressure Transducer By Nominal Controls Inc.

    Top accuracy True-Melt™ Pressure Transducer with virtually no thermal zero drift errors. -3.33mV/V or 10mV/V sensitivity -less than 5psi/100°F temperature drift compared to industry average of more than 60psi/100°F -Measure pressure ranges as low as 0-500psi at high temperatures... Read More
  • True-Melt Pressure Transmitter By Nominal Controls Inc.

    Top accuracy True-Melt™ Pressure Transmitter with Virtually No Thermal Zero Drift Errors. -4-20mA or 0-10VDC sensitivity -less than 5psi/100°F temperature drift compared to industry average of more than 60psi/100°F -Measure pressure ranges as low as 0-500psi at high temperatures... Read More
  • Truepress Jet1600UV-F By Screen USA

    The Truepress Jet1600UV-F flatbed inkjet printer enables vivid, full-color printing of wide-format signs and displays. The Truepress Jet1600UV-F prints images up to 122 inches long and 63 inches wide. It is capable of printing 140 square feet per hour on substrates up to 1.96 inches thick. It... Read More
  • Truepress Jet2500UV By Screen USA

    Screen’s 98.4-inch-wide Truepress Jet2500UV inkjet printing system delivers realistic photographs and crisp text on vinyl film, plastic sheets and corrugated plastic. Its ability to print on roll and rigid media adds value to signs, billboards, vehicle wraps, posters and exhibits. The Truepress... Read More
  • Truepress Jet650UV By Screen USA

    Screen developed the Truepress Jet650UV flatbed UV inkjet printer for screen and digital printers that print high-precision products or that are exploring print work in the industrial, printed electronics, 3-D object or medical arena, The Truepress Jet650UV offers high output quality and high... Read More
  • Trunk-Line Conveyors By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    HFA "Trunk-Line" conveyor systems are used when "plant-wide" conveying is required. These conveyors are manufactured heavy-duty, with the intent of conveying product from the machine out to a central area, and possibly even down to a warehouse location. The sizes range from 4" wide to 72" wide,... Read More
  • TSXA ultra-high speed side entry robots By Yushin America, Inc.

    High speed, side-entry, part removal robots - TSXA Successor to Yushin’s SX-Series of high-speed side-entry robots, the TSXA introduces a new traverse frame designed for high-speed downstream handoff. The TSXA achieves world’s fastest standard robot cycle time. A revolutionary design with... Read More
  • Tubairless® By Clariant Healthcare Packaging

    Tubairless® protects sensitive pharmaceutical cream formulas during utilization, maximizing stability and shelf life. Tubairless is an airless system specifically designed for cream applications that combines the advantages of a flexible tube with the performance of airless packaging.... Read More
  • Tube & Profile Cutters By Boston Matthews

    A wide range of cutters to cut various sizes of tube & profile: Servo Fly Knife Cutters Planetary Cutters Fly Wheel Cutters Cutter/Puller Combination Read More
  • Tube & Profile Saws By Boston Matthews

    Boston Matthews design and manufacture a complete range of Saws to ensure that whatever shape or size of profile or tube a clean, accurate and consistent cut length is guaranteed. Boston Matthews’ range of Saws are designed using the latest 3D Computer Design Software and incorporate the latest... Read More
  • TubeDyne™ Corona Treating System By 3DT LLC

    TubeDyne, from 3DT, is a high-performance system for tubing. Catheter material, medical tubing, and other tubing including Pebax, PP, PE and nylon lack sufficient surface tension to create strong bonding with adhesives and printing inks. TubeDyne overcomes these problems utilizing corona... Read More
  • Tubes & Desiccant Stoppers By Clariant Healthcare Packaging

    tubes and desiccant stoppers create an ideal package for effervescent tablets, chewables and lozenges, as well as diagnostic test strips. The packaging effectively protects products from breakage and moisture degradation, supporting shelf-life and brand appeal. By using a combination of... Read More
  • Tubing and Hose Production By Extrudex

    Extrudex is a partner for clients who need tubing and hose production. The company operates dedicated tube and hose extrusion production lines that only service the tubing and hose product line and includes options for the medical and food processing industries. A variety of materials and colors... Read More
  • Tubing or Sleeves By GripWorks

    For applications requiring hand grips that are open on both ends, GripWorks manufactures a wide variety of foam, rubber, and plastic sleeves as well as a line of foam grip wrap. These grips are ideal for applications like push bars and hand rails, but can also be used to add value to long... Read More
  • Tubing, Wire and Fiber Optics By Glenro, Inc.

    When your wire, cable or fiber optic processing operation requires intense, precisely controlled heat, we can design a system around a member of our Radround® family of infrared heaters. These versatile building blocks have formed the basis for many Proven Solutions®; some of which are... Read More
  • Tubular flexible heater By Hotset America Corporation

    The hotflex® is worldwide the first tubular heater which can be manually bent in all three dimensions. Easiest handling, simple assembly, optimal thermal features and the simple storage (the hotflex® is supplied in straight condition with numerous lengths from stock) are outstanding product... Read More
  • Tubular Heaters By Watlow

    Single- and double-ended tubular heaters lend themselves to virtually the entire range of immersion and air heating applications. They have a variety of mounting and termination options that make them ideal for industrial applications. Watlow® tubular heaters are UL® and CSA component recognized... Read More
  • Tubular Heaters By Rama Corporation

    Rama’s tubular heating elements can be applied to many industrial uses. Constructed from the highest quality materials, they meet stringent application requirements ranging from use in general industry to space age technology to nuclear power plants. These heaters offer the best quality product... Read More
  • Tubular Heating Elements By Durex Industries

    Tubular heating elements can be provided to any length, formed into any configuration and sheathed in a dozen different materials to suit your application. Typical terminations include threaded stud, threaded bulk head, screw lug, quick disconnect spade, ceramic to metal hermetic, molded rubber... Read More
  • Tubular Membrane Filters By Porex Corporation

    Structural Membrane Tubes are Designed to Perform The *patented Porex Tubular Membrane Modules are designed to fit new and existing tubular membrane systems. In operation, a fluid, such as chemically pre-treated wastewater, flows through the tubular modules at high velocity, sufficient to... Read More
  • Tungsten Carbide Blades By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Frankl & Thomas has been a reliable blade supplier for more than 20 years with a wide variety of blades for use in the textile industry. We stock Mark IV and Mark V staple cutter blades made of heat treated stainless steel. These blades are also sold with TiN and Boron carbide coatings. Read More
  • Tungsten Heating Elements By WECO International

    The tungsten filament used in these heaters is the porcupine or star type coil, which can be operated at temperatures up to 1500°C (2732°F), with peak wavelength emissions of approximately 1.6 microns. It reaches top temperatures within seconds. As well as having excellent structural... Read More
  • Turbine Oil By AMSOIL Industrial

    AMSOIL Industrial turbine oils are thermally stable and resist oxidation, even in elevated temperatures. They help keep components clean for excellent performance and service life. Read More
  • TURBO WASH By Costarelli USA, Inc.

    TURBO WASH This machine is used during the pre-wash stage. It cleans rigid or flexible materials from previous separation stages. While it shakes the material, the powerful dynamic action of the water and rotor washes it and removes all polluting agents. This, during the final stage, favours... Read More
  • Turbo-Disc Filter By Miller-Leaman, Inc.

    This is our fully automatic, self-cleaning disc filter system, most commonly used in side-stream configurations. Available in multiple micron sizes, the lightweight three-dimensional polypropylene disc media uses a minimal amount of backwash water (approximately 10 gallons of water per pod)... Read More
  • Turbulence Bars By Deublin Company

    It is proven that condensate in full cascade provides for efficient heat transfer. However, as the operating speeds increase, the condensate begins to rim, which reduces heat transfer efficiency. The obvious solution is to keep the condensate from rimming, and that is precisely what Turbulence... Read More
  • Turn Key Extrusion Lines By Boston Matthews

    Boston Matthews has extensive experience of designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines. Typical Applications Include: Medical Devices & Life Sciences Automotive PEX Pipe Cosmetic Squeeze Tube (Sleeves) Rod & Plate (Nylon, PP, PEEK) Zippers Aerosol Dip Tube Microducting Wire &... Read More
  • Turning/Heavy Machining Magnets By DocMagnet Inc

    Turning Magnets Decrease Setup/Cycle Time While Vastly Improving Quality Control. Read More
  • Turn-key Plants for Processors By Zeppelin Systems USA, Inc.

    One of your daily objectives is to be the first to cross the finish line. To do so,you rely exclusively on mature technologies and field-proven systems. In order bfor this to remain the same in future, you make use of your ability to spot trendsetting – and of course for other important... Read More
  • Turn-key Solution By MP Manufacturing Ltd.

    This platform offers services such as; Designing, DFM Analysis, Mold making, Injection molding, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Assembling, Shipping as well as marketing… to help our customers succeed. We firmly believe that when our customers succeed, we all succeed! Alibaba is arguably the largest... Read More
  • Turnkey Systems & Controls By Technical Process & Engineering, Inc.

    “STEP UP” your productivity and throughput with a turnkey, fully-integrated processing system from Technical Process & Engineering, Inc.! TPEI Control Panels are state-of-the-art – designed with the custom interlocking capability to enhance monitoring and control of individual line components... Read More
  • TVE Plastic Recycling System By Erema North America Inc.

    Erema TVE extruder design: superior degassing efficiency In various cases (when processing particularly strongly printed, heavily contaminated and/or wet plastic waste) we experienced that conventional degassing extruders do not meet today's requirements in daily recycling practice. This... Read More
  • twin screw barrel - conical and parallel By BJS Engineers

    Twin Screw Barrels an High Precision Precious part (HEART OF AN EXTRUDER) have a Limited period of life of use and get worn out fastly, resulting in Production Loss and deterioration in finish of the products Produced, as required to Replace. Twin Screw Barrels manufactured by us are Perfect... Read More
  • Twin Screw Extruders By Steer America, Inc.

    Engineered for long-life at ultra high torque capacity of 15.9 Nm/cm³ Minimal stress concentration STEER CONTINUA® Spline Screw shafts with breakaway adaptor for safety All barrels can be disassembled in the shortest time by means of special STEER Jiffy Clamp® Systems Modern... Read More
  • Twin Screw Extruders By Leistritz

    ZSE MAXX Series - Torque and volume The ideal combination of very high specific torque (up to 15 Nm/cm³) and a large volume (OD/ID = 1.66) in one extruder - this is the feature which makes the ZSE MAXX twin screw extruder stand out. An extremely large range of processes benefits from the... Read More
  • Twist Caps – Machine Specific By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Most roving frames are equipped with a Twist Cap as per the Holz Universal Twist Cap/Composite Twist Cap Design. However, Holz also manufactures older machine-specific Twist Cap Models. Read More
  • Twist Wrap By Multifilm Packaging Corporation

    Multifilm Packaging is the definitive source in North America for twist wrap. With a fully integrated plant and decades of experience, we are the industry experts in Twist Wrap and we offer you a wide array of products to fit your machines and products. <br><br> All our twist films are extruded... Read More
  • Two Platen Injection Molding Machines - TP Series By CINCINNATI PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES

    780 to 3500 US Ton Clamp Capacity Energy Efficiency • Daikin pump, motor and drive system for quality and response • IPM Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronized Motor • Quiet operation max 68dba • 60% Energy Savings compared to variable displacement pumps (refer to Energy Comparison graph) •... Read More
  • Two Shaft Shredders ZRM Series By NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Anlagenbau GmbH

    Neue Herbold - Two Shaft Shredders ZRM Series are used for pre-cutting of large amounts of material, or bulky materials like film, scrap tires, random plastic waste or drums Technique Neue Herbold - Two Shaft Shredders ZRM Series are equiped with slow operating shredders shafts, electrically... Read More
  • TYNE® Custom Colors and Compounds By Tyne Plastics LLC

    Custom formulations of Glass, Mineral, Carbon, PTFE and other fillers Cost effective color compounding for large and small lot customers Read More
  • TYNE® International Plastics By Tyne Plastics LLC

    Global sourcing of popular grades from major US producers Prime resins from low cost producers operating modern facilities around the world. Trading in Generic Prime, Wide-spec, Repro and Regrind Read More
  • TYNE® Services By Tyne Plastics LLC

    Reformulations Helping Processors and OEM’S maximize the value of their own scrap by reformulating it to recover properties or by utilizing it to develop a new product Regrind buy-back TYNE® develops programs to credit value of regrind against material purchased Technical... Read More
  • TYNE® Standard Grades By Tyne Plastics LLC

    Stock grades which include our proprietary product line along with branded grades from major producers. The mix ensures quick turnaround when prime performance, certification or agency approvals is required. Read More
  • Types of resins that we BUY & SELL: By Mid Continent Plastics Inc.

    Mid Continent Plastics buys and sells, Prime Virgin, Widespec, Reprocessed, Recycled & High Quality Regrinds: ABS Acrylic Acetal (POM) Nylon 6 Nylon 4/6 Nylon 66 Nylon 12 PBT PC/ABS PEI PEEK PET Polycarbonate PPA HDPE Polypropylene PPO PPS Polysulfone Styrenics TPV TPC-ET (Hytrel) and many more. Read More
  • Typical applications include: By Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

    Durafoam™ is our INDUSTRY-LEADING closed cell sponge rubber and plastic foam. The Durafoam DK series offers fabricators a one-stop shop for competitively priced materials that meet 80% of all the specifications you require, and offers the fabricator a one-stop shop at competitive pricing... Read More