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  • V Series By GP:50 Melt Pressure

    A signature performance attribute of GP:50 Melt Pressure sensing instrumentation is its capability to maintain full service life performance accuracy. To ensure this, each transducer design incorporates a specialty tip diaphragm with a proprietary advanced matched system. This ensures that... Read More
  • VACUREMA Extrusion System By Erema North America Inc.

    This unique, well proven and extremely flexible technology can process PET materials and any blends of materials coming along in the form of virgin pellets, post consumer bottle flakes, preground preform flake, preground cut out frames from thermoforming, precut fibre waste, and others,... Read More
  • Vacuum Forming By JP Plastics, Inc.

    Falls under the thermoforming umbrella. The process is the same in that a hard sheet of plastic is heated and then vacuum pressure is applied between the mold surface and the plastic sheet. Capable of producing both thin and heavy gauge products. Materials used for this process include: PVC,... Read More
  • Vacuum Forming By Redline Plastics

    -Vacuum Formed Parts Up To 120 Inches -Open Capacity and High Volume Capabilities -5-Axis CNC Trimming -Product Engineering and Prototyping Services Read More
  • Vacuum Forming By Profile Plastics, Inc.

    In the Vacuum Forming process, a single sheet of extruded plastic is heated to a softening point at which time vacuum (14.7psig) is applied to pull the sheet over a male tool, or into a female tool. Vacuum Forming is the most basic of the three thermoforming processes. This is generally due to... Read More
  • Vacuum Forming Services By FET Engineering, Inc.

    At FET Engineering we offer vacuum forming production services, with applications in a range of industries including automotive, aircraft, medical, construction, home and bath, agriculture, and heavy trucking among others. We utilize male and female mold types, and offer in-mold grain (IMG) and... Read More
  • Vacuum Handling Systems By SAS Automation LLC

    This new heavy-duty vacuum handling system is a universal tooling system, designed to safely handle products, parts, pallets, packaging, and slipsheets of varying dimensions. Like many of the modular systems from >SAS< – this line is easy to configure to your specific part. It easily handles... Read More
  • Vacuum Loading By TSM Control Systems

    When you need control and confidence in a materials handling system, a fully integrated solution from silo to screw - the TSM range of flexible vacuum loading and sequencing options can cope with any eventuality. The Vac 350 vacuum sequencer, one of the newest products in the TSM portfolio is... Read More
  • Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens for Industrial uses, featuring a broad range of options for various sized equipment that needs cleaning. Energy efficient solutions for Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning. Read More
  • Vacuum Tanks By Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC

    Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC is proud to offer stainless steel Vacuum Sizing Tanks with a variety of different sizes and specifications. Our team of engineers can work with you to develop a custom solution with the versatility to meet your current and future needs. Built and designed to... Read More
  • Vacuum Thermoforming Systems By Vacuum Processes, Inc.

    Vacuum Processes, Inc. provides custom built vacuum thermoforming process equipment for many different industries. Read More
  • Vacuum/Thermoforming By ShapeMaster Inc.

    ShapeMaster has produced hundreds of different items over the years, and each week, we develop at least one new product or component part. Although we would like to show you every piece we have constructed, many of these items are not yet protected by patents. Therefore, in deference to our... Read More
  • Valiant Healthcare Solutions By Spartech

    Valiant™ Healthcare Solutions include a wide range of rollstock solutions for sterile device packaging and pharmaceutical applications. Available with high barrier components for enhanced stability, our solutions help you meet the stringent requirements of the global healthcare... Read More
  • Value Added By PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

    PTI is a company fluent in many assembly techniques and processes. With our unsurpassed plastic joining experience, technical expertise and responsive service, PTI can successfully meet your secondary assembly challenges. We pride ourselves on design for manufacturability, providing the most... Read More
  • Value-Added Services By Zeus

    Zeus offers an impressive array of optimized tubing solutions for advanced applications, including value-added services. The company produces flared and flanged tubes, as well as a host of additional secondary services including: drilling, etching, bump and draw down tubing, tipping, scoring and... Read More
  • Valve Gate Controller By Orycon Control Technology, Inc.

    An "All-in-One" Solution, Intuitive operator interface, Flexibility in configuration and Versatility in use • Sturdy Construction • High Resolution Touchscreen • Intuitive Operator Interface • User-selectable Time or Position • Memory for up to 500 Set-ups • Designed to Control Hydraulic Valve... Read More
  • Valve gate group single nozzle By HRSflow USA, Inc.

    DESCRIPTION New single nozzle screwed into the base for single valve gate injection; also suitable for polymers where the molding cycle phase is reduced. TECHNICAL DETAILS An HRSflow single nozzle system has the nozzle screwed directly into the tempered base to ensure the system has the... Read More
  • Valve Gate Hot Runner Technologies By INCOE Corporation

    Valve Gate systems, designed with robust and compact cylinders, offer superior performance and gate quality with both hydraulic and pneumatic actuation available on DF GOLD systems. Pneumatic valve gates are available on QF5 and QF8 systems. Direct Mount Units Actuation cylinders mount directly... Read More
  • Valve Gate Systems By Ewikon Molding Technologies, Inc.

    EWIKON HPS III-NV Valve gate systems The full range for perfect surfaces and highest part quality EWIKON offers a complete range of advanced valve gate systems for applications with highest demands regarding the part quality. EWIKON valve gate systems are used in all branches of the... Read More
  • Valve Gated Cold Runner By M.R. Mold & Engineering

    M.R. Mold and Engineering offers their cold runner as a standalone system. Our cold runner system is a self-contained assembly, making it a perfect choice to use as a “Universal Cold Runner”. Pairing this cold runner system with multiple tooling applications will allow you the benefits of a... Read More
  • Vandar® thermoplastic polyester alloy (PBT) By Celanese Corporation

    Drawing on the basic properties of PBT enables Vandar alloys to achieve high ductility and good stiffness with excellent chemical and thermal resistance. These alloys are easy to mold and retain their impact strength down to -30° C (-21° F) and are available in both unreinforced grades and as... Read More
  • Vantage NX Tensile Tester - Universal Testing Frame By Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.

    The Vantage NX Universal Testing Machine is a powerful tool that can be equipped to meet a variety of materials testing needs. Many fixtures and grips are available for tensile testing, COF and other tests for the plastic film, flexible packaging, food packaging, paper, paperboard, tissue... Read More
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors By Phoenix Plastics L.P.

    Offerings include: Cel-Span® 720N Cel-Span® 720B Read More
  • VARISORT COMPACT By Sesotec Inc.

    Compared to conventional belt sorting systems the VARISORT COMPACT sorting system is characterised by its compact design with little required space and by corresponding mobility. High-resolution sensors and state-of-the-art signal evaluation technologies guarantee a high detection accuracy and... Read More
  • VAZ 1600 M XL Rotary Shredder By Vecoplan LLC

    The "New Generation" VAZ 1600 M XL shredder incorporates a wide range of innovations that improve performance, increase durability and decrease maintenance time Read More
  • VE SLIMLINE and VE COMPACTLINE By Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc

    Herrmann Ultrasonics provides standard actuators in a large number of variants. The units are specially designed for permanent use in automated manufacturing and their compact structure speaks for itself. This modular system provides a comprehensive integration package for mechanical and... Read More
  • V-ECO 1700 Rotary Shredder By Vecoplan LLC

    Solid, compact, high-performance, the V-ECO efficiently processes a broad spectrum of recyclables including all types of plastics, films, fiber, paper, cardboard, and textiles. Read More

    Shredders/Granulators/Recycling Systems GRANULATOR/PELLETIZER SHREDDERS/PULVERIZERS KNIVES & SCREENS All Makes and Models, Replacement, Sharpen & Repair/Rebuilding Read More
  • Vector Heavy Duty Hybrid Injection Mold Machine By NEGRI BOSSI S.p.A.

    The Vector series ranges from 650 to 1500 metric tons (715 to 1650 US tons) of clamping force. It features a low-base machine design with the Columbia™ Canbus controller and a unique hydraulic system. Negri Bossi developed the first line of fully digitally controlled injection machines to... Read More
  • Vectra® liquid crystal polymers (LCP) By Celanese Corporation

    Vectra LCP are highly crystalline, thermotropic (melt-orienting) thermoplastics that can deliver exceptionally precise and stable dimensions, high temperature performance and chemical resistance in very thin–walled applications. Ticona has numerous patented LCP polymers that provide a wide... Read More
  • Vee-Cone Blender By Munson Machinery Co,

    Model VB-10-316S Sanitary Vee-Cone Blender with 10 cu ft (283 liter) capacity has been introduced by Munson Machinery. The smooth internal surfaces are free of baffles, shafts and bearings, allowing unobstructed material flow, as well as complete discharge through a gate valve. The absence of... Read More
  • Vee-Cone Blenders By Munson Machinery Co,

    The Munson Vee-Cone Blender discharges fully and sanitizes quickly. It is comprised of two inclined cylinders that rotate, causing bulk material to fall and converge during half of the rotation, and divide during the other half. This achieves uniform blends more rapidly than standard Double Cone... Read More
  • VeriCon 126/TR Bottle & Container Leak Testing By PTI Inspection Systems

    VeriCon on line inspection systems test bottle and container integrity with precision and repeatability. VeriCon inspection systems are established worldwide, assuring container integrity in a variety of industries and applications. A complete line of leak tester configurations accommodate... Read More
  • VeriCon 135 Continuous Motion Leak Tester By PTI Inspection Systems

    The VeriCon 135 is a single station continuous motion leak tester with feedscrew for efficient container handling and control. The 135 offers the flexibility to work with different types of conveyor systems and container sizes. • Container sizes: 1 oz. up to 64 oz. with different feedscrew... Read More
  • VeriCon 172 Bottle & Container Leak Testing By PTI Inspection Systems

    VeriCon systems utilize either pressure decay or vacuum decay technology and a 3-step phase to each test cycle: Filling, Equalizing and Testing. VeriCon testers consist of either one or more testing stations (test heads). During the filling stage, the container is filled with either pressure... Read More
  • VeriPac 225-325 By PTI Inspection Systems

    For many years, the first generation VeriPac Model 225 and 325 inspection systems have been established in the packaging industry to evaluate and analyze package integrity with precision and repeatability. VeriPac systems can be easily integrated into the packaging process since they are... Read More
  • VeriPac 400 Series By PTI Inspection Systems

    VeriPac systems can be easily integrated into the packaging process to improve quality, reduce waste, and provide operators with a clear understanding of package quality. VeriPac test systems are non-destructive, non-subjective and require no sample preparation. Test fixtures are designed to... Read More
  • VeriPac D-Series By PTI Inspection Systems

    The VeriPac D-Series are versatile non-destructive package inspection systems specially designed for pouches and flexible packaging. VeriPac inspection systems provide a qualitative result (PASS or FAIL) as well as quantitative data that correlates to leak rate and leak size. To accommodate... Read More
  • Versa Minicutter II By Versa Machinery

    The Minicutter II contains an easy to program control for automatic operation. It contains an integrated pinch-roll feed system with length control and batch feed counter. Easy to program automatic operation Accurate cutting of plastics and rubber tubing, shapes, & profiles up to 5/8" (16mm)... Read More
  • Versa Servo Minicutter By Versa Machinery

    The new Servo Minicutter provides greater cut length accuracy, higher speed cutting, additional cutting torque, and the elimination of belts, and pulleys for cleaner, quieter operation. Continuous cutting at speeds up to 450 cuts per minute Up to 220 in-lb cutting torque Reliable Servo motor... Read More
  • VERSATECH APET By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Ex-Tech brand APET has exceptional properties such as visual transparency, high heat distortion and it has good resistance to mineral oils, solvents and acids. Ex-Tech's APET is most commonly used for food service trays and containers, medical trays and consumer packaging. Don't forget to... Read More
  • VERSATECH Co-Extrusion By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    When there is a package that requires a unique combination of properties or a higher level of performance, we can turn to Co-Extrusion to engineer the best packaging solution for your customers. Through Co-Extrusion, Ex-Tech can create a hybrid that combines the characteristics of several films... Read More
  • VERSATECH Post Consumer PET By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    For your customers that are looking for sustainability messaging tied to their marketing and packaging efforts, our post consumer regrind delivers. Words like post consumer, sustainability, green, recycled can all be tied to the Post Consumer PET marketing messaging. At the same time, this... Read More
  • VERSATECH RPET (Reprocessed PET) By Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

    Primarily used for retail packaging, Ex-Tech Plastics brand RPET has excellent clarity and high gloss. It possesses good impact and tear resistance properties that are a must in today's retailers. Ex-Tech's RPET is produced in gauges ranging from 12 to 60 mils. As with all Ex-Tech products,... Read More
  • Vertical Case Packers By Schneider Packaging Equipment

    The Schneider Packaging Vertical Case Packer (VCP) is perfect for providing a solution that offers the most gentle product handling available for a variety of products in many industries. The VCP can accommodate top- or bottom-load RSC and HSC cases. Read More
  • Vertical Cup Counter By Rennco LLC

    Rennco Model VCCL (vertical cup counter/loader) is available with one to four lane designs. The system can handle single and double poly coated paper and clay coated cups. The product is typically fed into the vertical "tower" system with the mouth of the cup leading. In standard applications,... Read More
  • Vertical Injection Machines By Plustech Inc.

    Vertical injection molding machines are available in Single Station Table, Rotary Table, and Parting Line Injection Read More
  • Vertical L Bar Sealer Voyager By Rennco LLC

    FAST! Up to 60 packages/minute. COMPACT! About half the size of automatic horizontal L-bar sealers. SMART! PLC controlled with a touch screen operator interface panel that is easy to navigate and easy to change machine settings. The panel is located on a swivel arm that can be moved for... Read More
  • Verticals By Plastibec Inc.

    Beautiful styles combined with innovative options place the power of designing a superior blind in your hands. Our wide selection of Vertical Finishes is displayed in our new Theme oriented decks. These decks allow for greater flexibility and match current and upcoming home fashion trends. Six... Read More
  • Vexel PBT & PET Listing By Nylene

    Vexel PBT & PET General purpose injection molding grades pf Poyester, both PBT and PET. Resins suitable for housings, enclosures, bobbins, brackets, levers (as well as electrical connectors, coil bobbins and other applications which require good electrical properties and flame retardancy.... Read More
  • VF Series Pump and Receiver By Process Control Corporation

    Process Control’s material handling equipment is specifically designed for bulk conveying of plastic materials. Years of experience with plastic processors enable Process Control engineers to properly size conveying equipment for reliable, cost-effective loading of gravimetric or bulk systems. A... Read More
  • Vial Cap Molds By Rexam Mold Manufacturing

    64 cavity, direct gated hot runner injection mold with hydraulically actuated unscrewing mechanism-stripper ring ejection. Read More
  • Vibrating Conveyor By The Witte Company

    Witte Vibrating Conveyors gently and safely feed, move and screen dry, granular, free-flowing, and non-free flowing products efficiently and cost-effectively while protecting product integrity. Witte Advances: - Dust-tight covers featuring Witte clamp - Performs with up to eight-degree uphill... Read More
  • Vibrating Rod By BinMaster

    The VR-21 standard piezoelectric driven vibration point level switch has a unique single-rod probe design with a sword-shaped blade to prevent bridging of material by allowing material to easily flow by, protecting against buildup on the blade. Suitable for both top and side mount applications... Read More
  • Vibration Welders By Dukane

    Complete line of linear vibration welding equipment with an operating frequency of 200 to 240Hz and upper tool weights ranging from 20lbs to 200lbs (9kg to 91kg). We also design and manufacture vibration welding tooling for our own Dukane vibration welding equipment as well as for other... Read More
  • Vibration Welders By Forward Technology Industries Inc.

    For large part assembly requiring high throughput, linear vibration welding is a widely used joining technology for thermoplastic parts. During vibration welding, one part half is held stationary in a holding fixture while the other part half is frictionally vibrated against it on a linear... Read More
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeders By DB-Automation Ltd

    In a number of the applications that we have been involved in over the years, there has been a requirement for bowl feeding solutions. One of our latest additions to the product range is our own comprehensive selection of bowl feeder units, manufactured by ourselves from our site in the UK.... Read More
  • Vibratory Feeders & Screeners By Eriez

    Convey and screen hard to handle materials with accuracy, reliability and simplicity. Vibratory feeders are quick to clean for short run changeovers. Chopped fiberglass is conveyed without filamentizing or de-bundling the reinforcement. Read More
  • Videographic Data Logger By Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    The PPR-1800 is a high specification graphic recorder capable of plotting up to 18 channels of analog input, 36 channels of digital data or a combination of both. Engineered in a heavy gauge sheet metal, the case is designed to meet the requirements of an industrial environment. The recorder is... Read More
  • Vinyl Graphics By Mold In Graphic Systems

    Mold In Graphic Systems® makes a permanent graphic, compatible with vinyl resins used in rotationally molded products. Our Vinyl Graphic is applied and positioned in a mold using MIGS® G3 Adhesive. The Vinyl Graphics become permanently fused directly into a vinyl part during the rotational... Read More
  • Vinyl Wall Panel Products By Walton Plastics

    Walton’s Plastics, Inc. semi-rigid and rigid PVC sheets are ideal for profile wrapping (windows, doors) and are used as the outer skin on foam panels. From vinyl wall panels, sound barriers to cleanrooms, our rigid PVC offers many uses in both internal and external applications. Vinyl Wall... Read More
  • Virgin / Regrind Drying & Blending By Dri-Air Industries, Inc.

    On-Demand Dry, Blend and Convey A combination of virgin (natural) and regrind processed in one system. Simultaneous dispensing of materials provides superior shot-to-shot consistency – no separation, no batches, no layering. Dry regrind materials at different temperatures than virgin... Read More
  • Virgin PTFE By Flontech USA, LLC

    Flontech USA also supplies Virgin PTFE in six different flow grades to fit your processing needs. Read More
  • Virtual Extrusion Laboratory By Compuplast International Inc (USA)

    Compuplast’s Virtual Extrusion Laboratory (VEL) is a state-of-art simulation software developed specifically for the polymer extrusion industry. This software has helped hundreds of companies save a tremendous amount time, material, and money. Read More
  • Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ (VEL™) By Compuplast International Inc (USA)

    Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ (VEL™) is the world leading CAE product for the polymer extrusion industry. With the best-in-class analysis technology, VEL™ can help you simulate the widest application range of extrusion processes to optimize product design and manufacturability, shorten... Read More
  • Visco-Corder® Model VC-E By C.W. Brabender Instruments, Inc.

    The NEW Visco-Corder® Model VC-E utilizes high precision torque cell technology to measure the viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian materials. The instrument is used to evaluate a wide range of materials for the laboratory, production and quality control. Its application can be used to... Read More
  • Viscoelasticity By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Plastics (Polymeric) fluids are often called viscoelastic fluids because they have both viscous and elastic properties. The viscoelastic effect is dependent on different temperatures and shear-rates. At filling stage, flow field varies severely, and viscous property of polymer dominates flow... Read More
  • viscoSHEET By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    Quality and flexibility without compromise. Up to 100 % rPET and inhouse flakes processable at guaranteed iV-Levels for direct food contact. viscoSHEET ensures outstanding flexibility in production with lowest energy consumption. Up to 100% rPET, in-house waste, and virgin can be processed at... Read More
  • viscoSTAR By American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.

    Solid state polycondensation plant for iV increase and decontamination of polyester pellets and/or flakes to be used after a pelletizing extruder, stand alone, or in front of a production extruder. Read More
  • Vision By Mold-Masters Ltd.

    Mold-Masters provides highly integrated hot runner solutions, and Vision is no exception. Engineered for consistency and reliability, Vision distributes heat evenly while improving temperature control. Engineered for consistency and reliability, assuring processing advantages in your... Read More
  • Vision Guided Robotics - Flex Feed By JR Automation Technologies, LLC

    Vision Guided Robotic Flexible Feeding allows for almost endless product line variations, eliminating the need for part-designated in-feed systems and machines. JR Automation can integrate flex feeding systems into assembly lines, stand-alone machines, and as upgrades to existing equipment,... Read More
  • Vision Inspector "Beacon" By Boulder Imaging

    The Beacon inspects 2-D surfaces (including cylindrical surfaces) for defects down to the micron level. The system is available either as an “out-of-the box” or custom configurable solution. A complete system includes optimal lighting, appropriate high resolution camera(s), and optics for your... Read More
  • Vision Inspector "Benchmark" By Boulder Imaging

    Boulder Imaging offers Quazar Vision Inspector Benchmark, designed for high precision 2D, flat part, sheet metal, gasket, quality control, and first article inspection as well as Statistical Process Control (SPC) and reverse engineering. With Benchmark you obtain immediate micron-level... Read More
  • Vision Inspector "Guardian" By Boulder Imaging

    The Guardian continuously monitors your manufacturing and production equipment and processes providing alerts when anomalous behavior takes place. There are no mysteries about what transpired because the Guardian provides you with high resolution video for complete forensic analysis. The system... Read More
  • Vivaspin® Turbo 15 By Sartorius Corporation

    Vivaspin® Turbo 15 centrifugal concentrators allow the fastest sample concentration, providing the highest recoveries. 15 ml - 100 µl ultrafiltration unit with twin vertical membranes and sleek internal design for fastest sample concentration with highest recoveries. The pipette friendly dead... Read More
  • Vivos™ Edible Delivery Systems By MonoSol LLC

    MonoSol, the world leader in manufacturing water-soluble films, proudly introduces Vivos™ Edible Delivery Systems. Vivos™ edible water-soluble film are used to make pre-portioned pouches which conveniently deliver food products designed for use in hot or cold water. Read More
  • Void-Fill Equipment By Pyramid Packaging Inc

    The AirPouch Division of Automated Packaging Systems provides world-class service support and high quality void-fill protective packaging equipment and materials. AirPouch void-fill air pillow systems offer high quality alternatives to traditional peanut, foam and paper packing materials.... Read More
  • VoIP Technology- “Business Expense Cost-Savings Services.” By Schooley Mitchell

    We can help reduce your annual VoIP Services spend by thoroughly reviewing, auditing, analyzing and optimizing these services with your existing vendors/services. We find where they have been overcharging your business! It would be our PRIVILEGE to hold your vendors accountable and keep them... Read More
  • Volumetric Feeders By Acrison Inc.

    Acrison Volumetric Feeders are universally acclaimed for their unique ability to accurately and reliably feed an extremely broad variety of dry solid ingredients. Their innovative and technologically superior designs provide a high degree of versatile volumetric metering performance. The quality... Read More
  • Vortex Static Eliminator By TAKK Industries Inc., Static Control Div.

    TAKK's highly effective Vortex Blower generates and projects an extra wide (18” x 18”) and long range (10 feet) ionization field that engulfs static laden surfaces and completely eliminates positive and negative static electricity. Ionization is accomplished with a high output 40 emitter... Read More
  • VRFII Series Point Level Control By Bindicator

    EASY INSTALLATION With universal power and easy calibration, the VRF II capacitance level sensor can be installed quickly and with ease. The unit can be either AC or DC powered and with insensitive polarity the wiring is less complex. EZ-CAL II permits the user to attach the VRF II bin level... Read More
  • VTH 65/12/3 By Vecoplan LLC

    The new high-performance Vecoplan solution for long-length plastic parts combines guillotine, shredder and granulator in a single machine. Read More