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  • X Series Granulator By Cumberland

    X Series granulators offer strong, versatile, reliable power and performance. With a full range of size and design options to choose from, X Series granulators are your logical choice for applications ranging from large injection or blow molded scrap, furniture components, and appliance parts. Read More
  • Xaloy Bimetallic Barrels for Extrusion and Injection Processes By Nordson Xaloy

    Xaloy extruder and injection barrels lead the way in resistance to wear and corrosion. We invented bimetallic barrels (cylinders) more than 70 years ago and continues to lead the way in development of improved alloys and production processes. Singles: Most Xaloy barrels are for single-screw... Read More
  • Xaloy Cleaning Ovens By Nordson Xaloy

    You can save time, reduce cost and improve safety with an Xaloy Jet Cleaner oven. It uses heat and vacuum to vaporize polymer deposits on dies, screws, runner systems, gear pumps, screen changer parts and more. Say good-bye to flame torching, manual brushing and harsh chemicals. Automatic... Read More
  • Xaloy High Performance Screws By Nordson Xaloy

    Xaloy feed screws for plastics are built to deliver optimum performance and service life in various melt-processing environments. Read More
  • Xaloy Melt Pumps By Nordson Xaloy

    You can eliminate extruder surge and screw beat at the die by installing an Xaloy melt pump between your extruder and die. Our melt pumps are extremely efficient at building pressure and metering polymer to the die at a highly consistent rate and pressure. Xaloy melt pumps come in a variety... Read More
  • Xaloy Pelletizers By Nordson Xaloy

    Xaloy water-ring pelletizers are suitable for processing a wide range of polymers, unfilled or filled, in reclaim, masterbatch and general compounding. Simple start-up: no strands to handle, no water-flow timing concerns. Hot die-face cutting: insensitive to melt flow... Read More
  • Xaloy Screen Changers By Nordson Xaloy

    Xaloy, the worldwide leader in melt filtration, offers a broad of range screen changers engineered for reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness in virtually any extrusion processing environment. Leak-free operation Easy maintenance Simple, safe operation Maximum throughput Minimum... Read More
  • Xaloy SmartHeat™ Integrated Melt-Stream Heating By Nordson Xaloy

    This advanced new technology virtually eliminates melt-stream energy losses and improves the process for a fast return on investment. SmartHeatTM uses a robust “heater coating” plasma-sprayed to the exterior surface of the process element (barrel, melt-pipe, shot-pot, etc.). This integrated... Read More
  • XD070 Digital Ink Jet By Engineered Printing Solutions

    The XD070 Multi-Color Industrial Digital Ink Jet "image direct" from computer to print. The perfect solution for short or long runs with quick changeovers and variable data. This digital ink jet is ideal for multi-color printing on flat and semi-flat surfaces on a variety of substrates and can... Read More
  • XE13 Servo Pad Printer By Engineered Printing Solutions

    The XE13 servo-controlled machine has a Windows® based operating system that drives a completely servo controlled print head and conveyor unit. •A 20Gb hard drive allows the storage and instantly recalls hundreds of jobs with all print parameters. •There is a large stand-alone touch screen,... Read More
  • Xhibitor Display Pallet By Composite Technologies Company LLC

    The CTC Xhibitor plastic display pallet and wire mesh baskets provide the retailer the ability to show merchandise in a variety of store traffic locations. CTC’s plastic display pallets create a clean, safe and well-organized merchandising alternative to wood and cardboard. These display units... Read More
  • XL7-D16 By Hydramotion

    The XL7-d16 polymer viscometer delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy right where you need it. The ultimate tool for managing your polymer melt every second of the day. At the heart of the XL7-d16 is the beautifully simple streamlined sensing spike. It sits in the centre of the pipe so the... Read More
  • XP Express® and EX-M-PLAR® By Davis-Standard, LLC

    Our signature XP Express® and EX-M-PLAR® series roll stands, chill roll technology, feedscrew designs, and coextrusion knowledge enable value-added manufacturing of multi-layer sheet. This includes heavy gauge, high-density PE, low-density PE, PMMA, PS, ABS, PP, PET, high barrier and... Read More
  • X-Press Integrated Ultrasonic Welder By Sonics & Materials, Inc.

    A 20 kHz integrated welder: all-in-one super-rigid ultrasonic welding press with a built-in ultrasonic generator and microprocessor. The press features a single-piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and column hub, easy-access front panel pneumatic control and microprocessor keypad. The... Read More
  • X-PRO Compounded Polypropylene Resins By Composite Technologies Company LLC

    CTC Group manufactures X-PRO plastic compounds from 99% recycled feed streams, making them a lower cost alternative to virgin resins, while maintaining comparable quality and process ability. CTC continues to develop multiple new technologies to be able to recycle materials that would otherwise... Read More
  • XT Series Granulators for Extrusion By TRIA America, Inc.

    The TRIA XT Series is comprehensively designed and manufactured for extrusion and general recycling needs. The range and versatility of evacuation systems offered make this a popular model for profile and general recycling applications. A variety of profile feed chute and in-feed hopper designs... Read More
  • Xtreme Reusable Plastic Pallets By Composite Technologies Company LLC

    CTC is one of the largest manufacturers of strong, lightweight thermoplastic composite pallets for your material handling needs. The need to maintain: •Stiffness •Strength •Durability while reducing weight for all types of: •Totes •Dunnage •Containers •Excess load requirements... Read More
  • Xusto By InterFacial Solutions

    The Xusto product line from Interfacial Solutions is a line of polymer compounds and composites that employ fibers from natural and renewable resources and various product waste streams. The product line includes compounds using bamboo, rice hulls, shredded U.S. currency, cellulose from a paper... Read More
  • Xyron - Modified Polyphenylene Ether (mPPE) By Asahi Kasei Plastics North America

    XyronTM (modified polyphenylene ether or mPPE) engineering resins are composed of mPPE together with polystyrene (PS), polyamide (PA), polypropylene (PP), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) or other polymeric materials. Key Attributes: - Outstanding range of heat resistance (80-220 degrees C) - Low... Read More