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    Oral hygiene equals medical prophylaxis. And hygiene already starts at the production process. We follow our “no human touch” principle. From the plastic granulate to brush production, cap assembly, and packaging in blister packs: The Z.IDP produces everything without contact. Not even the... Read More

    The Z.SIROC is a flexible, modular extension solution and mechanical interface that manages the discerning automation of sensitive components. It assumes automated removal, assembly, and feeding-in functions for injection molding and packaging machines, as well as automation lines. The device... Read More

    Classic assembly processes of plastic parts cost a lot of time and money. The parts must be injected in parallel on several injection molding machines with the proper molds and subsequently assembled or joined together sequentially. Z.TIM strives to improve this process, with the “Totally... Read More

    The Z.ZYKLON is a highly efficient and complete system for the production of so called “hypodermic needles” – including needle and molded Luer Lock, in one pass. Without using adhesives and without human particle contamination. The Z.ZYKLON overmolds sharpened cannulas with a Luer Lock... Read More
  • Zenite® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) By Celanese Corporation

    Zenite resin not only takes the heat it also excels in all-around performance and molding productivity. Choose it over ceramics, thermosets, PPS or competitive LCP’s to downsize parts, upgrade performance, accelerate production, reduce system costs and develop new markets. Attributes and... Read More
  • Zero Clearance By Koolmat Insulation

    an OEM product used in Detroit on Ford, Chrysler and GM...a diamond design metal surface with a 1200°F. cotton fiberglass and a sticky back for easy installation. Cut cut to reflect back muffler heat or transmission heat. Size 42" x 48" and shipped rolled in a 6' x 6' x48" box. Read More
  • Zhafir Jenius Series By Absolute Haitian Corporation

    The hybrid electric, two-platen Jenius Series is available from 404 to 3,709 US tons of clamp force. The Jenius Series combines the Jupiter’s space saving two-platen technology with the high precision electric injection unit of a Zeres, it is ideal for medium to large tonnage molders that have... Read More
  • Zhafir Venus II Series By Absolute Haitian Corporation

    Zhafir VENUS II SERIES: 44 to 899 tons all-electric, the VENUS series of all-electric machines offer a competitively priced machine capable of meeting the needs of high tech, precision molding applications such as packaging and medical, while offering energy efficiency. The VENUS is a product of... Read More
  • Zhafir Zeres Series By Absolute Haitian Corporation

    Zhafir Zeres Series: 45 to 1,551 tons The Zeres Series electric molding machines are one of the fastest growing machines in the world. The Zeres provides customers with the benefits of an all-electric molding machine without the costly price tag and limited functionality. The Zeres has... Read More
  • Zinc Stearate CAS# 557-05-1 By ChemCeed LLC

    Zinc stearate is widely used as a release agent in the production of rubber, polyurethane and polyester processing systems. In cosmetics, it is used as a lubricant and a thickener to improve texture. Zinc stearate also functions as a phase transfer catalyst for the saponification of fats. Read More
  • Ziplock Bags By International Plastics Inc.

    We Offer Same Day Shipping on 250+ sizes and styles of Ziplock Bags. Zip Lock bags are suited for many different packaging applications. Our ziplock bags offer impressive clarity and durability for just about any need that is out there. Clearzip ziplock plastic bags are constructed with 100%... Read More
  • Ziplock Bags By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    Our clear ziplock bags feature a durable interlocking zip top closure and are excellent for storing and protecting your items in a clear poly bag that can be opened and closed. Available styles include standard ziplock bags, ziplock bags with hang holes, ziplock bags with white block, and... Read More
  • Zip-On® (PFR) By The Zippertubing® Company

    Extremely Flexible Polyurethane Jacket with Track Closure - This product is the choice for demanding environments - Perfect for applications where (PVC) materials are unacceptable - Can be configured for round, flat or rectangular shaped applications Read More
  • Zip-On® (PVC) By The Zippertubing® Company

    Organize, bundle & protect your wires or cables with a light-to medium-duty, PVC-extruded pressure track system - Zip-On® (PVC) utilizes an arrowhead-and-channel interlock system for easy installation and removal - A complete wrap-around installation that requires no disconnection of wires or... Read More
  • Zipper Extrusion Lines By Boston Matthews

    Complete Zippers Profiles Boston Matthews has developed a complete turn-key extrusion line for the production of "Zipper" Profiles for use within the reseable packaging industry. The extrusion of Zippers is a complex operation due to the precise 'interlocking' characterstics of each element of... Read More
  • Zip-Shield® (TPU) By The Zippertubing® Company

    Halogen-Free Jacket w/Pressure Track, Non-Magnetic EMI Shielding Cloth - Light-to medium-duty, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), re-enterable extruded pressure-track system - Z-7200 EMI shielding offers EMI/RFI shielding protection and provides a complete non-magnetic solution - A complete 360°... Read More
  • ZISLLOY® Nylon Compounds By Zig Sheng Industrial & Tre Polymer Inc.

    Zig Sheng’s nylon compound ZISLLOY® offers quality and innovation across industries ranging from sports & leisure to automotive. It continues to provide new material development and technical collaboration to a wide range of customer applications worldwide. The spectrum of Zig Sheng nylon resin... Read More
  • ZISMID® Nylon 6 Resin By Zig Sheng Industrial & Tre Polymer Inc.

    Spinning Grade Nylon Resin • Spinning Grade Semi-Dull Nylon Chip • Spinning Grade Bright Nylon Chip • Spinning Full-Dull Nylon Chip Engineering Grade Nylon Resin • Low Viscosity Engineering Resin • Medium Viscosity Engineering Resin • High Viscosity Engineering Resin Read More

    We supply a broad range of prime, certified nylon products as well as utility compounds, specialty compounds, and even regrind materials. Our low overhead allows us to pass along all the savings to our end users. We are often far below pricing that our customers are paying through traditional... Read More
  • Zythane TPUs, Maxelast TPEs, Viprene TPVs, Irogran TPU, Avalon TPU By APS Elastomers

    Distributor and technical support resource offering a full line of thermoplastic elastomers for your most demanding applications. Competitively priced, immediate availability from inventory. Read More