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  • Sattler Plastics Co.

    Plastic Recycling Since 1965
    Sattler Plastics Company, based in Chicago, specializes in post-industrial plastic recycling. Our main specialty is in the purchase and resale of plastic materials in the secondary market. Family owned and managed since 1965, our experienced team of sales professionals is familiar with both the...
  • Toner Plastics, Inc.

  • 3D Systems

    3D Printing Materials: Each of our professional 3D Printers is supported with an extensive portfolio of specially engineered materials to meet the widest range of applications in 3D printing. Our goal is to ensure the highest quality parts available and support for your most complex color and monochrome applications....
  • Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

    Stratasys Direct Manufacturing offers proven 3D printing and custom manufacturing solutions that allow organizations to innovate rapidly and move to market quickly. Services include additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, cast urethanes, CNC machining, tooling, injection molding and...
  • Stratasys

    Every day, our customers find simpler, smarter approaches to stubborn design problems – and greater confidence to confront towering human and technological challenges. Less hindered by the usual constraints, they can imagine, design, iterate and replicate more freely than ever before. By...
  • Nexeo 3D

  • ALGIX 3D

    3D Printer Filament and Resin. Engineered to Perform. High Performance. Environmentally Sustainable.
  • 3D Filament Manufacturing Company

    3D Filament Manufacturing Company Custom extruder for 3D printer filament and rapid protyping applications. A precision manufacturer of thermoplastic welding rod and 3D printing filament, we offer an extensive product line and manufacturing capabilities to extrude custom sizes, shapes and...
  • NatureWorks LLC

    NatureWorks LLC
  • Asiga

    3D Printing Photopolymers: Asiga offers a broad range of photopolymer resins for diverse technical applications. Data on all materials are available on our website. Our Plas™ range of photopolymers are high resolution, flexible, touch and chemically resistant. They are suitable for a wide range of mechanical and general...