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  • A(S) type spring operated shut-off nozzles By Herzog Injection Technology, Inc.

    The A or S type shut-off nozzle is the world's most widely used shut-off nozzle. This original Herzog® design has stood the test of time and this reliable unit still remains the most economical on the market today. Many have tried to copy it, but why settle for an imitation when you can have... Read More
  • Above Ground Fiberglass Conduit Systems By FRE Composites

    FRE Composites' Above Ground Fiberglass Conduit system consists of conduits, fittings, conduit bodies and adaptors. It is designed to provide power, telecommunications and transit utilities as well as commercial and industrial markets with a reliable, easily installed carrier for exposed... Read More

    We supply a broad range of prime, certified ABS products as well as utility compounds, specialty compounds, and even regrind materials. Our low overhead allows us to pass along all the savings to our end users. We are often far below pricing that our customers are paying through traditional... Read More
  • ABS By Vidal Plastics, LLC

    Thermoplastic Engineered Resin Highly versatile Improved properties compared to Polypropylene Widely used Good surface finish Read More
  • ABS By I. Stern & Co. Inc.

    Prime ABS - see our web site for data sheets, grade numbers and specifications. Read More

  • AC input temperature controller 5R1-001 By Oven Industries Inc.

    The 5R1-001 is a universal AC input temperature controller for resistive heaters. The unit is designed with 1500VAC isolation from the electronic circuitry, which virtually eliminates interference from noise or errant signals. The software is PC programmable and requires no programming... Read More
  • Acceleration Station By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Acceleration Station™ services, from Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), produce high-quality plastic parts faster. These services, including Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) additive manufacturing, deliver production and prototype parts in days, not weeks without tooling. Carbon DLS is up... Read More
  • Accent-Compact Water Unit By Delta T Systems, Inc.

    Compact Water circulating temperature control units. 4KW-72KW, With flow rates to 130 GPM Read More
  • Accessory Power Cable Connectors By Interpower

    Accessory Power Cable Connectors • No minimum order quantities • Same day ship on in-stock products Read More
  • Accumulator Head By Graham Engineering Corporation

    Graham accumulator head machinery represents the culmination of over 50 years of technological innovation for producing high quality, small to large-scale blow molded parts. Graham Accumulator technology delivers quality, speed, flexibility and reliability required for maximizing production... Read More
  • ACCUREL® Direct By 3M Membranes Business Unit

    ACCUREL® Direct is an economically attractive solution for polymer producers, compounders, and converters to deliver additives into plastics. The low polymer content improves the compatibility of ACCUREL Direct high concentrates with the base resin and the pre-dispersed additives support the... Read More
  • ACCUREL® PP Flat Sheet Membrane By 3M Membranes Business Unit

    ACCUREL® PP hydrophobic membranes are highly porous membranes that provide excellent chemical compatibility over a wide spectrum of solutions. Because of their hydrophobic nature, the polypropylene flat membranes are best suited for industrial processes such as gas filtration, chemical... Read More
  • AccuScan: Diameter & Ovality Measurement Systems By BETA LaserMike Products (NDC Technologies)

    AccuScan systems from Beta LaserMike provide on-line precision measurements of the diameter and ovality of cables. Using laser scanning technology, AccuScan systems are able to perform diameter measurements in an intelligent gauge head during production and communicate those measurements to a... Read More

    We supply a broad range of prime, certified acetal products as well as utility compounds, specialty compounds, and even regrind materials. Our low overhead allows us to pass along all the savings to our end users. We are often far below pricing that our customers are paying through traditional... Read More
  • Acetyl Tributyl Citrate (ATBC) By ChemCeed LLC

    Acetyl Tributyl Citrate (ATBC) is used as a biodegradable plasticizer for PVC and cellulose derivates, and it is approved for food contact materials and can even be used as a food additive. ATBC is also used as an emollient for personal care/cosmetics products such as aerosol hair sprays and... Read More
  • Acid Amids By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    TR 151-40, TR 151-95: Excellent internal lubricant with some anti-static characteristics. Read More
  • Acid Esters By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    V-DSP - Internal lubricant for extruded profiles and molding - exceptional clarity. V-EGS - A very compatible internal/external lubricant for rigid PVC. V-HRW - Highly compatible lubricant with both internal and external properties. V-PEAS - External lubricant for extrusion, blow and... Read More
  • Aclon By Acton Technologies Inc.

    Aclon® is the first and only wettable, bondable PTFE whisker available to industry. Added to other polymers in loading amounts as little as 5%, it imparts some of the properties, especially lubricity, to the host polymer. Each particle of Aclon® actually bonds to the host polymer thus... Read More

    We supply a broad range of prime, certified Acrylic products as well as utility compounds, specialty compounds, and even regrind materials. We can handle the most demanding clarity application or automotive need. Our low overhead allows us to pass along all the savings to our end users. We are... Read More
  • Acrylic and Methacrylic Monomers By Sartomer Americas

    Sartomer's acrylate and methacrylate monomer lines includes monofunctional, difunctional, trifunctional and higher functionality products. Sartomer also offers a wide variety of ethoxylated and propoxylated monomers that offer higher molecular weights for lower skin irritation, better... Read More
  • Acrylic Sheet By Plastic Stockist

    Acrylic is an ideal replacement for glass, and Plastic Stockists offer a varied selection of clear, coloured, fluorescent and frost acrylic sheets. The colour and look of their acrylic is brilliant and eye-catching it is an ideal material for anyone working in construction that has a bit of... Read More
  • ACRYLITE® LED By Evonik Cyro

    Specialty molding compounds for efficient lighting engineering applications in combination with LEDs. There is a choice of products either for edge lighting with maximum transmission or for backlighting to eliminate disturbing hot spots. For Edge Lighting Components made from the molding... Read More

    Properties *High adsorption speed capacity *Good efficiency towards pesticides and odors *Possible adaptation to condition of use. *High voluminal adsorption capacity *Regenerable *Low mineral content Specification: Specifications︰ ITEM ACFC1750 ACFC1500 ACFC1100... Read More

    Type:activated carbon fibre with PP spun filter Feature: *high efficiency to eliminate odors and chemicals *easy to process toany shape Specifications︰ Specification: Filtration:0.5~10 micron Working pressure:0.4 Mpa max Working teperature:-29~90 Cellius degress Water... Read More

    High adsorption speed capacity *Good efficiency towards pesticides and odors *Possible adaptation to condition of use. *High voluminal adsorption capacity *Regenerable *Low mineral content Specifications︰ Size: thickness: 0.3,0.5 1.0,1.5,2.5,3,4,--8mm Width:... Read More

    *High adsorption speed capacity *Good efficiency towards pesticides and odors *Possible adaptation to condition of use. *High voluminal adsorption capacity *Regenerable *Low mineral content Specifications︰ Materials: Activated carbon fibre ITEM ACF 1100 BET:square... Read More

    Type: Polyester-Activated Carbon Feature: *good strength *good flexility *good durability Specifications︰ Specification Activated carbon content:35~55% Toluene adsorption:25~36% Advantages︰ Application: Air purifier Air condition unit Air fans Read More
  • Ad*Star Block Bottom Valve Bags By Lincon Polymers Pvt. Ltd -USA

    Ad*Star Block Bottom Valve bags - Block Bottom Bags are manufactured with Top Valve with self-closure, which helps fast and easy filling. We have a installed capacity of 4 million bags permonth. These bags are available in Milky White / Natural Color or Any other Colors as per. Read More
  • Adchem Flashing Tapes By Adchem Corporation

    Our NextFLASHTM and DrainFLASHTM are self-adhered, waterproof flashing products for flashing doors, windows and other openings of the building envelope designed and manufactured with new sealant compatible, clean, neat, materials offering new levels of protection from water, mold, mildew and... Read More
  • Adchem's Adhesive Carrier Types By Adchem Corporation

    Carrier is a means of supporting and separating adhesive coatings. Also known as the web or backing. The carrier provides some additional strength and stability for handling during assembly of parts. It also facilitates secondary operations such as slitting & die cutting. Carrier Types include... Read More
  • Additive Concentrates By Color Master Inc.

    Additive Concentrates Color Master also has available a complete line of foamable endothermic and exothermic concentrates for structural foam and for the elimination of sinks in injection molding. Read More
  • Additive Manufacturing By Diversified Plastics, Inc.

    Acceleration Station services, from Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI), produce high-quality plastic parts faster. These services, including Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) additive manufacturing, deliver production and prototype parts in days, not weeks without tooling. Carbon DLS is 100... Read More
  • Additive Masterbatch By Burgess Colours

    Burgess Colours offer a large range of additive masterbatch products at affordable prices: Anti-Static, UV-Stabilisers, Slip Additives & Dispersion Additives. Read More
  • Additive Masterbatch By Colloids Limited

    Colloids supply a comprehensive range of Additive Masterbatch products that are used extensively throughout the thermoplastics industry. We have a selection of standard additive masterbatches available from stock. The standard range includes but is not limited to: Antiblock – prevents films... Read More
  • Additives By Clariant Corporation

    Clariant’s Business Unit Additives is a major supplier of products for functional effects in plastics, coatings and printing inks. Our non-halogenated flame retardants provide environmentally compatible protection for buildings, electric and electronic equipment as well as textiles and other... Read More
  • Additives By Vertellus LLC

    Vertellus manufactures several materials which are used at small usage or additive levels in the formulation of certain classes of products to improve performance. Alkyl succinic anhydrides are the bigger class of additives and are used as corrosion inhibitors in lubricants and metal working... Read More
  • Additives for Thermoplastics By REPI

    IMPROVING THE PROCESS PERFORMANCE REPI process aid additives help improve the customer’s process efficiency by allowing for fewer scraps, lower energy consumption and higher machine productivity. The result is an overall economic cost savings and therefore a more competitive final... Read More
  • Adhesion and Flow Molds By Benz

    The mold must produce an imperfection free sample of uniform specified thickness. The die must cut a specimen for testing that will be the specified shape within dimensional tolerances (including thickness) as indicated for the test in question. Dies can be supplied with mallet handle for... Read More
  • Adhesive and Construction Applications By Palmer Holland, Inc.

    Pace® and Plyamul® VA Homopolymers, Elvace® VAE Copolymer Emulsions and Redispersible Powders, Acryltac® All-Acrylic Emulsions, Styrene Acrylic and Styrene Butadiene Emulsions, Synthetic Polymers for Adhesive and Construction Applications. Elvace® VAE copolymers Elvace® and Plyamul® vinyl... Read More
  • Advance Hot Runner By EPS FloTek, Moldex3D

    Model the full Hot Runner Manifold including conductive and non-conductive material to identify flow conditions - Identify Hot or Cold Spots - Identify Excessive Shear Heat that can Imbalance Flow - Optimize Channel Design - Optimize Heater Design - Reduce Cycle Time - Improve Energy... Read More
  • Advanced Applications By Stratasys

    Quick turnaround. Low-volume customized parts. Complex components and geometries that are impossible to machine. With Stratasys technology and expertise, you can meet these manufacturing challenges and more. From prototypes with living hinges to quick production of curved, hollow composite... Read More
  • Advanced Plastic Engineering & Injection Molding Production Support By Plastikos , Inc.

    Our degreed engineering staff at Plastikos & Micro Mold has a solid foundation in tooling and plastic rheology. We are always looking for ways to maximize part improvements through redesign. Our engineers do not wait for the customer to drive the process; we routinely recommend solutions that... Read More
  • Advanced Plastic Engineering Injection Molding Production Support By Micro Mold Co

    Our degreed engineering staff at Plastikos & Micro Mold has a solid foundation in tooling and plastic rheology. We are always looking for ways to maximize part improvements through redesign. Our engineers do not wait for the customer to drive the process; we routinely recommend solutions that... Read More
  • Advanced Polymer Processing Lab and Injection Molding Services By Beaumont Technologies, Inc.

    Beaumont's new ISO/ASTM Molding Cell offers the highest standards of mold and part testing available in the industry. Using top-of-the-line Sodick-Plustech molding machines, our tests are conducted in a "clean room" setting to ensure accuracy. We also offer a wide range of molding services... Read More
  • ADVERA® By Potters Industries LLC

    More recently, PQ introduced a new line of ADVERA® specialty zeolite products designed to meet changing and increasingly sophisticated market demands. ADVERA® specialty zeolites are used in a variety of applications in which zeolites provide molecular sieving, adsorption, separation, ion... Read More
  • Aero 40 By Cold Jet

    The new Aero Series quite simply changes the game of dry ice cleaning. The Aero 40 also employs components of Cold Jet's patented SureFlow System design which allows you to use a full load without worrying about clogging. Couple that with automated hopper agitation, Super Multilayer... Read More
  • Aero 40 HP By Cold Jet

    The new Aero Series quite simply changes the game of dry ice cleaning. The Aero 40 HP also employs components of Cold Jet's patented SureFlow System design which allows you to use a full load without worrying about clogging. Couple that with automated hopper agitation, Super Multilayer... Read More
  • Aero 80 By Cold Jet

    Cold Jet innovation offers powerful, environmentally responsible dry ice blast cleaning solutions that reduce operating cost and improve production quality. Our Aero 80 Series combines superior dry ice delivery with advanced cleaning performance. The new Aero Series quite simply changes the... Read More
  • Aero 80 HP By Cold Jet

    Cold Jet innovation offers powerful, environmentally responsible dry ice blast cleaning solutions that reduce operating cost and improve production quality. Our Aero 80 Series combines superior dry ice delivery with advanced cleaning performance. The new Aero Series quite simply changes the... Read More
  • Aero C100 By Cold Jet

    The new Aero C100 Pneumatic is the most powerful and efficient pneumatic dry ice blasting machine ever. With cleaning performance that's twice as fast as other pneumatics, and a pulse-free stream that cleans uniformly on every pass, the C100 is like no pneumatic machine you've seen before. It... Read More
  • Aero V By Cold Jet

    This lightweight, compact, single-hose low pressure, electric dry ice blast cleaning system utilizes dry ice pellets in a patented aerodynamic rotor which assure high reliability and smooth pulse-free dry ice blast flow at blast pressures up to 140 psi (9.7 bar). The Aero V dry ice blasting... Read More
  • Aftercoolers By Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC

    The infrared heating technology we use in our pipe Belling Machines has dramatically decreased the time it takes to bell PVC pipe but has introduced a greater need to cool pipe more quickly to keep up with increased line speeds. Our innovative aftercoolers provide an efficient solution for... Read More
  • Ag & Turf Equipment Components By Agri-Industrial Plastics Company

    We make plastic components for some of the world’s largest brands in agricultural and turf equipment manufacturing. Read More
  • Agape Plastic Communion Cups By Bentonville Plastics, Inc.

    Plastic Communion Cups, disposable, clear. 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" 1000/box Clear Plastics 20 Sleeves of 50 cups Read More
  • Agitator Hopper By National Bulk Equipment Inc.

    NBE agitator hopper units are designed to ensure consistent, reliable flow of non free-flowing material into downstream conveyance or processing equipment. NBE agitator hoppers use a combination of design features; such as a full-length discharge trough, and continuous sweep arms, to condition... Read More
  • Agriculture By Colloids Limited

    In today's highly competitive agricultural market Colloids understands the need to provide high performance, cost effective formulations. We continually work with our customers to produce a fully optimised, market-driven product range. We have a wide range of masterbatches designed for use in... Read More
  • Agriculture Grades By TradePro Inc.

    - Low-density PE (LDPE) - High-density PE (HDPE) - PP (Polypropylene) Read More
  • AGS EOAT Customer Portal By Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

    Complete Product Catalogue - Order with foreign article numbers - Presentation of your prices - CAD Data Download - Weight addition - Availabilty is displayed - Accessories are displayed Read More
  • AH Series By FISA Corporation

    High Resin Flow, Low Sheer Stress The resin flow through the gate area is smoother, reducing molecular pressure and fragmentation of the resin, therefore, reducing sheer stress. Preventing the Backflow of Resin The piston is a specially shaped design which seals the gate precisely and prevents... Read More
  • Air Cooled Chillers By Cold Shot Chillers

    Air cooled chillers absorb heat from process water, and the heat is then transferred to the air around the chiller unit. This type of chiller system is generally used in applications where the additional heat it discharges is not a factor. In fact, it's often practical to use the excess heat to... Read More
  • Air Cooling Tables By Custom Downstream Systems Inc. (CDS)

    CDS air tables cool plastic profiles by means of adjustable air blowers and nozzles. The tables are solidly constructed and can be easily positioned to match the height of the extruder and downstream line. Ideally suited for thin, light-weight profiles, such as window coverings. Adjustable air... Read More
  • Air Gate Cutting modules By CGS Automation Inc

    Air Gate Cutting modules are also providing by CGS Automation Inc. Because CGS has wide range air nippers for you can choose from round, square, slide, hand-held types. That's why CGS can meet your need for your projects. No matter how,from nipper body to nipper blade. We are an one-stop shop... Read More
  • Air Handling Equipment By Federal Equipment Company

    An air handler, or air handling unit (often abbreviated to AHU), is a device used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. An air handling unit is usually a large metal box containing a blower, heating or cooling element, filter racks... Read More
  • Air Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow has developed a line of process air heaters that offer performance and versatility in medium to low temperature applications. This rugged and reliable line of heaters efficiently conducts heat. Read More
  • Air Nippers By ACY Corporation

    ACY have wide range of air nippers for you choose from round, square, slide and hand-held type of model. Of course, our nipper blades also have standard types from 0 to 90 degree. In the meantime, also providing special blade like offset, reversed offset types. You can choose what you... Read More
  • Air Nippers By FIPA Inc.

    End-of-arm tooling products from FIPA include its extensive selection of manual and automatic air nippers and nipper attachments. These are imperative for pinching-off plastic gates during and after injection molding. Read More
  • Air Quality Meters By PCE Instruments

    At PCE Instruments, you will find professional air quality meters to help you meet industry standards and safety regulations. Air quality meters are used to detect and measure levels of humidity, methane, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and other gases. Read More
  • Air Rings By Addex Inc.

    Addex, Inc. is a leading blown film extrusion equipment supplier of patented, highest-output cooling air rings, automatic and manual gauge controls, and the Quick-Change Digital IBC control system. Addex has taken air ring technology to a new level by integrating Intensive Cooling technology... Read More
  • Air Rings By Brampton Engineering Inc

    The Eliminator Dual Lip Air Ring combines versatility, ease of operation and improved throughput and film qualities. Read More
  • Airlock - Double Dump By Gemco Valve Co.

    Gemco Airlocks are designed to control the flow of material between two atmospheres or pressures. They typically consist of two standard Type T Valves connected by an intermediate chamber and are often used instead of rotary feeders, which are prone to high maintenance and leakage of material... Read More
  • AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System By Plastixs

    The AIRTECT Plastic Leak Detection System is a unique device which gives protection against plastic leak damage, either within a hot runner mold or at the machine injection nozzle. It is an excellent early warning device to help prevent catastrophic damage in molding operations. All hot runner... Read More
  • AirWash System By Kongskilde Industries

    With higher resin prices of raw material combined with the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, Kongskilde has introduced the AirWash system. The Kongskilde AirWash system provides powerful cleaning and conveying of regrind all in one step. Read More
  • AIS accumulation systems By AIS Container Handling

    Along with accumulating conveyors, AIS offers a variety of accumulating systems. These systems, such as an inline, bi-directional or rotary accumulation table are used to even out production line rates, prevent downstream buildup and remove product for pack-off. The AIS accumualtion table is... Read More
  • AIS auto bagger By AIS Container Handling

    Save valuable production floor space with the AIS fully automatic bagger featuring the most compact design in the industry. Available with single, rear, side-load or dual in-feed configurations, the auto bagger securely packs and seals round, square or rectangular plastic bottles and... Read More
  • AIS cable conveyor By AIS Container Handling

    AIS offers complete engineered and installed cable conveyor systems in a variety of different heights and widths. Used extensively by plastic container manufacturers, cable conveyor is a very affordable solution for transporting bottles and containers over long distances. Lightweight and... Read More
  • AIS flame treater By AIS Container Handling

    Making sure labels stay on plastic bottles and containers during shelf life is very important to brand identity and image. This can be tricky because newly manufactured bottles and containers often have poor adhesion to the inks and glues in screen printed, plastic and paper labels. To... Read More
  • AIS inline bottle leak detector By AIS Container Handling

    A complete package in either a single-, double- or triple-station model, the AIS inline bottle leak detector includes a microprocessor, adjustable strand and strand conveyor. Easy to operate, the bottle leak tester allows you to set the fill value, PSI and inspection time for each application... Read More
  • AIS manual bulk depalletizer By AIS Container Handling

    Efficient and affordable, the AIS manual bulk depalletizer accelerates manual unloading of empty plastic bottles and containers. User friendly operator controls for lowering, raising and discharging product reduce labor and increase productivity. Adjustable lower limit stops allow for the... Read More
  • AIS manual palletizer By AIS Container Handling

    Affordable and efficient, the AIS manual palletizer makes pallet loading of empty plastic bottles and containers easier than ever. Simple and efficient in design, the system offers labor saving and easily accessible manual controls for raising, lowering and pallet forming. Optional banding... Read More
  • AIS modular conveyor By AIS Container Handling

    The FlexMove modular conveyor system from AIS is an exciting enhancement in cost-effective, multi-flexing modular conveyor systems. It gives you practically unlimited application options. A lightweight yet robust system, Flexmove uses side-flexing plastic chain and glide strips to support and... Read More
  • AIS rotary bottle leak detector By AIS Container Handling

    When you want speed, combined with full adjustability for testing a variety of different container shapes and sizes, choose the AIS rotary leak detector. Available in multiple configurations with hole detection as small as .010 inches and testing speeds up to 600 containers per minute, the... Read More
  • AIS spin trimmer By AIS Container Handling

    Built with safety and durability in mind, the AIS spin trimmer is a cost-effective and efficient dome trimming system for blow molded plastic bottles and containers. Heated blade technology ensures debris free trimming for a high quality bottle neck finish. Quick change blade, height and... Read More
  • AIS table top conveyor By AIS Container Handling

    A variety of industries rely on AIS table top conveyor to quickly transport, divert, accumulate and merge plastic bottles and containers throughout production, from the time they’re formed, through filling, warehousing and shipping. Applications include food and beverage, dairy, blow molding,... Read More
  • AKcent Post Mount Co-Extruders - Full Tilt with "T" Base By American Kuhne

    AKcent post mount full tilt extruders range from 0.075" to 1.75" diameter, any L/D. These AKcent extruders are mounted on a tall post with a "T" shaped tripod base. The tall post enables the barrel to fully tilt from horizontal to vertical for flexible co-extrusion installations. The unique "T"... Read More
  • Akulon® polyamide 6 By DSM Engineering Plastics

    Akulon® is a high-performance engineering plastic that represents the best value in all-purpose engineering materials for a wide range of applications. Read More
  • AL400COMP Plasma System By Plasmatech, inc

    AL400COMP LOW PRESSURE GAS PLASMA SYSTEM WITH ALL-IN-ONE COMPACT CABINETRY Typical Applications • Modification/functionalization of polymers • Ultra-pure cleaning of ceramic, metal or glass . Removing carbon residual • Treating catheters, balloons prior to printing or bonding •... Read More
  • Alfagomma® CT601AA 150 PSI Corrugated Oil Rigger & Oil Field-Frack Tank Hose By Kuriyama of America

    Alfagomma® CT601AA 150 PSI Corrugated Oil Rigger & Oil Field-Frack Tank Hose, is made using a Black Nitrile-PVC blend, limited oil resistance (for oil field use) tube. It is reinforced with high tensile textile cords and highly flexible steel helix wires. The cover is made using a black... Read More
  • Alfagomma® ST6D2AA 400 PSI Oil Rigger / Frack Discharge Hose with SUPERTUFF Cover By Kuriyama of America

    Alfagomma® ST6D2AA 400 PSI Oil Rigger / Frack Discharge hose, with SUPERTUFF cover, is available in a 4" ID size and has a black synthetic elastomer tube. It is made with high tensile textile cord reinforcement and features a black SUPERTUFF cover which is abrasion, oil and ozone resistant.... Read More
  • Algae-based bioplastic By Algix LLC

    The Solaplast brand of renewable resins offer a wide variety of formulations using both durable and compostable base resins to meet the application needs of our customers. Solaplast works with our customers to perfect the formulation for use in injection molding, sheet extrusion, blown film and... Read More
  • Alignment Locks By Choice Mold Components, Inc.

    Choice Mold Components offers a variety of alignment locks including Side Locks offered in US Inch and Metric, Top Locks, Multi-Plate Locks, Shuttle Mold Locks, Round and Rectangular Tapered Interlocks. Side Locks are interchangeable with PCS "PA" Series or Progressive "SL" and "SLM"Series.... Read More
  • Alio By Rotuba

    Alio is a modern, eco-friendly home or mobile air care solution dedicated to neutralizing unwanted odors and freshening the air around you without the use of oils or flames. Alio is as a powerful combination of odor elimination and fragrance that makes Scents. Alio products don’t mask odors,... Read More
  • Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers By Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers

    The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR) was formed in July of 1991, uniting more than 80 companies in the expanded polystyrene (EPS) industry. AFPR is continuously creating awareness about EPS and EPS recycling, producing informative materials, reports and presentations for all... Read More
  • Alpha Compact By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Marathon’s line of compact blown film lines can be used in a laboratory setting for product research and development or in small production environments for small tubing. Alpha’s compact blown film lines are typically configured in a unitized base keeping all elements on one common... Read More
  • Alpha Direct By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Direct cast production lines deliver both performance and flexibility, producing a high quality end product. Whether for TPU films or vacuum formed rigid or flexible end products Alpha Marathon is able to design a complete line system best suited to your process. Direct extrusion... Read More
  • Alpha Durable By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Durable production lines are capable of producing a multitude of end products dependant on the forming mould design, whether for rigid or flexible applications. Alpha’s direct extrusion design delivers resin to end product in a one step process designed to provide optimal efficiency and... Read More
  • Alpha Energy By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    EVA encapsulation films are intended to have a very simple function, they are to protect the solar panel electrode. This is accomplished by encapsulating the very fragile electrode top and bottom (surrounding) with a film that is fused to the electrode with heat and pressure. The traditional... Read More
  • Alpha Geo - Agriculture Blown Film Line By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Marathon has developed, designed and produced numerous mono and co-ex blown film lines for agricultural, construction and geo membrane applications. Alpha provides the technology, experience and equipment to produce textured or smooth finish films. Textured films can be produced with a... Read More
  • Alpha Glacier By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Glacier'sTM innovation is based on a water cooling system that provides a cost-effective solution and delivers an improved finished product. This system features a downward water cooled blown film line that is well-suited for those seeking a high output co-extrusion line. With Alpha... Read More
  • Alpha Line - Blown Film Line By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Marathon recognises the intricacies associated with each product line whether the final product is for high barrier medical or food packaging, double bubble film lines, geo membrane films, agricultural films or commodity films. This is precisely why Alpha Marathon engineers, designs and... Read More
  • Alpha Plus By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Better shrinkage, stiffness, transparency, seal ability, and barrier properties. For Barrier Shrink Film Applications Available in 3-5-7 or 9 layers Co Ex Film in PVdC, EVOH or POLYAMIDE, the tubing is primarily used for Shrink bag to package Cheese, Fish or Meat. Available in widths up to... Read More
  • Alpha Pure By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    For the production of high barrier medical films and food film applications Alpha Marathon offers our Alpha Pure high performance blown film lines. Alpha Pure lines are designed and manufactured to meet FDA guidelines, clean room and controlled environment standards for food and medical... Read More
  • Alpha Rigid By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    ALPHA MARATHON has expanded its plastic extrusion business offering by introducing the “ALPHA RIGID” sheet line. It is a Multi Layer sheet extrusion process to manufacture a polypropylene RIGID SHEET BOARD, utilising air bubble technology as the core layer. Alpha Marathon’s long history and... Read More
  • Alpha Stretch By Alpha Marathon Film Extrusion Technologies Inc.

    Alpha Marathon can provide a multi layer blown or cast stretch film line designed to optimise stretch film properties such as break strength, cling, clarity, tear resistance, static discharge, etc. High speed applications of over 1000 meters/minute provide high production yields while... Read More
  • Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT) By SINGLE Temperature Controls, Inc

    Customers with exacting requirements regarding a high optical and surface quality of injection molded components benefit from SINGLE’s Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT) system. ATT is a complete system for particularly efficient variotherm liquid-operated temperature control of injection... Read More
  • Aluminium Composite Sheets By Bay Plastics Ltd

    Aluminium composite sheets from Bay Plastics are a brilliant if you need to make a sign that will really catch a customer’s eye. Composite sheets offer a bespoke shape and contouring that will really make your sign stand out. It combines two materials: polythene and an aluminium polyester varnish. Read More
  • Aluminum Elbow Couplers By Kuriyama of America

    Aluminum Elbow Coupler x Adapter 45 Degree are available in ID sizes 2", 3", 4" and 6", Aluminum Elbow Coupler x Adapter 90 Degree are available in 1 ½", 2", 3", 4’ and 6", Aluminum Elbow Coupler x Hose Shank 90 Degree are available in ID sizes 1 ½", 2", 3", 4" and 6", Aluminum Elbow Coupler x... Read More
  • Aluminum Swing Arm Assemblies By Adrian Tool Corp.

    We manufacture and supply the best Aluminum Swing Arm Assembly in the business. All of our swing arms and cylinder linkage parts are machined from solid aluminum and then anodized. Our lightweight aluminum design allows you to eliminate approximately half the weight of the original steel type... Read More
  • Amides By Struktol Company of America, LLC

    TR 121 - Primary oleamide used as a slip agent in polyolefins. Its uniform bloom makes it a valuable flow and release agent in thermoplastics and thermoset elastomers. TR 131 - Erucic acid amide used as a higher temperature slip agent. Its slower migration rate is beneficial for printing... Read More
  • Analytical and Testing Equipment By Integrated Design Systems Inc.

    The analytical and test equipment market is comprised of many companies with highly specialized technologies in all the sciences. These companies are faced with the same challenges of introducing their unique highly sophisticated and expensive product within a narrow highly competitive market. A... Read More
  • Analytical Equipment By BBF Technologies

    In many industrial and semiconductor production facilities, the analysis of process chemicals is very important. You may have the need to measure the particles in slurry or to verify the PH levels in the waste water. There are many manufacturers of highly sophisticated sensing equipment that... Read More
  • Analytical Lab By Aspen Research Corporation

    Check out Aspen’s Analytical Lab Services and Specialties: - Extractables and Leachables - Materials Characterization - Testing Method Capabilities - Food Contact and Migration - Laboratory Equipment - Litigation Support Read More
  • Ancillary Equipment By Kennametal Conforma Clad

    Protect your ancillary extrusion equipment from severe wear with Conforma Clad. Our clad equipment lasts longer and sustains maximum performance levels by maintaining critical component geometries. Common Conforma Clad Ancillary Equipment: Homogenizer Plates Non-Return Valves... Read More
  • Annual Book of ASTM Standards-Section 8 (Plastics) By ASTM International

    A four volume set (can be purchased individually or as an entire section in print, CD-Rom or online access); contains over 475 standards covering all aspects important to the effective utilization of plastics, including specimen preparation, material specifications and methodologies for... Read More
  • Anti Yellow Additives for thermoplastics By REPI

    The use of recycled PET for the production of preforms and sheets is increasing and taking an ever larger share of the market. REMAP Anti Yellow (AY) additives increase R-PET aesthetics, restoring the look of virgin material. KEY FEATURES • Reduce the yellow index (b value of CIELab... Read More
  • Anti-Counterfeit Taggant Masterbatch Concentrates By Microtrace, LLC

    The Microtrace taggants can be supplied in a ready to use masterbatch concentrate per your specification in the type and color of resin required. Read More
  • Antimicrobials By Phoenix Plastics L.P.

    Offerings include: Gaia AB 504 Powder Gaia AB 505 Pellet Gaia Byoprotec Liquid Read More
  • Antimony Trioxide CAS# 1309-64-4 By ChemCeed LLC

    The main application for Antimony Trioxide is use as Flame Retardant. In addition, Antimony Trioxide can be used as an opacifying agent for glasses, ceramics and enamels and in it can be found in specialty pigments. Antimony trioxide can also be used as a catalyst in the formation of... Read More
  • Anti-Slip Steps, Stair Treads & Step Covers By Comoldco Corporation

    Slip and Fall Protection for Occupational Safety ComposiGrip Anti-Slip Safety Steps, Anti-Slip Stair Treads and Anti-Slip Step Covers; Dock Boards; Deck Boards and Ramp Strips Replace Worn Steps - or Resurface Old Steps Available in 42" (106.7cm) and 48" (121.9cm) lengths Colors: Grey, Beige... Read More
  • Anti-Static Bags By Multi-Pak USA Inc.

    Our pink anti-static bags are highly durable and are ideal for storing static-sensitive electronics. These translucent bags allow for easy identification of contents and protect against dust and moisture. Order plain, or we can custom print with your logo. • Pink tint for easy identification... Read More
  • ANU-ACE-S06- Automatic Carton Erector By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    Anubis Automatic Carton Erectors are a lightweight End-of-Arm Tools designed to work with either collaborative or non collaborative robots to pick and open flat cartons, while holding the carton securely for conveyor placement. Available in 4 variation, including models with or without on-board... Read More
  • ANU-ASG-009-Active Surface Gripper By Anubis 3D Industrial Solutions Inc.

    Anubis Active Surface Grippers are multi-zone end of arm tools that provide the ultimate solution for your Palletizing and De-palletizing needs. The unique active 6 and 9 zone configurations provide countless pick and place possibilities. -Each zone incorporates its own pneumatic vacuum... Read More
  • APET Plastic Extrusion By Advanced Extrusion Inc.

    Our APET films are widely used for packaging consumer goods, electrical accessories, and medical products. In packaging applications, our custom APET films act as excellent barriers to acids and strong oxidizers. Available in thicknesses ranging from 0.008” to 0.080”, the APET films also exhibit... Read More
  • Apex Series Crank Type High-Speed Precision Press By ING YU Precision Industries

    4 Point Crank Support & Hydro-Dynamic Bushing Apex 30~60, bearings are applied both at supporting & connection.The clearance is smaller and B.D.C is more accurate. Apex 80~220, Hydro-dynamic bushings can stand with thrust and decrease friction area. It can suppress heat expansion to prevent the... Read More
  • Apex Series Knuckle Type High-Speed Precision Press By ING YU Precision Industries

    2-Set Frame of Cast Iron Ensure Verticality The guiding holes are cast at bed and machined at the same time. Guiding System of Slide & Hydro-Static Bushings Dual plungers bear up more upward eccentric load during stamping. Hydro-static bushings can stand with higher thrust, decrease friction... Read More
  • Apparel Tag Printing By Inkcups

    Tag printing - also known as "inkcup printing" and "label-free printing" - is perhaps one of the hottest trends in apparel manufacturing and promotional apparel industry today. Apparel manufacturers started looking for alternatives to sew-in t-shirt labels and garment tags several years ago,... Read More
  • applicance mold By Intertech Machinery Inc.

    - Customer design service. - Prototyping. - Mold making. - Manufacturing process control. - Mold flow analysis service available ! - Reverse engineering. - Customer molding & assembly. - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow, LKM, Yudo systemetc) 100%... Read More
  • Application Examples By ZAHORANSKY USA

    As a full-range supplier, ZAHORANSKY develops injection molding tools, automatization solutions, packaging machines, and tufting and trimming machines for every application; no matter how strange they might seem. Always with passion, meeting the most discerning demands. Household -Carwash... Read More

    High precision, rigid and portable desktop CNC milling machine for metals. The APSX Spyder can mill aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, delrin, wood and plastics with high precision. The 4th axis is available as an option. Read More

    APSX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe is an affordable CNC type lathe that can machine ALUMINUM, STAINLESS STEEL, TITANIUM (Grade 5), BRONZE, BRASS, DELRIN (ACETAL), and other material with high precision. It is a complete, ready-to-run, and affordable CNC lathe that includes the embedded PC, keyboard,... Read More
  • APSX-PIM Injection Molding Machine By APSX LLC

    The APSX-PIM is an automatic plastic injection molding machine that makes injection molding affordable and easy. It is a Heavy Duty machine for continuous or single cycle plastic part production. Read More
  • APSX-PIM Injection Molding Machine By APSX LLC

    The APSX-PIM is an automatic plastic injection molding machine that makes injection molding affordable and easy. It is a Heavy Duty machine for continuous or single cycle plastic part production. Read More
  • AquaFilm® By MonoSol LLC

    You work hard to make the world a healthier place. Our job is to keep you healthy, too. Healthcare personnel are at constant risk of infection. Handling soiled materials increases this risk through direct contact and airborne particles. MonoSol’s AquaFilm laundry bags are a safe and... Read More
  • Aquaflame Acrylic Flame Polishing system By Abbeon Cal Inc.

    Safe & Efficient Acrylic Flame Polishing without gas cylinder storage. A reliable, safe-operating solution for your acrylic edge polishing or micro-welding needs. The Aquaflame Systems 500, 800 and 1200 systems produce hydrogen and oxygen by the electrolysis of deionized water, in the ratio such... Read More
  • Aquamid By Aquafil USA Plastics

    The Aquamid product line is based on prime Nylon 6 and 66 resin. These compounds have been engineered for high performance requirements and routine applications. We have over 30 different commercially available grades to choose from with advanced attributes such as: fast cycling & good flow... Read More
  • AquaPro™ Multi-Layer Acrylic/ABS Sheet By Spartech

    The AquaPro™ product line features a uniquely engineered multi-layer thermoplastic composite sheet combining the appearance, chemical and weather resistance of specially formulated acrylic resins with the stiffness, impact strength and thermoforming characteristics of ABS. The outstanding... Read More
  • Aquarel By Aquafil USA Plastics

    Color concentrates based on our XB Technology. Read More
  • Arbour Cutting Press By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The handle operated manual Arbour Press is used in conjunction with cutting dies to produce testing samples. An optional cutting die adaptor can be used when using the Arbour Press with the Tool Steel cutting dies for fast and repetitious sample preparation. Read More
  • Arc Mate By FANUC UK Limited

    The Arc Mate series offers 6-axes Robots dedicated to welding applications with payloads ranging up to 20kg and reaches from 951mm to 2009mm.The Arc Mate robots are suitable for tig, mig, mag, wig and laser welding applications. Read More
  • ARCbio Family of Products By Aspen Research Corporation

    Bio-based replacements for petroleum-based polymers used in food packaging, print and signage, home health care and medical products. Read More
  • Architectural Fiberglass By EDON Composites LLC

    EDON's constant development of prefabricated non-structural architectural building components for remodeling and new structure installations creates enhancement that's both permanent and maintenance free. And because EDON Corporation creates for specifics, it's done right the first time…and... Read More
  • ArgoBond® Glass Lamination Films By SWM INTL

    Glass laminators and specifiers of impact- and bullet-resistant glass around the world, both commercial and military, know that the highest quality standards are found in the aerospace industry. Which is why 90% of all TPU-bonded aircraft canopies and windows are laminated using SWM (formerly... Read More
  • ArgoGraph® Graphic Print & Overlaminate Films By SWM INTL

    SWM (formerly Argotec LLC) ArgoGraph® Polyurethane Graphic Films System employs the same proprietary, lubricant-free aliphatic TPU resin technology used in our highly successful ArgoGuard® automotive paint protection films. ArgoGraph-White TPU print media and ArgoGraph-Clear TPU overlaminate... Read More
  • ArgoGuard® Paint & Surface Protection Films By SWM INTL

    SWM (formerly Argotec LLC) is a leading extruder of advanced uncoated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) paint & surface protection films for the global automotive aftermarket. Adhesive coaters, automotive engineers, appliance designers & electronic display manufacturers around the world look to... Read More
  • ArgoMed® Polyurethane Medical Films By SWM INTL

    SWM (formerly Argotec LLC) ArgoMed® thermoplastic polyurethane film & sheet are used in barrier and inflatable medical applications. Available in thicknesses of 0.6-125 mils and widths up to 86 inches, ArgoMed films can be extruded on paper, polyester or polyethylene carriers for ease of... Read More
  • ArgoThane® Specialty Films By SWM INTL

    SWM (formerly Argotec LLC) is a leading global supplier of custom-engineered, high-performance, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet for a wide variety of critical uses where vinyl and other polymer films cannot meet the physical requirements of the application. SWM has extensive... Read More
  • arium® Lab Water Systems By Sartorius Corporation

    arium® water purification systems cover any application, ensuring cost-effective water usage and efficient operation. The arium® system meets, and exceeds, ASTM Type I specifications. Moreover, it provides extremely low TOC levels, which are constantly checked by an optionally integrated TOC... Read More
  • Arlex® By American Falcon, Inc

    Arlex® is pure all yellow para-aramid fibre. Please email for a MDS, MSDS, SDS. Read More
  • Arnitel® By DSM Engineering Plastics

    Arnitel® is a high-performance ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) that offers you a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength - plus excellent processing characteristics. In industries ranging from automotive to E&E, Arnitel is increasingly being as a lighter,... Read More
  • ARTEC Cutter-Compactor By Artec Machinery GmbH

    Operating principle: In the cutter-compactor, the incoming material is cut up and heated to just below the agglomeration point by frictional heat. Residual moisture evaporates and is extracted with a vacuum. This allows material with high residual moisture to be processed without pre-drying.... Read More
  • ARTEC Degassing By Artec Machinery GmbH

    Operating principle: The ARTEC modular system allows the extrusion unit to be expanded with one or more degassing zones. These decompress the pressurized, already fully melted material while extracting gaseous components (e.g. printing inks) from the melt by means of a vacuum. - Single or... Read More
  • ARTEC Extruder By Artec Machinery GmbH

    Operating principle: The precompacted material is gently melted in the extruder, degassed (optional), and filtered; then either pelletized or processed further as a melt. - Extruder unit with cooled intake zone for optimal screw filling - Advanced screw geometry for higher energy efficiency -... Read More
  • ARTEC Feeding By Artec Machinery GmbH

    Operating principle: The material feeding is fully automatic based on how full the cutter-compactor is. Material feeding via: - Belt conveyor with metal detector - Reel feeder - Silo feeding - Conveyor belt with enclosed drum motor, controlled based on the load of the cutter-compactor motor -... Read More
  • ARTEC Filtration By Artec Machinery GmbH

    Operating principle: The requirements on the filter technology depend heavily on the quality of the input material as well as the planned use of the granulate. Double- and multiple-piston screen changer systems for changing the filter screen with no interruption of production and minimal... Read More
  • ARTEC Modul Series By Artec Machinery GmbH

    The ARTEC modular design breaks new ground in plastic recycling systems. An optimal system configuration is assembled based on the type and character of the raw material to ensure the highest possible output. Individually and precisely adapted to the customer requirements, the various machine... Read More
  • ARTEC Pelletizing By Artec Machinery GmbH

    Operating principle: Hot die face pelletizing: Self-adjusting pelletizing head for the best granulate quality and long uptime thanks to consistently correct knife pressure. Flexible cooling water channel for efficient granulate cooling and conveyance. Gentle water removal and drying of the... Read More
  • Ask John - Free Technical Assistance By Monmouth Rubber & Plastics Corp.

    "Ask John" is Monmouth's global technical support service. It's free and it brings real value to your company. It provides Monmouth's customers and visitors with a 24/7 Technical Library, at no cost. It also provides free comprehensive technical libraries - the most comprehensive in the... Read More
  • Aspirator Guns By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Aspirators / String Up / Doffing Guns & Static Suction Units. Twisting & Non Twisting Suction applications for POY, LOY, FDY, BCF, Tape Yarns, Staple Fiber, fibrillated tapes, monofilaments, texturisers, draw winders, crimpers, etc. Frankl & Thomas is your one-stop shop for Aspirator Guns. Read More
  • Assembly By Falcon Plastics

    Falcon Plastics offers manual, semi-automated, and fully automated work cells, meeting your varying needs. We have the capabilities to utilize smart work cells, which include process monitoring systems, automated in-line quality tests, and robotic acceptance or rejections systems in our... Read More
  • Assembly and Packaging By Airmate Company

    To better service our customers, Airmate Company offers turn-key assembly and packaging services. Our shrink wrap machine, one of many machines used in this process. Whether your need is for production assembly or final retail assembly prior to packaging, Airmate has staff and facilities... Read More
  • Assembly and Secondary Operations By Steinwall Inc.

    Steinwall offers a full line of finishing services: Secondary Operations •Drilling •Tapping •Sonic Welding •Hot Stamping •Assembly •Packaging •Warehousing/Distribution •Pad Printing Strategic Alliances: •RFI Shielding and Chrome Plating •Painting Read More
  • Assembly of Medical and Non-Medical Components By Accent Plastics Inc.

    ccent Plastics specializes in customizing services to create successes by using forward thinking in our approach to business. We make projects work through vision, effort and experience. -Fast deliveries of high quality complete molds with parts in hand in as little as 20 working days.... Read More
  • Assembly Service By Omega North East Limited

    Omega Plastics offer a bespoke assembly service for those who need help assembling their plastic injection mould tools and parts. Inquire on the website. Read More
  • Assembly services By American Plastic Molding

    APM's "can do" attitude toward value-added service created our Assembly division to better serve our customers. As our customers' needs changed, so did we. Tour our Assembly bay and you'll see widespread implementation of LeanManufacturing principles such as pull-through product flow, minimal... Read More
  • Assembly Services By Bi-Link

    Here too, Bi-Link is highly vertically integrated. Our secondary services encompass everything from laser welding, packaging and pad printing to automation, mechanical assembly and more. Complementing our in-house assembly capability, we use Bi-Link's global footprint to source the best, the... Read More
  • Assembly Systems By Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation

    Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation has creatively designed hundreds of continuous motion, indexing, semi-automated and part placement systems during the past few decades. Our custom automated assembly systems are designed by our highly qualified mechanical and electrical engineers, who have... Read More
  • ASTM / ISO Testing By Flex-Pack Engineering, Inc.

    A2LA Lab Testing Services! ASTM and ISO Testing Services! TAPPI Standard Testing Services! Physical and Analytical Testing Services! We offer a full line of Flexible Packaging Testing Services to meet our customer’s needs. Whether it’s one test or 100 we are here to help. Call today... Read More
  • ASTM Membership-Plastics Committe By ASTM International

    ASTM Committee D20 on Plastics was formed in 1937. D20 meets twice a year in April and November with about 130 members attending three days of technical meetings. The Committee, with a membership of approximately 800, currently has jurisdiction of over 475 standards, published in the Annual Book... Read More
  • Astra Markers By Frankl & Thomas , Inc.

    Astra Water Soluble textile markers are used for marking textile fibers in yarn or fabric production. Read More
  • A-System By Cannon USA Inc

    Cannon’s A-System is specifically suitable for high volume production environments and interfacing with handling equipment such as: carousels, jigs, storage and premix units, robots, loading and unloading groups. BENEFITS - Plug and Play machine - Very precise and repetitive control of... Read More
  • A-system Penta Twin By Cannon USA Inc

    The Penta Twin is especially designed for flammable blowing agents, such as cyclopentane and other hydrocarbons less harmful to the ozone’s layer than the previous CFCs or HFCs. Special modules are also available for retrofitting existing lines. Configuration - Designed for safe use of... Read More
  • Athena - 5 axis CNC By CMS North America Inc.

    CMS North America's Athena machining center delivers high performance and exceptional quality. Utilizing a high performance electrospindle, the Athena system provides outstanding machining speeds for any material. A fully enclosed work envelope offers safe, efficient CNC machining of medium- to... Read More
  • ATI-Quick-Change-Robotic/Automatic Tool Changers By Plastixs

    Quick-Change Automatic Tool Changers provide added flexibility to robot applications by allowing one robot to change end-effectors automatically, such as grippers and vacuum tooling. The Quick-Change products are pneumatically-operated devices consisting of a Master Plate and Tool Plate using a... Read More
  • At-Line Analyzers By NDC Technologies

    NDC has developed Analyzers to meet the need for accurate, rapid at-line moisture and other constituent content analysis of samples taken from the process, and to provide reference values for continuity checking and calibration of on-line sensors. This function is distinct from traditional... Read More
  • Auger Feed Granulator By Hosokawa Polymer Systems

    Hosokawa Polymer Systems’ highly versatile Auger Feed Granulators can be customized for virtually any under-press or beside the press application. Clean, Uniform Granulate – The high shear, Double Angle Cut slicing action produces clean, uniform granulate from thick, thin, rigid or elastomeric... Read More
  • Auracell® By Rotuba

    Auracell® (www.auracell.com ) is a sustainable plastic that’s perfect for nearly any scented product you can imagine. At the heart of Auracell is Cellulose, a material derived from sustainable resources that’s ideally suited to carrying complex scents. Enduring fragrance. This is no ordinary... Read More
  • Auto Clean Batch Blender By TSM Control Systems

    To facilitate the ever increasing demand for quick recipe changes, TSM has developed the auto-clean blender. With the ‘auto-cleaning’ integrated feature it is possible to change from one recipe to another without any cross contamination of materials. It allows for rapid order and colour changes... Read More
  • Auto Screen Belts By Dorstener Wire Tech, Inc.

    Reverse Dutch Weave belts slit to size with rubbed edges. All of our belts meet or exceed OEM requirements. Read More
  • Auto Winders & Coilers By Boston Matthews

    The coiling of extruded tubes, pipes and profiles is an extremely critical area as excessive tension and inaccurate traversing have an adverse effect of the product quality both physically and visually. Boston Matthews' range of coilers and automatic winders ensure that whatever the application... Read More
  • Auto-Box/Tote fill By Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

    Automatic box/tote-fill systems by weight and by piece/cycle count. HFA will customize these systems to your box or tote size, and quantity being filled. They can used beside the press, or in any assembly area off of a feeder-bowl, or other sub-assembly operation. HFA also provides conveyors... Read More
  • Automated 3D Laser Scanner with Open Design By ShapeGrabber

    ShapeGrabber Ai300 and Ai600 These ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanners are automated inspection systems ideal for small to medium, complex-shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important. The open design is provides flexibility for specific situations and the Ai600 system... Read More
  • Automated High-Speed Sheeting Services By CS Hyde Company

    Our high-speed, automated sheeting services can be used on material measuring from .001" to .03" in thickness with a minimum length and width measurement of just three inches. We can maintain tight tolerances on width and length down to (±) 1/16 of an inch. We can also sheet materials that are... Read More
  • Automated Wet Bench By Wafer Process Systems, Inc.

    Wafer Process Systems Inc. Model WPS-FA-RA-300 / 450, Fully-Automated 300MM / 450MM Front and Rear Access Batch Chemical Process System with 300MM and 450MM process capability which incorporates Y/Z Linear Servo Positioning Systems to provide a wide range of movement controls to accommodate... Read More
  • Automatic Closed Loop Color Control By Plastore Inc

    Optimize operator efficiency while ensuring consistent color quality throughout a production run with this PLC-based Closed-Loop Color Control system. The system uses colorimetric data from a in-line color spectrophotometer to control the feeder rate, automatically adjusting material flow to... Read More

    The latest arrival from FB, the EC series, has in just a short time conquered all those markets which are moving more towards automatic coiling. Characterized mainly by being incredibly easy to use, it can guarantee excellent levels of performance for all those applications which do not... Read More

    The DR series represents the ideal compromise between level of performance and automation. In fact, this series is able to guarantee the customer optimum speeds for medium and large length coils, but if required, it can also guarantee good performance for short coils. As with the TR series, it... Read More

    The SR series features single coiling head. Thanks to this design, it is the most suitable series for not excessively fast production lines making medium coils lengths, or for re-coiling processes where high speeds need to be reached. Therefore, depending on the outputs requested, this coilers... Read More

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, The F series has been designed to wrap the coil with stretch film without the use of PP straps. Suitable for coiling PVC corrugated pipes as well as smooth PE pipes. Available as single coiling head, for standard production speeds, double coiling heads for larger pipe... Read More

    The TR series was the first developed by FB Balzanelli,which is why it embodies the whole history and evolution of our automatic coilers. Famous for being the very first on the market with a configuration of two opposing reels, it stands out thanks to its wide range of configurations and... Read More
  • Automatic Deflashers By Proco Machinery Inc

    Proco’s Automatic Deflasher provides a cost effective solution for your automation needs. This relatively uncomplicated machine is considered the work horse of the Proco product line. The modular design provides maximum flexibility. The Deflasher can be supplied as part of a complete automation... Read More
  • Automatic Fill Systems For Boxes, Bags, Totes, Trays, Bins or Gaylords By MAC Automation Concepts Inc.

    MAC Automation currently offers 5 standardized types of automatic container indexing and loading systems. The styles include: In-line, Parallel, MAC-Stack (over/under), L-shaped, and Rotary Indexing table. Three of the four listed systems are manufactured from either mild steel or extruded... Read More
  • Automatic Ink Code-Marking Machines By Sprinter Marking, Inc.

    Sprinter Marking is an industry leader in automatic ink code-marking machines capable of marking up to 2 x 2" message size type ink marks. Can mark in any orientation. Quick drying inks and all operating supplies also available. Read More
  • Automatic Profile Controls By Addex Inc.

    The patented EGC (External Gauge Control) system stands out among all other air ring based systems for the number of control zones, 132-244, depending on the air ring size. This high number enables the system to address film thickness variations that other systems cannot. The EGC incorporates... Read More
  • Automatic Scrap Recycling System By Process Control Corporation

    Process Control’s complete Automatic Scrap Recycling system can recycle trip scrap and off-spec roll scrap in-line and turn it back into profit without the expense of repelletizing. This complete, customizable system consists of several components: An IN-Series Trim Removal Inducer, GF Series... Read More
  • Automatic Vertical Bagging Machines By Rennco LLC

    Rennco offers expertise in vertical bagging equipment that is second to none. There are a number of automatic vertical bagging machines offered, with each piece of equipment offering you a reliable and versatile bag sealing experience. Read More
  • Automatik Pelletizing Systems By Maag Automatik, Inc.

    Whether for complete high-performance production systems, small machines for lab applications or anything in between, Automatik Plastics Machinery tailors solutions to meet exact customer requirements and preferences. The Automatik Plastics Machinery product lines comprise: P-USG and M-USG... Read More
  • Automation By Wittmann Battenfeld

    Our robots are ideally suited to control a wide variety of downstream automation systems. Over the years we have implemented thousand of demanding and complicated downstream applications, performing value adding operations and increasing consistency and part quality. As such we are the ideal... Read More
  • Automation Equipment By Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc.

    Rocheleau automation and trimming equipment can be configured in a modular fashion, allowing custom solutions when required. Purchase as individual components for use on Rocheleau or other machine lines. Create flexible solutions for evolving manufacturing demands. Spin Trim Fully automated... Read More
  • Automotive By ST BlowMoulding SA

    The automotive sector faces severe challenges: the market is ever so demanding, but production costs must decrease and components must be lighter to minimise fuel consumption and reduce environmental impact. ST BlowMoulding’s technologies guarantee constant conformity to quality standards using... Read More
  • Automotive Extrusion Lines By Boston Matthews

    The automotive industry has and continues to demand new advances for tubing within their manufacturing operations. Extensive experience of complex extrusion has lead to many of the world’s leading suppliers to the automotive industry choosing Boston Matthews as their extrusion partner. Typical... Read More
  • Automotive Flammability Test Equipment By Sunspot Tooling Systems

    Equipment for automotive interior materials flamability testing per the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302 Read More
  • Automotive Molds By Dream Works Precision Mold (Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd

    We have rich experience in automotive molds, such as exterior trim parts. For example, bumpers, grilles, air spoilers ,side trim, fender protectors to name a few. We specialize in plastic molds with short lead time, high quality and professional service. Read More
  • Automotive Pallets By TriEnda

    Automotive Pallets High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Twin Sheet Construction for Durability and Long Life Features Cargo belt & buckle standard for securing load. Mirror image design. Anti-jam design keeps nested pallets from resting on retractors during return shipments. Two AIAG 8.5"x3" label... Read More
  • Automotive Products By Quantum Plastics

    IS0 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and TS16949 certified manufacturer of custom injection molded thermoplastic products. Financially stable, world class quality, with over 65 years experience. Press sizes from 44 tons to 650 tons, 1 ounce to 110 ounces, including state of the art all-electric presses... Read More
  • Automotive Vinyl Compounds By Sylvin Technologies Inc

    Sylvin Technologies, Inc. offers a diverse line of vinyl compounds for the Automotive market. Compounds have been developed for a variety of applications including window partition seals, electrical grommets and insulators, sunroof and door seals, exterior body trim and molding, gear shifter... Read More
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Transport By Colloids Limited

    As one of the first masterbatch companies to gain ISO/TS 16949 accreditation Colloids truly understands the technical and quality standards required in these industries. Colloids offers a comprehensive product range and has vast experience in designing fully tailored formulations based on... Read More
  • Automotive, Industrial and Recreational Molds By Mold-Spec Inc.

    Mold-Spec Inc has program management capabilities with professional tool designers and builders. Our experience is put to work for the client, accelerating design changes, resolving manufacturing feasibility issues and directing mould trials and tuning. Mold-Spec program management is there... Read More
  • Automotive, Motorcycle, Electronics, Home Appliance By Kemmas Injection Plastics - USA / Indonesia

    50T - 650T Automotive, Motorcycle, Electronics, Home Appliance for: Daihatsu, Yamaha, Panasonic, Siemen, Epson Read More
  • Autosampler ASSS By Gabo Qualimeter Testanlagen GmbH

    Exactly and reproducible measurements can be done with our full automatic test equipment with a sample supply system. EPLEXOR® will save your time and money. Each EPLEXOR®, GABOMETER® and GABOTACK® system can be upgaded with the Automatic Sample Supply System (ASSS) to a fully automatic... Read More
  • Auxiliary Equipment By 2R Automation, LLC

    Plastic injection molding and structural foam machines have amazing capabilities but yours may not have all the functionality required for a specific mold, product, or work cell. That’s why auxiliary equipment may be just what you need to complete the process. At 2R Automation, we can help you... Read More
  • Auxiliary Equipment By BMI Machines LLC

    Auxiliary equipment offered by BMI includes: packaging equipment; automatic baggers; quality control centers; gravimetric dosing equipment; mills; conveyor belts; water chillers; air compressors; hopper loaders; and, more. Read More
  • Auxiliary Equipment By Compact Mould Ltd.

    Compact Mould designs and manufactures Extrusion Heads, Spin Trimmers, Leak Testers, and other downstream equipment and technical services. Read More
  • Auxiliary Products By HASCO America Inc.

    Mould memory, screw memory, gauge strips and sealing tape. Read More
  • Avonite Surfaces® By Aristech Surfaces LLC

    Avonite Surfaces® is a global leading brand of solid surface products for the design community. A pioneer in solid surfacing since 1983, Avonite Surfaces® was the first to introduce a vibrant spectrum of colors at a time when the industry consisted of only pale neutrals. We offer a broad palette... Read More
  • AVS Vision Registration System By AXYZ International Inc.

    For the sign and graphics industry, AXYZ offers innovative products such as the AXYZ AVS Vision Registration System. AVS enables you to cut out digitally printed images from rigid materials with the highest accuracy system available.​ The AXYZ Vision System is a high performance, low cost... Read More
  • Axess 7 By Sepro America LLC

    Small robot ... Big performance ! Sepro has chosen to use servo-motor technology to simultaneously manage 3 CNC axes as standard. Innovative A compact control cabinet mounted on the beam with an innovative, modular layout. Axess 7 is also Axess Touch 2 Technology ... Simply intuitive Read More
  • Axial Piston Hydraulic Pumps By Oilgear Company

    At Oilgear, our axial piston pump line was developed to achieve one primary goal: To provide our customers with a low cost of ownership. Our superior products are designed to last longer and consume less energy than our competitors' products, making Oilgear the industry leader. We provide... Read More
  • AXYZ Series CNC Router By AXYZ International Inc.

    AXYZ Series – The most versatile CNC machine system in the industry The AXYZ Series is a popular, highly configurable CNC router offering an extensive range of machine sizes, a variety of tool configurations, and the most diverse combination of productivity options in the industry. With an... Read More
  • AXYZ Z Series CNC Router By AXYZ International Inc.

    AXYZ Z Series – High quality, full size CNC router system for the budget conscious The Z Series CNC Router is our entry level, full sized system. Developed in the same state-of-the-art manufacturing facility as all AXYZ machines, the Z Series hares many of the same components as its more... Read More
  • Azodicarbonamide CAS# 123-77-3 By ChemCeed LLC

    Azodicarbonamide is used as a blowing agent in plastics. As a blowing agent, azodicarbonamide allows for plastic polymers to flow more freely. With the addition of azodicarbonamide into plastics, it allows for bubbles to be formed, allowing for the polymer to become a foam material. As a food... Read More