White Papers for Plastics Processors, Plastics Equipment and Materials

  • 6 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent in a Competitive Market

    Struggling to recruit and retain the people you need to keep your business running smoothly? Read on to learn how to create the right environment to get candidates to come to you and reduce turnover.
  • Building a Sustainable Future: 2023 Annual Report

    Our purpose is to help composites manufacturers prosper by supporting the industry in delivering composite technologies that make structures more durable, transportation more efficient, consumer & industrial goods higher performing while minimizing their environmental footprint and supporting...
  • RPWORLD Injection Molding Process

    A Comprehensive Guide for Quick-Turn and Cost-Effective Injection Molded Parts
  • Redline Plastics Capabilities & Equipment

    Redline Plastics is a leading manufacturer of rotationally molded, vacuum-formed, and line bent plastics products, as well as compression-molded products. Redline also produces leather and textile cut and sew products produced both domestically and internationally for the power sports industry....
  • Solex Thermal Science Inc. acquires Econotherm Ltd.

    Solex Thermal Science Inc., a Canadian-headquartered expert in thermal and bulk materials engineering, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Econotherm Ltd., a UK-based leader in waste heat recovery technology.
  • Medical Brochure | Your Solution for Polymers in Healthcare

    Are you looking for a one-stop source for your medical polymers needs? Entec Polymers offers one of the broadest portfolios of plastics used in the medical and healthcare markets. Let us help you with your next project. Check out our line card to learn more now!
  • Polymer Powers Through M&A

    Plastics – both natural and synthetic – are truly used everywhere in day-to-day work and home life. The business of polymer is the world of plastic and that’s the world into which Bill Ridenour, founder and president of Polymer TransAction Advisors, Inc. (PTA), ventured.

    And Spartech is making a world of difference in plastic solutions that are sustainable, diverse, reliable and helping bring innovative ideas to life. To us, plastics make life better. You see it, touch it and depend upon plastic for everything from food packaging to packaging for medical...
  • Structural Foam Molding Design Guide

    Structural foam molding encompasses several molding processes and various techniques. A product’s design, size, quantities needed, durability requirements and other specifications will determine which structural foam process is best suited for your production. The information in this...
  • Intelligent Ingredient System Product Sheet

    Precision is the key ingredient to any good recipe. That’s why we created the Intelligent Ingredient System (I2). Engineered and automated to fit the needs of your specific process or facility, this flexible solution can deliver the consistency you demand.
  • AMS Capabilities

    Learn more about AMS. This document highlights the company overview, core competencies, industries served, and additional features that AMS offers.

    In this article, Rob Doorakkers, Chief Innovation Officer, and Erwin van Huijksloot, Senior Sales Manager, both at IGS GeboJagema, discuss the challenges and solutions of engineering and manufacturing high-precision injection moulds for inhalers.
  • Advanced Polymers for Additive Manufacturing Featuring Higher Recyclability

    Advanced Laser Materials, LLC (ALM) has developed a new base polyamide material for laser sintering (LS). This new material is stabilized against the typical degradation LS nylons experience when exposed to the long duration high temperatures in the build area.
  • Injection Machines Use Novel Two-Stage Molding System

    At NPE2018, Md Plastics showed off the prototype of a novel inline screw/plunger system called Inject-EX, designed to overcome the limitations of standard reciprocating-screw injection molding machines. Since then, the design has evolved, with an improved heating system and, most importantly, a...
  • Intelligent Packaging for Circular Economy: A FMI White Paper in collaboration with Graham Packaging

    According to the latest Future Market Insights White Paper Intelligent Packaging for Circular Economy, only 2% of packaging spend is on intelligent packaging today, but this is growing rapidly as intelligent solutions support megatrends around sustainability, automation and need for...
  • American Manufacturing: Setting Standards

    These are two things you really need from your plastic-injection molder. Now you can partner with an experienced team that delivers both. LTM Plastics is an independent, state-side molder equipped with modern technology and a track record of success spanning more than four decades. With...
  • Plastic Colorant Options 101: Pellet vs Liquid

    Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to download our quick overview of both liquid and traditional pellet options followed by two case studies in which color-processing challenges were overcome using a new pelletized color technology solution.
  • Tosaf Acquires Vision Color LLC

    May 19, 2020, Bessemer, NC- Tosaf, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of additives and color concentrates for the plastics industry, announces the acquisition of Vision Color LLC, based in West Unity, Ohio.
  • Feeders satisfy plants hunger for expansion.

    Acrison Equipment helps GE Plastics meet their aggressive requirements for increased production and stringent end product quality requirements.