White Papers for Plastics Processors, Plastics Equipment and Materials

  • Advanced Polymers for Additive Manufacturing Featuring Higher RecyclabilityBy

    Advanced Laser Materials, LLC (ALM) has developed a new base polyamide material for laser sintering (LS). This new material is stabilized against the typical degradation LS nylons experience when exposed to the long duration high temperatures in the build area.
  • Injection Machines Use Novel Two-Stage Molding SystemBy

    At NPE2018, Md Plastics showed off the prototype of a novel inline screw/plunger system called Inject-EX, designed to overcome the limitations of standard reciprocating-screw injection molding machines. Since then, the design has evolved, with an improved heating system and, most importantly, a...
  • Design for Manufacturing: Why, how and when?By

    Minimized risks, increased production speed and a lower cost price. A toolmaker’s Design for Manufacturing (DFM) expertise can have a large impact on your production process. But what is the most effective way to collaborate with a toolmaker? What kind of design changes can you expect and how...
  • Who needs small desktop machinery? Make it YourselfBy

    We have several customers who made great parts by themselves. They use the APSX Machines. There is always a learning curve to gain a new skill. Therefore our customers put time and effort into searching, learning and experimenting to achieve their goals. We understand that everybody is unique....

    This State of Manufacturing Report seeks to illustrate these trends and provide insights that will help your business thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.
  • Ethylene bis Oleamide: PALMOWAX EBO - Bio-based Lubricant in Plastic ApplicationBy

    PALMOWAX EBO - Ethylene bis Oleamide is produced from sustainable plant source with melting temperature range between 110 - 130˚C. It could be used as an anti-tack agent for the production of EVA resin during the pelletising process. For multi-layer film application, it is also incorporated into...
  • American Manufacturing: Setting StandardsBy

    These are two things you really need from your plastic-injection molder. Now you can partner with an experienced team that delivers both. LTM Plastics is an independent, state-side molder equipped with modern technology and a track record of success spanning more than four decades. With...
  • A New Material and Design for Rubber Umbrella and Bell Valves with Excellent Elongation at BreakBy

    Our client wanted us to create a custom rubber material for umbrella and bell valves leading to a more robust version of existing critical pump sealing components. At the same time, we would develop the material and manufacture the valves from our design facility in China, close to our client’s...
  • Plastic Colorant Options 101: Pellet vs LiquidBy

    Both technologies have advantages and disadvantages. Feel free to download our quick overview of both liquid and traditional pellet options followed by two case studies in which color-processing challenges were overcome using a new pelletized color technology solution.
  • Understanding UL 94 Flammability RatingsBy

    Does trying to understand UL 94 cause your hair to catch fire? Let Entec help you to understand what the UL 94 flammability testing means for your application.
  • Design and Manufacture the ImpossibleBy

    Many new product designs and innovations have been restricted by the limitations of plastic injection molding and other conventional manufacturing processes. Traditional 3D printing allows engineers to design more complex geometries. However, high-volume end-use part production has not been...
  • Metalex®By

    Metalex® is composed of a pure proprietary blend of aramid and other high strength and thermally resistant fiber.
  • Tosaf Acquires Vision Color LLCBy

    May 19, 2020, Bessemer, NC- Tosaf, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of additives and color concentrates for the plastics industry, announces the acquisition of Vision Color LLC, based in West Unity, Ohio.
  • Be Proactive in Your Purging ProgramBy

    True, it can be tough to take a machine out of production, but a purging maintenance program should be thought of as a direct line to cost savings.
  • Plastic Material Handling Products Application & Performance GuideBy

    This definitive guide educates the plastic material handling industry on the subjects of plastic products, performance ratings (i.e. fork, floor, rack, conveyor, etc.), manufacturing processes and application analysis. As the industry explodes with manufacturers who are diverse as the products...
  • Having Issues While Molding?By

    With this blog we wanted to dive in with some popular contamination issues that we have seen over the past few years. Below are steps that you can take if you happen to have an issue when molding. These are only suggestions that we have learned through technicians during our time in the industry.
  • Alio Scents Trigger MemoriesBy

    “Scents bypass the thalamus and go straight to the brain's smell center, known as the olfactory bulb. The olfactory bulb is directly connected to the amygdala and hippocampus, which might explain why the smell of something can so immediately trigger a detailed memory or even intense emotion.”...
  • Scan Vs CMMBy

    For over 50 years, the benchmark for accuracy in measuring solid objects, whether machined, molded, die cast, welded or forged, was the coordinate measuring machine. Using a solid granite base table typically, along with a vertical, horizontal, gantry or bridge-mounted arm and touch probe,...
  • Keeping Your Injection Mold Tools in Optimum ConditionBy

    Summer is right around the corner and many plastic molders will have a summer shut down as a time for refreshing and recharging for most people. However, for the people that keep the tools running that make the plastic parts, this is the time to schedule tool repair, so the tools will operate...
  • MoistTech Corp. Debuts New Sensor in 2018By

    In March 2018, MoistTech Corp. added an additional at-line moisture detection system to their lineup: MoistTech Moisture Balance System. Attendees of the SNAXPO Conference in Atlanta GA March 12-14 had the pleasure of seeing the new system on display and performing live demonstrations.
  • Choosing the Point Level Sensor for Your ApplicationBy

    Point level indicators are an affordable, accurate tool to measure and alert to inventory high and low levels. Easy to set up and configurable to fit a wide range of application needs, point level indicators are a must-have for a safe, efficient operation. This whitepaper details what users can...
  • Static Electricity - Cause, Effects & SolutionsBy

    The Purpose of this article is to help the reader answer some questions about static electricity: What is static electricity?; How to solve static electricity problems?; How to neutralize or control static charge?; How to remove static charge from non conductive material suce has plastic, paper...
  • Corona vs PlasmaBy

    One common question about surface treatment systems is, “What is the difference between corona and plasma, and what best fits my application?” Both corona and plasma treatment increase the surface energy of materials and thereby improving the adhesion of inks, adhesives, flocking or other...
  • Will 3D Printing Be the Demise of Plastic Injection Molding?By

    All the buzz these days in the world of plastic part manufacturing seems to be about additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. Will 3D printing take over injection molding as the dominant method of plastics manufacturing? Which method is better? The answer is, it depends. It depends on the answers...
  • Air Pressure for Tubing ExtrusionBy

    MicroAir, ultra low air pressure regulators and controllers for tubing extrusion