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About Inhance Technologies, LLC

Inhance Technologies is your global transformation partner leading the way through the science of better.

For more than 40 years, we've been developing innovative technologies and solutions that drive global change and reduce environmental impact.

We work on a global scale. With operations in the Americas, Australia and Europe. We're transforming specialty plastics and chemicals in a wide range of industries, from consumer products to healthcare, industrial applications to agriculture.

Our barrier packaging, surface technologies, ingredients and purifying solutions transform your offerings from a commodity to a specialized solution.

Our focus is, and will always be, on using technology as a means to achieve a sustainable future.

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Sprinter Marking, Inc.

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Products by Inhance Technologies, LLC

By Inhance Technologies, LLC

Enkase is our unique barrier technology that transforms conventional plastics into high-performance packaging. Enkase creates a permanent barrier that can be applied to polyolefin packaging regardless of shape, size or design. Whether your product formulation is water-based or organic, Enkase... Read more »

By Inhance Technologies, LLC

Transform plastics for better performance. Plastic materials are incredibly useful for so many critical applications, but their surface properties can limit their utility. Whether the need is resisting fuel penetration or surface stains from food contact, assembling components with adhesives or... Read more »

By Inhance Technologies, LLC

We make sure your products are durable. Protecting the integrity of your components in severe wear environments is a challenge faced by many industries. Extending the lifetime of such materials while upholding other material attributes such as tensile and impact properties can be... Read more »

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