Foam Design, Inc.

444 Transport Court
Lexington, KY 40511-2502

About Foam Design, Inc.

Foam designing, fabricating and packaging for Military, Automotive, Industrial, Commercial business.

Competitors of Foam Design, Inc.

RCO Engineering Inc.

Plastic Parts (prototype tooling, injection molding and thermoform and blow molds, molding 150T to 2200T); Metal Stamping to 1,000T and Fabrication; Soft Trim Development and Durability Testing (foam skiving and pouring; prototype and production foam tooling; pattern development; cutting and... Read More

Texas Injection Molding

Texas Injection Molding is a ISO 9001-2015 Certified manufacturer providing plastic injection mold and plastic injection molding services. We operate 30 machines from 55 - 1,000 tons. Our business strategy and operating plan is built upon People, Process Control, and Technology. We believe that... Read More

Foam Creations (2008) Inc.

Foam Créations is the leader of EVA Foam Injection Molded products, in North America. Using XL EXTRLIGHT patented technology, we developp and produce custom molded foam products in North America, since last 25 years. Foam Creations is the company which developped the first Crocs Sandal in... Read More