Case Study - Record setting ERP implementation at Versaprofiles

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Extrusion company realizes $100,000 in savings, gains ability to grow the business by 25% without hiring new employees. Stéphane Gonthier, president of Versaprofiles, formerly IPL Extrusion, had been coping with a generic, tier-one ERP system that required significant ongoing modifications and software configurations and as a result employees couldn’t respond to requests from new and existing customers or react to production and operational circumstances in a timely manner. CyFrame took two months to install its complete ERP solution with a focus on the finance, sales, purchasing and production models. Post-installation, CyFrame invested another two months in optimizing and finalizing customization requirements such as the inventory locations, special labels and an upgraded version of the subcontracting module. Finally, Versa added the shop floor bar-code touch screen data acquisition and the wireless shipping modules.

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