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  • Aspirator Guns

    Aspirators / String Up / Doffing Guns & Static Suction Units. Twisting & Non Twisting Suction applications for POY, LOY, FDY, BCF, Tape Yarns, Staple Fiber, fibrillated tapes, monofilaments, texturisers, draw winders, crimpers, etc. Frankl & Thomas is your one-stop shop for Aspirator Guns. Read More
  • Astra Markers

    Astra Water Soluble textile markers are used for marking textile fibers in yarn or fabric production. Read More
  • Chemical Fiber Blades

    We provide both industry standard chemical fiber blades and specialty fiber blades to meet specific needs. Advantages to our Chemical Fiber Blades •Longer machine up-time thanks to fewer blade changes •Higher productivity due to higher up-time •Adaptation of the blades to match specific... Read More
  • Composite Twist Caps

    Different materials and teeth designs can be combined together flexibly in order to achieve the optimum false twist for each roving as well as a long durability of the twist cap under maximum machine speed. Read More
  • Fiberglass Blades

    We provide both industry standard Fiberglass blades and specialty blades designed to meet your specific needs. Read More
  • Harness Cables

    The Harness Cables are made by our machining expert, in our shop, here in Greenville, SC. Read More
  • Holz Pressers

    The Presser is one of the key components for the bobbin forming and the bobbin build-up, but also for the roving quality. Holz has developed multiple Presser versions in order to achieve excellence for all kinds of fibers and blends. This results in a perfect winding on the bobbin, which... Read More
  • Hot Knives

    Our hot knives involve are used to heat-cut synthetic fabric, ropes and belts. Read More
  • Kluber Lubrication

    When Manufacturers make the switch to Kluber they notice increased lube intervals, less down-time, and less time applying lubrication. As a result they consistently experience higher production while saving time and money. Read More
  • Plush Knives

    F&T Plush Knives can be used to improve your manufacturing of technical textiles, medical textiles, and carpets. Read More
  • Rapier Heads

    Rapier Heads and spare Rapier Head parts for Dornier Looms as well as Profiles and Rapier Heads for Somet, Vamatex, and Picanol looms. Read More
  • Rapier Tape

    More than 75% of all Weaving Machine Manufacturers rely on Lamiflex Rapier Tapes. Read More
  • Reeds, Healds & Drop Wires

    We offer heald wires and droppers for all common machine types, in different materials and executions. • Healds, flat wire, round wire, leno healds • Droppers, open and closed • Lancets in standard execution, stainless or hardened Read More
  • Ring Spinning (Legrom)

    Frankl & Thomas stocks large quantities of Legrom parts for ring spinning. Other parts are available on special order. Read More
  • Rings & Travllers

    Reiners & Fürst uses patented technology to produce the most consistent and long-lasting Rings and Travellers on the market. Read More
  • Roller Covering (Bobotex)

    Bobotex roller coverings are manufactured in many different materials which include polyurethane, natural rubber, felts, synthetic rubber, silicone, cork, pvc, nylon and more. Read More
  • Rubber and Urethane Rolls

    F&T Plastics offers a vast array of polyurethane compounds tailored for transport roller and wheel applications. Our molded rollers and load wheels handle the harshest service environments with great success. Read More
  • Separator Rolls

    Frankl & Thomas has been successfully serving the needs of synthetic fiber producers around the world for decades. Our wide range of separator rolls are primarily used for the drawing process, which includes draw twisting, draw texturing and draw winding. Read More
  • Slitting Blades

    We are the custom tailors of slitting blades. We can custom design the blade to your exact requirements. This includes blade size, cutting edge angle, honing and coatings. Read More
  • Special Twist Caps

    For very special materials, new machine technologies, Holz is able to render an individual product with characteristics of the Composite and Universal Twist Caps intensified, reduced, or modified in a completely new Twist Cap Model. Read More
  • Spin Cleaner

    Keep your machines in perfect working order with the Spin Cleaner SC1. This fluff collector removes fiber build-up, helping to ensure your yarn stays a constant quality. This product is built to withstand daily wear and tear. All parts are easily serviced and spare parts are available. Read More
  • Spinnerettes

    World leader in the manufacture of ultra-precision Spinnerettes for Dry Spinning, Wet Spinning, and Melt Spinning. Nippon Nozzle has been making the best Spinnerettes for over 80 years. Read More
  • Spinning Aprons and Cots

    We offer quality Yamauchi Aprons and Cots. Aprons for spinning, roving and glass fiber as well as cots for spinning, roving and drawing. Read More
  • Spunlace Water Jet Strips

    Nippon Nozzle produced the first commercial Spunlace Jet Strips in the early 1970s and since then they continue to keep their position as the world leader in Water Jet Strips for Spunlace. Unique technology and custom manufacturing capabilities allow Nippon Nozzle to manufacture Spunlace Jet... Read More
  • Sulzer Projectile Loom Spare Parts

    Frankl & Thomas, Inc. has over 1000 parts to choose from for TW11, PU, P7100, P7300, and P7150 looms. Read More
  • Textile Blades

    Frankl & Thomas manufactures a wide variety of blades for use in the textile industry. Our Industrial blades are designed for precision cutting of textiles such as denim, leather, vinyl, and much more. Read More
  • Tungsten Carbide Blades

    Frankl & Thomas has been a reliable blade supplier for more than 20 years with a wide variety of blades for use in the textile industry. We stock Mark IV and Mark V staple cutter blades made of heat treated stainless steel. These blades are also sold with TiN and Boron carbide coatings. Read More
  • Twist Caps – Machine Specific

    Most roving frames are equipped with a Twist Cap as per the Holz Universal Twist Cap/Composite Twist Cap Design. However, Holz also manufactures older machine-specific Twist Cap Models. Read More
  • Universal Twist Caps

    The Universal Twist Caps developed by Holz are furnished with various special teeth designs and radiuses in order to achieve the optimum false twist for each roving under maximum machine speed. Read More
  • Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens

    Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning Ovens for Industrial uses, featuring a broad range of options for various sized equipment that needs cleaning. Energy efficient solutions for Vacuum Pyrolysis Cleaning. Read More
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