BEK Ultrasonics

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249 Highland Ave
Rochester, NY 14620
About BEK Ultrasonics
  • Located on the Rochester, New York campus of Cornell University, BEK has been manufacturing Ultrasonic Converters / Transducers and Ultrasonic Tooling / Horns and Boosters since the 1980‘s.

    BEK manufactures and rebuilds all brands and models of Converters / Transducers for use with Ultrasonic Plastic welding and Ultrasonic Metal welding equipment.

    We also manufacture all types of Ultrasonic Horns and fixtures for use with Plastic welding and Metal welding equipment. All of our Tooling is customized to fit your parts and operate with your current welding systems no matter who the manufacturer.

    BEK will also review your upcoming applications for design feasibility and work with the ultrasonic manufacturer of your choice. We can also recommend an Ultrasonic equipment manufacturer to you depending upon your particular needs, application or budget requirements.

    If it’s Ultrasonic think of BEK.
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Products by BEK Ultrasonics
  • Ultrasonic Repair

    Rebuilding Ultrasonic Converters and Ultrasonic Transducers When you send us your Converter / Transducer we test and inspect it to make sure that the problem with your system is in fact the Converter / Transducer and not something else. If this is the case we will take the driver out of the... Read more
  • Ultrasonic Tooling / Ultrasonic Horns

    BEK manufactures all types of custom and standard Ultrasonic horns and fixtures. Whether it is a contoured Custom Ultrasonic horn or fixture or a standard one. We do it all. The materials we use for manufacturing Ultrasonic horns may be Aluminum, Titanium, Hardened Steel or CPM10V depending... Read more
  • Branson Converters

    We service all models and frequencies of Branson Converters including but not limited to: All Frequencies: 15kHz, 20kHz, 35kHz, and 40kHz Branson 102 Converter For 182/184 V or P 20 kHz plastic welding power supply Branson 103 Converter For 187P 20 kHz plastic welding power... Read more