Reedy International becomes Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives

Press Release from Reedy Chemical Foam

Reedy Chemical Foam & Specialty Additives.  

In 1989, Michael Reedy took the burgeoning technology of CO2 chemical foaming agents and applied them to the nucleation of expanded low density polystyrene.  The goal was to reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere while recognizing the balance between environmental sustainability and the bottom line.  Since that time Reedy has become a globally respected name in the advancement of thermoplastic light-weighting.

SAFOAM® Chemical Foaming Agents are available in pellets and powders with worldwide distribution from 15 countries.  The endothermic (energy absorbing) technology is used to create fine cell structures in all typical thermoplastics and engineering resins to reduce weight, increase output, reduce machine energy and much more.  SAFOAM® is used as a stand-alone gassing agent or in combination with other gases. SAFTEC® Specialty Additives include melt strength enhancers, anti-statics, and process stabilizers to enhance foam performance. 

We want to emphasize our position as innovators in the art and science of foam applications.  In 2015, as in 1989, we are Committed to the Future of Plastics .

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