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Lancaster, PA 17601

About Pelletron Corporation

Pelletron's experienced Bulkmatology® team provides pneumatic conveying and de-dusting solutions for the plastics, mineral, food and pharma industries. Whether it's de-bottlenecking existing systems or designing complete turnkey plants from the ground up, Pelletron's extensive know-how and experience ensures that solutions are efficient, cost-effective and meet the industries highest standards of quality.

Products by Pelletron Corporation

By Pelletron Corporation

Pneumatic Conveying Systems Pelletron provides dilute phase systems, slow motion dense phase systems and STRANDPHASE systems. Pellcon3 is Pelletron’s special conveying process for plastics pellets and powders. Pneumatic Conveying Components Pelletron offers a full range of high, medium and... Read more »

By Pelletron Corporation

Cleaning bulk solids is important for a number of reasons. Food and pharmaceutical bulk solids are cleaned for hygienic reasons and to improve the quality of the finished, packaged product. Minerals are cleaned primarily to avoid environmental and health problems. The plastics industry cleans... Read more »

By Pelletron Corporation

Plastic recycling equipment and technology from Pelletron includes the DeDuster dust removal and PET flake impurity removal machine, the pellcon3 conveyor for efficient transfer of bottle regrind and finished pellets, and the Pellbow pipe elbow for minimizing the damage caused by solid particles... Read more »