New backflush screen changer

A free white paper by Nordson PPS GmbH

Compared to the previous version of the K-SWE-4K-75-V/RS, this newly redesigned backflush screen changer with proven power backflush technology includes improvements. The 75% technology is applied, so that only 1 out of 4 screens is taken out of the production during backflush or screen change. The result is higher constant melt pressure during screen change and backflush. The new version has higher efficiency of backflush, longer screen life and is process, pressure, and volume flow constant during backflush. Furthermore the screen retainers are optimized. The result is a more efficient backflush due to higher backflush pressure capability. It shows low melt volume due to rheologically optimized displacement pistons and flow channels and therefore shorter residence time of the melt. The installation space is considerably reduced due to the modified design of the displacement pistons.

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