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  • Auto Winders & Coilers

    The coiling of extruded tubes, pipes and profiles is an extremely critical area as excessive tension and inaccurate traversing have an adverse effect of the product quality both physically and visually. Boston Matthews' range of coilers and automatic winders ensure that whatever the application... Read More
  • Automotive Extrusion Lines

    The automotive industry has and continues to demand new advances for tubing within their manufacturing operations. Extensive experience of complex extrusion has lead to many of the world’s leading suppliers to the automotive industry choosing Boston Matthews as their extrusion partner. Typical... Read More
  • Caterpillar Take-Ups

    Boston Matthews are the inventors of the Caterpillar Take-Up (Puller), (Caterpillar Take-off) and with over 10,000 units in daily operation throughout the world the Boston or Farris Puller is classed as the Industry Standard Caterpillar Puller. The importance of the Puller should never be... Read More
  • Cosmetic "Squeeze" Tube Extrusion Lines

    Boston Matthews has over 50 years extrusion line design and manufacturing experience. This combined with the very latest design technologies has enabled Boston Matthews to design and manufacture complete extrusion lines for the production of Cosmetic (Squeeze) Tube providing the customer with... Read More
  • Extruder Screws & Barrels

    Boston Matthews has over 50 years polymer processing and screw design experience and has developed new screw designs to meet the demands of an always evolving plastic industry. The correct screw design and specification lies at the core of successful polymer processing. Materials, blends,... Read More
  • Medical Device & Life Sciences Extrusion Lines

    The medical industry demands precision accuracy and consistent high quality at all times. Boston Matthews has designed and manufactured extrusion lines specifically for medical applications for more than 30 years. These include: Single & Multi-Lumen Tube Burette Tube FEP/PFA Canula Blood... Read More
  • PEX & PB Pipe Extrusion Lines

    Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) use has grown in popularity since its introduction in the 1960’s and is now used extensively around the world for heating, plumbing and snow melting applications. PEX is extremely flexible, has very low maintenance levels and is easy to fit. Boston Matthews... Read More
  • Plastic Recycling Machines

    For more than 25 years the name MUNCHY has been synonymous with recycling scrap material into 1st Grade Pellets. As one of the originators of the recycling concept and with over 2,550 complete installations in more than 50 countries worldwide MUNCHY remains at the forefront of recycling... Read More
  • Single Screw Extruders

    Boston Matthews has designed and manufactured extruders for more than 50 years. Ranges include: Single Screw Extruders: 3/4" - 6" Jockey Extruder : 1/2" - 1 3/4" High Temperature Extruders : 1" - 3" Advanced screw design capable of processing a wide range of polymers including: HDPE - MDPE -... Read More
  • Tube & Profile Cutters

    A wide range of cutters to cut various sizes of tube & profile: Servo Fly Knife Cutters Planetary Cutters Fly Wheel Cutters Cutter/Puller Combination Read More
  • Tube & Profile Saws

    Boston Matthews design and manufacture a complete range of Saws to ensure that whatever shape or size of profile or tube a clean, accurate and consistent cut length is guaranteed. Boston Matthews’ range of Saws are designed using the latest 3D Computer Design Software and incorporate the latest... Read More
  • Turn Key Extrusion Lines

    Boston Matthews has extensive experience of designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines. Typical Applications Include: Medical Devices & Life Sciences Automotive PEX Pipe Cosmetic Squeeze Tube (Sleeves) Rod & Plate (Nylon, PP, PEEK) Zippers Aerosol Dip Tube Microducting Wire &... Read More
  • Zipper Extrusion Lines

    Complete Zippers Profiles Boston Matthews has developed a complete turn-key extrusion line for the production of "Zipper" Profiles for use within the reseable packaging industry. The extrusion of Zippers is a complex operation due to the precise 'interlocking' characterstics of each element of... Read More

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