Products by Raven Engineered Films
  • Raven Industrial Packaging

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, in addition to our years of experience, is directly reflected in the quality of our products. Our experience in designing film and sheeting has enabled us to offer a wide range of products, each formulated to meet our customer's individual needs, in... Read More
  • Raven Geomembrane Liners/Covers

    Raven sales and engineering professionals support and understand the critical demands of the geosynthetic industry. We manufacture a full line of non-reinforced and reinforced geomembranes as well as our newest reinforced textured membranes Dura-Skrim Textured N-Series. A modern, well-equipped... Read More
  • Raven Construction Films

    Raven Engineered Films has been providing the construction industry with durable high-performance products for well over 60 years. We produce and stock a wide-range of proven products including durable string-reinforced poly, vapor retarders, gas barriers, wet curing blankets, liquid containment... Read More
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