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Products by Harvard Factory Automation (HFA)

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  • "Dry Goods" Products

    Dry-Goods bins (resin bags), gaylord covers, soft tapered mold chutes, available in 5 sizes (custom sizes also available) and barrel covers. Read More
  • Auto-Box/Tote fill

    Automatic box/tote-fill systems by weight and by piece/cycle count. HFA will customize these systems to your box or tote size, and quantity being filled. They can used beside the press, or in any assembly area off of a feeder-bowl, or other sub-assembly operation. HFA also provides conveyors... Read More
  • Belt Conveyors

    HFA provides horizontal, angled, belt, roller conveyors, along with other custom automation products like box/tote-fill systems, robot-guarding, work-stations, separators, cleanroom enclosures, weigh-scales, part cooling and conditioning, resin-bins, and under-mold part-containment chutes. HFA... Read More
  • Clean Room Enclosures

    HFA provides custom fit "Clean-Room" enclosures designed to either go over a machine or beside it. They are built to meet classification 100,000 all the way up to as clean as classification 1000. HFA clean-rooms come with your choice of clear anti-static walls and/or clear lexan/ABS wall... Read More
  • Elevator Conveyor (2260)

    HFA's "Elevator" conveyors are manufactured with oversized stainless steel hoppers, and tall cleats to help carry product up to feeder-bowl, gayolrds, overhead hoppers...etc. These units have options availe such as nose-over sections, lexan covers, PLC controls,cooling, hinged hopper... Read More
  • Inspection Table/Station

    HFA's Inspection Stations are custom built to the specifications of the application. The table surface ranges from stainless steel to UHMW or laminate, and the sizes range from 2' x 2' up to 10' x 5'....Available options include overhead lighting, under-surface lighting, outlets, dry-erase... Read More
  • Part/Runner Separator

    HFA's part and runner "Separators" come in 4-5 different styles, ranging from an "auger" to a "pin-belt". They are usually matched up with a feeding conveyor. Read More
  • Powered Roller Conveyor

    HFA's "powered-roller" conveying systems are custom made base on the tote or box sizes, and can be manufactured to convey along side of a machine, or down to a warehouse area where they can automatically sort full bins by bar-code or RFID...The systems are "zero-pressure-accumulation", allowing... Read More
  • Robot-Guarding

    HFA provides and custom makes any style "Robot-Guard" to either stand-alone next to a machine, or mounted directly to a conveyor. Access-doors with safety interlock switches are provided as well, along with canopies and overhangs for operators to access the machine when needed. Read More
  • Trunk-Line Conveyors

    HFA "Trunk-Line" conveyor systems are used when "plant-wide" conveying is required. These conveyors are manufactured heavy-duty, with the intent of conveying product from the machine out to a central area, and possibly even down to a warehouse location. The sizes range from 4" wide to 72" wide,... Read More
  • U-Slide Product Chute

    Under-press parts chute designed to bring parts out from under the mold-area to the aisle, and onto a conveyor or into a tote. Read More
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