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Products by PSI - Polymer Systems, Inc.

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  • Backflush Continuous Screen Changer

    Backflush Continuous Screen Changers (CSC-BF) filter contaminated polymer melt streams typical of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap. As contaminants build up on the screen pack, a pressure setpoint or timer initiates backflush operation. The fully automated process efficiently... Read More
  • Chemical Industrial Pump

    PSI Chemical Industrial Gear Pumps (CIP) are engineered for the exacting process demands of low viscosity fluids including prepolymers, polymers, hot melt adhesives, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, and more. Designed for applications with differential pressures up to 1000 psi and... Read More
  • Continuous Screen Changer

    Two (2) pocket models Continuous Screen Changers (CSC) provide uninterrupted filtration of thermoplastic materials. No downtime or related scrap for screen changes, high reliability, lower average head pressures and higher daily output make this screen changer a perfect choice for continuous... Read More
  • Discontinuous Screen Changer

    The Discontinuous Screen Changer (DSC) provides convenient, easy access melt filtration for polymer and hot melt adhesive batch operations. The design features a single filter pocket machined into a cross-bolt. Shifted offline only for momentary screen change, the easy-to-clean filter pocket... Read More
  • Extrusion Gear Pump

    PSI Extrusion Gear Pumps (EGP) deliver exceptional metering control for polymer and hot melt adhesive extrusion and vessel applications. With pumping efficiencies typically 99.5% or better, EGP gear pumps deliver precise volumetric output and take on the pressure building function for the die.... Read More
  • Fluoropolymer Gear Pump

    PSI Fluoropolymer Gear Pumps (FGP) are engineered to meet the unique processing demands of fluorinated polymers, such as FEP, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, PVDF. Manufactured from a nickel-chromium superalloy, FGP gear pumps possess excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures and are highly resistant... Read More
  • High Pressure Gear Pump

    PSI High Pressure Gear Pumps (HGP) feature a long-life, heavy-duty gear design that takes on the tough demands of high-torque polymer extrusion applications. Whether working with restrictive dies or high viscosity plastic materials, the HGP delivers consistent performance where standard gear... Read More
  • Hydraulic Screen Changer

    Long considered the workhorse of polymer melt filtration, Hydraulic Slide Plate Screen Changers (HSC) are an efficient, economic filtration solution for film, sheet, pelletizing and a host of other applications able to tolerate a momentary process disruption. The design uses a two-position... Read More
  • In-line Filter

    The In-Line Filter (ILF) is a convenient, low-cost side-access melt filter for batch runs. Screen changes can be accomplished in as little as five minutes and do not require line disassembly. Used in a broad range of applications including filtration for gels in film and small carbon... Read More
  • Manual Screen Changer

    Manual Screen Changers (MSC) are an ideal solution for minimizing labor and downtime for screen changes during routine line shutdown. The compact design eliminates the need for line disassembly and uses a hand lever or optional ratchet to manually index the slide plate for screen change. The... Read More
  • Uniflo Static Mixer

    Uniflo Static Mixers (USM) provide continuous in-line mixing for polymers, colorants, adhesives, and other fluids. Highly polished, alternating 90° helical elements (alternating bow-tie twists) provide radial and axial blending over a short length to assure total mixing of compounded materials... Read More
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