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Products by Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

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  • Kenflex® & Kenplast® Plasticizers

    Kenflex A – Polymeric Aromatic Plasticizer – Dimethylnaphthalene Oligomer Kenplast G – Monomeric Aromatic Plasticizer and Non-Reactive Diluent Kenplast ES-2HP – Cumylphenyl Acetate Reactive Diluent for Epoxy Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (I) - Monoalkoxy Titanates

    KR® TTS Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris isooctadecanoato-O KR 7 Titanium IV bis 2-methyl-2-propenoato-O, isooctadecanoato-O 2-propanolato KR 9SQ Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dodecyl)benzenesulfanato-O KR 12 Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O KR 26S Titanium IV... Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (II) - Oxyacetate & A,B Ethylene Chelate Titanates

    Oxyacetate Chelate Titanates KR® 134S Titanium IV bis[4-(2-phenyl)2-propyl-2] phenolato, oxoethylenediolato KR 138S Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, oxoethylenediolato, (adduct), (dioctyl) (hydrogen)phosphite KR 133DS Titanium IV oxoethylenediolato, tris(2-methyl)-2-propenoato-O KR... Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (III) - Quat Titanates and Zirconates

    KR® 138D Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, oxoethylenediolato, (adduct) 2 moles of 2-N,N-dimethylamino-2-methylpropanol KR 158D Titanium IV bis(butyl methyl)pyrophosphato-O, (adduct) 2 moles 2-N,N-dimethyiamino-2-methylpropanol KR 238S Titanium IV ethylenediolato,... Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (IV) - Coordinate Titanates and Zirconates

    KR® 41B Titanium IV tetrakis 2-propanolato, adduct 2 moles (dioctyl)hydrogen phosphate KR 46B Titanium IV tetrakis octanolato adduct 2 moles (di-tridecyl)hydrogen phosphite KR 55 Titanium IV tetrakis(bis 2-propenolato methyl)-1-butanolato adduct 2 moles (di-tridecyl)hydrogen phosphite KZ™... Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (V) - Neoalkoxy Titanates - Cycloheteroatom Titanates and Zirconates

    Neoalkoxy Titanates LICA® 01 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris neodecanoato-O LICA 09 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, iris(dodecyl)benzenesulfonato-O LICA 12 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O LICA 38 Titanium... Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (VI) - Neoalkoxy Zirconates

    NZ® 01 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris neodecanolato-O NZ 09 Zirconium IV 2.2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dodecyl)benzenesulfonato-O NZ 12 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O NZ 33 Zirconium IV... Read More
  • Ken-React® Coupling Agents (VII) - Aluminates

    KA™ 301 Di-isobutyl(oleyl)aceto acetyl aluminate KA 322 Di-isopropyl(oleyl)aceto acetyl aluminate KA 489 A mixture of di-ester phosphato aluminum chelates Read More
  • Kenrich Dispersions

    Drimix® - Liquids converted to powders Dryspersion® - Powder dispersions of rubber chemicals Kencolor® - Pigments dispersed in silicone fluids and gums Kenmix® - Paste dispersions of rubber chemicals Kenlastic® - Elastomeric dispersions of rubber chemicals Ken-Mag® - Bar... Read More
  • Ken-Stat® Antistatic Agents

    KS™ MZ100 – 100% Active Liquid Trineoalkoxy Zirconate Based–Transparent, Permanent, Non-Blooming, Non-Moisture Dependent Antistat. KS MZ60S – Powder - 60% Active KS MZ100 on Silica. KS MZ60WE – Liquid - 60% Active KS MZ100 - Water Emulsifiable KS N100 – 100% Active Liquid Neoalkoxy Titanate... Read More

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