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Products by Control Micro Systems Inc
  • Laser Marking

    Using industry leading laser sources, galvanometer beam control systems, and custom software, Control Micro Systems, Inc. (CMS Laser) manufactures custom-designed laser marking machines that uniquely combine speed, performance, and flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers... Read More
  • Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting is used in a variety of manufacturing applications and is the number one industrial use of high power lasers. With its unmatched flexibility, accuracy and perfect edge, laser cutting is replacing conventional machining processes like plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. A laser cutter... Read More
  • Laser Drilling

    Putting a hole into or through a material is not as simple as just pointing the laser beam and letting fly. Different methods provide unique results, and the desired result in a specific material requires examination of which method works best to achieve that result. Pulsed lasers can be... Read More