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About JEC

JEC Group is a non-profit organization entirely dedicated to promoting composite materials and fostering their applications globally.

Publisher of the JEC Composites Magazine, the industry's reference magazine, JEC organizes several events around the world, including JEC World, the leading international exhibition dedicated to composites and their applications, which takes place annually in Paris. JEC media, events and digital channels connect a global community of professionals from the composites industry and beyond, to enable knowledge transfer, create networking opportunities, and highlight innovation.

JEC: Connecting the World with Composites

Products by JEC


Composites for Aerospace

Price used not to be a real deal in the Aerospace. It's not true anymore. The rise of new rivals and the amount of part to be produced imposed new manufacturing techniques and better production yields. New challenges come with new solutions. Read more »

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Composites for Automotive & Road Transportation

Composites will play a very important role very soon in the Automotive & Road Transportation sector due to CO2 emission regulations on a global scale. One of the easiest way of reducing a car emission is by enlightening it. Composites are obviously materials of choice for such task. Read more »

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Composites for Building & Civil Engineering

"Built to last" is one of the motto used in the Building & Civil Engineering sector. Composites fulfill it and help older structures to keep their integrity over time. More and more engineers from this sector leave concrete and steel for smarter solutions. Read more »

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