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  • Discontinuous Screen Changers, ESD

    ESD With discontinuous screen changers, the screens are changed when the machine is stopped. The piston carrying the screen is moved out and the screen pack is switched. For melts with very low viscosity (e.g. PET or PA), the ESD has been further developed to the "ECON thermo sealer"... Read More
  • ECON Air Pelletizing System, ELG

    ELG The ECON air pelletizer was especially developed for processing wood and natural fiber compounds (such as WPC). Because water is used to cool and convey the pellets, processing wood-plastic compounds in an underwater pelletizing system requires a substantial amout of drying. Common drying... Read More
  • ECON Continuous Screen Changer with Backflush System, ESK B

    ESK B The continuous double-piston screen changers with backflush system provide major advantages with their fully automatic cleaning of the screens as soon as a defined maximum pressure is met. •all thermoplastic materials can be processed •optimal design of the melt flow way - short... Read More
  • ECON Continuous Screen Changer, ESK

    ESK The continuous double-piston screen changer allows screens to be switched out during operation. •all thermoplastic materials can be processed •optimal design of the melt flow way - short melt residence time •low pressure build up - to prevent thermal variations of the melt •no dead... Read More
  • ECON Pyrolysis Furnace, EPO

    EPO The ECON pyrolysis furnace was developed for environmentally friendly and gentle cleaning of extrusion and filter parts. Thermoplastics and mixed plastics are removed under vacuum without any cleansing agent at a variable working temperature. Sensitive parts are protected due to the... Read More
  • ECON Underwater Pelletizing System, EUP

    EUP Underwater Pelletizing System ECON is the leading provider of underwater pelletizing technology with thermally insulated die plates. The die plate is fixed on the heated carrier body. The thermal insulation ensures that the melt in the die holes will not "freeze". ECON pelletizers are... Read More
  • ECON Vibration Drying System, EVS

    EVS Especially for materials with high filler content (e.g. with glass fibers or with mineral fillers), the vibration drying system is an excellent alternative to the standard centrifugal dryer. The gentle drying of the pellets ensures little wear and a low amount of fines. A residual... Read More
  • Pellet Dryer, S+L

    S+L ECON's pellet dryers, S+L, can be combined with the ECON water treatment and drying system, but they are also suitable for stand-alone operation. These dryers are often used in the recycling industry to dry bulk or mill material or flakes. These centrifugal dryers are characterized by... Read More

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